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      QQQQ                               TT              666666       44   44
     QQ  QQ               EEE  SSSSS     TT             6             44   44
    QQ    QQ   UU  UU    E   E S       TTTTTT           6             44   44
     QQ  QQ    UU  UU    EEEEE SSSSSS    TT             666666        4444444
      QQQQ     UU  UU    E          S    TT             6    6             44
         QQQ   UUUUUUUU  EEEEE  SSSSS    TT             666666             44
::::::::::::::::::::=By: supermariodeoxys===============::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::::::::=E-mail at: [email protected]=::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::::::::=Version 1.1.2======================::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::::::::=Last Updated:1-10-05===============::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Welcome to the wonderful world of Quest 64. Please get my permission before copying 
this material. Please do not send questions to my aol account( the same thing with on it) as that will only confuse me.
1.1.0- I added more parts to the prologue
1.1.1- I added the cooler title
1.1.2- I finished the prologue and started on chapter two, changed heading
0.1 Controlling Brian
0.2 Getting to Know the Pause Menu
Chapter One: The Earth Orb
1.1 Getting to Solvaring( working on)
1.2 Beating Solvaring( coming soon!)

                        0.1 Controlling Brian

     Controlling Brian will be easy if you read this section. If you already know 
how to then skip this part.
Brian's Controls
A-attack, open chests, select menu item, talk, open doors
B-cancel, close menu
L-not used
R-item menu
Start-main menu
Z-same as A
C(all)-move camera

                   0.2 Getting to Know the Pause Menu

     Sub-menu 1- This menu contains statistical information, HP, HP experience, MP, 
MP experience, defence, defence experience, agility(Agi), & agility experience. Sub-
menu 2- This menu contains your magic stats and the blue ball in the middle shows 
your magic experience. Sub-menu 3-This menu shows the sound settings, BG
(background) and effects sound volume. Sub-menu 4- This menu has the area map in 
it. Note: Some places do not have an area map, which means they are not very big. 
Caves and forests also do not have area maps.

                    Chapter One: The Earth Orb
                     1.1 Getting to Solvaring

     When you start the game leave the town, getting supplies as you come by them. 
When you leave the town you can be attacked by monsters. Head north untill you get 
to a cross-roads, take the left path if you like( we'll be going that way later), 
and head up to the walls fighting the ocasional battle to increase your stats. 

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