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FAQ Title:Girl! Girl! Girl!
GAME:IS Probably Going to be issued for America!

                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

                 * The Story

                 * The Guys

                 * Rumors

                 * Information

                        The Story

The story goes like this.........

You get lost in a storm in the sea, and a boy finds you. He saves you and before you 
can see who it is, he is gone. All you are left with is a run down pasture. When you 
are older you make the decision to stay at the farm and make a living.

                               The Guys

Well, that sounds weird, saying the guys, but, it's true! There are 5 guys you can 
marry in HM for Girl, they are Cliff, Kai, The Doctor, Rick or Gray. Whoever you 
choose is up to you! I'm pretty sure the heart colors are the same, and they live at 
the same places as BTN. Sorry that there isn't much information I havn't played the 
game yet!

Black- Strangers
Green-They have a little crush
Yellow-They have a slightly bigger crush
Orange-They have a big crush
Red-They love you(marry them!)

                      Harvest Moon for Girl

I know EVERYONE is Antsy about Harvest Moon For Girl, here are some rumors about 
things like marraige, kids, etc.!


Everyone wants to know, how do you have kids? Well some people are wondering maybe 
the guys has it (ha that'd be funny), but here's my thoughts..I think that you could 
maybe just be pregnent then just one day have the kid and it wouldn't affect your 
work. Another thing I thought is maybe you could adopt, or another thing, if you are 
pregnent you can take over for the guy until your wife has the kid, but it'd be a 
shorter time to be pregnent. This is if you even can have children.


Marraige! What is up with this, are you supposed to propose to them? Well you woo 
the guys like normal, but then I heard the guy has to propose to you! Some people 
who have the import say it is hard to get the heart to red, and they havn't 
proposed. Someone also said, when you get married, the game ends, that would get rid 
of the child problem, but would suck!

Those are the only main rumors people are thinking about, the game is basically like 
Back to Nature but you are a girl and there are different events, your house is 
different, etc. This game looks really good, please try to urge Natsume to translate 
it for North America!


                                   Here is the information I know about the game 
Harvest Moon for Girl! Check back every once and a while to find out new information!

Harvest Moon for Girl will be for playstation.

The five guys you can marry are Cliff, Gray, The Doctor, Kai and Rick.

Items in your house are pink like your bed, tool box, etc.

Your watering can is pink!

It is basically Back to Nature but you are a girl.

There is a different storyline!

You can participate in the Spring Goddess Festival!

Below is information that is on the Victor Interactive home site for Harvest Moon 
for Girl! Thanks to [email protected] for translating the page!

There is a new background story with scenes (See the Story page to read it!)

There are new items like the Mirror and Vanity Case. You can put Girls stuff(Doesn't 
explain exactly) into the Vanity Case(maybe the Spring Goddess costume), and looking 
into the mirror will bring up your feminine point(Possibly helps you attract guys?)

You can fall in love with one of the 5 eligible boys, and catch their heart with 
homemade cooking. The very goal is a "Happy Marraige".

The original BTN has over 400 recipes (wow, didn't know that!), but Harvset Moon for 
Girl has more, including things such as pudding, Moon View Dumpling, and more!

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