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God of War

You probaly know the controls already so I'm just going to do the faq.

Break everything that looks breakable.
Go through the entire room to see if you can find chests, etc.
Block and roll a lot in normal or harder or you'll get killed.
If a circle appears above their heads press it to get more orbs.
*unless it's a minotaur or siren or gorgons because thel'll relaese magic or health 
instead of red orbs.
When gorgons try to freeze you, use Poseidons Rage.

The Agean Sea

You start off on the front of the ship and there are dead soldiers coming at you so 
kill them all until the hatch opens up and more come out, kill all of them and then 
open the hatch and jump down.  Open the chest if you need help and go through the 
right and bust open the barricade.  In the next room a mini-boss appears, Hydra 
Spawn, it does a one or two chomp attack so wait at the doorway and after it 
attacks quickly roll forward and hit it a couple of times and roll back, keep doing 
this until a circle button appears and follow the sequnce.  After you kill it, walk 
towards the other side and go out the left and up the stairs, bust the barricade 
and open the door.  Kill all the fluing monsters and another Hydra Spawn will pop 
up.  Hit it 2-4 times until it roars and roll back, it also pounds its head in the 
groung in this order: left, right forward, so stay in front of it, and the last 
attack is where it tries to swallow you but keep tapping circle and you'll 
counterattack it, keep doing this and you won't even get touched.
After you kill it open the two doors on the right and open the chests.  Next, jump 
into the water and swim northwest and climb up the ropes.  Kill them all and 
carefully walk on the beam, on the way take a right and open a chest containing 
orbs.  Go back and head north now and it's cutscene time.  Open the chest if you 
need health and save.  After jump down and go forward to the middle and you'll see 
a small box behind a big one.  The strategy is to get the box to the end so you can 
get up to where the archers are.  Wait for a couple of them to shoot and drag the 
box out the right and kick it forward so the arrows won't hit it.  Keep doing this 
until you get the box in one of the two gaps.  Double jump up and kill the archers 
and go through the hallway.  After you go out go up the ladder and climd up the 
net.  Grabbing them from the side with circle will give you a couple of red orbs to 
help but it is quicker to grab them from the bottom.  keep climbing till you get to 
the top and go to one of the side beams to get another chest.  Slide down the rope 
to another ship.  Bust all three barricades and get the chests at the sides then go 
in the middle room and get Poseidon's Rage(Rage from now on).  After he stops 
talking , kill all the enemies and proceed.  When you get out, save then go right 
and climb the net to fight the last boss(es) of the level.  You have to beat the 
two small Hydra before you can get to the big one, so get killin'.  After you do 
enough damage to each one they will fall over, quickly climb up the crates on the 
side and jump on the circular platform to drop it on the Hydra's head, do this for 
both.  Climb up the rope to fight daddy hydra.  Its attacks are basically the front 
and side chomp.  Stay near the part where you climbed up and you won't get hurt.  
Hit it after it does ots chomp and it will release blue orbs.  Stand opposite of 
the net and keep hitting it until it's about to attack and when its mouth comes 
down quickly use Rage and you won't get hurt.  After you use Rage, hit it normally 
with a full combo of squares.  Eventually a circle will appear above its head and 
you know what to do.  Keep bashing its head into the pole until it breaks in half 
and the next time you will pull its eye through it.  After you kill it run in its 
throat and get the key from the old guy.  Then go out and climb up the crates on 
the right side and open the chests and slide down the rope.  Go in the locked door 
for a cutscene.  After the cutscenes, jump on the bed and press circle and do the 
mini game.  The first time it give you a lot of orbs and 5 each time after.  Go out 
hte hall, save and climb up the ladder.  You should've have enough orbs to power up 
your blades of Chaos by now.  Go on land and kill the monsters, whenever a circle 
appears above their heads press it and press another button to perform an instant 
kill, it gives you extra orbs.  Go across the bridge and kill more.  After this go 
in the opening on the right and jump in the water and double jump to the ground.  
Go through the halls and kill them all and go up the crates and keep going except 
jump across to the elevator instead of going in the opening again.
Ride it up and you'll fight minotaurs, just keep out of reach and do the square, 
