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Genertalised guide, FAQ and hints and tips!

Version: 1.0
Last Revised: 7th October 2001
Status: Fairly complete. But I will add more as needed!
By David Kamikaze, Copyrighted material 2001. HAND OFF THIEVES!!!

1. Layin' down da LAW!
2. About JP3
3. The Main menus
4. Basic management tips.
5. Contruction Tips
6. Advanced management tips.
7. Dinosaur List
8. FAQ
9. Contact me.
10. Credits + Mutants List
11. SPAM!

17/08/2001- First version.

10/09/2001- A lot of questions and requests. I am impressed! This has been a lot
more fun than I ever expected it to be! Keep those questions coming in. I am so
happy also noones decided to flame yet- maybe people are actually READING the mail
guidelines! And also thanks to all those who have helped me as well.

Added a Dinosaur Listing, but it's only 29% done- if you wanna add to it you'll
be credited so I'm open to everyone expanding the list! Some new FAQ questions,
one has been answered correctly... whew. Am I busy or what?

7/10/2001- Completed dino list from Bahamut986. Edited a LOT of FAQ questions
with better answers. And a little chunk on water enclosures and how you build
them since a LOT of people have gotten confused over this.

MY DUE PERMISSION! Failure to do so will result in me
getting out the chainsaw which I hold so dear and chopping
off hands and fingers!!!

I have had walkthroughs stolen before, but now I am getting nasty!
I used to review games, I was a reporter for a website- I know what I
have to do if anyone steals my work. And my friends a solicitor
(lawyer to americans!). She informs me that if you value the money
you earn, you must not steal other peoples works!

© Copyright 2001 David Kamikaze. It may not be stolen, altered, or used for any 
type of profit.
It may be reproduced electronically,and printed for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may 
not be placed
on a CD, printed in a magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to 
add anything to
this FAQ, please e-mail me, as well as any questions, comments, or corrections, 
to the address
below. You will be credited!
e-mail: [email protected]

Jurassic Park 3 did not do very well despite being a million times better than 
But it has spawned a lot of spin-offs, JP3: PARK BUILDER for the GBA being my 
personal fave.
Yep, think THEME PARK with dinosaurs! It's such a cheap, obvious rip off it HAD 
to work! it has
given me sleepless nights trying to prevent a full-scale Gigantosaurus rampage 
and made me laugh
when I find out my mystery DNA is from a T-Rex!

if you like Theme Park or Sim City and have a GBA, this is the game for you. Fun, 
provoking and it really makes you wonder- what would you do if T-Rex's rampaged 
your park?


The menu systems are brought up by using L and R.
This menu lets you control your park, breed Dinos and exchange Dinos.

MAIN OFFICE: This is where you advertise, save, set your entry fee and sort out 
the parks
transportation system. The heart of the operation.

EXCAVATION: This lets you send out excavation teams to find dino fossils, amber 
and the like
so you can make dinos and extinct animals from ancient eras!

RESEARCH LAB: Check amber/fossils, make dinos, check DNA... the science stuff. 
(Dinos cost
5000G to make)

DINO ILLUSTRATION: Check dinos you have made. Simple stuff really.

EXCHANGE: Link-up and trade dinos!

This menu lets you actually build your park!

Lots of little sub menus to construct your park!
ROADS: (Speaks for itself)
Vehicle Road= 100G (For your busses to get to and from your gate)
Walking Path= 100G (This is what you'll be laying most of! Pedestrian pathways!)
Rotary= 2000G (For busses to turn- essential but you will rarely need more than 
FACILITIES: (Lifes little luxuries if you want them!)
Street Lamp= 3000G (You will need some of these, but place them sparingly!)
Water Fountain= 3000G (Use in the centre of a square for added effect!)
Clock Tower= 3500G (Tells the time, but do you want visitors to do that???)
VEGETATION: (Plants are necessary to you park for all sorts of reasons!)
Tree= 80G (A basic, dull tree. Use to enclose squares and walkways.)
Grass= 90G (Grass. What can you say about long grass?)
Lotus= 110G (A basic, but pretty and uplifting plant for long stretches of path!)
Cycad= 130G (A very big tree, place next to Brachiosaurus pens for added show!)
Ancient Cedar= 1500G (An expensive tree, but place one or two as features...)
Boulder= 180G (It isn't a plant, but protects areas from little escaped dinos.)
Large Boulder= 2000G (Great, inpenetrable boulder. Use to protect valuable areas!)
SYMBOL: (Statues!)
Goddess Statue= 30000G (A religious statue. Use when you got lotsa cash!)
Stone Raptor= 50000G (Expensive stone statue of a Raptor. Your choice...)
BUILDINGS: (Here we go...)
Hotel= 50000G (Expensive, but necessary! Keep the price fairly low!)
Shop= 40000G (Souvenir shop. Also a good profit-making idea!)
Enclosure= 25000G (Pens to put dinos in.)
REX Burger= 30000G (A fast-food joint!)
Spino Grill= 48000G (A nice, posh restaurant!)
Pteranodon Cafe= 42000G (A cafe with a lot going for it.)
REMOVAL: (80G to remove placed items!)

