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 Welcome! I'm going to give u specific tips on how to get all 180 emblems as best as 
i could. i'll do this in mixed order. 
Key-Req.-Required. Rec.-reccomended. 

          Dark Story  Stage 1: Iron Gate  
Chao Box 1:Look around the room with the first point marker. 
chao Box 2:Take the opposite side of the third point marker. 
Chao Box 3:Don't touch the goal!  

1st mission:Get to the core of the Military Base- Dr. Eggman has HP, which can be 
restored with rings. To unlock doors, blast their locks. Near the end, a group of 
doors close, one by one. Use a rocket to blast it open. 
Result for Mission 1:D(14,000-15,999),C(16,000-17,999),B(18,000-19,999),A(20,000 or 

2nd mission:Collect 100 rings(Large Cannon and jet Engine rec.)- Don't get hit and 
take a detour at level 3 door. If u don't, there's a robot near by containers. 
Results for Mission 2:D(2:00-2:29),C(1:45-1:59),B(1:35-1:44),A(1:34 or under). 

3rd mission:Find the Lost Chao:(Mystic Melody,Jet Engine, and Large Cannon Req.)From 
mission 2, use the detour, but drop to the ancient shrine, play the Mystic Melody, 
climb the platforms,play the melody near another shrine, and use the spring to 
bounce to the platforms. Keep on scaling to the top. 
Results for Mission 3:D(2:30-2:59),C(2:15-2:29),B(2:00-2:14),A(1:59 or under). 

4th mission:Reach the core in 4 minutes:Keep firing and blasting the doors as a soon 
as possible. 
Results for Mission 4:Look at Mission 1 results. 

5th mission:Clear Hard Mode:More enemies and less rings. 
Results for Mission 5:1,000 points lower on ranks in Mission 1. 
Power-up:Laser Blaster-In a room with containers and canisters, blow up the 
canisters, then the iron containers. 

                            Hero Story:Stage 1-City Escape
Chao Box 1-Look on patforms near the brick stairway. 
Chao Box 2-Find the gold beetle! 
Chao Box 3-after running down the vertical building pushing up, you'll be swinging 
on a pole. Press A when a red arc appears behind Sonic.Keep on doing this. 

1st mission:Escape fom the Military Pursuit:Master bar swinging and grinding here. 
This shouldn't be too hard. 
Results for Mission 1:D(9,000-10,999),C(11,000-13,999),B(14,000-17,999),A(18,000 or 

That's a wrap! I'll be back with the other missions and Knuckles VS. Rouge's 
treasure hunt.  

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