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Made By:  Hellbrewer 717

Table of Contents:
I.  Missions
    1.  PoA (First Level)
    2.  Silent Cartographer
    3.  Assault on the Control Room
    4.  The Maw
    5.  The Library
    6.  Keyes
    7.  343 Guilty Spark
II.  Multiplayer
    1.  Sidewinder
    2.  Blood Gulch
    3.  Boarding Action

Well its been a while since I've really done anything on halo, and me and my 
friends always go on to fool around and see what we can do.  We manage to pull of 
some strange and amusing things.  We've also found some pretty challenging things 
that are near impossible.  Most of them are found doing the missions.  Theres some 
fun things you can do on multiplayer split screen too, they can also help you out 
when you go to play a real game.  
I.  Missions
Like I said, the missions are fun to fool around with.  The people at bungie made a 
great game, but theres some parts you will find that arnt made all the way.
1.  PoA
Theres really only one thing you can do here, and its...

CHALLENGE:  You can do this on Single Player or Co-Op.  All you have to do is go to 
the bridge, get your pistol, kill captain keyes, and let the invincable marines 
come.  When they do, you can do 1 of 3 things.
1:  Try to knock them all down the ladder into the little pit.
2:  (Co-Op) Keep fighting them and see who lives the longest.
3:  Try to get them to run away.
The 3rd one is possible, after about 45 minutes of nonstop beating, I managed to 
get them to run away.  You're just left in an empty room that you cant get out of 
2.  Silent Cartographer
NORMANDY LEVEL, D-DAY, WWII, yeah you get the point.  Anyway, theres SO much to do 
on this level that I garentee I'm going to leave something out.

FUN:  (Co-OP) Collect a bunch of grenades, then have your partner kill you, then 
collect grenades, and have him kill you in the same spot, repeat until theres about 
30 grenades in 1 spot.  Then get the warthog, have marines get in, drive it ontop 
of the grenade pile.  Then have one person find a checkpoint and the other (with a 
grenade) stay by the warthog.  When you find the checkpoint, throw the grenade and 
watch the warthog and the marines literally fly away.  Repeat and keep doing 
different things, I had so much fun doing this.  We were rolling on the floor 
laughing at some of the ways the marines flew away.  We actually made the warthog 
disapear the explosion was so big once.

FUN:  (Co-Op)  Im sure everyone has done this one.  With your partner, drive out 
into the water until you reach the barrier.  Then start fighting each other, its 
tough and sounds cool.

CHALLENGE:  Switch it to Legendary and go through the ENTIRE level without using a 
single bullet.  You're allowed to run people over and melee but thats it.  I always 
make it up to the part with the gold swordsman, You can melee them but the guy is 
always in the hallway and its hard to dodge a sword when you have nowhere to go.

CHALLENGE:  Ok this one is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY (yeah u get it) hard.  When 
this level was first made, it was suppose to be the introduction to banshees, but 
they took that away.  So in this level and in some levels following this, there is 
a hidden banshee.  Ive only gotten it in this level, assault on the control room, 
and keyes (not a biggie there, your in it for a few minutes).  Ok, this is what you 
have to do.  After you get the Rocket Launcher,  go to Bin Laden's cave (small cave 
near the map room entrance) and go up to where the hunters are.  Using the 3 
warthogs you are given, get on top of that entrance.  Like I said, its hard.  From 
there you'll get a good view of the level.  Jump up a few more ledges and you'll be 
able to see a turret where the pelican crashed.  For some reason, if you get this 
turret to fly into the water, a banshee becomes visable behind where the turret 
was.  Shoot the banshee off and have fun.  If you fly straight up you fall out, if 
you hit X to get out while moving the slightest bit you die.  I dont know why but 
you do.

FUN:  Drive out into the water until you get to the invisable wall.  Have your 
partner get out and stand as close to the wall as possible.  Then slowly run into 
him with the warthog until it pushes him through.  You will get lag when he goes 
through.  Then he can run around the area behind the wall, good luck getting back.

