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                              N H L   2 0 0 1

                           NHL 2001 Game Guide & FAQ 
                      For Playstation One (PAL/UK version)
                          By: AlaskaFox(Ronan Murphy)
                            Created: April 14, 2001
                       Date last Updated: April 20, 2001
                                 Version 1.01
                       Mail me at: [email protected]
                      Home Page:


This Game Guide / FAQ is created for personal use only. You must not use it 
for anything that gains profit. Specifically Magazines, Game Guides, 
Commercial Web Sites. You’re also not allowed to rip off part/s of this 
Game Guide / FAQ and put it on your own Game Guide / FAQ. Anyone doing this 
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You also cannot use this Game Guide / FAQ as a guide for you to make your own 
Game Guide / FAQ, you must do everything there is to do in the game yourself 
or have others give info about your game and give them proper credit. You can 
copy the layout though. 

You can put this Game Guide / FAQ on your non-commercial or non-profit web 
site provided that not a single character has been edited or removed and you 
MUST have permission from me in order to do so. You can also, print a copy of 
the entire FAQ / Guide or a part of it, provided you only use it for personal 
purposes. Remember "You don’t have to steal, just ask." - B.O.F.III


                     i.     Disclaimer                      
                     I.     Updates/Revisions
                     II.    Game Information
                            A. Game Controls         
                            B. Game Menus
                     III.   Playing Strategies
                            A. Defensive Strategies
                            B. Offensive Strategies
                            C. PP/PK Strategies
                            D. Coaching Strategies
                     IV.    Teams/Players
                     V.     Lists
                            A. Injury List
                            B. Penalty List
                            C. Commentary List
                            D. Records
                            E. Awards List
                     VI.    In-Season
                            A. Create A Player
                            B. Getting New Players
                            C. End Of Season
                    VII.    Credits/Outroduction


Current Progress:

Guide: 12% complete
File Size: 
Total e-mails: 0 since April 2001 

Version 1.01 (Started: April 14, 2001)

        - Game 	Information Added
        - 6 Defensive Strategies Added
        - 12 Offensive Strategies Added
        - 1 Record Added
        - Awards List Added
        - 10 Commentaries
        - 1 Create A Player

                              GAME INFORMATION 


Menu Controls:
Up/Down                Highlight menu items
Left/Right             Cycle Choices/Move Sliders
X                      Select/Go to next screen
Triangle               Return to previous screen

Gameplay Controls:

With Puck:

D-Pad                  Skate, Pass & Shot Direction
X                      Pass
Square                 Shoot
Triangle               Deke (feint to the side to trick the goalie/defender)
Circle                 Speed Burst
L1                     Left Spin Deke
L2                     Line Change menu(if Line Changes are ON)
R1                     Right Spin Deke
R2                     Icon Pass

Without Puck:

D-Pad                  Skate in Direction
X                      Change Player
Square                 Poke Check
Triangle               Big Hit
Circle                 Body Check
L1                     Slide Block(dive to block the shot/pass)
L2                     Line Change
R1                     Select Last Defender
R2                     Icon Select

Goaltending:(only if manual goalie is set to ON)

Select                 Control Goalie
Square                 Save Attempt(without puck), Shoot(with puck)
Circle                 Poke Check(without)
X                      Pass

Fight Controls:

Square                 Left Jab/Uppercut
X                      Left Jab
Triangle               Right Jab
Circle                 Right Hook


1. Game Setup Menu

Quick Start:
  Starts a game with two pre-selected teams. Chose which team you want to be
  and start your first NHL 2001 game. Hardly ever used, only when you want to
  play a friend to show/test your skill.

Basic Settings:
  Starts an Exhibition Game. You can select the Teams, Difficulty Level, 
  Period Lengths, Penalties, Big Hits, Fighting, Offsides, Icing,
  Two Line Pass, Injuries, Rink Type and Over Time. Used for two-player and
  multi-player games, and to get you used to playing NHL 2001 before
  starting a Season/Playoff.

Advanced Options:
  See Adavnced Options Menu below. This is the most used option.

NHL Challenge:
  Check how your NHL Challenge is doing. The NHL Challenge allows you to get
  bonus points to use on your created players. You need a USERLOG to do the
  NHL Challenge.(PSone version only, not in PC or PS2 versions)

Inside EA Sports:
  Look at other products by EA Sports. Could they not have used the space
  taken up by this to add more options???

