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1. Hi, I'm Guy 77 (Travis Albright) and I'm going to show you the my Gifts FAQ. If 
you already know all of this stuff, tough ( just joking!). Ok, first I'll tell a 
little about myself. First of all, I love this game! My favorite character is 
Pikachu because he is quick, has powerful attacks, and I can control him well (I've 
also heard that he is the best character from other people). Second, I've done just 
about everything there is to do on this game, so this stuff should be right. If any 
of this info. below is wrong, PLEASE e-mail me ASAP at [email protected] and I 
will correct any mistakes and give you (if I know your name) the credit for it.
Ok, enough about me, let's get on with the game, shall we?
  $$$$$$$$      $$$$$$$$      $$$$$$$$
  $             $             $      $
  $             $             $      $
  $$$$$$$$      $$$$$$$$      $$$$$$$$$     
         $             $      $       $
         $             $      $       $ 
  $$$$$$$$ $    $$$$$$$$ $    $$$$$$$$$ $        

1. My Info
2. Gifts (American Version)
3. Copyright and Other Good Stuff
2. There are some gifts in this game (like I said, if any of these gifts are wrong, 
e-mail me! PLEASE!). The first one is how to get Jigglypuff. All you have to do is 
beat 1Player mode with any character, on any difficulty, and any lives. But you 
can't get any continues! 
   The socond is how to get Captain Falcon. To get him, you need to beat the game 
with any lives you want, and on any difficulty in 15-20 minutes. 
   The third is getting Luigi. To do this, you must beat bonus practice 1 with the 
8 characters tha toyu start off with.
   The fourth (and probably the 2nd most powerful) is Ness. To get him, you have to 
beat the game on normal, 3 lives, and no continues! I would suggest using Pikachu 
(that's how I beat Ness).
   The fifth is how to get Mushroom Kingdom. To get this fun place, you need to 
beat the game with all 12 of the characters.
    The sixth is the Item Selection. To get this, you need to beat vs. mode I think 
at least 100 times. It's not that hard if you have friends to battle against.
    The Seventh is Sound Test. To get this you need to beat both bonuses (Break the 
Targets and Board the Platforms)with all 12 of the characters.

3. Copyright 2004. Guy 77. [email protected]

                         All Rights Reserved       

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