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 Welcome back. Sorry the last one was short. i forgot the Iron Gate Boss, so here it 
                  Iron Gate:B-3x Hotshot  
As Shadow, avoid the bullets from Hotshot. When he lands, he'll shoot 2-4 groups of 
homing missles at you. When his cockpit(window) lowers, do a homing attack(hold the 
jump for a second, then unleash yor move). Four hits should take it down.  

                          Hero Story:Stage 1;City Escape 
Mission 2:Collect 100 rings(this always second mission, so now I won't remind 
you):This should be easy. Play the first mission to remember ring positions. 
Results:A(1:19 or less), B(1:20-1:39), C(1:40-1:59), D(2:00-2:29). 

Mission 3: Find the Lost Chao(third mission all the time.Mystic Melody req.):Jump 
while running down the building and run to the the tune, then jump on 
the new spring, then look for another pulley to your right, and then on a nother 
spring. When you come to a vertically moving spring jump on it when it's up high, 
then attack an enemy when its shield is gone. Swing from the pole, then push your 
control stick towards the wall. 
Results;A(2:29 or less), B(2:30-2:49), C(2:50-3:09), D(3:10-3:59). 

Mission 4:Reach the goal in 3:00:In the beginning of the stage, turn early, launch 
from every ramp, and avoid cars. 
Results:A(same as from mission 1), B(16,000-17,999 pts.), C(14,000-15,999), D(1,200-
1,399 pts.)

Mission 5:Clear Hard MODE (Light Shoes req.):This is the last mission on every 
level. The brick stairs are blocked by gates which you must jump over. An enemy plus 
a row of rings replace elevators, so use a homing attack on it when it positions 
itself near the rings.  
Results:A(19,000 pts. or more), B(15,000-18,999 pts.), C(12,000-14,999 pts.), D
(10,000-11,999 pts.).  

Power-up-Magic Glove(Bounce Bracelet and Flame Ring):Use the Bounce Attack on iron 
containers stuck to the ground. Once you grab the gloves, use the fire somersault to 
break an iron box to reveal a spring and get out. Nearby enemies, hit Y until Magic 
Hand appears in the right hand corner, then hit B to catch an enemy inside a ball. 
Throw it at other enemies.                        
                    City Escpe: F-6t Bigfoot 
Remember Shadow's boss? Avoid rockets and bullets to use a homing attack on the 
window once the it lowers. 

                    Hero Story:Stage 2:Wild Canyon 
Chao Box 1:Get to the pillar at the left. 
Chao Box 2:Look for the Sphinx Head. 
Chao Box 3:Look for the lonely Statue. 
Power-up-Mystic Melody(Shovel Claw):Dig in the painting near the lonely statue. 

Mission 1:Find 3 pieces of the Master Emerald:Let Omochao teach you the lessons 
about Knuckles and Rouge in tutorial. Keep in mind the pieces change locations each 
time you play. Using hints from computers takes points away. 
Results:A(16,000 or more pts.), B(14,000-15,999 pts.), C(10,000-13,999 pts.), D
(8,000-9,999 pts.). 

Note:When reading this walkthrough, Mission 1, 4, and 5 are based by points. Mission 
2 and 3 sre based by time. You can do one mission at a time. 

Mission 2:Collect 100 Rings:Collect 8 rings in front of you, then glide around the 
pillars' tops. Take the airlift for 30 rings on the highest ledge and from there 
glde to the right to land on the second largest ruin. 
Results:A(1:29 or less), B(1:30-1:59), C(2:00-2:59), D(3:00-4:29). 

Mission 3:Find the Lost Chao(Shovel Claw, Mystic Melody, and Hammer Gloves req.):At 
the top level underground, break iron containers and dig in the painting. Play the 
mystic Melody, go to the next room to play it again. and jump in the swirl. 
Results:A(0:39 or less), B(0:40-0:59), C(1:00-1:59), D(2:00-2:29). 

Mission 4: Collect the Emerald Pieces in 2:00:Don't use computers and go to the 
Sphinx Head and/or the Lonely Statue- one or both hold one emerald piece. 
Results:Same as with Mission 1 results. 