2. Advanced Options Menu

  Select Mode:   Exhibition, Season, Playoff, Tournament or Shootout
  Select Level:  Beginner(Easiest), Rookie, Pro, All Star(hardest)
  Rules:         Set the Game Rules(e.g. Icing, Fighting, Period Length)
  Options:       Set the Game Options(e.g. Speed, Camera, SFX)
  Rosters:       Edit Lines, View Rosters, Trade Players, and more
  Stats Central: Check User Stats, Team Stats, and Player Stats
  Configure Controller: Change the button functions
  Load/Save:     Load or Sve Rules, options, User Logs, Seasons, and Playoffs

3. Game Rules / Options

RULES:(defaults in CAPS)
  Period Length:  5(def.), 10 or 20 minutes.
  Penalties:      Use the slider to change the frequency of penalties. The 
                  farther it is to the right, the more penalties there are.
  Big Hits:       Use the slider to change the amount of Big Hits.
  Fighting:       Changes the frequency of fights. Leave close to the left.
  Offsides:       Turns Offsides on or OFF
  Icing:          Turns Icing on or OFF
  2 Line Pass:    Turns 2 Line Passing on or OFF
  Injuries:       Turns Player Injuries ON or off
  Rink Type:      Changes the Rink Type between: AUTO(def), NHL, or Interntnl
  Tie-Break:      AUTO, Contiuos OT, Shootout OT, Shootout, or Single OT

  To Be Completed

4. Season Central Menu
This is also for Playoffs and Tournaments.

  NHL Challenge:  Lets you check your NHL Challenge Stats.
  Matchups:       Check the Matches for any day.
  Calender:       View Team Scedules for each month
  Team Reports:   View Team Form, Top Scorers, Hot/Cold Streaks, Injuries,
                  and Suspensions for any team.
  Stats Central:  View Standings, Team Stats, Player Stats, User Stats,
                  League Leaders and Career Stats
  Rosters:        See Rosters Menu, below
  Save Season:    Lets you save your season.
  More Options:   Change Rules and Options

5. Rosters Menu

  View Rosters:   View Team Rosters, and check individual Player Bios
  Edit Lines:     Change your lines to suit your style
                  Circle: Switch Lines
                  L2/R2:  Change Line Groups
                  X:      Select Player
  Trade Players:  Swap players between teams.
                  Circle: Switch Sides
                  L/R:    Change Teams
                  X:      Select Players
                  Start:  Initiate trade(both teams must agree to trade)
  Waivers:        Place players on Waivers list, and take others off.
  Custom Teams:   Build your own Teams for Exhibition matches.
                  Buttons: Same as Trade Players
  Player Management: Create new players, Edit Created Players, Delete Created
                  Players, and Edit Jersey Numbers
  Load/Save Rosters: Load and save rosters, or restore original rosters.

                             PLAYING STRATEGIES 

This section is to help you to win games more easily, and so that you can
trash your friends. If you wish to add your favourite strategy, send your
answers on a postcard to the usual address(or email me if you find it easier)


(1)   The Big Hit
          Get control of one of your Big Hitters(their name/number will be
          red), and just Big Hit(Triangle) the player with the puck or the
          one in front of your goal(There always is one)
          Difficulty: 2/5

(2)   The Dive
          When your opponent is shaping up for a slapshot, and you are too
          far away to hit him, press R1 to dive infront of the goal to block
          his shot.
          Difficulty: 3/5

(3)   Gain Advantage
          This may be obvious, but it helps. When you have the puck, go
          behind your own net, and wait there until one or more opposition
          players comes to get the puck. When they come behind the net,
          skate off with the puck, and you will have one more player than
          your opponent.
          Difficulty: 2/5

(4)   2-Liner
          This is both Defensive and Offensive. Defensive because you clear
          the puck away, and Offensive because you get an attack.
          (When using Player Lock, or in multi-player games). Have another
          teammate upfield(preferably the 2nd player) or yourself in 1-player
          Get the puck to a computer controlled player on your team, and with
          the upfield player press X to call for the puck, and if 2-Line
          Passes are switched off it's a guarenteed breakaway.
          Difficulty: 3/5(risk of interception)

