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| Pokémon Snap Walkthrough for Nintendo 64 |
| Author: Icy Guy ([email protected])    |¯
| Size: 67 KB                            |
| Version 0.1                            |
| Table of Contents |
 1. Intro

 2. Revision Info

 3. Legal Miscellany

 4. The Story/The Controls/The Menus

 5. Pokémon List

 6. How to Take Pictures...Properly

 7. Beach

 8. Tunnel

 9. Volcano
10. River

11. Cave

12. Valley

13. Rainbow Cloud

14. The Pokémon Signs

15. Tips on Beating the Challenge Scores

16. The Quick, Easy, and Just Plain Lazy Pokémon Photo Guide

17. Outro/Contact Info

18. Credits/Special Thanks

 1. Intro

     Welcome to my guide for Pokémon Snap for your Nintendo 64!  This game 
was probably one of the most overlooked of 1999 (although this didn't stop it 
from selling over 1,000,000 copies), but it was probably one of the most 
innovative of '99.  When I give you a level strat here, I give you the strat 
as if you didn't have any special items you normally shouldn't, and then 
strats if you do.  This FAQ will be your guide to completing this game to 
its fullest extent.  Dig in!

 2. Revision Info

 Version 0.1-- Finished 5/X/02 (11,899 words, 51,327 characters, 24 pages)
             -Added everything.

 3. Legal Miscellany

This document © 2002 Icy Guy.  You may not engage in unauthorized 
distribution of any kind.  You *can*, however, do the following:

-Put it on your site if you ask me.
-Print out a copy for your own, PERSONAL use (i.e. No printing it out and
 giving it to a friend.)

You cannot put this on a disk with a collection of FAQs, sell this, or make 
any kind of profit off of this.

If you put it on your site, you must: (a) give me the URL so I can check it
out (it must be a legit site with nothing illegal on it), (b) give me 
_*complete*_ credit, and (c) put it up with no changes whatsoever.  And 
speaking of putting this on sites...

The following sites have permission to post this without having to consult me 

Also, this FAQ cannot appear in any pages with banners or in a frame.

I'm giving myself permission to post this on my own site, which is or one of its subdirectories (probably the 
"me" subdirectory).

 4. The Story/The Controls/The Menus

Here's the story, taken from the manual:

"One day, a talented young photographer named Todd received an interesting 
letter from Professor Oak, the famous Pokémon researcher...

'Dear Todd,

My name is Professor Oak, and I research Pokémon.  I have heard of your 
excellent work as a photographer and would like your assistance in my 

I am currently doing research on Pokémon Island.  Wild Pokémon are the only 
creatures who live on this island, making it the perfect place to study 
Pokémon in their natural habitat.

I have thought of asking Pokémon trainers to help me, but I am afraid they 
would become too interested in catching the Pokémon on the island.

If that happened, the number of Pokémon on the island would decrease, and 
Pokémon Island would lose its value.

Instead, I would like you to take pictures of the Pokémon in their natural 
setting.  Your pictures would help me complete my PKMN Report.

I am looking forward to working with you.  Please come to my Laboratory right 
away.  I'll be waiting for you!

--Professor Oak'"

(This apparently wasn't a "yes" or "no" question, was it?)

With that done, here are the controls.  Very simple to memorize.

C Buttons: Quickly turn 90 degrees in a direction.  C-Up makes the view 
           straighten out to normal.

Control Stick: Rotate your view.  Whether or not Up and Down function on a 
               flight axis can be changed in the Options menu.

C-Down: Plays the Poké Flute, once you have it.  Press more than once to 
        cycle to the next song.

B Button: Throws a Pester Ball, once you have it.

A Button: Throws Pokémon Food, once you have it; takes a shot while zooming 

Z Button: Zooms in so you can take a photo.

R Button: Activates the Dash Engine, once you have it.

When you'll get...

Pokémon Food= usually after completing the Tunnel.
Pester Ball= usually after completing the River.
Poké Flute= after finding all the Pokémon signs.
Dash Engine= after completing all the courses.

Note that the vehicle you're using, the ZERO-ONE, moves a bit more slowly if 
you look backwards, although this isn't always recommended.

After you press Start at the title screen, you'll be given a choice of 
options.  These will vary depending on how far you are in the game.  "New 
Game" erases your current game and starts a new one, "Continue" lets you pick 
up where you left off, "Options" lets you fiddle with various options, and 
"Gallery" lets you view the photos in the Pokémon Report and your Album.  
Let's take a closer look...

-"New Game" erases your current file and starts a new game.  Once you do 
this, all the data from the previous file is lost and unrecoverable, 
including Gallery photos.

-"Continue" picks up from where you stopped when you stopped playing last 

-"Options" lets you change various settings.  "Screen Adjust" lets you change 
the position of the screen, should it be off-center.  "Sound Settings" lets 
you toggle between Mono (single-speaker) and Stereo (dual-speaker) sound.  
(Note that setting this option to "Stereo" if you have a TV with only one 
speaker will not improve the sound - quite the contrary in fact, because some 
sounds come out of a certain speaker, and if you only have one speaker, you 
won't be able to hear some sounds.  Make sure you adjust this properly.)  "Z 
Button Setting" lets you choose to have to hold the button down to zoom in 
("Hold") or press it once to zoom in and then press it again to zoom out 
("Switch").  Personally, I prefer "Hold," because you don't have to worry 
about pressing it a second time.  "Control Stick Settings" lets you choose 
between a flight-style control setting ("Reverse," moving it up looks down 
and vice-versa) or having moving it up look up and moving it down look down 
("Normal").  Either one works well here.

-"Gallery" lets you view the Pokémon Report's shots and Album shots.  Note 
that you need to have photographed at least 4 different Pokémon to be able to 
access this.  "Arrange" lets you move these 4 shots you see around, "Enlarge" 
makes them full-screen (follow the on-screen instructions, although Z goes to 
the next pic and B exits), and "PKMN Report" and "PKMN Album" let you see the 
Pokémon Report and Pokémon Album, respectively, so you can check those 
pictures out.  "Save" lets you exit to the title screen.

     In the lab, the menu choices you have are "Go to Course," "PKMN Report," 
"PKMN Album," and "Save."  "Go to Course" lets you choose which course you 
want to go to, "PKMN Report" lets you view and rearrange the report's Pokémon 
pictures (the instructions here are self-explanatory, letting you rearrange 
the pictures by course, #, or A-Z; "Best Shot" shows you your best shot, and 
if you've completed the game, it's probably Mew), "PKMN Album" lets you view 
your album (allowing you to add comments and stuff; max of 60 pictures), and 
"Save" lets you do just that.  Note that this game does not have an auto-
save, so you must save manually.

     After going through a course, you have more choices.  At the first 
screen you get, you have "Oak's Mark," "Album Mark," and "To Prof. Oak."  
"Oak's Mark" lets you pick which pictures you're going to show to the 
Professor (the ones you want to get points on).  Note that you can only show 
him one picture of each Pokémon type.  "Album Mark" lets you choose which 
pics you're going to stick in the Album (60 picture max).  "To Prof. Oak" 
takes you to the Professor to get your pictures judged.

     During a course, the pause menu gives you 3 options, they allow you to 
end the current run and go to your pictures, restart the current run, and 
continue playing.

 5. Pokémon List

Here's a list of all the Pokémon in the game, arranged by level.













