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There is 6 girls you can marry...Ann,Popuri.Mary,Elli,Harvest Goddess,and Karen.

*Elli is the easyest.She likes eggs and LOVES milk.She works at the clinic.

*Ann is medium.She likes almost everything you get on your farm.She LOVES boiled
eggs.She works at the hotel.

*Popuri is medium too.She likes eggs,and you can give her weeds off your field.
She lives and works at Poultary farm.

*Mary is also medium.She likes any kind of vegitable and friut drinks.She works 
in the library and lives at the house next to the library.

*Karen is the second hardest.She only likes wine and some flowers.She lives at 
the store...

*The harvest goddess is the HARDEST!I dont know how to get her to like you,but 
she LOVES flowers.Throw stuff in the river near the hot springs to see her.

dog-you start out with a dog in the begining of the game.

horse-Barley gives you a baby horse a little later in the game.Bruss him to get 
him hearts so you can keep him later on in the game.

cow-You can buy a cow from Barley for 5,000G..

sheep-You can buy a sheep from Barley for 4,000G..

chicken-You can buy a chicken at Poultry farm for 1,500G.

SPRING 8-harvest goddess
SPRING 11-Saibara(the blacksmith)
SPRING 16-Elli
SPRING 17-Barley
SPRING 19-Lilia(popuri's mom)
SPRING 30-Sasha(Karen's mom)
SUMMER 3-Popuri
SUMMER 4-Harris(police man)
SUMMER 11-Basil(mary's dad)
SUMMER 22-Kai(Runs summer shop on beach)
SUMMER 25-Mayor Tomas
SUMMER 29-Zack(picks up shipments)
FALL 2-Gotz(lumberjack)
FALL 5-Stu(Elli's brother)
FALL 11-Manna(sells wine and grape juice)
FALL 15-Karen
FALL 17-Doctor
FALL 20-Carter(Priest)
FALL 23-Anna(Marry's mom)
FALL 27-Rick(popuri's brother)
WINTER 6-Gray(helps the blacksmith)
WINTER 11-Doug(ann's dad)
WINTER 13-Ellen(Elli's grandma)
WINTER 15-Duke(sells wine and grape juice)
WINTER 19-Won(Lives with Zack)
WINTER 20-Mary
WINTER 26-May(Barley's grand daughter)
WINTER 29-Jeff(works at supermarket)

Look in my FAQ called Harvest moon recipes.

There is 4 seasons.Spring,summer,fall,and winter.In winter,you can't grow crops.
I hope you like my FAQ.


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