This mode lets you see the island from an arial view. Check out how much land has
been used, how much is free, where potential problems are etc.

Upgrading facilities is a must for customers. Small, boring 
will not empty consumer wallets. Also change rates, and check out other small 


OK, to start you off I'm gonna tell you what to do first, step by step.

* You start off with a million. Be warned, it don't last long...
* Send out an excavation team for 3 months to anywhere. they'll find tons of 
for you to get DNA from!
* Build a road up from the gate, and fit a ROTARY for the busses to turn.
* Build a hotel. And a restaurant. Shops at this time are not neccessary!
* Advertise your park on SEARCH ENGINE REX. It's cheap.
* Build some walking paths, allowing room for Dino Enclosures. But don't build any
enclosures until you have dinos to put in them.
* If people are coming, build a shop.
* When excavation team gets back, check their efforts, make some dinos and get 
them into
the park FAST! Advanced Dino Management tips in section 6.
* Send out excavation team for 1 month anywhere.
* Spruce your park up with plants and trees.

After this, it's up to you.



OK, here are some features you might wanna consider.

Use: When you have more than one hotel!
Why?: Busses can turn off to other stopping points.
How?: Two rotaries. Simple enough to do.

Use: To make consumers rest and relax.
Why?: It's pretty and people will stop there to relax.
How?: Place a WATER FOUNTAIN and build WALKING PATH around it.

Use: To give visitors exercise!
Why?: Placing food at the end of it brings in money! Also looks nice.
How?: Pathway with plants beside it (about 10-15 path pieces long!). Place a 
at the end of the walk. They'll be hungry and buy food and drink!

Use: Coz kids come to the park as well!
Why?: Happy kids mean happy parents. Happy people spend happy money.
How?: Build a small 4X4 square of path. Surround with little boulders (or large 
ones for
added security!). Kids will play there. Add a REX Burger there too for extra money
making profit! tip- keep it as far from dino enclosures as possible...

Use: For pure entertainment.
Why?: People like mazes. They are fun.
How?: Make a multi-path maze (not too complex!). Line the sides with trees. For 
extra enjoyment, add a Raptor Statue or Goddess statue in the middle. Happy 

Use: People are coming to see the dinos dammit!
Why?: Otherwise they can't see the dinos!
How?: Build a basic zoo trail. Put dino enclosures right next to the path. Now 
add dinos
and watch people point, stare and enjoy your dinos!

Use: For water Dinos.
Why?: Otherwise they die very fast.
How? Part of the enclosure must be on land... thats the greatest misconception of 
I mean, would you dive into a pool of carnivourous dinos? Of course not...



* Keep your entry fee and hotel fee level. 1000G is normally OK for the beginners.
* Keep dino enclosure security at max to avoid breakouts.
* Don't place dinos until you are making a profit.
* Dino rampages are not good news... boulders can protect people.
* Dying dinos are not good for business so keep them happy and healthy!
* Ocean animals die fast. So beware of that... they only live 2-3 months...
* Charge a lot for food. About 1/3 your hotel fee for REX Burger, 1/2 for the
grill and cafe.
* Use my construction tips wisely. They are there to keep people happy and to make
you money!
* Until you are making a good profit, do not place statues.
* Start advertising on the cheap. Work your way up. The most expensive 
advertising isn't
100% reliable anyway! Just coz it costs more, doesn't mean it's better value.
* ALWAYS have your restaurants upgraded to 5*. Hygiene costs, but it emptys 
much faster!
* Keep tabs on your shop. If people can't find what they want it's not in it's 
line up,
so build another shop and stock that item they want in.
* Shop items depend on what Dinos you have! So keep a good eye out... you never 
when you might get an unexpected item!
* Never place carnivores together in the same enclosure, and do not place 
herbivores in
with carnivores (makes sense when you think about it!)
* You can keep 3 herbivore dinos in the same enclosure, but be careful.
* Ancient bugs can go anywhere. They only feed on the dinos blood. They don't do 
damage. So don't keep bugs in their own enclosure- it's a waste of money!
* Be wary of T-Rex's and Gigantosauruses. And keep their enclosures at max 
* Same for raptors. Be careful. Max security tho doesn't always help... but they 
deterred by small boulders! And never place long grass near a raptor pen. 
you won't know they escaped until it's too late!
* Finally, when you do something right and there are no angry bubbles on people, 
It's hard to keep the fickle public happy. When you do you are on a roll and 
should save
in case something goes hideously wrong!