Rainbow Cloud:


 6. How to Take Pictures...Properly

     Let's face it: anyone can go out there and start clicking the camera off 
randomly, saying, "Oh!  Here's a Pokémon!  I think I'll take a picture and 
that's that!"  However, this is not the way to do it.  You have to know what 
to look for.  In short: you need goals.  If your goal is to be the biggest 
random photographer out there, then so be it, but you're not going to get 
very far - in the game, at least - if you just take pictures of anything and 
everything.  ("Look at that nice wall there!  I should at least get points 
for that!")  You need to be professional here.  You also need some knowledge 
of what to take pictures _of_.  (Yes, I know you need to take pictures of 
Pokémon, but I didn't include that because I figured you'd have realized this 
on your own by now...I hope.)  For instance: don't think for one minute that 
your picture of Pikachu's back while it's standing there doing nothing is 
going to compare to your friend's picture of, say, Pikachu on a Stump using 
Thundershock with another Pikachu in the background.  (Well, little kids 
might see it this way.  Just play along if they do.)  Planning ahead comes in 
handy, because you'll know how to get the high-scoring shots.  Knowing to 
focus your sights on Balloon Pikachu instead of those Jynx over there will be 
key in scoring points, because Balloon Pikachu is worth more than a Jynx - or 
even both Jynx - in the same shot.  You also must know that the telephoto 
lens _does_ indeed have an effect on your pictures, but it does not get 
stronger as you move away, nor can you adjust it.  Another rule of thumb is 
to *NEVER, EVER* photograph a Pokémon from behind!  It makes them feel 
discouraged.  Always try to photograph them from the front or side, and you 
should also try not to cut part of them out of the frame and you should also 
try and keep them in the center for extra points.  Photographing them as 
close as possible and getting a clean shot are keys to points.  You should 
also note that sometimes you should go through a level with the intent on 
focusing only on one Pokémon.  A good example of this is the Beach, where you 
should focus on taking as many Lapras shots as possible.  Also note that it 
may be wise to take more than one shot of a Pokémon in any given level, 
because you'll have more shots to choose from, giving you more scoring 
opportunities.  Knowing where to throw this or that and what to do will be a 
great asset to your Pokémon photography.

 7. Beach

     A fairly simple level and a great way to start the game off.  From the 
start, you are bombarded with Pidgey.  Several will fly onto the screen at 
once, and this is a great way to start your Pokémon photography adventures.  
This is also an easy opportunity to get multiple Pidgey in the same shot - 
just don't look for anything big here, although if you can take one with its 
wings extended, that will do well.  A couple seconds later, a Doduo will 
charge out from the left, so quickly take a shot.  (Better yet, don't get out 
of the zoom from the Pidgey shots so all you have to do is press A.)  It 
continues on to the right, running around the beach like a maniac.  No 
matter.  After a bit of rock, look to the right to see everyone's favorite 
(well, maybe; some people prefer others) Electric-type Pokémon, Pikachu!  
Right now, all you can do is take pictures of it standing there, looking cute 
and saying, "Pikachu."  Take a few shots, and then look up a bit.  The 
Butterfree flying through the air will surely catch your attention, so click 
off a few shots.  (This Pokémon is plentiful throughout this level, so if you 
miss this time, which you shouldn't, there are several more opportunities 
waiting.  You should be able to see them easily.)  You may be lucky to get 
more than 1 in the shot, so seize the moment, should it come.  Your journey 
on the tracks will take you onward.  About 5 or so seconds later, look to the 
right.  You should see some big green thing snoozing in the grass.  If you 
take a picture, "?" shows up as the Pokémon's name, although if you've played 
Super Smash Brothers and the Pokémon games as much as I have, you'll 
recognize this to be Snorlax right off the bat.  (If you don't, that's OK.  
It's not a big deal.  You'll find out later.)  More Butterfree fly around 
here, so take a shot if you haven't already (or if you just like Butterfree).  
Now straighten your view out and look up and to the right.  You should see 
something on the ledge, a brief view of a Meowth, and then a full view of it 
as it leaps into the air, yelling its name.  Take a quick shot or two - this 
the best deal you're going to get until you get a Pester Ball.  It would be 
wise to take a shot of it when its mouth is wide open and it's fully 
extended.  If you miss this shot, you'll have to settle for other shots of 
Meowth as the level goes on.  Straighten your view out again.  You'll notice 
that an unseen force is butchering the bush to your left.  What can it be?  
Don't worry - whatever it is can't reach you.  You won't find out what it is 
until you have a Pester Ball.  Now if you missed the Meowth shot (or any 
Pidgey shots, for that matter) a second ago, here's your chance for another.  
Both Pokémon burst out of the bush and run across the track in front of you.  
The track takes you around the bush and leads you to a bridge.  You can look 
left and right, but all you'll see are some Butterfree on the left.  There 
isn't anything here yet.  Now you'll see another one of those bushes on your 
left again, with leaves flying about.  This time, a Doduo leaps out, so feel 
free to take a quick shot.  Now the track winds around a corner, so look to 
your left.  You'll see an Eevee chasing a big pink thing rolling around.  
Snap a shot of Eevee here, but you won't be able to do anything about that 
big rolling thing until later.  Make sure you don't go photographing Eevee 
from behind, because it can be easy to do that, depending on where you take 
the shot.  If you look to your right now, you'll see the back of a big brown 
thing looking over the see.  It's a Kangaskhan, although it won't be wise to 
take a shot now, because it won't face you until you throw things at it.  Now 
the track will wind through some rocks and you'll hear some cooing.  A few 
Pidgey fly overhead.  Now quickly turn right.  You'll see a Meowth next to a 
nest.  Now get your camera ready.  The Pidgey will fly in and start using 
Gust!  You can imagine how much this is worth, but I'll tell you anyway: the 
"Gust-using Pidgey" shot is automatically worth 500 points.  If you can catch 
it just as the Gust is about to hit the Meowth (although you may need the 
Dash Engine for this), you can catch it screeching, which gives you another 
1250 points!  (Note that taking a picture of the Meowth while it's on its 
back will get you a tidy bit of points, although it may not be as many as the 
one that jumps up.)  Now the track leads around a lake, and the exit will be 
visible.  You'll roll into the exit, leaving the level.

Now go back in the level and look to the right.  You should stay zoomed in at 
all times here.  You'll see something out in the distance after a bit.  It's 
a Lapras!  Photograph it!  Now keep looking to the right.  Every once in a 
while, a Lapras will pop up.  If you look closely, you'll realize that the 
one you photograph will show up closer each time.  Keep photographing that 
one.  Be sure not to miss it when you pass over the bridge (look to the 
right)!  If you keep doing this, by the time you reach the Kangaskhan, it 
will be near the shore, with other Lapras liable to be out in the distance.  
Take a shot when it is fully extended.  Now just exit the level from the 
pause menu and you're done for now.

Back with the Pokémon Food...

