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                                Ocarina of Time

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Table Of Contents:
01.	 The Ice Arrows:
·	The Basics;
·	The Central & Front Rooms;
·	The Left Door Rooms;
·	The Right Door Rooms;
02.	The Biggoron’s Sword;
03.	Getting Epona;

01.  How to Get the Ice Arrows:
All The Basics:

	If you’re one of those people who are actually still trying to figure out 
how to get those illusive Ice Arrows.  Well, you get them in the Gerudo Training 
Ground.  It may seem easy, complete the tasks, solve the maze, but I found it to be 
quite tricky.  If you’re having trouble with this task you’ve found the right 
guide.  Oh, and for those people who are still wondering what’s so great about Ice 
Arrows, here’s the scoop.  You know those Blue Tektites in Lake Hylia, with normal 
arrows, Fire Arrows, and even Light Arrows, they take two shots to down, but with 
Ice Arrows, you shoot them once and they’ll freeze over with ice cubes surrounding 
them.  After they defrost, they fall apart and die, like they would when you kill 
them, and it doesn’t even take two hits.  Now, I am finally going to tell you the 
steps to getting the Ice Arrows:
The Central and Front Rooms:
1.	First, take the door to your left once you enter the Gerudo Training 
Ground.  (Refer to “The Left Door Rooms” for directions on how to get past the 
tasks in the rooms behind the left door).
2.	Once you complete the tasks behind the left door in the central rooms, 
continue on to the rooms behind the door to your right.  Refer to “The Right Door 
Rooms” for directions on how to get past the tasks in all the rooms behind the 
right door).
3.	After you have collected all seven (7) small keys from the rooms behind the 
left and right doors, you can enter the door straight ahead of you once you enter 
the Training Grounds.
4.	Once you have entered the front room, you will be in a maze of cages, where 
choosing the correct door to take first is the key.  To make it to the prize of the 
Gerudo, take the door to your left.  Then, continue entering the door at the end of 
you current path until you reach a big chest.  On your way to the big chest, you 
can open the small chests, but all they basically contain are rupees.  Once you 
open the big chest, you will finally receive the Gerudo’s treasure, the Ice 
The Left Door Rooms:

1.	When you enter the first of the “left door rooms”, you will be prompted to 
defeat all the enemies in the room in a limited time.  Once you complete this task, 
a small chest will drop down onto a patch of red carpet.  Collect the small key 
within the chest and continue onto the next room.
2.	In the next room, you must collect the five (5) silver rupees within the 
time limit.  There’s not much advice I can give you for this very difficult room, 
except for watch out for boulders!!!  When you collect all the silver rupees, use 
your longshot on the target near the next door to reach it without getting set on 
fire.  Enter the door and continue on to the next tedious task.
3.	In the room #3, when you attempt to explore, some Wolfos and an Ice Wolfos 
will pop out of nowhere and challenge you.  Once you defeat them, push the massive 
crested block forward using the Silver or Golden Gauntlets to push it into a hole 
in the floor to reveal a barred door.  Next, use the Megaton Hammer to destroy the 
fake door.  Now, Use the Lens of Truth and look above the place where the fake door 
used to be and you will discover a false wall with a hookshot target behind it.  
Use your longshot to get into the small cave and discover another door and a floor 
switch.  Step on the floor switch to raise the bars over the door and enter the 
door that was behind the large crested block (the door in the small cave is not 
used to get the Ice Arrows, although it did help me choose my path to get to the 
Ice Arrows).  Don’t forget to open the chest on your way out of this room, I forgot 
what’s in it, but it might be a small key that is needed to complete the maze of 
4.	In the final room, there are three (3) Like-Likes that you must defeat.  
Once you defeat them, open the chest closest to the door you entered through (The 
other two chests simply contain rupees).
5.	Now, you have all the keys you can acquire in the rooms behind the left 
door and you can continue onto the “Right Door Rooms” section of my How to get the 
Ice Arrows article in my submission.
Right Door Rooms:

1.	When you enter the first of the “Left Doors Room”, you are prompted to 
defeat all the enemies in the room within a time limit.  Do just that, but watch 
out for the walls, when you get close to them, a barrier of fire that can burn you 
raises.  Once you complete the task, collect the small key from the chest that 
dropped down into the center of the room onto a patch of red carpet.  When you have 
gotten the small key, go through the door with a crest above it and into the next 
2.	In the second room, that we’ll call the “Lava Room”, you must collect five 
(5) silver rupees once again.  The Hover Boots may help you collect a majority of 
the silver rupees here.  When you’re ready to collect the silver rupee inside the 
ring of fire, go over to the platform with the floor switch on it.  Then, when Navi 
turns green when you’re facing out toward the lava, use your Ocarina to play 
the “Song of Time” and two time blocks will appear.  Take off your Hover Boots and 
equip your Kokiri Boots.  Then jump to the nearest block, if you don’t get far 
enough back when you start running, you won’t make the jump and you’ll fall into 
the lava.  After you’re on the block, climb up to the higher platform and open the 
chest to collect the small key inside.  Now, go back onto the platform with the 
floor switch and trigger it, lowering the ring of fire around the final silver 
rupee.  Then, quickly jump onto the nearest time block again and then climb up to 
the platform above.  Finally, jump over to the platform where the final rupee is 
and grab the rupee.  Now, quickly use your hookshot on the target above the 
platform with a door to reach the door, and then enter the door into the next room.
3.	Now, in this room, lower the ring of fire around the chest in the center of 
the room by using the Megaton Hammer to smash the one-story column of blocks near 
the corner and furthest from a door to reveal a floor switch.  Trigger the floor 
switch and the column of fire temporarily lowers.  Collect the small key inside the 
chest and then smash the only three-story column of blocks in the room to reveal an 
eye switch.  Trigger the eye switch by shooting it with an arrow, and then enter 
the door without a crest above it.  If you want, you can open the other chest in 
the room.
4.	When you move forward to explore the next room, the platform you jump onto 
starts spinning and you are prompted to blind the eyes of the statue.  Do so by 
shooting each eye with an arrow.  If you miss an eye, the statue eyes will reset 
and any eyes you have blinded will no longer be blind.  When you have completed the 
task, float to the center platform with your Hover Boots or use your hookshot on 
the chest to pull yourself to it.  Then, open the chest to obtain a small key.  Use 
your hookshot on the target above the door you entered through to get back to the 
rotating platform.  Now, return to the “Lava Room” and enter the other door with a 
torch next to it.
5.	In the final room, get next to the time blocks and play the “Song of Time” 
and the time blocks will disappear.  There’s not much I can help you with here, but 
all the same, I will give you a hint.  You will need to switch between your Iron 
Boots and your Kokiri Boots very often if you have trouble collecting silver rupees 
in a swirling pool of water.

