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1.About me
2.Get the glided sword
3.Get arrow upgrades
4.Defeating bosses

1.About me.
Hi im Jonnie Hosler.this is my first submitted Guide.If you have any q's ask me @ 
[email protected]

2.Getting the glided sword.
After you defeat the first boss your next stop is the northern moutain.Before you go 
to snowhead you could get the razor sword.The razor sword is an upgrade from the 
kokori sword (dulls after 100 blows).head snowhead temple.After you defeat goht to 
bring about springtime go to the powder keg shop.Then talk to the goron wearing the 
gorons mask.pass the test and go inside the racetrack.Come in first to get the gold 
dust.go to the moutain smithery to get the glided sword ick it up the day after you 
dilver the RAZOR sword.Theres the glided sword.

3.Arrow upgrades
The fire arrows in the snowhead temple.Go to the room where you vs your first 
wizzrobe.look at the map for the real wizzrobeMUST HAVE COMPASS.After you defeat it 
you get the fire arrows.
Ice arrows are in the Great bay temple.You go to the room with the wart and defeat 
it i sugjest that you gestroy all bubbles first.Then after you defeat it you get the 
ice arrows.
Light arrows in the stone tower temple.When you come across an eyegore defeat it to 
get the light arrows.

4.defeat all bosses.

Woodfall boss:Odlowa Stay away from him as far as possible.L-target him and shoot 
arrows at him.if that dosent work throw bombs or strike him with your sword when 
he's close to you.when he summons other insects throw 2 bombs.Repaet untill you win.

Snowhead boss: Goht. When you enter fire a fire arrow at him.Then you could stay 
there and wait for him or change into Daramini when your spikes are out rool into 
his feet.or wait till he comes around and fire a fire arrow at him.Fight until you 
are the victor.

Great bay boss:Gyorg to defeat gyorg you must stand on the platform and L-target him 
and shoot one arrow jump into the water as a zora anduse the zora forcie feild.After 
the thrid time he spits out smaller gyorgs.Hit him two more times to win.

Stone-tower boss:twinmold.Get some Chateu Romini to have unlimeted magic power you 
need it to defeat him.Put on the giants mask and ethier strike the heads or tails of 
twinmold repeat untill you are the victor!

Moon boss:Majora Phase one: majoras mask.If you dont have the ferice deitys mask 
then use the zora mask.As the zora ground it by useing your boomerang fins.once it 
gets back up use your mirror shield do deflect fire attacks also fire arrows at it.
Phase two:Majoras interaction.After majoras mask takes a beatind it becomes mojras 
it becomes majoras interaction.Attack it from a distance with regular arrows.then 
hit it with a light arrow to trip it up then run in and slash with your sword.
Phase three:Majoras Wrath.When it is in its last form it sends blades around the 
room.Then it throws tentecles at you kepping you at bay.hit it with a light arrow a 
dierect hit will make it fall run in and slash with your sword repeat untill you 

(c)2004 published by jonnie hosler.

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