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3-Gun List
5-Ammo lists

The old version of this Guide was lost due to my crappy connection.  Which sucks 
because I had to gather info on all of this from other people in order to back my 

I'm saving this one periodically onto my website:
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1.  Glitches

All of these glitches are in crossroads, mainly because that’s the one I play the 
most, and the one where most people are asking for glitches.  I also know a lot of 
FF and Sujo glitches, but my game won’t load Sujo and FF everyone knows.  I don’t 
think they ever patched FF.  Also, there is a new patch that came out since my last 
attempt to do this Guide, so I haven’t tested those yet.  The new patch is r0004.

On the tents- there are 3 tents you can get onto in the middle marketplace.  One is 
white with a bar in the middle and a table under it, one is brown with 2 tables 
under it next to the white one, and one is brown next to a cart.  To get onto the 
white one, run towards the table from the redroom.  Jump while in the standing 
position to get on top of it.  Once your head is above the tent, jump.  You now 
should be on the tent.  From here, stay standing and get on the bar.  Run towards 
the brown tent.  Jump onto it.  From here you will see 2 boxes on the ground, all 
stacked together so it looks like this :              te
          tentte         Cross view of white tent-   tent
white    tenttent     b                            tenttent
l   l    l      l     ox                           l      l
you can jump down onto the boxes.  once you’re on the ground, consider this way to 
get up there faster, but not easier.  jump onto the lower box.  look at the ground, 
get as close to the edge as possible, and strafe-and-jump to the second box.  that 
is, strafe and press jump at the same time.  you should be on the second box.  now 
just jump to the brown tent.  now, the third tent is by a cart.  get on the flat-
topped cart and jump to the second brown tent. you have to get it EXACTLY right. 
It’s hard, but its possible, and the best tent to hide on.

Market place-

              tenttent  cart         tent
              tenttent  cart         tent
              b                      tent
              ox          Gazeb      
                         oGazebo     tent
                          Gazeb      tent
              b   tenttentt    tentten
              ox  tenttentt    tentten

Using the same strafe-and-jump strategy as above, you can get onto the box in the 
seals spawn facing the left alley, the green boxes and tents at the seals base, and 
if you straight up jump on to the white boxes at the pillar in the terrorist spawn.  
these are all cool achievements, but the seals are the only good ones.

in the fish market, bottom floor, there is a large stack of boxes.  you can jump on 
these. if you stand and crouch, you should be able to get into them.

In the terrorist base, there is a flight of stairs.  you can walk right through the 
railing.  this gives you access to the shelves there, and to get around some mines. 

on the area near the halfwall, there is an awning and a tent.  if you jump onto the 
awning, you can jump onto the tent.  

in the redroom, across from the balcony (not the room across from the Redroom 
Bridge) there is an awning.  you can simply jump to it.  I have managed to fall 
through it (its semi-permeable in some places) into the Dumpster (but a sniper got 
me before I could prone) and into the wall (that was sweet but I had to keep leaning)

on the redroom roof-area, here is a plant.  you can get behind it.  it makes you 
completely invisible if you have the REAVER or any terrorist costume.  you can also 
jump off next to the tables to the awning.

SUJO-  I don’t know if this still works, but in order to get ontop of the sheds, you 
have to find the one palm tree.  there is a hill here.  if you run towards the hill 
and jump at the last second, you will be ontop of it.  Sure beats jumping off of the 
high building and losing health, huh? 

 2.- Strategies

These aren’t as much strategies as they are special moves.

Quick prone and run-
while running or strafeing, hit and hold triangle for a sec.  while your goin down, 
hit triangle 1 or 2 times.  then start running again.  you should be up now without 
all the animation or time.  this will help you in clearing around a wall, getting 
away from a grenade explosion and a guy shooting you, reloading-especially on 
unlevel ground, and avoiding bullets.  it can be useful when getting the bomb 

Quick prone and jump-
Do as above, except instead of running, jump.  this is pretty much used in a 
desperate situation when you hope not to get shot in the head when you jump back 
up.  it can also be a use in physcing out your opponent if you’re good enough.

Jumping-  while avoiding a sniper, or reloading, theirs rarely anything better.  
when you reload, just jump.  it takes the exact amount of time to jump as it does to 
reload.  it also is hard for a sniper to get you when you’re running closer, side to 
side, and jumping.

Circling-  when engaging multiple hostiles, a person with a 12guage or machinegun, 
or you have a pistol, run around them, staying close, and behind them.  its actually 
hard to do sometimes, but as long as your behind them and they don’t have a M14 (for 
some reason, if you stand right behind someone with a M14, you’ll die) or Missile 
launcher, you’ll win.

