Fun things to do in Delphino Plaza!! - Guide for Super Mario Sunshine

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Super Mario Sunshine is a very long game. You need 240 Blue coins and 120 Shine 
Sprites. The world's you can visit are:

Delphino Plaza
Delfino Airstrip (Beat Bowser to return)
Bianco Hills
Ricco Harbor
Gelato Beach
Pinna Park
Noki Bay
Sirena Beach
Pianta Village
Corona Mountain

Now where the game is challenging it is very fun. There's tons of stuff you can 
do. I am going to list the ones I like, know, and fell like writing. Or typing. 
Just enjoy!

D e l f i n o  A i r s t r i p -

The beggining and end of the game. Or, the last place and first place you go. 
On your first trip you meet FLUDD and get arrested. Below are some things you 
cand do before you clean up the Airstrip:

A. Change M

 When you see the M in the Airstrip after getting FLUDD, you can get creative 
nd make your own letter. Just slide in the M grafitti and you can do whatever 
you want! I can make an M, N, B, P, PP, O, and somehow, with luck, my name:  
Vinny. A lot I make drawings- once I made Mario and FLUDD. Just do whatever!

My sister is being dumb, so I'll update later. Bye!

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