Game outline - Guide for Dragon Ball Z Sagas: Evolution

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Saiyan Saga:
1.Defeat all saibaiman(all levels on Earth)
2.Get all items(all levels of game)
3.Get all dragonballs(on Nappa's level)
4.Defeat Raditz
5.Defeat Nappa
6.Defeat Vegeta 
Frieza Saga:
1.Escort Dende to Frieza's ship
2.Kill all troops
3.Defeat Ginyu squad(Ginyu,Recoome,Jeice and Burter)
4.Get all dragonballs 
5.Defeat Goku controlled by Ginyu
6.Hold off Frieza for Piccolo
7.Get Super Saiyan Goku to defeat Frieza
Yardrat Saga:
1.Get all items 
2.Defeat Soba(Super or reg. Saiyan with Goku)
Trunks Saga:
1.(IN FUTURE)Defeat all prototype Androids
2.Get all items including Goku's medicine and 6 Time capsules
3.Defeat Android 17
4.Defeat both Androids 17 and 18
Android Saga:
1.Defeat prototype androids
2.Save Capsule Corp. buildings
3.Protect Goku as Super Saiyan Vegeta and defeat Android 19
4.Find Gero's hidden base
5.Defeat Android 18 with Super Saiyan Vegeta( Super Saiyan not needed but will help)
6.Defeat Android 17 as Piccolo(Go Super Namek to beat him easier)
Cell Saga:
1.Defeat Vegeta or Trunks as Vegeta or Trunks in Time Chamber
2.Defeat and chase Imperfect Cell
3.Defeat Perfect Cell(GO SUPER SAIYAN ON HARD MODE!!!!!!!!)
4.Defeat Goku as Gohan in Time Chamber
5.Defeat Cell Juniors(simultaniously)
6.Acheive Super Saiyan 2 with Gohan(Keep beating on Cell and power up as meter 
7.Defeat whats left of Cell with Kamehameha
After all of this you will unlock Pendulum room

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