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WELCOME to my second FAQ!!! on this FAQ, i will show you 3 glitches in the chao 
garden.two will help you, and one...I really don't know how this one helps 
you,but i'll show you it anyway.The first glitch is the INFINITY ANIMAL 
GLITCH.This glitch helps you if you want you're chao to look and act like one 
certain animal(Dragon, for example).Now first go to a level where you can 
easily find this one certain animal.
  Next, go to the garden where the chao you want to do this with is 
in.Now,bring you're chao near the animal, put him down, and pet him for a 
second.Next,Hurry and get the animal,stand in front of you're chao about a chao 
away(what i mean by this is stand like there's a chao in between you 
two).Now,put the animal down.the chao should do the dance like you gave him the 
animal.BUT, you are still able to pick the animal up.
  NOTE:if you can't pick the animal up after that,you were probably to close to 
the chao.This glitch will help you if you hate having to leave the garden to 
get an animal again.The next glitch is the simplest of the 3.It is called the 
EATING AIR glitch.Just wait until you see a chao walking towards a fruit.Get 
close enough to the fruit that you can pick it up.Now wait for the chao.
  Right when you see the chao picking up the fruit,pick it up yourself. the 
chao will be eating the air(Hence the name EATING AIR glitch).NOTE:if you put 
the fruit down, it will appear back at the chao that was going to eat 
it.NOTE:This is not a way to raise you're chao's stamina,since he is not eating 
anything.NOTE:You also can't give the fruit to any other chao in the garden,and 
if youleave the garden,the fruit will disapear.
  The next glitch is called the MONEY FOR FREE glitch.First get a lot of rings 
in a Sonic or Shadow stage.Next, go to the black market and by something other 
than fruits or seeds(A pink egg, for example).Now go to a garden,grab the item, 
go back to the black market, and sell it.RIGHT after you sell it, press the 
RESET button on the gamecube,or press EVERY button on the controller at the 
EXACT same time(i don't know if the second suggestion works,because i never 
tried it)now, go to level select,go to chao garden with any character, go to 
the last garden you went to,(to get you're item)and try to find the item.
  If you can find,go to the black market and you see the count of rings you 
have increased,do the same thing again to get more rings.If the object didn't 
appear when you looked for it,or if you're ring count didn't increase, you 
didn't reset the game fast enough.

If you have a glitch for Sonic Adventure 2:Battle that i didn't post,send it to 
my email adress [email protected] you later!!!;)

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