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 _/_/_/  _/          _/_/_/  _/_/_/_/    _/_/_/      
_/_/_/_/_/                    _/   
   _/      _/_/_/  _/    _/        
  _/    _/    _/    _/_/    _/     
 _/    _/    _/  _/    _/  _/      
_/      _/_/_/  _/    _/  _/       

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                  |  Jeff Lewis (AKA PS2pcGAMER) |
                  |   Crazy Taxi (PS2 Version)   |
                  |  Version 1.0- July 27, 2001  |
                  |    [email protected]    |

Table of Contents
I.     Versions 
II.    Legal Information
III.   Introduction
IV.    Game Information
V.     Review
VI.    Controls 
VII.   Special Moves
VIII.  Character Information
IX.    Customers
X.     Crazy Box
XI.    License System
XII.   Fare System
XIII.  Destinations
XIV.   Codes
XV.    Frequently Asked Questions
XVI.   If You Want To Use This FAQ, Read This
XVII.  E-mail Policy
XVIII. Credits

I. Versions
1.0 - July 31, 2001 - Start.

II. Legal Information
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III. Introduction
    Crazy Taxi is a driving game that was created by Sega.  It was 
released when the Sega Dreamcast was launched on September 9, 1999.  
When Sega decided to stop making consoles and start making games for 
other systems back in January 2001, many people speculated that Crazy 
Taxi would be the first game made by a console manufacturer to appear 
on another system.  It happened, except Sega didn't port the game to 
PlayStation 2, Acclaim did.  Crazy Taxi for PlayStation 2 was released 
on May 15, 2001.  The Dreamcast version is almost identical in every 
way with the PlayStation 2 version.

IV. Game Information
US Release Date       May 15, 2001
MSRP:                 $50 USD
# of Players:         1
Memory Card Space:    364kb
Pressure Sensitive:   Yes
Analog Control:       Yes
Digital Control:      Yes
Vibration:            Yes
Cab Drivers/Cars:     4
Levels:               2
Mini-Games/Crazy Box: 16

V. Review
A few months ago a heard that Crazy Taxi was going to be released for 
PlayStation 2. I was so excited; I had always played it on my friend's 
Sega Dreamcast. Crazy Taxi is the first game made by a console maker to 
be on a rival system. Sega wasn't the one who actually ported the game 
to PlayStation 2, Acclaim did that. Crazy Taxi was released on May 15, 
2001. Finally PS2 owners can own this great game.  
Controls 10/10  
The controls are very similar to the controls for the Dreamcast. They 
are very easy to learn and control. The right triggers (R1 and R2) are 
your acceleration. The left triggers (L1 and L2) are your brakes. The 
Joystick and d-pad are used to control your direction. The X button is 
your reverse gear. The Circle Button is your Drive gear. The triangle 
is your horn and the Square button tells you how far away from the 
destination of the customer. The only difference from the Dreamcast 
controls is that you can use L1 and L2 to brake and R1 and R2 to 
Gameplay 9/10  
The gameplay is great. You drive around a city trying to deliver 
customers to their destinations as soon as you can. You can play on two 
different levels (one is in original and the other is in arcade. You 
can choose between arcade rules, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes to 
play. There is another option, Crazy Box, where you must complete 9 
different tasks to unlock a secret vehicle. Your goal is to get the 
most amount of money that you can in the time limit. You get money 
based on the distance you had to take the person, extra time, and tips 
(doing crazy dashes, drifts, back dashes, and back drifts). There are 
many destinations that you can take a person to (KFC, Fila Stores, the 
light house, used car store and many, many more).  
Story N/A  
This is a driving game, no story. You just deliver the customers to 
their destinations in the shortest time possible.  
Graphics 9/10  
The graphics are great. They are the same as the Dreamcast version, but 
they are still pretty good. You can see everything in front of you. You 
can see the finest details in buildings. Overall they look almost real.  
Audio 10/10  
The soundtracks that go along with the game are great. The music is 
upbeat and entertaining. You can also hear the sounds that the car 
makes (when it is driving or when it crashes).  
Replayability 10/10  
You can play this game for hours and still have fun. There are two 
different levels to play through. There is also a crazy box mode to 
beat, which is also fun and takes a little while to beat. Once you beat 
this game, it is still fun.  
To Buy or Rent  
This game is great. I think most people will love it. Go buy it! There 
are many things you can do with this game and it is so fun.  
This is one of the best games that is available for PlayStation 2. Most 
people will love this game. It is one of the most enjoyable games there 
is for PS2.