     Here's where the high scoring really gets going.  When you see Pikachu, 
you can clock it with some Pokémon Food to make it fall over.  (This actually 
gets called "a funny pose" if you catch it with the little unhappy expression 
on its face.)  However, you can do much, much more.  See that surfboard in 
the sand over there?  Of course you do.  Hmm....let's see...Pikachu and a 
surfboard...what could it all mean?  You may have figured it out so far, but 
if you haven't you're about to find out.  Throw some food in front of 
Pikachu.  It'll do a back flip (not a bad shot, actually).  Now throw more in 
the direction of the surfboard.  If you threw it close enough, it'll ignore 
the first bit of food and go after the second.  Now throw another next to the 
surfboard, close enough so Pikachu goes after it.  If done correctly, Pikachu 
will run by the food and jump on the surfboard!  It's Surfing Pikachu!  Now 
start taking a lot of shots, especially while it does flips.  Surfing Pikachu 
has a base value of 1000 points, so you'll definitely score big.  Now just 
wait until you reach the Snorlax sleeping in the grass.  If you throw some 
food at it, it just shifts, not making for a shot at all.  Drat.  Now wait 
again until you near the bridge.  When you have a clear shot at throwing 
Pokémon Food at it, throw some in the water.  About once out of every 4 
times, a Magikarp will jump out, so take a shot.  Note that this is the best 
you get until the next level, so you'll have to live with it.  Now wait again 
until you reach the Kangaskhan.  If you throw some food at it (so you hit 
it), it'll turn around and run at you.  Wait until it stops and puts its 
hands up before attempting to take a good shot.  A really good idea is to 
take a shot while it has its mouth open and hands pointing at you (you'll see 
what I mean).

Back with the Pester Ball...

     Nothing happens until you get to Snorlax.  Throw a Pester Ball at it so 
it yawns and scratches itself.  Here's a good shot, so take it.  Look up and 
to the right and hit that Meowth on the ledge with a Pester Ball.  You'll 
knock it off an see it on the other side.  It'll jump and yell again, so take 
another shot.  Now look forwards (C-Up) and wait until you see the first bush 
with the flying leaves.  Now start throwing Pester Balls in here as fast as 
you can.  Note that if you can conk the Meowth that jumps out of the bush 
just as it starts to cross the tracks, you can stop short, because the ZERO-
ONE automatically stops when it is about to hit a Pokémon.  After a while, a 
Scyther will fly out!  Wait until it slashes before taking 4 or 5 shots.  
This is a fighting pose that gets you 1300 points.  Cool!  Now start looking 
backwards so you slow down.  Remember those logs just past the bushes.  If 
you look carefully, you'll see 2 Pikachu running out of the bushes and jump 
onto the logs!  They'll start doing back flips, so take a shot of one in the 
middle of the flip.  If you have a good angle, you'll get both in one shot, 
which gives you even more points, on top of the 1300 you get for "Pikachu on 
a Stump."  You'll see another one of these bushes soon, so you can try again 
if you want.  Now check out the Eevee chasing the pink ball.  If you throw a 
Pester Ball at the pink thing, it will expand and turn into Chansey!  A good 
shot is when it has its arms in the air without its egg in its pouch.

Back with the Poké Flute...

     No new Pokémon are revealed, but you can certainly get some points to 
you name.  The first thing to do is the play the Poké Flute when near 
Snorlax.  When you do, it gets up and starts dancing.  Cycle through the 
songs until you get the one that makes it put part of its body forwards, kind 
of like the Hokey-Pokey.  The Professor calls this a "jolly dance" and gives 
you 1200 points for it.  Not quite the Safety Dance, but what's the problem 
with that?  The next thing to do is to get those two Pikachu onto their 
stumps.  Once you do, play any song, and then get ready for a shock.  
Literally.  Once they start jumping into the air ("Pi...ka...CHU!!!!"), start 
clicking off some shots.  Then they'll use Thundershock right then and there!  
(Not on you, fortunately.)  Keep taking pictures, hoping to get them both in 
the camera while they do this.  This pose will get you 1300 points, since it 
even zaps the Professor.  After this, make Chansey come out of the ball by 
hitting it with a Pester Ball and then play the Poké Flute.  Prepare yourself 
for one of the strangest dances ever seen in a video game.  ("I'm sorry, but 
is that Pokémon or a giant pink metronome?")  Onward!

 8. Tunnel

     This level takes you through an abandoned power plant.  This time 
around, you aren't bombarded by Pokémon at the start.  Instead, look a bit to 
the right.  It's Pikachu!  Take a picture: it doesn't matter if you have 
already.'s running away.  Take another picture.  Now Pikachu will 
jump up on a passing Electrode!  Quick!  Take a picture of "Pikachu on a 
Ball," worth 600 points by default.  Now you'll see an Electabuzz chase an 
Electrode.  Bypass this Electabuzz shot for now - just wait a bit.  Electrode 
rolls down the path and stops.  Get your camera ready as Electabuzz walks up.  
Snap a shot of the Electabuzz as it is being blasted backwards by the 
Electrode's explosion.  If you're quick, you may notice that some Kakuna have 
descended from the ceiling.  They do this every time an Electrode explodes.  
Since you have no way of making any Electrode explode until you get an item, 
just hit C-Up to go back to the default view, but you should still take a 
picture of one.  You should be coming up on some doors.  Ready your camera as 
you come close.  When they open, look to the left center to photograph the 
Zubat that buzzes you.  (You'll have another opportunity to get a shot of one 
soon, but don't miss this anyway.)  Now you're in the main power plant.  To 
your left is a Pikachu, and farther along is a mysterious egg, which you 
can't do anything about right now.  (Photographing it gives you a "?" as the 
name, indicating that it's not clear.)  You may also notice a purple light 
buzzing around near the other door.  Get a photo if you can.  Now you come to 
another set of doors, with a Zubat flying out in the same location it did 
last time.  (Note that any Zubat shot gives you 1000 points for the pose.)  
If you look to your left you'll see another flying purple light flying around 
a pole in a clockwise direction.  Snap a shot of it when it flies towards 
you.  When the pictures are developed (seen after the playing the course), 
you'll find that it develops into a Haunter!  To your right are some 
Electabuzz, but to your left is Pikachu (again) and a Diglett.  Photograph 
the Diglett, preferably right as it stretches up, trying to burrow (1000 
points).  Pikachu will run away and dig up another.  Take a picture of this 
one, and Pikachu does it again.  Now do it again, and Pikachu will dig up a 
Dugtrio!  Take a picture of _that_, and Pikachu will dig up *two* Dugtrio!  
Do it again and you'll be able to capture 3 Dugtrio in one shot!  Excellent!  
Doing this again has no effect.  Now you'll pass a bunch of weird shapes 
standing upright, and then you'll round the corner to see 3 Magnemite.  
However, when you try and take a photograph, they activate what I call a 
"Supersonic defense."  You can't take a photo of them yet.  There's also an 
Electrode off to the side with some rocks behind it.  Upon completing this 
level, you should now have the Pokémon Food.  

Exit to the Volcano: Hit that Electrode on the right with some Pokémon Food 
so that it opens the way to the Volcano for you.

Back with the Pokémon Food...