square, triangle combo to knock the down and then hit them.  After you kill them 
keep going and go up another elevator.  In this area you'll fight monsters with 
spiked balls on their wrist, when its about to attack just roll to the side.  When 
a circle appears go close and press it then you'll have to press a couple of random 
buttons to instant kill it.  After you kill all go to the top right corner to get a 
chest of reds orbs and go in the hallway, once you're in a room full of crates bust 
open the two wooden ones and go up, there are a couple of chests in this room so 
don't leave till you get them all.  In the next room you have to fight Medusa so 
just block when she tries to attack and Rage when she try to freeze you, if you 
don't have magic later on in the game and the gorgons are trying to freeze you, 
DON'T jump up and down, it only makes it worse, roll left and right until they 
stop.  Just hit Meduse with normal attacks and you should win easy, you get 
Medusa's Gaze(Gaze from now on).  After you have to freeze all the minotaurs and 
kill them, don't worry you won't run out of magic here.  After that go through the 
hall killing enemies and climb the ladder, when you're near the top double jump 
backwards to get a chest.  Go back up the ladder and run past the lever and pull 
back on the bow and arrow machine, after that go pull the lever and use the machine 
again.  Go in the hall and take a left and go down killing all the enemies and open 
the gate.  Go back up the ladder and go back in the hallway and go up the ladder on 
the right.  Kill all the enemies and climb the wall on the right, climb up about 10 
feet and jump on top of the boxes and jump down on the roof and jump to the other 
side and open the chests.  Go down and in the gate you opened earlier.  Go back up 
the ladder on the right and climb up the wall again, keep following the wall and 
kill all the enemies, grab them from the side and keep pressing circle will give 
you extra orbs.  Keep going until you get to a platform, kill the dead guy and tip 
the statue over.  After go down and jump on the statue and climb the ladder, kill 
the gorgons and use Rage if you have to.  Keep going up killing enemies on the way, 
when you're at the very top and they're all dead, use the machine and jump up and 
grab the rope, immediately jump back down and kill the guys that just came out of 
the ground.  Go across the rope killing the guys on the way, grabbing them is 
easier and they give you health back so don't worry if they hit you.  After you get 
to the other side go down and open the block door and go back and use the machine 
again, a couple of minotaurs will come out at you so kill them and save.  Keep 
going and eventually you'll get to an overhead view of the battle area.  Save and 
go left, when you go in the cave kill one of the minotaur and the other one you 
have to freeze while he's on the button.  Get on the opposite side of him and the 
button and wait until its near and use Gaze.  If it take acouple of tries don't 
worry cause there an infinite magic chest.  Freeze him on the button and roll past 
the gate before it comes down.  You'll come out in a place with a bunch of house, 
make sure to bust your way in the house to get chests and jump on the roofs to get 
more chests.  Go until you come to a barricade, kill the archer and break the 
barricade.  Swing on the rope and jump to the second one and climb up a bit and 
jump to your left to get a chest.  Swing across to the other side and search the 
sides as you go up the stairs to get more chests(there more than you think).  When 
you get to the top you have to fight cyclops, just keep your distance and use 
square, square, triangle until a circle appears and you should have no problem.  
Killing civilians will give you health.  Go in the hall in the upper left and 
you'll come to a room with a bunch of paintings, swing at some of them and they 
will break, revealing chests.  Keep going up and a lady will run from you, when you 
get to a point where you have to jump across a gap, break down the door first and 
get the items then jump across.  After there is a cutscene get the chest to the 
left and jump down and get the key from her.  Then you'll have to go all the way 
back up, killing on the way.  Guys with shields need to be knocked out with square, 
square, triangle(SST from now on).  When you get up there, jump across the gap at 
the right and unlock the hatch and open it.  Keep going till you come to a place 
with vines on the wall.  Climb it and pull on the direction stick to the other  
side and double jump to the vine on the other wall.  Keep doing this till you come 
to an opening with blood and magic chests.  Go in and you'll fight wraiths, they 
can go into the ground and pop up and attack you, just block.  After you kill them 
go up the stairs and you have to kill more along with some guys with the ball 