Controls: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Story: N/A
Graphics: 9/10
Audio: 10/10
Replayability: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

VI. Controls
I know the picture looks bad.
   _____           _____
  |__L2_|         |__R2_|
  |__L1_|         |__R1_|
  /  U  \_________/  /\ \
 /        -    ->        \
|L      R __ - __ []   O |
 \       /  \_/  \       /
  \__D__/\__/ \__/\__X__/
          ^     ^
Left Joystick   Right Joystick

 Left Joystick:  Steer
 X Button:       Shift to Reverse
 O Button:       Shift to Drive
/\ Button:       Honk Horn
[] Button:       View Destination Details
R1 and R2:       Accelerate
L1 and L2:       Brake
D-Pad:           Nothing

VII. Special Moves
You will need to know how to do the following things to beat the Crazy 
Box and for general driving:

Crazy Dash:  Burst of speed.  A split second after shifting into drive 
(O) hit the accelerator (R2).

Crazy Drift: Fast Turn.  When going folder hit the reverse button then 
the drive button while moving the joystick in the direction that you 
want to go.

Crazy Back Drift: Fast retreat.  Execute a Crazy Dash and quickly shift 
into reverse.

Crazy Back Drift: Continue to move in reverse after doing a 180°.  When 
moving forward, quickly shift into Drive and back into reverse while 
cutting the steering wheel to the right or left.

VIII. Character Information
You have 4 characters to choose from (taken directly from the manual):

Age: 21
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 158
License Plate #: 1NOM155 - "I no miss" Meaning: "I don't make mistakes"

This wild guy is known to have a hot and quick temper.  His only reason 
for becoming a taxi cab driver is that he considers being a cabbie the 
"coolest" profession.  Axel always shows his customers a good time 
while driving his 60's era classic cab, earning big tips in the 
process!   For him, cab driving is the ultimate career.

When he isn't working, Axel is usually trying to pick-up women, jamming 
with his punk band (bass and vocals) or participating in board sports 
like surfing of snowboarding.  That said however, Axel's overly 
freewheeling nature causes his band members o come and go on a regular 
basis and prevents him from maintaining decent relationships with 
women.  Oh well, what's a guy to do?  While he isn't perfect, his 
openhearted personality and naturally cheerful nature means he kind of 
grows on you.  His most redeeming quality is that he is especially 
gifted at mediating whenever there is trouble of fighting amongst his 
many friends.

Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: ???
License Plate #L 5EXY515 - "Sexy Sis" Meaning: You know what it means!

If Gena could be described in two words, without a doubt those words 
would be "cool & sexy".  With a strong passion for cars, her reason for 
becoming a cab driver is simply, "Because I get to race around in my 
car all day!"  While she's not so concerned with amusing customers per 
se, she sure is timely.  When asked if she'd be happier as a race car 
driver she laughs and replies, "But it is such a rush to race through 
traffic-laden streets...I could never give it up!"

When Gena is not working in here beloved cab, she can usually be found 
working on it.  In fact, she spends nearly all her time and money 
performing extensive tune-ups, maintenance and cleaning.  It is no 
surprise that most of the money she earns goes straight into her cab.

Despite her cab fixation, men are attracted to Gena's beauty.  But she 
simply turns her nose at any man who dares try to woo her.  Clearly the 
sole object of her affection is her one and only cab!

B.D. Joe
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165
License Plate #: 2HOP260 - "To hop to go"  Meaning: "Always ready to 
get crazy"

Always friendly & cheerful...that's B.D. Joe.  For him, driving a cab 
is a line of work in which he can "make people happy".  Happiest when 
he can bring a smile to the face of customers, B.D. is a master of both 
driving and conversational techniques.

Even when not driving a cab B.D. Joe is well known as an accomplished 
performance artist.  He can throw together some lids and drum cans, and 
using a pair of drumsticks, can blow you away with his musical prowess.  
His rhythms sound so fine they put the "professional" musicians to 
shame.  His talent is such that he is often asked why he doesn't 
perform professionally.  But he just laughs and says, "Making people 
smile is reward enough for me besides cabbing is so much fun to give 

Lately B.D. Joe has taken up card tricks...why you may ask?  Because by 
doing so he can make anyone's day anytime, anywhere.