     Now you can make the Electrode explode!  Just toss some food at them so 
it hits them and they explode.  This is a good way to get a Kakuna shot, too.  
Be sure to take a picture of the Electrode while they're exploding for some 
points (1200, if you time it right; usually when it turns white).  When you 
come to a little pond near the doors, throw some food in to have a 1-in-4 
chance of a Magikarp leaping out.  Now the next thing you can do that's new 
is torment the Electabuzz after the power plant.  Hit one on the head with 
food (not unlike what a fan was doing with peanuts at a San Francisco Giants 
game I went to a couple seasons ago) so that it reels back.  It will walk up 
to the path and then deliver a Thunderpunch.  Photograph it!  This shot of an 
angry Electabuzz will get you 1000 points, just so long as you take it when 
the sparks start flying.  You can also throw some food in front of it, and if 
you take pic as it dives on the food, you'll be able to get as much as 1200 
points from this.  (Best do this after you turn the power on, though.)  Now 
here's your chance to get not 1, but 2 new Pokémon shots.  Throw a piece of 
Pokémon Food in front of you so that a Magnemite goes after it.  While it's 
distracted by the food, take your shot.  If you get the shot as it's eating 
the food, you'll get 800 points.  Now time for a little evolution.  Throw 
food so that the 3 of them all come close to each other, and if they come 
close enough, they'll turn into a Magneton!  Of course, the same "bait and 
photograph" method applies here, so do it.  You'll need to have the cursor at 
the center of the 3 Magnemites to get a shot of it in the center of the 

Back with the Pester Ball...

     Well, there's nothing new this time around, except that you can knock 
the Electabuzz down by throwing a Pester Ball at them.  Try and catch one in 

Back with the Poké Flute...

     Here's where things start to get a bit shocking.  Play the level until 
you see the second Pikachu (in the power plant).  Throw food so you make it 
run near the egg, just like you did with the surfboard.  Now play the Poké 
Flute.  If Pikachu is close enough, lightning will shoot out and strike the 
egg, hatching it.  Out flies Zapdos!  If you can catch it as it is emerging 
from the egg (as you start to see the flash of light), you'll get to hear 
"what a Thunder Jolt" it is and get 1350 points!  You'll also notice that the 
power is back on, and the Electabuzz are running around in front of the now-
powered-up screens, which give hints about how to see Dugtrio and get a photo 
of Magnemite.  This is the best time to get more than one Electabuzz in one 
shot.  (In fact, it's the only time.)

 9. Volcano

     A pretty hot level (pun intended), although it's the home to a lot of 
fire-type Pokémon, and even that pesky Magikarp.  Right from the start, you 
are charged by a Rapidash, and 2 are just around the corner.  (There are a 
couple on the walls to your left, but those shots aren't going to be worth 
much.)  Throw some Pokémon Food in front of them (especially the 2 around the 
corner) to make them stop an neigh.  A picture of that will get you 1200 
points for the pose by itself.  Try and get both of them in the picture.  
Just past them you'll notice a Vulpix over there on your left.  It's very 
shy, so throw some food in front of it to make it run after the food and 
raise on its hind legs with a happy face (1000 points here).  Better yet, use 
the food to lure it over the hill in front of you, where there are 2 more 
Vulpix.  (If you were wondering, no, they do not evolve into Ninetales here, 
so don't get your hopes up, and Ninetales also isn't in the list of Pokémon 
that appear here.)  Make sure the one you photograph faces the camera!  
Getting all 3 in one shot will do well for your points.  After a bit, look to 
your left.  You'll see a Charmander and a Magmar wandering around on a ledge.  
If you throw food so that the Charmander gets to it first, the Magmar will 
use Flamethrower on it, making Charmander evolve into Charmeleon!  Note that 
this won't be the best shot of either of them, so just let them sit around 
there for now.  (Although if you feel you must take a shot, throw some food 
in front of Charmeleon and take the pic as it holds its head up in the air.  
That's worth 1200 points for that.)  As you go over a hill, you'll see a big 
egg blocking your way.  Don't fling anything at it just yet, though.  Hit C-
Up and then C-Left so you face 90 degrees to the left and avoid hitting the 
egg if you throw anything.  You're bound to see at least 1 Charmander, and if 
you turn to the right a tiny bit, you can probably spot the other one, 
depending on where it's wandered to by the time you got here.  Anyway, throw 
some food near either (but preferably both) Charmander.  It will call to its 
friends ("Char!"), and 2 Charmander will come down over the ledge behind it!  
Do this with the other one, and it, too, will call 2 friends, so now you have 
6 Charmander to photograph!  Now use the food to lure them near you.  Take a 
picture when one is in the air for quite a few points, and then hit C-Up to 
look straight.  Now chuck some food at the egg.  It will fly off the path and 
into the lava.  Moments later, Moltres will fly out of the lava!  It will fly 
up in the air to the right, so watch it closely.  When it turns to face you, 
get your camera ready and take a shot when it shakes the lava off and has its 
wings extended for a cool 1350 points.  You'll see two Magmar to the right.  
Throw some food between them (throwing it that one of them faces you) and 
they'll rush to grab it.  Of course, their hot tempers will lead to a brief 
fight, in which neither will win.  A photo of either one automatically gives 
you 800 points, for it's Fighting Magmar.  If you get a photo of either one 
while it uses Flamethrower (breathes fire), you'll get 1200 points for it.  
Now you'll round a corner, and if you look down and to your right, you'll see 
some water.  You know what that means: chuck some food in there in hopes of 
Magikarp popping out.  On your left is a Charmeleon, so if you want a really 
good shot of it, look no further.  That's all you can do for now, that is, 
until you get the Pester Ball.

Back with the Pester Ball...

     You'll be able to photograph 3 new Pokémon.  I think you know what one 
of them is, and since you've already photographed Charmander and Charmeleon, 
that leaves one possibility left: Charizard.  Anyway, you don't get anything 
new until you reach the lake near the end of the course.  See those 3 craters 
on the right?  Throw a Pester Ball in one, and a Growlithe or Arcanine will 
jump out!  (Who jumps out is randomly determined.)  Get a photo as it shakes 
off the embers.  If it's Growlithe, you'll get 1300 points.  If it's 
Arcanine, then it's 1200 points for you.  Do this with the other two craters 
for more of either or both Pokémon.  Try and get two or more of the same in 
one shot.  Now I'd recommend finishing the level off and then going through 
again, because the next part will need most of your attention.  Once you're 
at the lake, look to the left this time.  Remember that Charmeleon circling 
that lava pool?  Well, when it's between you and the pool, throw a Pester 
Ball in it to knock it into the lava pool!  Seems mean, but it's not.  A 
couple seconds later, you'll see a big flash of light, and Charizard will 
raise up from the pool!  Now throw a Pester Ball at it.  It will face you, 
put its head back, and no harm to you...use Flamethrower on you!  
Catch it while it's breathing the fire for a neat 1250 points.

Back with the Poké Flute...

     Not much has changed now, except that you can make some Pokémon dance.  
This only appears to work with Magmar and Charmander though, as Charizard 
just puts its head down and Arcanine and Growlithe just walk towards you.  
The others do nothing.  Get all 6 of the Charmander to dance for a good bit 
of points.

