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-                EEEEE       G             O O O O O O
-                E          G             O          O
-                E         G              O          O
-                EEEEE     G   GGGGGG     O          O
-                E          G       G     O          O
-                E            G    G      O          OStar Wars 2:Original Trilogy
--------         EEEEE           G          O O  O O
Hi.This is PooPiELoOpIe the funny guy.I made a little thing up and I wanna let
you hear theese things I thought up.So here we go!

Qs & As....Questions and awnswers
FT....Funny Things

                                   Questions & awnswers
                                Here are some questions some people asked:

                       Q:Do theese work? A:Yes.
                       Q:Do I have to use theese? A:Not if you want to.
                                   Funny Things
                    Well,this is it!Enjoy them because I made 'em!

1.Finders keepers
First get CP30 and any character that is not a droid.Pretend they are fighting
over something and then shoot CP30 and he'll lose an arm or leg.
It's like,OKOK I GIVE UP!!! Then kill him.He'll be like:OK HERE HAVE IT.

Ok,just get Gammorean Guard and any other character.Act like theres an intruder
and then go nuts about the situation and hit someone.They will fire back and
cause a 1-minute war.It's kinda funny because everyone almost died.

3.Last but not..*choking sounds*
All you need Is a force choking person on freeplay mode and anyone else.
So what you do is go to the very end of the stage and act like you're about to
get in the ship  but the force choker make him choke them and kill them.
It's like..Last but not..OWOWOWOW*choking sounds**dieing*

                                        Made by:ME
                           Made on 11/23/[email protected]
                              Do not copy

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