Lay-and-spray- best gun to use- M60E3.  best time to use-when you were sniping for a 
while in the same place and they are coming for you.  just lay down, and spray 
bullets in their ass.

Paintball strategies- jump shot-  press jump behind the boxes in FF to shoot over 
the box 4 a sec.  in XR, look at tents with binocs.  when you see feet, shoot 
through the tent.  sometimes, with sureshot, press L2 and R2 really fast to do a 
sorta dance which you can move outta bullets way fast.

Peek and shoot- do exactly what it says.  It’s very effective.

Use the above strategies at the same time and coordinate them so you get a better 

3. Guns list

M16A2- Both sides- Singleshot or Three Round burst-  one burst will kill them if you 
get them.  comes with 4 Mags, 8 with 2x ammo.  only reason its not used as much is 
the 3 round burst.  It’s hard to make it seem like its full auto all the time, 
mostly when you have a lot on your mind, in the game and in life.

M14- Both Sides-Single shot or Full Auto-3 Mags-20 rounds a clip-really good gun.  
the best gun you can use on both sides, and second best on terrorist for Assault 
Rifles.  If it wasn’t for Assault Rifles only, the Machine Guns Would always be the 
best.  Reliable, some how you can shoot someone behind you if theyre close enough, 
rides alot, but the ammo is its biggest problem.  with only 20 Rounds a Mag, 6 mags 
with double ammo, and 7.62mm ammo, the second rarest, you have to conserve it.  nut 
its ammo size is what makes it great.  2 shots to kill someone, and all around its 
the best teamkilling weapon, but if you wanna teamkill the whole team and they don’t 
have M14's, SR-25's, or Machine Guns, you want the M63A.  It shots a little bit 
faster than the M60E3, has plenty of ammo, and also takes 2 shots to kill.  But if 
most of your team has the right ammo, you are much better off with the M14.

M4A1- Seals- All three modes- 3 mags- Reliable, Powerful, Fast firerate.  A Decent 
Gun.  nothing special really, but it is pretty good.  Theres nothing I can say about 
this gun in the game.  uh, use it?

M4A1SD- Seals-same as above-Not as powerful as the M4A1, but is more powerful and 
better on FH.  I don’t know why, but almost everyone I asked said the same thing.  
Like the M4A1, I can’t say anything much about it.

AK-47-Terrorists-All three modes- 3 mags- Not that good, but gets the job done.  I 
recently saw a guy get 24 and 10 with it (but half were grenade kills [he got three 
guys with one grenade{that saved my ass, they all had IW-80A2's and were coming for 
me|i had more kills at that time, so they wanted me more/I had 19 and 11 at the end, 
and we did win\|}])

AKS-74- Terrorists- All Three Modes-3 mags- Improved Version of the AK-47. More 
Powerful.  not much better.

AK-105- Seals- All Three Modes-3 Mags- This is in a whole 'nother league then the 
other AK's and AKS's.  Powerful as hell, accurate, semi-reliable.  Sadly, besides 
the AKS-74, it’s the only gun with this kind of ammo.  but it’s still worth it.  
just conserve ammo.

STG-77- Terrorists- Full auto and Singleshot-3 mags- one outta 3 that incorporates 
the mag-behind-the-trigger design.  Strong, reliable, fast, and plenty of ammo.  
Almost no ride.  My favorite gun.  Best gun on terrorist side.

IW-80A2- Seals- Full auto and single shot- 3 mags- 2 shots to kill, 5.51mm ammo, and 
a fast firerate.  This is the best assault rifle in the game.  Second gun to 
incorporate the mag-behind-the-trigger design, reliable, all around a good gun.

RA-14- Seals- All three firerates-3 mags- long range, spetnaz version of the IW-
80A2.  Just as good, sometimes better for teamkilling.  3rd gun to use the mag-
behind-the-trigger design.

552- Terrorists- All three firerates- 3 mags- shitty- just-off-the-Cambodian-
sweatshop-piece-of-crap.  Granted it is better since the patch, it still sucks 
balls.  This gun is unreliable, weak, loud, and rides.

552SD- Terrorists- All three firerates- 3 mags- 552 With a Silencer.  Still not that 
good, but better, well, most times.

SUBMACHINE GUNS- all of these take 9x19p ammo

HK5-seals- all three firerates- 4 mags- Best submachine gun in the game.  Powerful, 
reliable, and best paintball gun.