10. River

     A pretty cool level, since it's the home of my favorite Pokémon, 
Porygon.  Quite a bit of aquatic Pokémon action here, too, but not 
surprisingly, since it's a river.  Be on the lookout, because Shellder, 
Magikarp, and Cloyster (and, after you make them submerge, Psyduck and 
Poliwag) will randomly pop up when you throw Pokémon Food (or, after you have 
it, which should be after completing this level, a Pester Ball) into the 
water.  Get a picture of the Magikarp when it has sparks around it (it's 
using Splash) for 1200 points to its pose.  With that said, let's get down to 
the level at hand.  Look to your right.  You'll see some Poliwag.  All you 
can do now is conk them in the noggin with food, and you won't be able to do 
anything until you get a Pester Ball.  Now look to the left.  You'll see some 
green things on top of stumps and a hollow log.  Throw a piece of food in 
front of the log and Bulbasaur will jump out!  Snap a picture, especially 
while it's eating, because doing that will earn you 1200 points for the pose, 
provided it looks happy.  Now straighten your view out and you will see a 
Slowpoke standing there on the left side of the river.  You may also see the 
sign with a Shellder on it a bit further down that side.  Here's what to do: 
use Pokémon Food to lead it to that brown patch of ground next to the sign 
and river.  Once you do that, the Slowpoke will turn around and dip its tail 
in the water, only to be bitten by a Shellder and transform into Slowbro!  If 
you got the Slowpoke to the water too late, you have another chance just down 
the river.  I recommend throwing the food from as far away as you can 
(accurately, mind) so you get a closer shot to the Slowbro.  Now you're going 
to go down a narrow bit of river.  If you look up, you'll see some Metapod 
hanging from the trees, but you can't get a closer shot until you get a 
Pester Ball.  Take one now, but be careful when taking one, as it seems that 
the part of the Metapod that curves inwards is its back, so watch it.  Now 
look to the left and you'll see something swimming among fallen trees.  Upon 
a closer look, you'll find it's a Psyduck, probably one of the funniest 
Pokémon in the game.  Hit it with some Pokémon Food to make it fall backwards 
into the water.  Now keep a keen eye out for it, because it will start 
jumping up out of the water at random in random places.  Put the view at the 
default view (C-Up), because it may pop up in front of you.  To your right 
you'll see another waterway, but ignore that for now.  Look to your left 
instead.  You'll see Pikachu standing on some fallen trees.  Hit it with some 
food and it goes nuts.  It jumps off the trees and runs around at a high 
speed - it's Speed Pikachu!  A shot of it automatically gives you 800 points.  
Then the level ends.  You should now have the Pester Ball.

Exit to the Cave: After you pass the Metapod, look to the right.  After a 
little bit of river, you should see a big crimson button with the wall behind 
it pulsating.  Throw a Pester Ball at the part of the wall that pulsates to 
make a camouflaged Porygon jump out and land on the button, opening the gate 
to the Cave.

Back with the Pester Ball...

     Now you can take more and better shots.  Now you can finally get a close 
shot of a Poliwag and a Metapod.  You can also open the way to the next 
level.  From the start, throw a Pester Ball _right next to_ the first Poliwag 
you see.  It will run to its friend in a recess in the hill.  Now throw a 
Pester Ball in between those two.  If done right, they'll run to their friend 
on top of the hill.  As you float past the third one, throw a Pester Ball at 
it.  Provided you threw it correctly, all 3 of them should come charging down 
the bank.  Now's your chance to get a really good shot!  If you can get the 
shot as it's about to jump in, the pose will get you 1150 points.  Note that 
you can use food to knock one down, but it's better to catch it as it jumps 
in.  If you turn around to the Bulbasaur and the stumps, you'll find that 
hitting those green things on the top of the stumps will knock the green 
thing off: a Bulbasaur.  Do this only if you want to have more than one 
Bulbasaur in a shot, and if you do, then do it on a different run, because 
the Poliwag take up most of the time you have to do it.  Your next new 
photographic opportunity comes when you reach the Metapod.  Use a Pester Ball 
to make one drop to river level for an easy shot, but be careful which side 
you photograph, because the part with the inward curve seems to be its back.  
Just after this, look to the right.  You'll see a pulsing wall on the right, 
which means you can make a Porygon pop out with a Pester Ball.  There is 
another wall across from it that hides a Porygon, too.  Throw a Pester Ball 
at a Porygon and it loses its camouflage, showing its true vivid colors.  
Throw some food in front of it and take a picture while it goes for the food 
with the "curved pupils" effect in its eyes.  That's 1400 points for you 
right there.

Back with the Poké Flute...

     The only thing that's new is that you can make that strange thing in the 
ground across the river from the first Slowpoke actually move, revealing that 
it's a Vileplume!  Catch it in any dance, although the one where it does 
flips works really well for your point total.  You can also make the Porygon 
dance when you reach them.

11. Cave

     A pretty cool level with a lot of Pokémon.  Just after you start, two 
Zubat fly below you.  I wouldn't recommend taking the shot now, though.  
Below and to your right is a Bulbasaur, but...wait a sec...don't Bulbasaur 
have big eyes with red pupils?  Of course they do.  Something's up.  Hit the 
imposter with a Pester Ball to make it reveal its true form: Ditto!  Snap a 
pic if you'd like, although there's a better opportunity coming up soon.  Be 
sure to look all the way to your left.  You'll see a Grimer in a cave, and 
then another one in another cave.  (It's best to take this when you're 
floating downwards: look to your lower left and take the first one, and the 
look a bit farther along after that.)  By taking a picture of each of them, 
you'll make 2 more Grimer appear in the next area.  2 Zubat will now fly by 
you on your left.  Snap a picture if you feel like it and then look to your 
bottom-right or look to the left.  You'll see a Grimer either way you look.  
(See why you took a picture of each of those Grimer before?)  Now throw a 
Pester Ball at either one 3 times to make it evolve into Muk!  (And no, 
neither Pokémon is doing what you think they are doing, so don't E-mail me 
about that.  Any E-mail about that will immediately be trashed, so don't 
waste your time.)  Now look to your right to see 3 "Bulbasaur."  Throw a 
Pester Ball on each in turn and you'll have 3 Ditto sitting there on the 
ledge.  Use food to lure them together, being sure to catch one while it 
looks happy while eating some food for 1000 points.  Now you go through a 
narrow bit of the cave and then float out into a larger area.  Look to your 
left.  It's a Jigglypuff being hurt by a Koffing behind it!  Throw food or a 
Pester Ball at the Koffing to make it lose air and then disappear.  
Photograph the happy Jigglypuff if you'd like, but there is a _way_ more 
high-scoring opportunity for a Jigglypuff shot at the end of the level, 
provided you complete this next (and rather easy) task.  Look to your right 
and you'll see another Koffing chasing a Jigglypuff into the cave.  You know 
what to do, but get a shot of the Koffing first.  To save the third and final 
Jigglypuff, look around until you locate a few shiny things floating in front 
of an opening.  A third Koffing will be chasing a Jigglypuff (These Koffing 
seem to share my friend's feelings for Jigglypuff, eh snake?), so knock that 
out of the air and feel good about yourself, having saved 3 Jigglypuff from 
the crazy Koffing (Team Rocket, perhaps?).  Straighten your view out and 
you'll pass over a lake, being able to see a Weepinbell circling a pond.  
Take a picture of the Weepinbell first, and then throw a Pester Ball at it 
when it is between you and the pond, just like you did the Charmeleon in the 
Volcano.  It will (admittedly humorously) get knocked into the pond and go 
under with an odd little noise, only to evolve underwater and pop up again as 
a Victreebel!  Take a photo.  If you are particularly observant, as you 
passed over the first lake, you may have seen a Pikachu standing on the ledge 
where you are now.  You also may have seen it be spirited away by a Zubat.  
Quick!  Save Pikachu!  As you pass over this bit of land, it opens up into a 
huge cavern, with the Zubat flying around, carrying Pikachu.  Start flinging 
Pester Balls at it (aim high), in hopes of hitting it.  Note that this is 
very difficult and will take a few tries, but once you get it, you'll hear 
Pikachu say, "Pikaaa!!"  Then it will fall from the Zubat's grasp, but don't 
despair (or celebrate, if you don't like it) yet: a bunch of Balloons will 
magically materialize on its back, so take a picture of Balloon Pikachu, 
automatically worth 1600 points.  (If you think this is a high score, it gets 
higher.)  Now look down.  What could that big rock-like thing be?  Well, do a 
little reasoning here.  You've already seen Zapdos and Moltres, in 
appropriate environments, and this _is_ an icy cave, so do the math.  You'll 
notice a Jynx on either side of it.  That's you key to opening it.  Play the 
Poké Flute (once you have it) and they'll do a strange dance, but it seems to 
make the egg hatch.  Look up a bit, because it automatically bursts out 
upwards.  A few runs through will give you the experience needed to judge the 
distance.  Take a picture of Articuno, *especially* when it has its wings 
back (Prof. Oak calls this "beautiful" and give you 1350 points for that 
pose.).  It will fly away.  Now you'll find that the ZERO-ONE takes you 
upwards again.  What...?  Who can that be singing?  Why, it's Jigglypuff!  
You'll hear her long before you see her, so ready the camera.  At this point, 
you have the option of turning around and waiting for Articuno to fly towards 
you, but with Pikachu on its back (!), or you can concentrate on the 
Jigglypuff(s).  Depending on how many you saved, there will be between 0 and 
3 Jigglypuff here.  If you save only 1, then you'll be treated to a 
Jigglypuff singing its song, alone, on the stage.  (I'm considering making a 
MIDI of this: E-mail me if you want me to.)  This is the "Jigglypuff on 
Stage," worth 500 points automatically.  Save 2, and you get the Jigglypuff 
singing, but with a friend floating around behind it.  If you manage to save 
all 3, then it's the "Jigglypuff Trio on Stage," worth a great 1200 points.  
You can throw a Pester Ball or food at the singer to make it get dizzy and 
then scold you, but that won't get you as many points as it would if it was 
singing - you get 1400 points if you take a picture while it's singing.  At 
this point, the Pikachu on Articuno has probably passed out of view, but if 
it hasn't, take a 2000-point shot of "Flying Pikachu."  (Just be careful, 
since Articuno's wings can get in the way.)  Now you're done.

