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All right, you're back. You Dark adventurers are still a long way from getting rid 
of Sonic. Just keep up. 

                         Dark Story:Stage 5-Egg Quarters 
Mission 2-Collect 100 Rings:First, grab all the rings around you, then head to the 
hallway under the giant scorpion tail, collecting every ring along the path, until 
you reach the Snake Chamber. Turn left to enter another room with 6-8 pillars. As 
soon as you enter, break the crate on the left for 20 rings, then climb on the 
pillars and glide to the remaining rings. 
Results:A(1:59 or less), B(2:00-2:29), C(2:30-2:59), D(3:00-3:59). 

Mission 3-Find the Lost Chao!(Mystic Melody and Iron Boots(?) Req.):Go back to the 
room with those pillas from mission 2(Sanke Altar) and play Mystic Melody near the 
shrine. Dig into the painting on the left-hand wall, dig in te crate right of the 
south-west one 2 activate a switch, and dig in the painting in the center. Jump 
under the weight to find the Chao. 
Results:Rank times 1:00 less than mission 2. 

Mission 4-Get the gate keys in 3:00:Run around the stage(without the beetle 
detecting you) until something comes up. Use the computers only when you're stuck. 
Results:A rank points are 1,000 points more than mission 1, others 2,000 more. 

Mission 5-Clear Hard Mode(Treasure Scope and Iron Boots Req.):The annoying bomb 
throwing monkeys(known as Kikis to Sonic Team)are your keys to win. In a cage 
between the Scorpion and Fish Chamber house the first key. Take the hallway in the 
Fish Chamber to find a Kiki in the cage(don't launch the rocket), wait for it to 
throw a bomb, pick it up,  go back to the caged key, and drop the bomb there. 
In the hallway leading to(or after) the Snake Chamber, turn on the Treasure Scope, 
pick up a thrown Kiki bomb, and walk near the spring(without jumping). Drop the bomb 
at the cage(or whatever is there). 
Go to the Snake Altar and destroy the wooden and iron box near 2-3 cages, then walk 
back to the hallway leading in the Snake Altar to get a bomb, and drop it near the 
cages. Dig into the scorpion tail. 
Results:Same as mission 4. 

                      Dark Story-Stage 6:Lost Colony 

Chao Boxes: 
1-In the room with the power-up, break crates on the south side of center column. 
2-In the next room where you found the first one. 
3-Turn and hover as soon you see the gold enemy. 

Power-up:Where you found the first Chao box, break the crate on the right under 2 
metal boxes. Climb them, then jump to the next left plaform and the next. This 
enables hovering Press A, the press A again, but hold. Release A to drop.  

Mission 1-Find a way to the Colony's Core:Practice the hovering move when you get 
the Jet Engine. This place is dark, so lock on to enemies. 
Results:A(34,000 or more), B(30,000-33,999), C(26,000-29,999), D(22,000-25,999). 

Mission 2-Collect 100 rings:Collect rings on the main path, but in the square room, 
hit the balloon and find a 10-ring container in the crate south of the center 
column. now, just continue on the main path for rings. 
Results:A(1:59 or less), B(2:00-2:29), C(2:30-2:59), D(3:00-3:59). 

Mission 3-Find the Lost Chao!(Mystic Melody):In your 1st walk in space, jump on the 
platform right from the edge at the gap. Walk to the end of the platform you have 
been elevated to and play Mystic Melody for more platforms, leading to a door, and 
another door where you must blast the enemy to unlock, then walk through another 
Results:A-rank time is 0:30 more from mission 2, 0:15 more for B, and D is 0:30 

Mission 4-Reach the Goal in 3:30:3.5 minutes is plenty of time to reach the goal. To 
score an A, take extra time to lock onto enemies. 
Results:Same as mission 1. 

Mission 5-Clear Hard Mode(Large cannon Req.):When locking on explosives on doors, 
you could blast the floor in front of it. 

The 3rd room is hard to open. Break the containers, reach the top, and hover to 
follow the rings. 

In the 1st green slime room, shoot the left iron container, activate the switch, and 
ride the platform on the right. 

The room where the Jet Engine was, blast the iron box, then use cages at the left to 
hover to metal boxes. 

In one of the rooms, you must assasinate(means kill) every enemy in the room. 
Destroy a stake of boxes and take the pulley to defet a secret enemy to unlock the 
Results:A and B-rank scores are 1,000 points more, C is 9 g points more, and D is 8 
g points more.(g points are 1,000 points) 

                           Dark Story-Stage 7:Weapons Bed 
Chao Boxes: 
1-Pass the garages where you start.  
2-Cylinder fuel tank at the 2nd aircraft carrier, right hand side. 
3-Right hand corner next to an iron box at the 3rd aircraft carrier. 

Power-up:Middle garage where you start is the Large Cannon, which gives you power to 
destroy iron boxes. 

Mission 1-Rush into the Military Base:In the beginning there are deactivated robots. 
Lock onto 11 at a time to win 2,000 bonus points. Check out the chart below of 
bonuses for locking onto muiltiple enemies:  

Enemy                        Bonus Points 
  1                                   0
  2                                 100 
  3                                 200 
  4                                 300 
  5                                 400 
  6                                 500 
  7                                 600 
 8-9                              1,000 
 10                               1,500 
 11                               2,000 

Stay sharp:Planes are swooping by here. They shoot fast and drop bombs. 
Results:A(30,000 or more), B(28,000-29,999), C(25,000-27,999), D(20,000-24,999). 

Mission 2-Collect 100 rings:Avoid getting hit and stop at the garages. 
Results:0:15 less then Stage 6, Mission 2 for B and C-rank,0:30less than Stage 6, 
Mission 2 for D. 

