Geting Epona - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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1.) Talk to Malon in the field of Lon-Lon Ranch as a child. She will be playing 
Epona’s song; show her your Ocarina and she will teach it to you. Note: she will not 
be in the field until after you meet with Princess Zelda. 

2.) As Adult Link, collect 70 Rupees and go talk to Ingo at Lon-Lon Ranch. Pay him 
10 rupees to ride a horse; instead of using the provided horse, call Epona using 
Epona’s Song. Get some practice with Epona until time is expired. Pay 10 more rupees 
to ride Epona but talk to Ingo while you are riding her this time. He will bet you 
50 rupees that he will beat you in a race. 

3.) When racing against Ingo, stay on the inside of the track for the shortest 
distance to the finish line. If Ingo tries to cut you off, go around him on the 
other side. Use your carrots, but never use all of them; the more you use, the 
longer it takes for them to come back. 

4.) If you beat him, he will challenge you to another race. The wager this time 
around will be the ownership of Epona. Win the second time around and you will have 
your horse. 

5.) Although Ingo is a man of his word, he refuses to allow you to leave Lon-Lon 
Ranch. Build up Epona’s speed and jump over the gate to escape the Ranch. If you 
don’t hit the gate head on, Epona will not jump it so avoid turning at angles.

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