Back with the Poké Flute...

     Now you can break open Articuno's egg, since the Jynx respond to the 
Poké Flute with a psychic dance, hatching the egg.  Now you also see 
something funny: play the Poké Flute in front of the singing Jigglypuff and 
it will be offended!  Hah!  Stick with a picture of it singing, though, 
although you should check this out because it's so funny.

12. Valley

     A fast and fun course.  Again, like the River, there are several aquatic 
Pokémon, but this time they come out when you throw Pester Balls.  The 
possibilities are Dratini (get a picture while it's jumping for 800 points), 
Goldeen (get it while it has sparks around itself, the move Splash, for a 
cool 1200 points), and Magikarp (get it while it has sparks around itself, 
the move Splash, for a cool 1200 points).  A few seconds after you start, 
you'll see some shells floating in the water ahead of you.  They'll start to 
near the left bank, and when any of them are between you and bank, hit it 
with a Pester Ball.  The shell will launch up on the bank, and out pops a 
Squirtle!  Click off a few shots, which can be made all the more point 
scoring by making at least one more fly up onto the bank.  Throw some food 
for a nice happy pose worth 1000 points.  Now straighten your view out.  
You'll probably see a Magikarp jumping out of the water on the outside corner 
of the bend ahead of you.  Throw a Pester Ball in the spot that it leaps 
from.  If you don't hit it the first time, then keep throwing them.

<              \
<             X \
<                \
 ______           \
       \          |
        \         |
         \        |
          \       |

     I'm not the best at ASCII art, but I can at least do it to _some_ 
extent.  Since they say that X marks the spot, X on this little ASCII bit of 
the corner is where you should throw your Pester Balls.  Eventually, you'll 
hit the Magikarp and make it go floundering across the ground to that Mankey 
in the distance, to be flung to another part of the level.  Don't take a 
picture of the Mankey here, since it won't be too good.  Keep your view to 
the right, however.  You'll see some high cliffs with some rock things 
hanging from them.  Hit any of the rock things to make them fall off, 
revealing that they are Geodude.  When one falls, a Sandshrew pops out of the 
ground.  Knock all 3 Geodude down to get 3 Sandshrew to pop out of the 
ground, and then lure the 3 Sandshrew together with food to make them jump 
around in happiness (1000 points).  (You can also knock one over with a 
Pester Ball to get a shot worth 800 points, but it's not necessary.)  
Straighten your view out again.  If you look down the bank, you'll see a 
Sandslash standing there with a Graveler behind it, but then it burrows 
underground.  (You can get a picture of it burrowing for 850 for this pose.)  
As you come nearer, notice that there are 2 Geodude on the wall behind it.  
Knock both Geodude off the wall in quick succession to make the Graveler 
tumble off the wall, forcing the Sandslash to pop out of the ground.  Throw 
some food in front of it to make it jump into the air with happiness, so 
focus you camera above it and get the shot for 1050 points.  Ignore the 
Graveler for now, since you'll have a much better shot later on with the Poké 
Flute, but you can take it now if you really want to.  Now the river speeds 
up a bit.  You'll see a Mankey on your left, but ignore it, as it is one of 
the 2 Mankey placed to make you try and take a shot, only to screw up.  At 
the bottom of this set of rapids, you slow down again.  Look to your left to 
see 3 Graveler clinging to the cliff, but you can't get them off there yet.  
Remember that Magikarp that the Mankey sent flying out of sight?  Right about 
now, it should plop down on the ledge to the right of the Graveler (right 
next to the river).  Throw a Pester Ball at it to make it bounce across the 
river, into the waterfall on your right.  A few seconds later, a Gyarados 
thrusts its head out from the waterfall!  Take a bunch of pictures, because 
there are some really big scoring opportunities here.  In fact, don't stop 
taking pictures until you start to move down the next set of rapids.  Get a 
shot while it shoots the water out of its mouth or just afterwards for a 
fearsome 1350 points (bad pun there).  If you have time to take the shot 
before the Magikarp lands, straighten your view out to get a photo of a 
Staryu hovering above the water.  By doing this, you'll make it follow you.  
_Then_ you should hit the Magikarp with the Pester Ball, although it isn't 
necessary to take the picture of this first Staryu.  Now you enter the next 
set of rapids.  There's another one of those Mankey on a ledge on the right, 
but ignore it.  You'll see another Staryu.  Get a photo of this one, and then 
focus upwards as you round the corner.  Take a picture of the third Staryu.  
If you've gotten a picture of at least one, it will be circling the ZERO-ONE.  
Now you'll reach the end of the rapids and any Staryu following you will fly 
into that whirlpool over there, only to evolve and fly out again as Starmie!  
Take a shot if you can focus quickly enough.  If you look a bit to the left 
of the whirlpool, you'll see a Dratini diving in and out of the water.  Take 
a picture if you want to, and then throw Pester Balls (3) into the whirlpool 
until you see a big splash, and out flies Dragonite!  Take a picture of it at 
any time while it does its silly little...I don't know what to call it.  The 
best word to describe the noise it's making is an "Oher."  Take a picture the 
second or third time it does that for 1200 points.  Now straighten your view 
out, but then look at the right side of the river.  You'll see some Squirtle 
shooting up a hill, trying to hit the Mankey at the top.  Notice that one 
Squirtle doesn't jet up by itself.  That's your cue: throw a Pester Ball at 
its back while it is between you and the Mankey to make it shoot up the hill 
and knock the Mankey down.  The ZERO-ONE now takes you around a corner, and 
you see that Mankey you just knocked down, in a typically antagonistic mood.  
You'll notice a button behind it, but don't bother with it: I'll bring that 
up in a bit.  When you are at a position where the button is to your left and 
the Mankey is in front of you...

|  O  X    |

(The "X" is the Mankey, the "O" the button, and the "Y" you.)