02.  The Biggoron’s Sword:

	Do you hate how the Giant’s Knife always breaks?  Then the Biggoron’s Sword 
is for you!  It never breaks, but still, like the Giant’s Knife, does double (2x) 
the damage of the Master Sword.  Remember, you can’t use a shield with the 
Biggoron’s Sword.  Also, it takes a long time to get it, and you should have 
rescued Epona already, because you can’t use warps to get to where you need to go 
and she’ll help you make the strict and annoying time limits.  Well, here’s how to 
get it:
1.	Go to the Cucco Lady, who wanted you to get all of her cuccos into a pen 
when you were a child in Kakariko Village, and get an egg of her newest breed of 
cucoo, the Pocket Cucco.
2.	To make the Pocket Cucco happy once it hatches; find the house in the same 
village you got the cucco in where Talon is sleeping.  Wake him up with the cucco 
and take it back to the Cucco Lady.
3.	When you give it to her, she’ll be so happy at the job you did, that you 
will get another chicken, named Cojiro, to take care of.
4.	Take it to the Carpenter Boss’s Son, who is sleeping at the base of the 
stump in the Lost Woods where the lone Skull Kid that gave you a Piece of Heart as 
a kid for playing “Saria’s Song” to him.  Then wake him up with it and he will ask 
you to take an Odd Mushroom to the old hag in Kakariko Village.  (THERE IS A TIME 
5.	Go back to Kakariko Village, YES AGAIN, and give the Odd Mushroom to the 
old hag, who will sell you an Ultimate Potion, in the building behind the Potion 
Shop.  She will then give you an Odd Potion.
6.	Take the Odd Potion back to the stump where the Carpenter Boss’s Son was 
and a Kokiri girl will take his place. Show her the Odd Potion and she will 
confiscate it, giving you the Poacher’s Saw in return.
7.	Take the Poacher’s Saw to the Carpenter Boss in Gerudo Valley and he’ll 
give you his Broken Goron’s Sword.
8.	Show the Broken Goron’s Sword to Biggoron at the top of Death Mountain and 
he’ll offer to fix it and give you a prescription.
9.	Take the prescription to King Zora, now covered in Red Ice that melts on 
contact with Blue Fire, which you can buy at most Potion Shops and may be found in 
the Ice Cavern.  After you show it to him, he’ll give you and Eyeball Frog.  (YOU 
10.	Take this to the scientist in Lake Hylia, and he’ll make you the World’s 
Finest Eye Drops.  Take them to Biggoron at the top of Death Mountain.  (THERE’S A 
11.	Give the Claim Check to Biggoron and he’ll give you a Claim Check and to 
wait three (3) days and then come back to get the Biggoron’s Sword.  You can either 
wait out three days normally, or go inside Death Mountain and play the “Sun’s Song” 
six (6) times.  After you come back and talk to him again, you’ll have the 
Biggoron’s Sword in your inventory!!!

03.  Getting Epona

1.	To get Epona, go to Lon Lon Ranch during the day and pay ten (10) rupees to 
Ingo so you can ride a horse.
2.	Play “Epona’s Song” and mount her.  Then jump over each of the two fences 
inside the pen and you will get your rupees back.
3.	When your time runs out.  Go back to Ingo and ride Epona again, getting 
your rupees back by jumping over the small fences.  This time, when you’ve gotten 
your rupees back, if you wanted to, talk to Ingo while riding Epona and challenge 
him to a race.  He will bet fifty (50) rupees that he will win.
4.	If you beat him, he will challenge you to another race, in which if you 
win, he’ll give you Epona.
5.	Once you beat him in the second race, he’ll lock you in.  But don’t sweat.  
You can ride Epona almost anywhere in Hyrule, still.  You just have to jump one of 
the brown fences by the building near the back of the ranch.
6.	Finally, you’ll have Epona freed and you will be able to ride her anywhere 
in Hyrule Field.  That includes Lake Hylia and Lon Lon Ranch as well.  Don’t worry 
about coming back to Lon Lon Ranch, Ingo will be back to normal and he won’t be 
mean anymore.

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