chains.  When you kill everyone the way opens and so through it and to the left to 
get a chest.  Head right and cling on the vines.  Don't Jump to the second pole, 
instead jump on the platform with the chest and break through the door, kill 
wraiths, then kill those annoying archers.  Kick the board and open the chest and 
jump on the vines and head right.  Head right across the brigde and push the 
machine left and into the next room.  Open all the doors, the second one on the 
left has enemies so kill them all, after put the machine on the circle next to the 
opening and pull the lever.  Take it off, pull the lever, and put it back on and 
pull the lever again.  Go up the ladder and get the chest.  Bust open the door with 
an arrow and go in and get Zues Fury(Fury from now on).  Go out and kill the 
archers on the roof with Fury.  Go back across the brigde and go into the room and 
save.  Head up the ladder and kill all the enemies.  Go left and swing across the 
ropes to get more chests.  Go back and head to the upper right of the first roof 
and go up the ladder for another chest.  Go down and go to the next roof, keep 
going killing enemies ont the way until you see a guy across a gap, Fury him.  Keep 
going until you're back on the first roof and go down, kill the wraiths and save.  
Go back up and head across the bridge.  Get all the chest and use the elevator and 
go down.  Go forward and across the beam, you'll notice a couple of chest to the 
right but I haven't been able to get there yet.  Go forward and up the mountain 
killing on the way.  On the way bust the cracked wall and get the chest.
	Once you get up you'll have to fight Gorgons and Harpies, afetr you kill 
them all, get the chests to the left and right, save and head into the room.  In 
the room Harpies will fly out and attack you until you block up the holes.  Go to 
the end and drag those statues to cover the holes.  Now go to the opening at the 
bottom right and jump to the left, there should be a chest.  Go up the stairs and 
walk on the beams.  Go straight, turn left and go until it forces you to turn 
right, halfway jump to the right and get the chest behind the glass.  Go back 
across to the other side and save.  Go left through the hallways killin until you 
get a cutscene where you have to save the oracle.  First drag the two statues to 
the upper right of the area and place them apart enough so you can jump from the 
place with the red orbs on one statue to the other onto an area with a couple of 
chests.  After go south along the right wall and get the chests behind the cracked 
walls.  Now drag one statue in front of the fireplace near the elevator and take 
the other one up the elevator and to the edge on the right and drop it on top of 
the other one.  Drag the statues to the upper left near the wall and jump on the 
place with the red orbs and jump on the big platform and jump on the statues.  One 
you get up the vines you get 66 seconds to save her.  Just wait for the paddles to 
stop and jump across.  This is self explanitory and you should be able to save her 
with 30 left easy.  Once you saved her go back up to the part where you have to 
walk across beams and take the beam that goes to the right to get a chest.  Go down 
and through the door she opened and keep going until you're at a cliff, go up the 
walkway all the way until you find a statue of Athena and get the chest.  Now go 
back down and across the big sword and into the sewer.  When you get to the bottom 
their is a chest in the room so don't miss it.  Just keep going through the sewers 
killing and getting chests on the way.  You can't get lost since its a one way 
place.  When you go up the circular stairs again pull the lever and go up.  Head to 
the battle area again, save, and take a right this time.  You'll come to a place 
with two huge statues and there is a chest by the feet of the right one.  Head 
through the door and right to get another chest.  Go down until a cutscene 
appears.  Just keep walking North until you come to a building, kill the Siren.  Go 
right and stick against the wall going South until you hear one singing.  Find it 
and kill it.  Go go to the other side, West, and kill the last one opening the 
door.  Go in use the chests if you need it and save.  Keep going and drop down 
onthe conveyor belt and open the Spartan door and frag the rock out.  You'll get 
attacked by enemies evry time to try to move the rock forwar do do SST to knock 
them down while use kick the rock forward or if you're like myy friend and you 
suck, just stay there for about 10 minutes and the belt will stop moving.  Once you 
get up keep going and blow the horn and run to the other side.  Go up the stairs 
and you'll get attacked by a lot of Sirens, if you have a hard time use Rage of the 
Gods(ROTG) once you beat them go halfway down the stairs and use the chests and go 
back up and blow the horn.