Age: 42
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 187
License Plate #: ONLY777 - "Only 777" Meaning: "Only aim for the big 

Gus is a handsome (in a melancholy sort of way) drifter who typifies 
the term "cool".  He holds the unique distinction of being the 
originator of the "crazy" style.  In his youth, Gus was a wild and 
uncontrollable hooligan, selfish to a fault.  He hated to lose and 
always had to be #1 at any and all cost.  With a strong fascination for 
all things new, Gus was naturally drawn to that one unique trend that 
was totally cool.  With a knack for getting into something before it 
became popular, in his days when he didn't even own a car he was riding 
in a normal taxi when he had a flash of inspiration and bought an old 
junked out 1955 jalopy.  Thus began the crazy taxi trend.

When Gus isn't driving, he can usually be found playing cards.  When 
the working day ends he meets with his poker buddies (whose members 
change nightly) to while away the time playing poker, blackjack and 
baccarat.  A benefit of his gambling is that Gus has come to understand 
the ways of strategy, thereby mellowing his form desire to win at all 
costs.  Learning the way and how of losing has made Gus a better 

IX.  Customers
Information about the characters that you will encounter while playing 
Crazy Taxi (Straight from the manual):

This young pretty college student is a psychology major who just loves 
junk food!

Currently working as a hospital volunteer, this young women dreams of 
becoming a doctor someday.

A graduate student of economics, Dan is in the process of writing his 
thesis on the economical impact of the fashion industry on world 

Grandma J
Keep yours eyes peeled for this feisty ol' lady!  Those loud and 
colorful pajamas on Ms. Jessica are sure hard to miss.

A baseball fanatic who never misses a game, Biff travels by helicopter 
to watch his favorite baseball team in action whenever they are playing 
away games.

This tourist is always running from one famous landmark to another with 
a video camera in hand.  Smile!

A hard-core loving punk rocker who has a habit of suddenly appearing in 
the most unexpected places!

A hopelessly romantic young man who spends all his time and money 
chasing women...another day another date.

X. Crazy Box
The Crazy Box is a set of 16 mini-games.  When you beat them all, you 
unlock a secret vehicle.  You only see 9 mini-games to start off.  When 
you beat a row or column, it unlocks the "S" mini-games.

Goal: What you must accomplish to beat the level.
Game Advice: When you press start at the Crazy Box menu it gives you 
this advice.  It isn't really helpful or something that you couldn't 
figure out the first time you play it.
How to beat it: An explanation of the easiest way to beat the level.

1-1 Crazy Jump
Goal:  Go down the ramp and jump 150 feet.

Game Advice:  For quick acceleration, nothing is better than the CRAZY 

How to beat it:  This level has a pretty simple challenge, speed down 
the ramp as fast as you can and try to go as far as possible.  Do a 
Crazy Dash to start to get an early boost.  Hold down on the 
acceleration until you near the ramp and then do another Crazy Dash.  
This should propel you 150 feet.  If you are very close but can't quite 
do it, back-up at the beginning of the level and then do a Crazy Dash.

1-2 Crazy Flag
Goal:  Behind where you start, there is a flag.  You must hit this flag 
before time is up.

Game Advice:  The Crazy Drift is useful for sudden turning.

How to do it:  The easiest way is to first make a U-turn.  Then a green 
arrow will appear pointing at the white flag.  Use the Crazy Dash to 
get a boost.  You should be able to hit the flag with at least 5 
seconds to spare.  You have 20 seconds to reach the flag.

1-3 Crazy Balloons
Goal: Pop 20 balloons in 40 seconds.

Game Advice:  The CRAZY DRIFT is great to use for crash turns.
For a really cool ride, execute a CRAZY DASH right after a CRAZY Drift.

How to do it:  Basically drive around running into all of the balloons.  
Use the Crazy Dash whenever you need a boost.  Turn by using the Crazy 
Drift to get to the balloons quicker.  It may take you a few times to 
run over all of the balloons.

2-1 Crazy Drift
Goal:  Do 15 Crazy Drifts in 30 seconds.

Game Advice:  Do the CRAZY DRIFT to earn tips!!