FUN:  You know the two ways you can go into the island right?  Go into the second 
way (the one that leads to the security room) and drive a warthog through the tree 
wall.  Then take it to the circle where the hunters are, kill them.  Then park the 
warthog next to the last big rock on the tiny hill.  Have your partner in the 
gunner point the gun up to the little ledge ontop of the level, and then jump onto 
the gunner and then run along the gun and jump up onto the level.
3.  Assault on the Control Room
 I HATE this level, it is way too long, every level in Halo 2 is going to be as 
long as this level.....I cant wait.  As you know, this level is the two betrayals 
and the two betrayals is this level.  For some reason, you cant get to parts of 
this level while playing the two betrayals, but if you play this level you can get 
to any part of the two betrayals.....I love it.  My favorite is getting a banshee 
and warthog into the opening room.  You know the room where the pelican drops you 
off, thats a blast.  Then get a ghost in there and race around the small ring that 
twirls.  Look off the ledge you'll see it. 
Ok, first step, Banshee.  Get a rocket launcher and a sniper.  Go throughout the 
level until you get to the part with the tank.  Get in the tank, and go through the 
tunnel, have your marines fight while you get the banshee.  As soon as you get 
through the tunnel, hop out and go to the trees to the left of the hill.  Dont go 
passed that or the music will start up and the banshee will be in the air already.  
Ok so go to the trees and look left, zoom in with the sniper and look up the cliff 
wall all the way to ur left until you see a compound entrance.  put the curser just 
above there the support beam meets the platform, take out the rocket launcher and 
let one fly.  If you hit the spot I told you, it should hit the banshee off of the 
platform and it will land on the ground.  Then get in the banshee and fly all the 
way back to the beginning of the outside.  Then retrace your steps having 2nd 
player open the door for you and you fly the banshee through the compound til you 
get to the beginning.  Step 1 done. 

Ok, Easy part done.  Next, go to where you first get a warthog.  Then pile a bunch 
of grenades there like I said in the silent cartographer level and blast the 
warthog all the way up onto the bridge.  This will take a few tries unless your 
lucky so find a checkpoint.  Once you get it up there, drive it to where you left 
the banshee.  Then repeat with a ghost.  step 2 done.

Now get your partner to get in the warthog and fly off the cliff and land it on the 
platform below (this is in the opening room).  He will die.  So spawn him back and 
have him do the same with a ghost.  He will die again.  Then get in the banshee and 
fly down there and land and have him spawn where the warthog and ghost are.  Get 
out of the banshee (you might die) and get in the vehicles and race away.  I know I 
know, I have no life, its ok.

Ok just to add one more funny thing here.  After your done outside and you go 
inside a second time, after a bit of going across bridges and such you will hit a 
cutscene infront of a door that leads you to a rock bridge.  There are 2 banshees 
there.  Snipe the guy getting into it or rocket the banshee so it flips over.  Get 
to the banshee and fly down to the end of the level.  Kill the guys and go to the 
last door.  Then quickly hit the switch and jump into the banshee and fly through.  
The cutscene will activate and the banshee will still be moving while ur walking 
towards the computer.  It will run you over and you will die, in a cutscene.  Your 
body will slide around and cortana will be talking to your corpse.  Sorry I found 
this funny.
4.  The Maw
One of the best Levels.

FUN:  Warthog races!!!!!!

FUN:  The talking grunt.  After Echo419 crashes, the first door on your right that 
opens, go down and take a right.  Go to the end and you'll wake up a grunt.  He'll 
talk to you and tell you he's thirsty.

FUN:  Ok this is tough, I have no idea how we found this one out.  Bordom sucks.  
Ok you need 2 people for this one.  Dont try this outside of the videogame.  As 
soon as the level starts.  Have one person go foward out of the escape pod area and 
then come back.  You'll trip a checkpoint.  Then, both stand and look out of the 
hole and look down.  Sentinals will come up in a bit.  Time this right.  The first 
guy jumps on the first sentinal that pops out.  A split second later a second one 
will come.  This takes skill.  The 2nd guy has to jump onto the 2nd sentinal and 
then jump on the head of your falling comrade.  If you did it right, you will land 
on the ground with red health.  Spawn your partner and have fun running around on 
cliffsides.  You can walk on the cliff you wont fall until you fall out of the 