...hit it with a Pester Ball at take a photo while it's being thrown 
backwards.  There's 1250 points right there.  Now you float down a little bit 
more of the river, and you're done.

Back with the Poké Flute...

     You can finally do something with those Graveler near the Gyarados.  
Play the Poké Flute for them to do one of 3 dances.  (All of the dances give 
the same score.)  Take a picture of one (being sure to get more than one in 
the shot) for a picture of "Graveler's Group Dance," worth 500 points.  Catch 
one while it's dancing for quite a bit of points.  That's all the new things 
you can do, except make the Squirtle walk towards you, but that's no biggie.

The deal with the button and that gate: That gate leads you to Prof. Oak's 
hidden retreat, where he tells you to search for the Pokémon Signs.  To get 
there, knock the Mankey off the hill and then hit it with a Pester Ball when 
it is in between you and the button to make it land on the button, opening 
the gate.  However, I shall give you the next level's strategy beforehand, 

14. Rainbow Cloud

     There is only one Pokémon here: Mew.  (I can say that I have an official 
Mew on my Pokémon Yellow cartridge, but that's a different story altogether.)  
_Finding_ it is the extremely easy part: getting the shot is not, so I will 
guide you through this, step-by-step, so you can take pictures of the 
highest-scoring Pokémon in the game (10,000 points for a perfect shot!).

     From the start, I should tell you that you won't need Pester Balls: the 
Pokémon Food works just fine.  After a few seconds, Mew will fly towards you 
in a bubble.  Your aim is to get rid of the bubble, because it prevents you 
from getting a picture.  As it flies towards you, hit it with food.  It will 
fly away from you.  Now repeat this process until you see the yellow version 
of the bubble fly off.  Now look to your left or right (it seems to be random 
which side it chooses to use).  You should hear the same noise you get when 
you try and focus on Mew with its shield on, only this time the music has a 
heartbeat track to it.  Clobber it with a piece of food to make it cry out 
and spin around.  Keep hitting it until it doesn't move any closer, then take 
a picture of it after it stops spinning, but before it disappears.  (That 
will be worth at least 8000 points no matter what you do.)  Remember that any 
shot of Mew automatically gives you 2500 points.  Then the shield part starts 
anew.  Keep repeating it until you get to the end of the level.  Show a 
picture of Mew to Prof. Oak to get the credits.  Congratulations!  You've 
finished the game!

14. The Pokémon Signs

     There are 6 odd structures around the game that are your ticket into the 
Rainbow Cloud.  Each level except Rainbow Cloud has one, and I'm going to 
tell you how to get each one.  Note that after you have photographed one, you 
_must_ show it to Prof. Oak for the game to register that you've taken a 
picture of it.  Also, the game may give you a "?" at the bottom of the screen 
during the run, but these are indeed the Pokémon Signs.  You can also only 
take pictures of them after Prof. Oak tells you to.

Beach: At the right turn after the Butterfree, look to your left to see a 
rock formation that looks like a Kingler.

Tunnel: Free Zapdos to turn the power on, and after you pass the Electabuzz 
in the tunnel with the screens, Pikachu, and Diglett, look to the right.  The 
strange shapes will project an image of a Pinsir on the wall.  (This is near 
the exit of this part of the tunnel, but you need to take the picture before 
you get too close to the machine, or it will turn off.)

Volcano: At the start, look to your left and locate the miniature volcano 
spewing forth smoke.  Throw a Pester Ball in the crater and then watch the 
smoke.  It will turn into a Koffing, so take a picture of the smoke.

River: When you reach the Vileplume, play the Poké Flute so it stops emitting 
gas.  When it stops, focus your camera on the big tree behind it that looks 
like a Cubone.  Note that all the smoke must have blown away.

Cave: When you are in the room where you save the 3 Jigglypuff, locate the 
shiny things I mentioned in the walkthrough.  Take a picture of the big one 
and when it is developed, it will be a Mewtwo.

Valley: Focus your camera on the hills behind the first Mankey.  They appear 
to be a Dugtrio, so take a shot.

15. Tips on Beating the Challenge Scores

     There really aren't any tips for individual levels - just general tips.  

-Don't be afraid about running out of film: you have plenty of it, so use as 
much as you can.

-Take pictures of as many different types of Pokémon as possible.

-Use the tricks to make the Pokémon do high-scoring poses, but don't go 
overboard trying to do that.

-Use the Dash Engine if you need to.

-Sometimes you'll just have to make do with a simple shot (Squirtle, Geodude, 
and any others that don't score high).  Don't simply pass them up.

16. The Quick, Easy, and Just Plain Lazy Pokémon Photo Guide

     So you don't feel like reading the rest of this FAQ to learn how to take 
good photos?  That's OK, but note that it is not recommended that you use 
this as a substitute to reading the rest of the walkthrough.  (This could 
also be considered a guide to the Challenge Scores, if you really want to put 
it that way, but I don't think so.)  This is the quick and condensed guide to 
Pokémon photography.


-Pidgey: Shows up immediately and in other locations, take a picture of the 
one that uses Gust on the Meowth robbing its nest.

-Doduo: Shows up just after the Pidgey and leaps out of a couple bushes.

-Pikachu: Just after the Doduo, on the right.  Use the food to lure it onto 
the surfboard.  Later, make a Scyther show its face from the first set of 
bushes for two Pikachu to come out and jump on the stumps.  Use the Poké 
Flute for a zapping pose.

-Butterfree: A little ways after the Pikachu and spread throughout the level.

-Lapras: In several places in the ocean.  Take successive pictures to make 
one come closer to the shore, eventually showing up next to the Kangaskhan.

-Snorlax: Hard to miss, some ways after the Butterfree.  Use the Pester Ball 
to make it scratch itself or the Poké Flute to make it dance.

-Meowth: On a ledge after the Snorlax and in a few other places (bushes and 
the nest).  Knock it off the ledge with a Pester Ball.  You can take a 
picture or use the Poké Flute to make it dance.

-Scyther: In any of the bushes with leaves flying out.  Throw Pester Balls 
into the bushes to flush it out, and then take a picture while it slashes.

-Magikarp: In the water under the bridge and in the lake near the exit.  
Throw food into the water to make it jump out.

-Eevee: Chasing a pink ball (Chansey) across from the Kangaskhan.

-Chansey: Being chased by Eevee.  Use a Pester Ball to make it reveal itself, 
and then use the Poké Flute to make it dance.