				Pandora's Temple

Save and go forward, take the left and keep going till you're right under the 
gatekeeper and pulll out the blocks and jump up to him.  Once he opens the gate go 
down and you'll have to fight Cyclops, just dodge and use the grab-instant kill 
when it appears to get extra orbs.  Go up the stairs and get the chests to the left 
and right and spin the lever to open the dor and go in.  Kill all the enemies and 
press R2 at the door to open it.  Run to the left until you see a skull on the wall 
but you can't go through it, go in the opposite room with the meat mashers and roll 
forward when it begins to pull apart.  Kill the archers in this room and oull the 
lever in the mini-room.   This will be called Save Room(SR) from now on.  Go out 
and spin the lever, the room right after the SR is missing TWO MUSE KEYS, remember 
this.  Keep spinning until you see a room with aa glowing light, go to it to get 
Artemis' Blade(Blade).  Go forward and save.  Go in the next room and use Blade on 
the enemies and test it out.  Once the Gorgons start coming switch back to your 
primary weapon and use Rage(shoulb be at least lvl. 2 by now) if they try to freeze 
you.  After you kill all of them go up the stairs on the upper right hand corner 
and kill all of them, you can either kill the archers with Fury but I prefer to 
walk across the beam and kill them myself.  Pull on the lever then get the chest 
and go down the rope.  Kill enemies as you make your way across the rope, use the 
chests if you need it and go up the stairs and get the shield.  Once you remove the 
shield, you can't leave until you kill all the enemies and the is a spiky wall 
coming to cruch you, just kil all of them and the wall will retract.  Use Blade and 
Rage to make it go faster.  After the red wall disperse use the chest and go back 
across the rope and up.  Go in the room at the right and kill the Gorgons and 
archers and back inthe hallway, drag the block to the steps near the 
fireplace/door.  Kick the block so it goes on the button and quickly run to the 
wall and it'll spin you around.  Kill all the guys and open the chest, go up the 
ladder and jump across the gap and get the second shield.  Walk around on the beams 
because there are more chest.  After you get all the chests, open the door using 
the two shields.  In the next area are saws going back and forth so avoid them and 
go through the door on the right, bust the wall and kill the enemies.  Go on the 
belt and walk slowly backwards until the mashers begin to pull apart and quickly 
roll past them.  Go forward until you are outside and you are attacked by Harpies, 
kill the enemies and go to the middle of the bridge, jump forward and land on the 
other side and open the chests.  Jump back on the bridge and head right.  Start 
climbing the wall, kill the enemies on the way until you come on a ledge with a 
lever, pull and jump on the chain rope and go up, at the top are two red chests.  
Go back down and into the room where the lever is, a bunch of enemies come at you 
and some of them have shields, SST, and Gorgons, you know what to do.  After get 
the handle and head back to the chainsaw room.  Pull on the lever at the bottom 
right first then the one at the upper left, move quickly though because they're not 
gonna stay open for long.  Go along the right wall and open the door, kill the 
enemies inthis room and put the handle on the stick in front of the statue and 
rotate it until the statue stops moving.  Go behind the statue to get a Muse Key.  
Now go out and to the hall on the right and up the stairs. kill the enemies on the 
way.  Get all the chests up here, there are 4.  Pull on the lever in the middle and 
after go out the door and remove the lid and pull the head off.  Go down and 
forward till you get a cutscene and out the door into the SR again and save.
	Head out and kill the enemies on the way, go until you come to the skull 
and put the head in.  Go through the door and back and wait for the thing to pass 
and run the opposite direction and up the stairs.  Wait for it to come by and jump 
on it, just twalk or jump the other way and avoid falling off, keep to the  right 
of it and when you come to the stairs jump on it.  Climb up until the stairs fall 
down and climb all the way up, use the chests, and save.  Go forward and a cutscene 
appears and you have to fight Ceberus and a bunch of little puppies, these are your 
average strong annoying enemies, just block, roll and attack.  Go forward after you 
done and kill the cyclops and use the chest behind the big block.  Leave the block 
alone, its useless, when the archers start shooting at you roll forward until you 
get to them and use Rage.  Keep going till you get to where the mini-ceberuses and 
archers are and kill them all to open the door.  In the room pull the lever, as it 
spins you can get the chests but if you do it too slow you die so when it opens, 
open the chest real-fast and roll back, don't run, do this for all of them and you 
should be fine.  Outside you have to fight guys with Grim Reaper's Scythe.  Just 
kill the and climb the wall, when you get to the top go right and get the second 
Muse Key and then go left, kill the minotaurs and keep going.  In the hall go 
forward and you'll see a stick with no handle, jump down and go to the room all the 
way at the end and get the lever and put it back on the stick.  Once you lower the 
cage down you have to get it to the room, once on the slope put it on top of the 
gravel to prevent it from sliding down.  Every time you move the cage up an enemy 
come out, the first couple shouldn't be too hard because you only have to kill one 
enemy, when you get near the room 3 or 4 of them are on you go use Rage(should be 
lvl. 3 by now) nad kill them all and quickly move the cage into the room.  Put it 
on the button and pull on the lever.  After the door opens, go outside and kill 
those guys and use the chest to get your magic and health back.
	In the next room get Poseidon's Trident and save.  Swim on the left side 
and go up the stairs to get a chest.  Then go on the right and dive into the hole.  
Use R1 to swim dash and break the walls, when you surface, take out the Blade and 
whoop ass.  Open the chest and the door and pull on the lever.  Swim back and kill 
all the Harpies and the two Ceberuses and save.  Go up the blocks and back into the 
water.  Keep swimming until to come to a Nyad and press circle to kiss it, some of 
the Nyads give you stuff.  Go down and you come to a fork and a cracked wall in 
front with a painting, break through it and kiss the second Nyad.  Go right at the 
fork and you'll come to a mouth, here you'll keep having to dash forward until you 
come to the other side, totally easy.  You'll come up on land and kill the enemies, 
after they're all dead, pull the lever and head back to the fork, go take the left 
path, kill alll the enemies and get all the stuff here and go back to where the 
wall was that went up.  At the save point break the wall on the left and kiss the 
Nyad, swim up through the whole and get the red orbs.  Go back past the save point 
to the Poseidon statue, on his left side is a cracked wall, break through it and 
kiss the last Nyad.  Down the hole are barricades moving forward, just wait until 
it passes and go down and dash forward.  Go down the gap and wait for one to pass 
and go up fast and dash forward 2 times.  Go down the next gap and go up and dash 
forward again and go down the hole.  In the room beat the minotaurs and pull the 
lever, go up and kill the enemies and open the chests.  Go back to the lever and 
pull it again, swim underwater on the left side of the poles and the last one has a 
room in it go in and wait for it to go down, keep swiming and you'll come back to 
the SR.  Save and go back to the place with the stairs surrounded by water, dive 
into the hole and keep going til you're in a room with a huge door and a lever.  
Bust open the crask at the right wall and go through it and up the ladder.