Mission 3-Find the Lost Chao(Mystic Melody Req.):At the 3rd aircraft carrier, head 
for the last garage on the left, then play Mystic Melody, jump in the blue swirl, 
and look for small, nice, and scared tucked in metal boxes. 
Results:Every rank except D is 0:15 more than Mission 2 ranks. 

Mission 4-Reach the goal in 2:45:Beat deactivated robots as you go, and soot sigted 
Results:Same as Mission 1. 

Mission 5:More enemies fast shooters, and these: 
Destroy iron boxes under metal boxes, then use the box next to you to hovey over the 

Grab pullys and hover over spiked balls at third carrier. 

Results:C-rank is 1 g points less than Mission 1 C-rank. D is 5 g points less than 
in mission 1. 

 Boss-Tails(Dark Story) or Dr. Eggman(Hero Story):Quickly lock on to your opponent 
and shoot If you get hit, grab the rings. Don't get too close to your opponent, or 
he'll punch you!  

                          Hero Story-Stage 3:Prison Lane 
Chao Boxes: 
1(Bazooka Req.)-In the beginning, shhot the boxes on the right. 
2(Booster Req.)-Take a lift to the hallway roof and destroy every enemy in sight at 
the edge on the south-west corner, then hover to the ledge that you see. 
3-Behind a gated room right from a lift. 

Mission 1-Find the Core of the Prison:Lock on to enemies to open certain doors. Do 
the same with Eggman if you played Dark Story-Stage 1. 
Results(also for results on mission 4 and 5 in this stage):A(26,000 or more), B
(23,000-25,999), C(17,000-22,999), D(13,000-16,999). 

Mission 2-Collect 100 rings:No good stradegy except a warning:there is only 114 
rings on this stage. 
Results:A(2:29 or less), B(2:30-2:59), C(3:00-3:29), D(3:30-3:59). 

Mission 3-Find the Lost Chao!(Booster and Mystic Melody Req.):Take the lift to the 
roof after the 2nd point marker. Turn the camera until you see the shrine, hover 
there, play Mystic Melody, jump on the spring, eliminate all enemies, and rescue the 
Results:All ranks except D are 0:30 less. 

Mission 4-Reach the Goal in 3:00: Do a stradegy called run-and-shoot. 

Mission 5-Clear Hard Mode:There are more enemies the way I see it. 
To defeat ones with shields, lock onto them, then release when they drop the shield. 
Go to the right of the lift to shoot 3 enemies that appear in the room after the 3rd 
point marker. 


                 Dark Story-Stage 8:Security Hall 
Chao Boxes: 
1-Dig in the center of a safe between blue section b and c. 
2-Across red section A between two large boxes. 
3-Next to a giant weight right of the yellow letters. 

Power-up(Mystic Melody and Iron Boots Req.):In yellow section C, play Mystic Melody 
near a shrine. Jump on te new platforms, then at the end, kick the boxes and enter 
the room to the Treasure Scope. Press Y 4 times, then hit B to see invisible items. 
Test it as soon as you get it to find an extra life. 

Mission 1-Steal the 3 Chaos Emeralds in 5:00:The Big Box on the left in the 
beginning intersection has a spring that takes you to a pulley to a switch room. The 
color letters indicate what color safe the switch ahead activates(one color 
activated at a time).Beware of sweeping lasers. 
Results:A(12,000 or more), B(10,000-11,999), C(8,000-9,999), D(6,000-7,999). 

Mission 2:Collect 100 rings(Mystic Melody Rec.):Pick up 5 rings in the beginning, 
then go right and continue when you reach the intersection. Go back and take the 
left pathto find more, then take the path to the switch room, but don't take the 
pulley! Fly to the opening under. Don't take the pulley until you hit 60 or more 
rings. In the switch room, collect rings from left and right, then climb to the top 
of the wall behind you. Glide to a small platform high above the red safe switch to 
find a shrine, then play Mystic Melody, and drop to the left to find 40 rings. 
Results:A(3:59 or less), B(4:00-4:29), C(4:30-4:59), D(5:00-5:29). 

Mission 3:Go to the sitch room, stand on the yellow B, and turn on the treasure 
Results:A(0:29 or less), B(0:30-0:59), C(1:00-1:59), D(2:00-2:59). 

Mission 4-Get the Chaos Emeralds in 3:30:Glide around lower level until something 
comes up. If not, do the upper level. Be sure to check the switch room. 
Results:1,000 points more for A-rank than in mission 1, then 2,000 points for 

Mission 5-Clear Hard Mode(Treasure Scope Req.): 
1-Drill Drive at floor fans right hand side from starting point. 
2-Above 3rd Chao Box. 
3-In switch room, hit red safe switch room, then exit. Climb and glide to the 
highest beam and destroy the iron box(2 metal boxes are across) and put on the 
Treasure Scope and bounce on the spring. Look at the red section of safes and dig in 
the center of the safe that holds the emerald. 
Results:A, B, and C-rank points are 3,000 points more than ranks from mission 4. For 
D, it's 2,000 more.

                 Security Hall:R-1/A Flying Dog 
Do a Drill Drive on the window 5 times by climbing the fence and gliding toward the 
window, then hiting B when it stops or is moving. Check this Chart: 

  # of hits                                Warning
    0-1                                   Gun and homing missles 
    2-3                                    crosshairs for lasers 
     4                                    just crosshairs  

That's it!Oh, and Clear both Hero and Dark Stories for the last story with ? stage
(s) and ? bosses. 

Game Guide:Deep in the Dark:Dark Story-Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5(mission 1). 

Next-Game Guide:head2head:Hero Story-Stage 4-7. Dark Story-Stage 9  

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