Get Past Ganondorf - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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    Once you enter the battle arena all your hearts will be replenshed.I recomend 
that you get into a cornor so when he throws an energy ball, so you can deflect it 
back at him. Another ting I recomend is that you grab a few blue potions. When he  
throw an energy ball, get ready to deflect it straight back at him. Once you voley 
back and forth, aventuly, it will hit him. Once you do that, aim your bow equipted 
with light arrows and fire it. When he looks all hurt, from the light, z-target him 
and fire your longshot. It will pull you toward him.Either with the megaton hammer 
or the Biggoron sword(if you have it)and slash the heck out of him!!! Once you do 
that about two or three times depending on how many times you hit him, he'll throw 
at you a multiple blast energy ball. Either hit him with a light arrow when he's 
charging up, or grin and bear it.Then you have to escape the tower in less than 
three minutes. You have to lead Zelda through the collapsing tower. In one room, 
Zelda is traped in a ring of fire. To top it off you have to beat two Staflos. 
Defeat them and Zelda is released. Get to the room or hallwway where you can see the 
light. Get to the light and your home free. The game goes to a cutscene. You hear a 
big sound. Go and infestigate the sound. Ganondorf will pop up from the debris and 
mutate into a huge beast. It will knock the Master Sword out of your hand. Use 
either the megaton hammer or the Biggoron sword and target its tail. Either roll 
through its tail and slash its tail. Do this a few times and the flames surounding 
the battle field will die down. That is your chance to grab you sword. Once you 
enter the ring again, the boundries willgo back up. Note that no mater how many 
times you hit him with the Biggoron sword or the megaton hammer you have to hit him 
with the Master Sword two to three times. After that he will go to the same position 
that he was at the first time. Zelda will come back and counter attack with a 
spritral beam-o-light. CONGRATULATIONS!!!YOU'VE BEAT THE GAMES!!!

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