                                Challenge of Hades

	Go up the left side and talk ot the door, it challenges you to make 
sacrifices and accept.  There are two blue circles and you'll have to kill four 
centaurs in each to open the door, each kill lights up one of the four flames
(suggest you use Blade).  Go up to the oopened door and there is a ledge above, 
jump up there and break the wall and get the chest.  Go through the door and jump 
on the ledge to the upper left and open the chests.  In the next room you'll have 
to jump across the splitting ground and not fall in the water.  Just run and jump 
as it's starting to split apart to avoid it opening when you land.  The next one 
the grong splits apart three wucik times and stay together for a second or two.  
Run and jump on the second opening ion the second turn and you should be fine.  
When you make it go forward and a gate will come down, there is an upper and lower 
level in this maze, you have to kill everyone before you can leave.  Kill everyone 
at this level and turn the lever and go up.  Kill the guy that is here and push the 
block near the elevator, wait for the first part to close and run forward, when the 
ground is about to split double jump forward and open the chest, just go around the 
upper level killing everyone, kill everyone before you go to the place with a block 
going back and forth, once you go everywhere and kill everyone, wait for the block 
to go back and run out and jump on it, stay near the upper part of the block and 
wait for it to go all the way back and jump in the room to the right, and kill the 
two guys.  Jump back on the block and go one solid concrete and kill the guys that 
come out the ground and when everybody is dead, the wall with words on the will go 
down.  When your in the big room again, step on the block and the statue of Hades 
will come out of the water, dive into the water and at the bottom pull the lever.  
Go up and spin the lever to light up the room.  The red balls are coming at you but 
every two or three there is a large gap til the next one come so this is your times 
to jump across.  The way out is the third door on the left, just wait for the big 
gap and open the door real fast and go through.  When you come to a room there are 
two really big-heavy armored minotaurs, these are the last stage of them in the 
game, they can take a lot of punishment which is what you're going to need to deal 
out.  Kill them and the archers and go up the stairs and kill the enemies here and 
open the chest.  Go back down the stairs and through the other opening.  Go across 
the rope and kill alll the enemies here, suggest you use Rage when there's a lot of 
them.  When you're done go up the ladder.  Save and go out the room, there are lots 
of beams here so you'll have to be good at balancing.  On the first beam just jump 
right to the other side and walk the baem on the right to get a Phoenix Feather.  
On the next beam go forward and go to the place off to the left and get another 
chest.  Go forward and when the blades come at you double jump to avoid getting hit 
and dying.  Go all the way to the right and get the chest.  Go back to the beams 
and wait for the one that doesn't have blades and jump on it.  Go up the ladders 
and forward across the beams, take the right sde and get another chest, go back and 
down the rope.  Keep heading down the hallway and spin the wheel.  Keep going til 
the stairs drop and use the chest here if you haven't yet.  Save, and go back out 
the door and to the middle of the room to trigger the boss fight.

