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Crime City is a brand new Facebook game which combines elements of Mafia Wars and city-builders 
such as City of Wonder to create a brand new style of multifaceted gangster/mob game. In this 
game, you play a criminal and gang leader whose job is to do various jobs in areas which earn you 
money, diamonds, items, experience and energy, beat up rival gangsters (other players), and build 
up your own 'hood' similar to Millionaire City, collecting money and goods from the buildings you build. 
The many ways to play this game allow you to make money and gain items in multiple ways, so you 
can choose your own path to becoming successful. These tips and tricks should help you be more 
successful at Crime City on your path to becoming both a city-building guru and a rich mob godfather 
and crime lord.

The biggest and easiest way to become a king at this game is to have a lot of friends who play the 
game also, so that you can both ask them for materials to finish buildings (such as coffee shops and 
car ports), and so that you can add them to your mafia. The easiest way to find friends who play the 
game, is to go to the official Facebook Crime City page and add people who have either 'liked' the 
game or who have commented on the bulletin posts posted under the game's profile. Add people 
with comments saying "Crime City" or something like that, and you're very likely to get added back.

Aside from that, on your own, you can very easily make a ton of money, become powerful, do jobs 
successfully and beat the Ricci gang, even without spending any Facebook credits or having anyone 
else in your Mafia. Here's how to do that.

First of all, not many people who play Crime City, put very much focus into monetizing their 'hoods 
and coin farming, but doing a little bit of coin farming can earn you huge monetary bonuses. Buildings 
are cheap, and buying the right buildings can earn you huge amounts of extra dough.

The single best coin-farming building to buy is the basketball court, which takes up 4 times the space 
of a house or a laundromat, but earns you 315 coins every 24 hours, and costs just 260 coins and 1 
steel to build. Build multiple basketball courts, and upgrade them for cheap (upgrading a building 
increases its earnings potential by half the amount of coins that it earned you to begin with - for 
example, upgrading a building that earns you 10 coins, will cause it to earn you 15 coins - upgrading 
it again will earn you 20 coins, and upgrading it again, 25 coins - etc). Upgrading one basketball court 
3 times causes it to earn you 787 coins every 24 hours. Upgrading it 4 times causes it to earn you 
945 coins every 24 hours.

If you need to make room for even more basketball courts, go to your store, go to "eraser", click 
"buy", and then erase as many roads as you need to erase to make room for building basketball 
courts in close proximity to each other. You don't need roads at all - they are just for decoration, 
and erasing them lets you build more buildings, coin farm effectively, and overall earn more money.

When you level up, you can use your allotted points to increase either energy, attack or defense. 
Use about 90% of them on energy, as energy is the most important asset in the game as it allows 
you to do that much more jobs. Increase energy as much as possible.

Follow the goals on the left side of the page in order to know which jobs to do when, and in what 
order to do them. Following goals maximizes how much money you make for the energy, as more 
goals completed earns you more bonus money and experience. When you're in an area,  any job 
location with a green arrow pointed at it is one that counts toward your immediate job goal.

Take advantage of free gifts from defeated opponents as much as possible, especially strong ones. 
Fight tough area bosses (I.E. Big Daddy Remi) over and over to increase your chances of winning 
free weapons and armor (Remi especially has some strong loot, such as Remi's Little Friend and 
Remi's Beret).

And very importantly (and this is where all of the extra coin-farming cash comes in, buy as many 
different types of weapons and armor as possible. Each one your purchase will increase your attack 
and defense by the applicable amount, as well as your total of weapons and armor owned. Buying 
more than one of the same kind of weapon or armor, though, will do absolutely nothing for you.

That's it for now. If you have more tips, post them!

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