Mission 5:Clear Hard Mode(Shovel Claw and Sunglasses req.):The pieces(, keys, or 
Chaos Emeralds) in hard mode always stay in the same place. Go to the shortest 
pillar, put on your sunglasses, and bounce on the spring. Glide near lonely statue, 
land on a ruin, and glide to the piece under the platform. Go near the airlift and 
dig in the paintings under one of the ledges. In the room put on your sunglasses
(Knuckles' , I mean) on and follow the rings. Now dig into that painting. 
Results:1,000 points higher for max. score for A and B rank. 

                       Dark Story:Stage 2:Dry Lagoon 

Chao Box 1:North right end of the first ledge. 
Chao Box 2:North-east corner of the top floor. 
Chao Box 3:In the big oasis look for the northernmost pillar. 

Mission 1:Find 3 pieces of the Master Emerald:Follow the tactics in Wild Canyon 
First Mission. 
Results;A(15,000 or more), B(12,000-14,999), C(10,000-11,999), D(8,000-9,999). 

Note: Rescue a tortoise held hostage in the area you start in. There are two robots 
guarding it. Defeat it, and your prize is free trips to the big oasis. In Hard Mode, 
they can shoot you. 

Mission 2:Collect 100 Rings:Don't bother rescuing the tortoise. There are plenty of 
rings around. 
Results:A(1:59 or less), B(2:00-2:29), C(2:30-3:29), D(3:30-:4:29). 

Mission 3:Find the Lost Chao(Iron Boots, Pick Nails, and Mystic Melody req.):Top 
floor southern wall iron containers must be broken to dig in the painting. Play 
Mystic Melody and walk into the next room to jump in the blue swirl. 
Results:A(0:39 or less), B(0:40-0:49), C(0:50-1:29), D(1:30-2:29). 

Mission 4:Collect the Emerald Pieces in 3:30:Sweep around the oasis. If nothing is 
on the radar, use the tortoise to go to the big Oasis. 
Results:Same, but A rank points are down by 1,000 points. 

Mission 5:Clear Hard Mode(Treasure Scope req.): Find metal boxes surrounding a 
wooden box on the highest ledge high above starting point. Do Drill Drive on top of 
the box to get launched in the sky, then glide when you get super high, then a 
second later, press B while still gliding after grabbing the first piece to get the 
second one. If you miss, repeat the process. Take a ride on the tortoise. On land, 
turn on the Treaure Scope and, don't jump, but fall in and look for a spring. 
Results:Rank points A, B, and C from Mission 1 is now moved to B, C, and D(M1 A is 
M5 B, M1 B is M5 C, M1 C is M5 D) with 17,000 points or more for an A.  

I'll be currently working on more guides, bt let's talk about Chao 

Chaos are beings first introduced in Sonic Adventure. Aside from the fun things, 
these guys can get you 9 no-ranked-emblems: 5 from Chao Race(1 per chao race 
type:Beginner, Jewel, Challenge, Hero, and Dark) and 4 from Chao Karate(1 per 
tournament difficulty). Here are Chao Secrets:

To get exotic Chaos, get Nintendo Gamecube GameBoy Advance cable link in stores, put 
it in your GBA(GameBoy Advance) socket and GCN(Nintendo Gamecube) controller socket. 
In Sonic Advance, you can get these Chao Eggs for these prices only in GBA: 


To get a Hero Chao and Hero Garden, raise your Chao with Sonic, Tails, and/or 
Knuckles and give it lots of Hero Fruit. To raise a Dark Chao and open Dark Garden, 
give your Chao lots of Dark Fruit and Use Shadow, Dr. Robotnik(a.k.a. Dr. Eggman), 
and/or Rouge. Raise both for Hero and Dark Chao Races. 

Give your Chao tons of Half-Fishes for the antenna thing to become a flame. Give it 
lots of Bats to get rid if the legs. A big group of Skeleton Dogs 4 your Chao make 
them put on an apple, paper bag, pot, pan,skull,pumpkin, egg shells, or others
(SKULLS AND PUMPKINS are found underground, so bring Knuckles or ROUGE TO a certain 
garden to dig for them) on its head. 

That's it for now! next time I promise to go over Dark Stages 3-5, plus the 
characters whole new look. also, look for 5 new chaos! 

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