Full credit for this has to go to Bahamut986, who sent them all to me catagorised
and sorted. Now, for the list :¬)

001. Eoraptor
007. Coelophysis
013. Irritator
015. Baryonyx
021. Mini. Tyrannosaurus
022. Avimimus
023. Unenlagia
024. Ornitholestes
026. Compsognathus
027. Sinosauropteryx
028. Gallimimus
029. Ornithomimus
030. Struthiomimus
031. Dromiceiomimus
032. Pelecanimimus
033. Monoychus
037. Oviraptor
038. Conchoraptor
039. Troodon
105. Dimorphodon
107. Anurognathus
111. Pterodaustrc
115. Archaecpteryx
116. Plesiosaurus
120. Pachypleurosaurus
124. Eurhinosaurus
125. Ichtyosaurus
129. Terataspis
130. Mesolimulus
131. Pachydiscus
132. Macropoma
133. Elginia
134. Archelon
135. Kuehneosuchus
136. Dinilysia
137. Pterygotus
138. Meganeura
139. Dimetrodon
140. Diplocaulus

002. Herrerasaurus
003. Carnotaurus
004. Masiakasaurus
005. Majungatholus
006. Ceratosaurus
008. Dilophosaurus
010. Monolophosaurus
016. Megalosaurus
025. Coelurus
040. Velociraptor M
041. Velociraptor F
042. Deinonychus
043. Utahraptor
106. Rhamphorhynchus
108. Pterodactyus
109. Anhanguera
110. Dsungaripterus
117. Cryptoclidus
121. Pistosaurus
128. Clidastes

009. Allosaurus
011. Giganotosaurus
012. Acrocanthosaurus
014. Spinosaurus
017. Yangchuanosaurus
018. Albertosaurus
019. Tarbosaurus
020. Tyrannosaurus
112. Quetzalcoatlus
113. Pteranodon
114. Giant Pteranodon
118. Kronosaurus
119. Elasmosaurus
122. Cymbospondylus
123. Shonisaurus
126. Mosasaurus
127. Tylosaurus

034. Segnosaurus
036. Beipiaosaurus
059. Lesothosaurus
061. Minmi
063. Mini. Stegosaurus
074. Hypsilophodon
075. Othnielia
076. Muttaburrasaurus
077. Heterodontosaurus
079. Ouranosaurus
080. Altirhinus
087. Nipponosaurus
090. Stygimoloch
091. Stegoceras
095. Psittacosaurus

035. Therizinosaurus
044. Anchisaurus
045. Plateosaurus
046. Massospondylus
047. Camarasaurus
048. Cetiosaurus
049. Amargasaurus
050. Saltasaurus
051. Shunosaurus
053. Diplodocus
060. Scelidosaurus
065. Wuerhosaurus
067. Yingshanosaurus
069. Polacanthus
070. Nodosaurus
071. Saichania
072. Ankylosaurus
078. Iquanodon
081. Camptosaurus
082. Edmontosaurus
083. Hadrosaurus
084. Parasaurolophus
085. Maiasaura
086. Corythosaurus
092. Pachycephalosaurus
093. Homalocephale
094. Goyocephale
096. Protoceratops
097. Chasmosaurus
098. Styacosaurus
099. Centrosaurus

052. Apatosaurus
054. Supersaurus
055. Seismosaurus
056. Barosaurus
057. Brachiosaurus
058. Mamenchisaurus
062. Stegosaurus
064. Kentrosaurus
066. Tuojiangosaurus
068. Edmontonia
073. Euoplocephalus
088. hypacrosaurus
089. Lambeosaurus
100. Torosaurus
101. Triceratops
102. Triceratops Lhorn
103. Pachyrhinosaurus
104. Pentaceratops

8. FAQ
Oh sweet mother Mary! I mention to people I am doing this FAQ and they bombard me
with a variety of questions!

Q. Can you emulate it?
A: Yes, but remember people- it's ILLEGAL! So don't ask for any roms
   from me ever, as I will not supply them.