HK5SD-seals-all three firerates- 3 mags- If there was more ammo for it, this would 
be the best submachine gun to use.  Actually, it probably is.  But you can’t use it 
in paintball.

HK5K- seals- all three firerates-5 mags- sounds cool closerange, bad longrange.  
Most ammo for any of the HK5 series.  2nd best for paintball.
F90- Terrorists- All three Firerates- 3 mags- 50 rounds a clip- good gun, but not 
that good.  Fastest firerate for any submachine gun besides the HK5SD.

9mm Submachine gun- all three firerates- 3 mags- 60 rounds a clip- loudest of the 
submachine guns, and the one that rides the most.


M3 12 Gauge- Terrorists- full auto and singleshot- 3 mags- 12 rounds a clip-
powerful, best shotgun, best teamkilling weapon for short-range.  As long as you 
have a DE.50 or SP-10 you should be good (just switch to your pistol for long-range)

TA-12 Gauge- Terrorists- semiauto- 3 mags- 12 rounds a clip more powerful than the 
M3 12 Gauge, but not full auto.  Not as good, unless you know how to use it.

12 Gauge Pump- Seals- 5 mags-this is the only category of weapons that the seals 
have a disadvantage in.  It’s the best long-range shotgun, but sucks ass close 
range.  Firerate is slow as hell, it’s a pump, and 8 rounds a clip.


M60E3-  Both Sides- Full-auto only- 2 chains- 100 rounds a chain- Best gun for lay-
and-spray.  Powerful, good for defensive tactics, 7.62mm ammo, reliable, Nicknamed 
the “ Newbie Cannon”.  This is really an awesome gun, good for engaging up to 6 

M63A- Both Sides- Full auto only- 2 ammo boxes- 75 rounds a ammo box- best gun for 
rushing.  You just have to hold down R1/X and run around.  Takes 7.62mm ammo.  Good 
for engaging up to 5/6 hostiles.


SR-25- Seals- Single shot- 3 mags- 20 rounds a mag- 8x zoom- This gun is like a M14 
with a scope on single shot.  They both take the 7.62mm ammo, their stats/ firerate 
are about the same, and they both kick ass.

SR-25SD- Seals- Single shot- 3 mags- 20 rounds a mag- 8x zoom-This gun is also like 
the M14.  But there is one major advantage: it’s silenced!  I Have managed to get 
people to shoot their own teammates with this gun, and it has happened to me.  Just 
hide back and shoot fast.

M82A1A- Terrorists- Singleshot-3 mags- 10 rounds a mag- 16x zoom-1 Shot, 1 kill.  
Most powerful sniper-rifle in the game.  Described as an anti-personnel weapon, it 
gets the job done.  You can shoot through signs with this one.  

M87ELR- Seals- Singleshot- 3 mags- 10 rounds a mag- 16x zoom- 1 shot 1 kill.  Second 
most powerful gun in the game.  A little bit faster than the M82A1A in shooting, 

SASR- terrorists- Singleshot- 4 mags- 10 rounds a mag- 8x zoom- The term SASR is 
usually a good thing, but not in S2.  It takes 3 friggen shots to take someone down 
with this.  It’s also loud as hell.

M40A1- Both sides- Singleshot- 1 mag- 25 rounds a clip- 12x zoom- This is the 
shittyist sniper-rifle in the game.  Never ever fuckin use it.  2 shots to kill 
someone is ok with a fast firerate, but this fires like a M87ELR.  It is usually the 
best sniper-rifle you can have, but they had to dull it down.  It’s made for anti-
personnel warfare.

M9- Terrorists- Single-shot- 13 rounds a clip- inf clips- This is the shittiest gun 
in the game.  You’re more likely to kill someone with a smoke than this.

M11- Seals – single-shot- 15 rounds a mag- inf mags- this, the M9, and the 552 are 
all made side by side in the Cambodian sweatshop.

9mm Pistol- Seals- Single shot- 12 rounds a mag- inf mags- Weak, but Silenced. 

Mark 23- Seals- Single Shot- 13 rounds a mag- inf mags- Powerful, reliable, strong.

Mark 23SD- Seals- Single shot- 13 rounds a mag- inf mags- Not quite as strong, but 
still good.  

SP-10- Seals- Single Shot- 18 rounds a mag- inf mags- Strong, Reliable, Longish 
range, and lots of bullets, plus a good firerate.

226- Usually Terrorists, Some times seals- single shot- 15 rounds a mag- weak 
version of the SP-10

DE.50- Terrorists- Single shot- 7 rounds a clip- inf mags- POWERFUL!!!! Long-range, 
you can even snipe with it.