How to do it:  Gain a little speed and do a Crazy Drift.  Keep holding 
the joystick either left or right until you stop turning.  Then gain a 
little speed and repeat the process.  You should be able to get 15 
Crazy Drifts in your first few attempts.  If you are having trouble, 
just keep practicing the Crazy Drift.  It really makes driving easier.

2-2 Crazy Turn
Goal:  Pick up the customer and take him to his destination within the 
time limit.

Game Advice:  The CRAZY DRIFT is indispensable when making U-turns.
Execute a CRAZY DASH right after cornering to gain speed.

How to do it:  Use the Crazy Dash in the beginning.  Then use the Crazy 
Drift for the turn.  Repeat the process until you get to the bottom of 
the hill.  Stop in the green box.  You have 35 seconds to complete this 

2-3 Crazy Bound
Goal:  Take the customer to their destination within the time limit.

Game Advice:  Fly cool with the CRAZY DRIFT JUMP.

How to do it:  This is similar to the previous Crazy Box level (2-2 - 
Crazy Turn), except you aren't turning back and forth.  You have to 
clear the gaps by taking the jumps.  Use the Crazy Drift and Crazy Dash 
to go faster.  Brake if necessary to avoid falling of the road into the 

3-1 Crazy Rush
Goal:  Take the 5 customers to their destinations in less then 1 minute 
10 seconds.

Game Advice:  Execute the CRAZY DRIFT STOP so that the car is facing 
forwards the next destination.
To make a CRAZY DRIFT STOP, stop while doing a CRAZY DRIFT.

How to do it:  This is when the crazy box starts getting difficult.  
This will probably take you many times to beat it.  Pick up any one of 
the 5 drivers and take them to their destination, do a few Crazy Dashes 
on the way there.  When you get close, hit the brakes some and do a 
Crazy Drift so that you will be facing towards the other people.  Stop, 
let the person go and do a few Crazy Dashes on the way back.  Stop near 
anyone of the customers standing in the center of the level and repeat 
the process.

3-2 Crazy Jam
Goal:  Take the 3 customers to their destinations within 45 seconds.

Game Advice:  You gotta use your best judgment to avoid crashing.

How to do it:  This level is similar to the Crazy Rush (3-1) except you 
have to deal with traffic, and a lot of it.  Do a Crazy Dash about a 
second before you are aloud to go.  This will give you a clear path to 
the first drop-off point and next passenger pick-up.  Do a Crazy Drift 
Stop so you will be pointed to the right and stopped.  Try to stop as 
close as possible to the people that you will pick up but remember not 
to drive at them, because they will dive out of the way (and you will 
lose precious seconds waiting for them to get into your vehicle.  Pick-
up the next passenger and go ahead.  Try to stay between the two lanes 
that are going the same direction as you are.  I would suggest avoiding 
the sidewalks because there are a few cars parked along there.  Weave 
by all of the cars doing your best effort to avoid them.  After a few 
blocks you will see the green section for you to stop in.  You will 
have to cross traffic so try to avoid them.  As before stop as close as 
possible to the next passenger without making him dodge out of your 
path.  Drop off your passenger and pick-up the next customer.  Take him 
to his destination and stop at the right place.  This may take you a 
few times to finish it, but you will remember where certain cars come 
from so the next time you will be able to avoid them.

3-3 Crazy Pole
Goal:  Take 8 passengers to their destinations in 1 minute, 20 seconds.

Game Advice:  Crash into a pole while braking to execute a crashing 

How to beat it:  This level is pretty easy, even easy then the Crazy 
Jam and Crazy Rush.  Pick-up the first customer and do a Crazy Dash, 
hit the brakes a little and do a Crazy Drift into the poll (it will 
stop you and you will be able to drop off the customer and pick-up the 
next one without moving) then move on to the next customer and repeat 
the process.  You should have plenty of time left over (I had about 15 
seconds left, my first time playing the Crazy Pole).

If you are having difficulty with the Crazy Dash or Crazy Drift you 
might want to spend some extra time practicing to try to improve your 
skills before playing the "S" mini-games.

1-S Crazy Bowling
Goal: Knock down all the bowling pins (All 70 of them) within 30 

Game Advice: Use the Crazy Drift to recover and move on quickly.