(5)   Loose Netting
          Sorry, I'm running out of ideas here. This one is kinda difficult.
          Get control of one of your Big Hitters(the red guys) and press X
          to dive into one of your goalposts. This can sometimes get you a
          "Delay of Game" penalty.
          Difficulty: 5/5

(6)   Goalie's Poke Check
          (Use this with Manual Goalies) When opponent has a breakaway, press
          select to control the goalie. When the player gets close, press
          circle to check the player and get the puck.
          Difficulty: 4/5


(1)    One-Timer #1
           Get the puck to your R/L Winger, stay close to the boards, when
           you get to just before the goal, pass it into the centre and if
           your centre is there(or one of your defenders), press Square to
           One-Time it into the net. If you're lucky!

(2)    One-Timer #2
           When you have a breakaway, keep going across the front of the 
           goalie, and then when your winger arrives pass it to him, and
           press Square to get an easy goal (if you did it right).

(3)    One-Two (One-Timer #3)
           When your centre has the puck and is going towards goal, and you
           have a winger to your side. Press X to pass to him, but as the
           puck reaches him, hold X to pass it back to your centre, and then
           you can one-time the 'keeper.

(4)    Rebound
           When you have one of your Big Shooters at the Blue Line, hold 
           Square to Slapshot the puck into the net, and the goalie will save
           this but he wont be able to stop that little wrist-shot! This is
           one of the Strategies I use most.

(5)    Rebound...Rebound...Rebound
           Get your Big Shooter to slapshot it in again, and if the goalie
           saves the wrist shot, he wont be able to hold on, and the next
           shot should light the lamp.

(6)    Breakaway #1
           When you have a breakaway, try to fool the goalie by moving left
           and right and by pressing the Triangle button(but DON'T use the
           circle button, you wont have enough time if you do), and he should
           come out of the goal. Then, move to the side and score easily.

(7)    Breakaway #2
           Get a breakaway, move near the right faceoff circle if your player
           is right handed, or the left one if he's left handed. Then hold
           Square to power up the slapshot, but when it reaches full power
           press X to stop the shot. The goalie should be down, having
           thought you were shooting, and you should just be alble to tip it
           into the open net.

(8)    One of the easiest goals(also known as the Faceoff Goal)
           When you have a faceoff in your opponents end(at his goal). Just
           keep pressing X and hold L/R(whichever direction the goal is).
           The puck should go to your player waiting to one-time it in.

(9)    Wraparound(sorta)
           Get the puck behind the opponents net, and come around the front
           with the puck, and go to the opposite side of the net and slap it
           in. Sounds harder than it is.

(10)   One-Timer #4 - a.k.a Fake Timer
           In the oppoenents end, with one player hold Square as if going for a
           slapshot, but when you reach the end press X to stop the slapshot,
           and immediately press X again, then Square for the reciever to 
           one-time it into the net.

(11)   Floater
           You just got to love the name! Only works on the counter, and just
           after faceoffs in the centre circle. This is the funniest way to
           score and is sure to annoy the hell out of human opposition. From
           just behind the blue line(at one of the sides, you can't be in the
           centre, because it has a better chance of working), Tap Square,
           and the puck should sail over the goalies head and into the net.

(12)   Off the Keeper
           Sometimes the opposition do this for you. It's extremely rare for
           this to happen. From behind the net, press X to pass it to one of
           the players in front of the net, with luck it will hit off the
           goalie and go in.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


I'm currently compiling these, the Penalty one should be up next update, the
Injury one soon also.


In Progress


Next Update


This is for the individual player comments. Send in any I don't have.
You can also correct any mistakes, as I have made many.
Each player is in alphabetical order in the team he started 2000/01 at.



"Igor Kravchuk is one of the most important players to his team. Well Bill,
I look at the Plus/Minus, and Kravchuk has always been a Plus Player."



"When you talk about special players, there is none as special as the one who
has done this. Dominik Hasek is superb, and he's the only player to have won
the Hart Trophy for MVP twice."

"As one of the Buffalo Sabres captains, Michael Peca joins a list of greats
such as ???????????? and Pat La Fontaine."

"Miro Satan had to move around alot before he became a permanent fixture at
Buffalo. He played in the Czech League, the Slovak League, the American
League, the International Hockey League, and even in the NHL with the
Edmonton Oilers before joining Buffalo."