-Kangaskhan: Across from Eevee chasing Chansey, use food to make it turn 
around and try and scare you off.


-Pikachu: Near the start and a few other places (near the egg, near Diglett).  
Repeatedly take pictures of the one at the start to make it jump on an 

-Electrode: In the first tunnel area.  Hit it with food or a Pester Ball to 
make it explode.

-Electabuzz: Chasing the second Electrode you see and in the final tunnel 
area.  Hit the ones in the final tunnel area with food to make it try and 
Thunderpunch you.

-Kakuna: Drops from the ceiling in the first tunnel area whenever an 
Electrode explodes.

-Zubat: Flies through the doors when you open them.\

-Haunter: In the room with the Zapdos (near the door) and in the third tunnel 
area.  (Take a picture of the purple light to see it.)

-Diglett: Next to the third Pikachu.

-Dugtrio: Keep taking pictures of the Diglett and Pikachu will dig up more, 
creating a Dugtrio.

-Magnemite: In the last area.  Throw food in front of it to distract it 
before taking a picture.

-Magneton: Make the three Magnemite come into close proximity of each other.

-Zapdos: Lure Pikachu to its egg in the second area and play the Poké Flute.

-Magikarp: Throw food into the lake right before the first set of doors.


-Rapidash: At the start of the level and off to the left of the start of the 
level.  Take a picture while it's neighing after throwing food in front of 

-Vulpix: After the Rapidash and over the hill after the first Vulpix.  Lure 
the 3 together for a group shot.

-Magmar: Off to the left on a ledge some ways after the Vulpix and after 
Moltres' egg.

-Charmander: Next to the first Magmar and on a ledge to the left of Moltres' 
egg.  (Throw food to make these Charmander, next to the egg, call their 

-Moltres: Hit its egg into the lava with food or a Pester Ball.  Get a photo 
when it shakes off the embers.

-Magikarp: In a lake between your path and 3 craters on the right.  Throw 
some food in the water to see it.

-Arcanine: Throw a Pester Ball into any of the 3 craters for it to pop out 

-Growlithe: Throw a Pester Ball into any of the 3 craters for it to pop out 

-Charmeleon: On the left side of the path, opposite the 3 craters.  (Can be 
also be seen by throwing food between the first Charmander and first Magmar.)

-Charizard: Throw a Pester Ball at the Charmeleon circling the pool of lava 
it is in between you and the lava pool.


-Magikarp: Throw food in the water at any time for the chance that it may 

-Shellder: Throw food in the water at any time for the chance that it may 

-Cloyster: Throw food in the water at any time for the chance that it may 

-Bulbasaur: To the left a little bit after the start.

-Poliwag: A bit to the right after you start.  Use Pester Balls to get them 
in the open and dive into the water, after which they may jump out when you 
throw food in the water.

-Slowpoke: Both are on the left side of the riverbank.

-Slowbro: Use food to lure any Slowpoke to the brown patch on the ground near 
the Shellder sign.

-Vileplume: Across from the Slowpoke.  You need the Poké Flute to get a shot 
of it.

-Metapod: After you pass the Vileplume, look up and use a Pester Ball to 
bring one down.

-Psyduck: To your left just after the Metapod.  Clock it with food to make it go 
under, but then you can use food to bring it to the surface.

-Porygon: To the right after you see the Psyduck.  Use a Pester Ball to make it 
jump out of the wall, and hit it with another to make it lose the camouflage.

-Pikachu: Near the exit on the left riverbank.  Hit it with food or a Pester 
Ball to make it go running around (Speed Pikachu).


-Zubat: Flies around in a few places after the start.

-Ditto: On the first and second ledges on the right.  Hit the "Bulbasaur" with a 
Pester Ball to make it appear.

-Grimer: Below and to your left as the level starts, and further along the same 
ledge.  Take pictures of these two to make more appear in the next cavern.

-Muk: Hit any Grimer with 3 Pester Balls.

-Jigglypuff: Being chased by a Koffing the first really big cavern.

-Koffing: Chasing a Jigglypuff.

-Magikarp: Throw food in the lake near the Weepinbell.

-Weepinbell: Circling a lake, near the cavern with Articuno.

-Victreebel: Hit the Weepinbell into the lake with a Pester Ball when it is 
between you and the lake.

-Jynx: On the ground in front of Articuno's egg.

-Articuno: In an egg.  Play the Poké Flute to make the Jynx hatch it.


-Magikarp: Throw food into the water.

-Dratini: Throw Pester Balls into the water.

-Goldeen: Throw Pester Balls into the water.

-Squirtle: Knock one of the shells at the beginning onto the land with a Pester 

-Geodude: Knock it off the cliff near the right riverbank after the first bend.

-Sandshrew: Burrows out from underground when a Geodude falls.

-Mankey: Some ways away from the bank on the first bend.  The best shot to get 
is to launch the Squirtle (hit it with a Pester Ball when it is between you and 
the Mankey) at the one on top of the hill after the whirlpool.

-Graveler: Knock the 2 Geodude off the cliff at the second bend to make it fall 
down.  Also appears across from the waterfall after the first rapids (play the 
Poké Flute with this trio to make it dance).

-Sandslash: Appears when the Graveler falls down.

-Gyarados: At the first bend, hit the area where the Magikarp jumps to knock it 
into the Mankey, who knocks it into another time zone...err...across the level.  
When you reach the 3 Graveler that dance, it will plop down on the ledge near 
them.  Hit it with a Pester Ball to make it flounder into the waterfall, 
evolving into Gyarados.

-Staryu: Appears above the second set of rapids.

-Starmie: Take a picture of any of the Staryu to make it follow you down the 
rapids.  (It must be a _centered_ picture.)  When it reaches the end, it flies 
into the whirlpool, evolving into Starmie.

-Dragonite: Throw 3 Pester Balls into the whirlpool to make it fly out.

Rainbow Cloud:

-Mew: From the start, I should tell you that you won't need Pester Balls: the 
Pokémon Food works just fine.  After a few seconds, Mew will fly towards you 
in a bubble.  Your aim is to get rid of the bubble, because it prevents you 
from getting a picture.  As it flies towards you, hit it with food.  It will 
fly away from you.  Now repeat this process until you see the yellow version 
of the bubble fly off.  Now look to your left or right (it seems to be random 
which side it chooses to use).  You should hear the same noise you get when 
you try and focus on Mew with its shield on, only this time the music has a 
heartbeat track to it.  Clobber it with a piece of food to make it cry out 
and spin around.  Keep hitting it until it doesn't move any closer, then take 
a picture of it after it stops spinning, but before it disappears.  (That 
will be worth at least 8000 points no matter what you do.)  Repeat as needed.

17. Outro/Contact Info

     Well I guess that's it.  Go out there and take some photos, or try and get 
better ones than you already have.  Even compete with a friend.  If you feel the 
need to add anything (or comments and such) or suggest that I make a MIDI of 
Jigglypuff's song, then E-mail me at [email protected]  Cya!

18. Credits/Special Thanks

CJayC- For making GameFAQs.
The webmasters of their respective sites- For making them.
solid snake- For playing the game through with me (at his house) and being my 
             Pokémon photographic partner in crime.  ("Kill Jigglypuff!", right, 
Nintendo, Game Freak, HAL, and Jack and Beans- For making this little gem of a 

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