Game Mode Tips - Guide for Metroid Prime: Hunters

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This is a little tip guide to all the player modes.

Battle: A standard deathmatch(TEAMS ARE OPTIONAL). If your energy is maxed to 
199, force them to use light-duty weapons. Like running away 4 energy, using 
more powerful weapons, etc. While doing so, get near it and your opponent(s) 
should be trying to get some headshots. If cornered, no choice but to use 
explosives (Missle, magmual, or Judicator, my favorite gun for tight 
situations) Bounce the Jud. on one of your opponents. If they die, blast the 
other ones head off.

Survival: A deathmatch with limited lives(TEAMS ARE OPTIONAL). If you camp(stay 
in one position) a voice should say; HUNTER IS HAUNTED!! A message should say 
Coward Detected! A little white mark will indicate their position. If they 
can't see you, try to use Imp. on them. NOTE: If you are spotted it says on 
your screen: POSTITION REVEALED! RETURN TO BATTLE! Try not to have this happen 
if your Trace, because they will find your sniping area and look there.

Bounty: Like a Capture the Flag, except there are 2-4 players pitted to get a 
single octilith positioned in an area(TEAMS ARE OPTIONAL). The trick here is to 
not use your alt if you have the Octilith in position, if so, it will drop, 
leaving it availible to other players. Try to get in a position where they 
might get tricked to teleport(TRANSFOR LOCK IS AN EXCELLENT IDEA), in this 
case, getting them to the back. Run to the drop off point to win bounty.

Capture: Capture the Flag(TEAMS ARE ENABLED AT ALL TIMES). Here a hint: SWITCH 
THE OCTILITH TO YOUR TEAMATE.If you are about to die, get in your alt to drop 
it. Your partner should grab it. If lucky and their teamate goes after you, 
yours can scurry away to win bounty. To make the octilith in the right place, 
kill the enemy teams Octilith Holder. 

Nodes: Keep the nodes under your control.(TEAMS ARE OPTIONAL) It takes a while 
to get a node under your control. If you can, move around much in that node. 
Some people will snipe your head off. Sometimes in nodes if your Weavel, try 
to  blast them away. When two people, enemy and you, blast them with 
Battlehammer. Or slam them with Imp. Check for an open node. If there is, 
someone really, really smart will keep an eye on THAT NODE. Try to steal.

Defender: Stay in the designated area for a certain amount of time(TEAMS ARE 
OPTIONAL) Players will fight to win this area. Trace is good if the radar is 
off. This way no one can see you that well in your alt. Tackling them out of 
the area will give more time. The only problem? If the space is small you'll 
get blasted out of that area if you miss. Keep in there.

Do not let me know if I missed something, please!


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