How to beat it:  This will take lots of practice.  It is not so hard to 
get strikes on each set of pins.  If you miss knocking down one single 
pin, you have to play the level over.  In the straight aways do the 
Crazy Dash.  Head straight on to the first pin and a split second 
before you hit it, do a Crazy Drift so you hit the pins sideways (you 
will be able to hit more pins that way).  Go through the first 5 
avoiding the gutters.  When you get to the sixth set of pins, you will 
have to turn extra hard to be aimed at the last set of pins.  As you 
are heading toward the last set, do a Crazy Dash or two and knock down 
the last set.  Just keep playing and you will get better.  Now that 
wasn't so hard, was it?

2-S Crazy ZigZag
Goal:  Take the customer to their destination within 25 seconds.

Game Advice:  The Crazy Drift is a must when cornering.

How to beat it:  If you fall into the sea, you DIE.  You don't need to 
do Crazy Drifts until the 4th turn.  Use your Crazy Dash as much as you 
can.  When you get to the 4th turn do a Crazy Drift to right.  At the 
next turn, do a Crazy Drift to the left.  You will probably need to 
slow down a little and make a final Crazy Drift to your right.   Stop 
in the green box.  Don't go full speed toward the finish because there 
is not much stopping room.

3-S Crazy ZigZag 2
Goal: Take the 7 customers to their destinations within 40 seconds

Game Advice: Both the CRAZY DRIFT STOP & CRAZY DASH or essential!!

How to beat it:

S-1 Crazy Through
Goal:  Get a 30 combo in One Minute, 30 Seconds

Game Advice:  To earn tips, perform a CRAZY THROUGH by cutting across 
cars sideways.

How to beat it:  This level looks pretty hard but it is actually one of 
the easiest.  You must basically do 30 Crazy Throughs.  Go to the left 
side of the highway so you are facing traffic.  Go onto the sidewalk 
and drive a slow or fast as you please.  Pass the cars close enough to 
get a Crazy Through.  When you pass 30 cars without hitting an object 
(you can hit the guard rail gently) then you beat the level.  Time is 
not really a factor.  It is fine if you miss a Crazy Through when you 
pass a car (You won't have to start over).

S-2 Crazy Parking
Goal:  Get to the top of the parking garage before time expires.

Game Advice:  Fly cool with a Crazy Jump.

How to beat it:  This level is somewhat easy.  You have 25 seconds to 
take the customer to the top of the parking garage.  Use the Crazy Dash 
to blast through the cars.  When you get to the ramp leading up, do a 
Crazy Drift and then another at the top.  Go up the next ramp and past 
the cars and stop in the Green Section.  Remember to use the Crazy Dash 
to get through the cars.  This should only take you a couple of times 
to beat.

S-3 Crazy Party 
Goal: Pick-up 7 customers in 1 minute, 40 seconds and take them all to 
the same destination.

Game Advice:  It's show time! Let's see your stuff (Yeah, real helpful)

How to beat it:

S-S Crazy Attack

Crazy Box level not mentioned in this FAQ, e-mail at 
[email protected] and I will write up how to beat that level and 
send a copy to you and add it to the FAQ.  I will try to get this 
finished as soon as I have time.

XI. License System
When you play the Arcade or Original Levels you will be awarded a 
license depending on how much money you collect.

$0                No License
$0.01-$999.99     E
$1000-$1999.99    D
$2000-$2999.99    C
$3000-$3999.99    B
$4000-$4999.99    A
$5000-$9999.99    S
$10000-$19999.99  Awesome
$20000 or more    Crazy

XII. Fare System
Fares are divided up into 3 parts, the base fare, the tips, and the 
time bonus fares.  The base fare is how much you get paid and based on 
the distance you have to take the customer (further distance means a 
higher base fare.  The tips are bonuses you get for doing Crazy 
Throughs, Crazy Jumps, and Crazy Drifts.  Finally the time bonus fares 
are extra money you get for taking the customer to the destination 
before time is up (the more time you have left over means the higher 
the time bonus fare is).

Money Icon Color Variations
This has to do with the base fare that I mentioned in the paragraph 
above.  The different color money symbols above the customer's heads 
(before you pick them up) mean the distance they will travel.