Model 18- Terrorists- Full auto- 18 rounds a clip- inf mags- Use it like a 
derringer.  Aim before you shoot.  You’ll waste a clip in no time.

F57- Terrorists- Singleshot- 20 rounds a clip- inf clips- Weakish pistol with lots 
of ammo.

Laser Designator-Singleplayer- Point at target until bar fills up to call an 


M16A2-M203 – Seals- single shot and burst- 4 clips- 6 per frag/he- 3 per smoke- 
M16A2 with a M203 attached.  M203 takes up 1 equip slot.  Frags/ he takes up another.

M4A1-M203 – Seals- All three modes- 3 clips- 6 per frag/he- 3 per smoke- M4A1 With a 
M203 attached. M203 takes up 1 equipment slot.  Frags/he/smokes take up another.

M79- Terrorists- He/Smokes/Frag- 8 frags/he- 4 smokes- Powerful, decent firerate, 8 
frags instead of 6.  If you get 2 sets of frags/he/smoke they’ll replenish 
themselves when the last set is done.

MGL- Terrorists- He/smokes/frags- 6 he/smokes/frags- Fast Firerate, Reliable, 

RPG-7- Terrorists- RPG round- 2 max- takes up 2 equipment slots 4 1 RPG.  87mm 
Rocket shoots across large area very fast.  Anything within 15 feet of it or in its 
path will either be in a world of hurt or very lucky to feel the pain.

AT-4 - Seals- AT-4 Heat- 1 AT-4 HEAT max- takes up 2 equipment slots- Strong, Heat 
seeking projectile, like the RPG-7.  Missile curves a bit toward the target.  This 
makes it almost impossible to miss.  

OICW- Seals- Single, Full Auto, OICW He/Frag/Smoke- IW-80A2 With A M203 On It.  THIS 
IS THE BEST GUN IN THE GAME.  The M203 Does Not Take Up An Equipment Slot.  It 
Sounds Like A M16A2, And Has A 6x Scope, The Most For Any Non-Sniper-Rifle Weapon.  
Sadly, Without Heavy Glitching, You Cannot Obtain This Online.  It Is Only Avalible 
On Single Player, And You Would Half To Beat IT On Admiral.


M67- 3 per selection-Powerful Frag Grenade.  Sends A Huge ball of Shrapnel in a 360 
degrees area.  Creates A Tunnel Effect, Which can Kill Some pussy hiding at the top 
of the bell tower ladder.

HE- 3 per selection-Grenade that blows more upward then side to side.  Useful in 
destroying objects.

AN-M8- 3 per selection- White smoke deploys 5 seconds after throwing.  Lasts for 
about 20 seconds.  HINT- if your smoking the bomb, stay next to the bomb.  You wont 
be able to see them defusing it if they find it.

Red Smoke- 6 per selection- Deploys A Straight Colum Of Redsmoke for about a 
minute.  Even goes through buildngs.  Singleplayer only.

Mark 141- 6 per selection- explodes about 3 sec after throwing it.  Depending on how 
good you hit them, they could be totally blind from .5- 15 seconds, and partially 
blind from 1-20 seconds.

PMN mines- Terrorists- 4 per selection- Proximity mines that explode on contact.  
Looks like a weak HE grenade.  Last Even After You die.

Claymores- Seals- 4 Per selection- Explodes Mostly Forward, but you have to stand by 
it to blow it up.  Press Fire to detonate.  Can be shot.

Satchel- in single player: 2 equipment slots- In Multiplayer: none- Highly explosive 
Charge that can only be planted at specified location.

C4- Seals- Highly explosive Charge that can be planted at specified location, but 
much smaller than Satchel.

2x ammo- doubles your ammo.


RMG- 250 rounds an ammo box, 3 boxes- High powerd Turret With  a high firerate and 
lots of ammo.

LMG- 75 rounds a box, 3 boxes- Same as RMG, but less ammo

20mm MGL- 25 rounds a box- 3 boxes- Shoots 20mm MGL hes at people.

4- Abbv.

VG- Vigalance
MX- the mixer
SF-Shadow Falls
FH- Fish Hook
CR-chain reaction
RN-Rats Nest
BJ-Bitter Jungle
DG-Desert Glory
BL-blood Lake
NS-Night Stalker
DT-Death Trap
RN-The Ruins

Ammo List

5.52mm- Most common
7.62mm- 2nd most common
9x19p- 3rd most common
50AE- 4th most common
5.52mm Soviet- 5th least common
12 Gauge- Least Common

This Concludes the Walkthrough.  if you have any Questions, please contact me at

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