"Like most players around the world when Sami Kaponen isn't playing for his
club team, he's playing for his country. And that would be Finland, where he
picked up a bronze medal at the Olympics."



"Joe Sakic's career has had 2 very different halves. In his first 6 years his
team never once made the playoffs, but in the last 6 they never missed the




"We knew Paul Kariya was made for NHL when he won the ???????? Trophy for
best collegiate player.......



"In Hockey there are Big Deals and there are 'Big Deals'. Just ask Pavel Bure
who was involved in a big one, he was traded from Vancouver to Florida in a
nine-player deal in January of 1999."






"When you're talking about New Jersey Devils' scoring lines, one name always
seems to come up. Patrick Elias seems to have.....






"Well Jim? What do Metallica, Austin Powers, and Frank Sinatra got in common?
They're all favourites of Finnish Defender ???? Numminen.









All records on All-Star Level

Most Goals in a Game                      X         XXX
Most Goals in a Period                    X         XXX
Most Goals in a Season                  XXX         XXX
Most Assists in a Game                    X         XXX
Most Assists in a Period                  X         XXX
Most Assists in a Season                 XX         XXX
Most Points in a Game                     X         XXX
Most Points in a Period                   X         XXX
Most Points in a Season                 XXX         XXX
Most Total Goals in a Period              X         XXXX
Most Total Goals in a Game               XX         XXXX
Most Shutouts in a Season                XX         XXX
Most Shorthanded Goals in a Game          X         XXX
Most Shorthanded Goals in a Period        X         XXX
Most Shorthanded Goals in a Season       XX         XXX
Most Power Play Goals in a Game           X         XXX
Most Power Play Goals in a Period         X         XXX
Most Power Play Goals in a Season        XX         XXX
Most Playoff Points                      XX         XXX
Most Playoff Goals                       XX         XXX
Most Playoff Assists                     XX         XXX
Longest Winning Streak                   XX         XXXX
Longest Computer Winning Streak          14         Anaheim
Best Season Record                   XX-X-X         XXX
Best Playoff Record                    XX-X         XXX
Most Penalty Minutes in a Game           XX         XXXX
Largest +/- in a Season                 XXX         XXX
Fastest Goal                          X sec         XXX
Fastest Two Goals                    XX sec         XXX
Fastest Three Goals                  XX sec         XXX
Goal w/ Least Amount of Time Left  X.XX sec         XXX
Largest Comeback                 X-X to X-X         XXXX
Fastest 50 Goals                   XX Games         XXX


Stanley Cup
Awarded to the victor if the playoffs.
Past Winners-
99/00 New Jersey
98/99 Dallas
97/98 Detroit
96/97 Detroit
95/96 Colorado

Hart Memorial Trophy
Awarded to the player judged to be most valuable to his team
Past Winners-
99/00 Chris Pronger
98/99 Jaromir Jagr
97/98 Dominik Hasek
96/97 Dominik Hasek
95/96 Mario Lemieux

Art Ross Trophy
Awarded to the player who leads the league in scoring points at the end of
the regualar season
Past Winners-
99/00 Jaromir Jagr
98/99 Jaromir Jagr
97/98 Jaromir Jagr
96/97 Mario Lemieux
95/96 Mario Lemieux

Maurice "Rocket" Richard Award
Awarded to the player who amasses the most goals in a season
Past Winners-
99/00 Pavel Bure
98/99 Teemu Selanne

James Norris Memorial Trophy
Awarded to the defenseman who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest
all-round ability in the position
Past Winners-
99/00 Chris Pronger
98/99 A     MacInnis
97/98 Rob Blake
96/97 Brian Leetch
95/96 Chris Chelios

Calder Trophy
Awarded to the player selected as most proficient in his first year of 
competition in the NHL
Past Winners-
99/00 Scott Gomez
98/99 C    Drury
97/98 S    Samsonov
96/97 B    Berard
95/96 D    Alfredsson

Vezina Trophy
Awarded to the goalkeeper judged to be best at his position as voted by the
general managers of each of the NHL Clubs
Past Winners-
99/00 Olaf Kolzig
98/99 Dominik Hasek
97/98 Dominik Hasek
96/97 Dominik Hasek
95/96 J     Carey