         Least Base Fare              Most Base Fare
Close Distance<------------------------------->Far Distance
              Red  Orange  Yellow  Yellow   Green

Time Bonuses
(all in seconds)
Speedy     Normal    Slow     BAD   
  +5         +2      None    You didn't make it to the destination
Green      Yellow    Red      in time, you got no money at all

XIII. Destinations
These are lists of all of the destinations that you can take customers 

* Baseball Stadium
* Boarders Paradise
* Bus Terminal
* Cable Car Stop BOTTOM
* Cable Car Stop TOP
* Church
* Clock Towers theater
* Crown Arena
* C.T. Hospital
* Fire Station
* Freshtree St.
* Heliport
* LEVI's Outlet
* Look-out Tower
* Mall N-gate
* Mall W-gate
* Osmous Hotel
* Pizza Hut
* Police Station
* Popcorn Mania
* R.B. Station
* Sky Bank
* Square Park
* Tennis Court
* Tower Records
* Yacht Harbor

* Camping Village
* Campsite Subway
* City Library 
* Fire Station
* Grand Mercury Hotel
* Japanese Restaurant
* Kings Park
* LEVI's Outlet
* Marine Museum
* Maine Plaza
* Millennium Tower
* Parthenon Museum
* Police Station
* Pizza Hut
* Smith Club
* South Parking Station
* Tower Records
* Used Car Shop 
* West Central Station 

P.S.  I know I missed a few destinations.  As I find them, I will add 
them to the next update.  If you want to send me some of the locations 
that I have missed, it would be greatly appreciated.  E-mail them to 
[email protected] and make sure you tell me the name of the 
destination and which level it was on and I will add you to the credits 

XIV. Codes
If you feel that is necessary to cheat, here are some codes:

Taxi Bike
This is the vehicle that you unlock when you beat the Crazy Box.  When 
you are at the Character Selection Screen, hit L1 + R1 three times and 
then hit up on the d-pad.  Choose anyone of the 4 drivers and start the 
game.  When the game starts, you will be driving a bike around town.

No Arrows
To turn off the arrows, press and hold R1 and then hit start before you 
get to the Character Selection Screen.  When the game starts, you will 
have no destination arrows.  The words "no arrows" will be in the 
bottom left hand corner of the screen, if you entered in the code 

No Destination Mark
To turn off the destination mark, press and hold L1 and then hit start 
before you get to the Character Selection screen.  When the game 
starts, you will have do destination marks.  The words "no destination 
mark will be in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, if you 
entered in the code properly.

XV. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How many drivers/cars in the game?
A: Each of the 4 characters has his/her own car.

Q: What is the secret vehicle?
A: It is a taxi bike that you unlock by beating the Crazy Box

Q: How many levels are in the Crazy Box?
A: 16

Q: How many different licenses are there?
A: 8, E, D, C, B, A, S, Awesome, Crazy

XVI. If You Want To Use This FAQ, Read This
To get permission to use this FAQ on your site, you must agree/meet 
everyone of the following requirements:
1. Send me a valid web address.
2. You may not alter it in any way.  If there is a spelling/grammar 
mistake, please send me an e-mail telling me that.  Please don't change 
it yourself.  If I give you permission to use it, you may not add your 
site address in, wait for the next release.
3. You must leave it in the .txt version.  You may not convert it to an 
html or any other file.  I don't want ads around my FAQ.
4. You must take it off your site if I ask you to do so
5. The FAQ must not appear as if you or someone else wrote it besides 
6. You must host this FAQ on your site.  You may not link it to any 
other site that has this FAQ.

 Send e-mails requesting that you have permission to use this FAQ to: 
[email protected] and make sure you have "Permission to use your 
Crazy Taxi FAQ" or something to that effect in the subject line.

XVII. E-Mail Policy
Make sure that you have Crazy Taxi somewhere in the subject line.
I will accept any type of the following e-mails:
---Spelling/Grammar Mistakes
---Other Mistakes
---Contribution or Hints (I will give you credit)
---Suggestions on things to add
---Requesting information about this game that is not in this FAQ
---Requesting permission to use this FAQ (Please read Section XIII.)

I will not respond to e-mails:
---That are asking for help covered in this FAQ
---Chain Letters
---E-Mails demanding information from me.  Please be polite about it.
---E-Mails asking for illegal copies of the game.  I don't know how to 
get them.

XVIII. Credits

--Sega for allowing Acclaim to port this great game to PS2. and for the codes.
--Figlet server ( made the "Crazy Taxi 
  Logo above.

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