FUN:  Wait for Echo419 to fly by, jump ontop of the ship when she is high enough, 
and then ride away with her.  Eventually the plane will disapear and you'll be 
screwed.  But its still funny. 
5.  The Library
CHALLENGE:  Ok if you can do this you are the best halo player ever and you play 
more then me.  Ok.  Set it to Legendary and go throughout the entire level without 
dying once under 2 hours.  Good Luck!
6.  Keyes
CHALLENGE:  Set it to legendary.  In the very beginning, you come to a hole you're 
suppose to fall down.  Dont.  See how long you can live against the endless amount 
of flood that pours down that hallway.
7.  343 Guilty Spark
FUN:  When the intro movie starts playing, as soon as Echo419 starts talking, start 
tapping the L trigger.  As soon as you gain control you will throw a grenade.  You 
will also stay inside the dropship.  Stay in until it lands again.  You'll be in a 
secret area.  If you find the spot over the entrance to the underground part of the 
level, fall down and go in, there will be guns flying around shooting.
II.  Multiplayer
Multiplayer is also a few laughs, although the levels are more complete and you 
cant do as many glitches....or can you?
1.  Sidewinder
My favorite Xbox level.  Theres a few little things you can do in this level.

Heres a cheap one.  Put a vehicle on top of the overshield and invisablity, so when 
you go around the other side with either the flag or going to get their flag, just 
run up to the overshield, get it, hit x to get into the vehicle, hit x to get out, 
and you'll be on the other side.  Quick flag runs that way.

You know how you have the 2 ledges with teleporters on them right?  One of them has 
a huge rock on it.  Jump onto the rock, then jump onto the doorway of the 
teleporting room, then jump up onto the mountain.  Then run up and up until ur 
satisfied where you are, look down (I hope the master cheif isnt afraid of heights) 
and start sniping, you can see the whole level and nobody can hit you but you can 
hit them.

Take a warthog and back it up into the front side of the base to use it as a ramp.  
Then take another warthog or a ghost and run into the first warthog and it will 
fling you into the air and then try to land into the upper part of the bunker.
2.  Blood Gulch
Not my favorite level because, if you play multiplayer online, everybody dies 
983432 times because theres just too much gunfire.  But theres a few things you can 
do here.

Near one of the bases, to the right, theres a little ledge going up that you can 
walk on.  Take a ghost and drive up this then make a quick right onto the corner of 
the cliff and hold down A and drive up the wall slowly and then move to cliff awning
(however you spell it) with the rock infront of it with the 2 open sides.  Sit up 
there and happy sniping, or u can go further up and stand on the level.  Theres a 
movie on kazaa my friend posted if you want to try and download it, its called 
blood gulch fun.

Park 2 warthogs backwards into the bunker wall, then drive a tank into the warthogs 
using them as a ramp to get on top (make sure theres a big enough opening inbetween 
pillars) and you'll have a tank on top, if you drive it down and make it fully into 
the bunker below, you'll have a tank that cant be moved ontop of a flag that cannot 
be taken, cheap but funny.

If your good at sniping, get the sniper and run behind your bunker all the way to 
the back wall in the shadows, no matter what base your at you will be able to see 
most of the outside level (blind spots of course, cliffs in your way, and you cant 
see the other side of their bunker but you could see the top), your vision wont be 
close, headshots will be tough, but the people who try to counter snipe you will 
have to guess where you are because its too dark too see, unless they are right 
next to you.  I have never done this but it has been done to me, to counter this, 
take a ghost and drive up there, keeping the nose up with A so the sniper bullets 
bounce off the bottom.

3.  Boarding Action
Only really one thing you can do here, make it across alive, which is possible.
Set the options to 400% health and get 3 partners.  One person gets the overshield, 
3 ppl get plasma grenades if you dont start with them already.  Get to the ledge of 
the top one, have the 3 partners throw down the grenades to stick to your feet and 
you throw a frag grenade, the frag will go off first if they are all thrown down at 
the same time and the 3 plasmas will be set off with it, and you'll be rocketed 
across (if your still alive idk how I lived this, we tried this like 5 times before 
I finally landed with red health, the grenades usually blew me up, if the grenades 
keep killing you try with less grenades).

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