Lady Byng Trophy
Awarded to the player judged to have exhibited the best sportsmanship and
gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability
Past Winners-
99/00 Pavel Demitra
98/99 Wayne Gretzky
97/98 R     Francis
96/97 Paul Kariya
95/96 Paul Kariya

Frank J. Selke Trophy
Awarded to the forward who excels best in the defensive aspects of the game
Past Winners-
99/00 Steve Yzerman
98/99 J     Lehtinen
97/98 J     Lehtinen
96/97 Mike Peca
95/96 Sergei Federov

Conn Smythe Trophy
Awarded to the player judged most valuable to his team in the playoffs
Past Winners-
99/00 Scott Stevens
98/99 Joe Nieuwendyk
97/98 Steve Yzerman
96/97 M    Vernon
95/96 Joe Sakic

William M. Jennings Trophy
Awarded to the goalkeeper(s) who played for the team with the fewest goals
scored against it.
Past Winers-
99/00 Roman Turek
98/99 Eric Belfour/Roman Turek
97/98 Martin Brodeur
96/97 Martin Brodeur/    Dunham
95/96 Chris Osgood/      Vernon

Bill Masterson Memorial Trophy
Awarded under the trusteeship of the PHWA to the NHL player who best
exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to
Past Winners-
99/00 K    Daneyko
98/99 J    Cullen
97/98 J    McLennon
96/97 T    Granato
95/96 G    Roberts

Lester B. Pearson Award
Awarded to the NHL's outstanding player as selected by the members of the
National Hockey League Player's Association
Past Winners-
99/00 Jaromir Jagr
98/99 Jaromir Jagr
97/98 Dominik Hasek
96/97 Dominik Hasek
95/96 Mario Lemieux

Presidents Trophy
Awarded to the team finsihing the regular season with the best overall record
Past Winners-
99/00 St. Louis
98/99 Dallas
97/98 Dallas
96/97 Colorado
95/96 Detroit

Prince Of Wales Trophy
Awarded to the team which advances to the Stanley Cup as the winner of the
Eastern Conference
Past Winners-
99/00 New Jersey
98/99 Buffalo
97/98 Washington
96/97 Philadelphia
95/96 Florida

Clarence S. Campbell Trophy
Awarded to the team which advances to the Stanley Cup as the winner of the
Eastern Conference
Past Winners-
99/00 Dallas
98/99 Dallas
97/98 Detroit
96/97 Detroit
95/96 Colorado



A 97 Rating Center(with Easy + Medium NHL challenge bonus points)
Experience: Superstar

Speed:          99
Acceleration:   99
Agility:        83
Balance:        99
Shot Power:     99
Shot Accuracy:  99
Deflections:    99
Faceoffs:       99
Passing:        99
Stick Handling: 99
Aggression:     40
Endurance:      99
Intensity:      40
Checking:       99
Toughness:      40
Leadership:     40
Off. Awareness: 99
Def. Awareness: 99


Coming Soon

So far I have:

Got a 95 L from an injured 88 D
Got a 92 D from an injured 88 D

My Brother has:

Got a 95 C from a 70 L
Got a 93 D from a 74 R


Coming Soon(when I get to the end of my 2nd year)


Since I didn't do an Introduction, I thought I'd do an Outroduction. Why I
didn't do an Intro is bacause you don't usually read it, you dive straight
into the Guide. So, because you don't see Outros(well I haven't anyway), I
thought you might actually read this.

I started this guide because: I love Hockey, and there was no Playstation
Guide available, and we all need guides(You down the back! Don't say you
don't use guides, cause you have and will, otherwise you wouldn't be 
reading this). Since we only have one Irish Hockey Team, the only way I can
get involved in Hockey is by helping you guys(and watching it on TV).

I hope you like my guide, and that it helps you. Also if you want to help:

  If you wish to send your own Strategies/Tips/anything, send them to:
                            [email protected]

-"A" Tadeo for the Layout and Disclaimer
-EA for making this game
-CJayC for putting this FAQ on his site (I hope he does, anyway)
-NHL and NHLPA for letting EA use the real players,teams,etc..(well, selling)
-Microsoft for Windows and Notepad
-Packard Bell for my PC(If I put them here will I get a new one?)
-You for reading it
-The guy who is gonna give me a PS2, so I can do the PS2 Version

                      ©Ronan Murphy - AlaskaFox 2001

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