Q. Can you speed the time lapse up?
A: Yes, go to MAIN OFFICE and crank up the time speed.

Q. How many dinosaurs are there?
A: 140 in total, over six catagories.

Q. Can I get out of 1,000,000G debt?
A: A MILLION?!?! Thats game over pal. Sorry.

Q. Will JP3:PB be released on PC/PS2/GC/X-Box?
A. I don't know, I'd love to see a PC or GC version but I doubt it'll happen.
   I haven't seen anything about it being released on another platform anyway!

Q. Why do some veggie dinosaurs fight?
A. Overcrowding- ship some out to new enclosures.

Q. I can't build any more enclosures! HELP!
A. I dunno why, but I can't build more than 8 either! Its just a restriction
in the game...

Q. Why will noone visit my hotel?
A. If you go to Disneyland, does everyone have to stay in that cool hotel?
No. But those that do demand the best... lvl 5 helps too!

Q. How do I avoid hurricanes?
A. You don't unless there is a cheat to stop them. Since they are random events
if you save often and it totally destroys your park, restart. Thats the best
advice I can give anybody...

Q. Dinos have broken loose! What do I do?
A: If it's some herbivores or bugs don't panic. If it's a T-Rex, raptor or a 
   gigantosarus it's Game Over unless you have got superb security!

Q. Any secret name entry cheats?
A: Will let you know when I find some genuine ones... but so far- NOTHING!

Q. Why do angry people leave?
A: Is that a question? Umm... because they are angry? Learn from their thought
   bubbles. You can correct those problems.

Q. How do you finish the game?
A: Thnx to MikeTheMan for telling me the game automatically ends after 20 years
and I have reached 10! Halfway there...

Q. People invaded my island. What happened?
A: Umm... never seen that, but it might be thieves trying to get your dino DNA to
   start a rival park (Hint- JP1 and JP2!). Deter them by blocking their docking
   points with Large Boulders.

Q: I've taken all your hints and I still get into serious debt. HELP!
A: Take these hints in MODERATION. Don't place them all at once... gently flesh 
   your park over time. Slow and steady wins the race!


OK, Stalkers do not read this section coz if you persue me I will have to resort 
nasty things like trojans to get rid of you... don't waste my time.

OK, my e-mail address is [email protected] - I have rules about 
me to help me filter the ton of mail I get daily!:-

	*No flames. All flames get directed either to my deleted items folder or 
	 are posted in my forums for people to take the mickey out of!

	*Don't say, "Sorry to waste your time but" or something similar to it. 
You are
	 not wasting my time. I enjoy getting your mail and I enjoy replying. 
It's fun!
	 If you need the help, I am always more than willing to give it.

	*Please for gods sake don't abuse me. If I do not reply to your mail you 
	 flamed me and got ignored or it's been answered in the FAQ in this 
	 Phrases like "You b*****d you never replied to me!" are generally put in 
	 forums and they are pointed and laughed at!

	*Do not use my address to sign up to anything- you won't believe how many 
	 people have done that and it pisses me off to a point I can't describe. 
I will
	 report you to wherever you used my e-mail address and you will be 

	*Finally, do NOT ever ever EVER use my address to spam my inbox with 
useless junk
	 I won't ever read. One, stealing e-mail addys like that is an offence! 
And two,
	 I get 100 mails a day and I don't need any more!!


Coz they're my brothers and I love them. They inspire me. Daniel especially
as he's a big JP fan and forced me into doing this FAQ!
For those smutty Street Fighter pics which keep me awake laughing!!!
Another buddie, but we've been pals for ages now. He's cool!
Yet another buddie- thanks for making me waste so much time chatting to ya!
LAUNA WILLIAMS (Juggernaught)
My cousin. Peace!
My friend and webhost- cheers pal!
For completing the dinos list.
Coz the GBA rulez!
For reading this guide.
Coz I wrote it and deserve credit. Oh, bite me.

Viruses are BAD! You nasty person. Your ISP knows BTW.
I have better things to do than read daily rantings and flames.
Racism might be freedom of speech but I have the right not to hear it thankyou.
Don't keep complaining that I keep outsmart you. I usually do that to everyone.
I have family who died in NY. Your ICQ convo about how cool it was has been posted
everywhere, with your IP address. You deserve to be hacked.

11. SPAM!

My website:
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The Goblins Head Tavern (A role-play community I write for!)

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