Gelato Beach Guide - Guide for Super Mario Sunshine

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Episode 1

Go around spraying dune buds until one reveals a sand castle.  Enter the sand castle 
door to enter a secret level.

Episode 2

There is a giant caterpillar on top of the sand bird tower and cataquacers on the 
mirrors crewing them up.  Spray them until they’re on one foot.  Then do a ground-
pound on the mirror and they will die.  Do that to all of them to get a shine sprite.

Episode 3

Remember the giant caterpillar form Episode 2?  He’s on the ground and he’s mad.  
Spray the dune buds until one flips over the caterpillar.  Do a ground pound on the 
caterpillar’s stomach where the red arrow is pointing.  Do that 3 times to finish 
him off.  But be careful.

Episode 4

Go up on to the place on the mountain and you will see a Mom and a child.  There is 
a slide of coins in between them.  Then, jump off the end of the slide and jump onto 
the trampoline.  Jump off the trampoline into the sand bird tower.  You have to 
collect 8 red coins in this secret mini-stage.  Once you get all the coins on the 
bird, go onto the bird’s neck and then wait until he is close enough for you to 
hover the middle tower.  The last red coin is on the tower; get the coin and the 
shine sprite will appear on the same tower.

Episode 5

As shown in the preview, there is a little guy with a mask named Il Pitasimo.  Talk 
to him and he will challenge you to a race.  You need to get to the flag in less 
than 35 seconds to get a shine sprite.

Episode 6

Red coin level.  All the coins are on the reef, so they’re tough to see.

Episode 7

Get the fake Mario.

Episode 8

On Gelato Beach, there is a smoothie shop with a shine sprite in it.To get it,you 
need to roll the biggest watermelon into the shop and you will get the shine sprite.

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