				Daddy Bull

	Just hit him until the falls down and a circle appears, you'll get on top 
of him and have to rotate the analog stick in the directions that appears and 
Kratos will drag the bull"s head down to the ground, while it's dazed run up the 
stairs and pull the lever, do this over again and you 'll fight it and it'ss start 
ripping off its armor until a health bar appears on the upper right.  You should 
have Blades of Chaos at lvl. 5 by now.  If it get hard, go Rage of the Gods on his 
ass.  If Blades of Chaos is at lvl. 5, you have unlimited magic in Rage of the Gods 
mode, but don't use magic against him, just use combo attacks and beat his ass 
down.  When he's in a dizzle pull the lever again to kill him.  Go through the hole 
in the door and up the stairs and open the chests and get anoter head.  Go back 
down and get Hades Army(Army), kill all the enemies before you can leave, use Army 
if you want, you should be able to get it to lvl. 2 as soon as you get it.  After 
they're all dead go through the door Hades appeared and into the water.

	When you come out of the hole put the head in the door and the water will 
go down, open the door on the wall.  The point of all this is to get the light in 
the SR and shine into the room you just opened.  If you haven't done this yet, go 
to the biggest room, and rotate it til you get to the door with the two missing 
Muses.  Open the door and get al the stuff, jump on the sand and press R2 and get 
all the power, doing this is the only way to get max health and magic.  Go out and 
rotate the door til you get to the SR, rotate the second room and get to the 
opening, door this for all the rooms, and align them to the SR, go to SR and pull 
the levers toward each other.  Once the statue goes up go in the room and pull the 
lever, once the elevator stops, go out and fights the three Satyrs, just block a 
lot and you shouldn't even get scratched.  Go forward and watch the cutscene, after 
go to the save point and left and bust the wall and get the chests and go out and 
save.  Go up the slope and kill all the enemies, and go right and jump across the 
gaps defeating archers on the way, go across the rope and go forward and keep 
killin.  Use the elevator and go up.  I forgot all about this place so I don't know 
where to go so you'll have to explore.  To get out of this area you have to get two 
necklaces.  If you're in a room filled with holes on the ground, pull on the lever 
and pull the block out just enough so you can get behind it and kick it left, you 
have to kick it in the hallway so you can get on it and double jump on the ledge 
before time runs out and you die.  If you're in a place where you have to fight a 
bunch of guys and a couple of minotaurs after you came down from the rope then kill 
all the guys and in the next room you'll have to get all the blocks up against the 
wall to fit so the wall will come down and you can get the necklace.  Finally after 
you get both the necklaces, you'll come to a place with two heads that you can put 
the necklaces on, bfore you go, on the right side of this place is a cave that 
leads to chests.  When the steps go 2/3 of the way out run forward and jump to the 
next step.  Once you make it across, cutscene, after kill all the enemies and swing 
on the ropes to the other side.
	When you get to a save point, svae.  There is a button there but forget 
about it for now and go across the chasm, avoiding the blades.  Pull the statue at 
the upper left to the cracked hole on the right and leave it there, open the door 
on the upper right and go in, kill the enemies and continue up the stairs.  Kill 
the cyclops and the mini-ceberuses.  Climd up the upp left ladder and bust the door 
and get the chests.  Go up the middle ladder and go towards the end of the crane 
and jump towards the other side of the platform and get the chests.  Go back to the 
middle platform and spin the crate on the cracked hole and pull the lever to make 
the box go down, pull it again to make the box come back up, spin the crate til the 
shadow is over the button on the other side and pull the lever.  Go down and push 
the statue into the hole and put it on top of another button.  Go back across the 
chasm and step on the button and you'll have to jump back across and enter the room 
before it closes.  Once in the room pull off the head and proceed after the door 
open, keep going til you come to a room with conveyor belts.  Enemies will attack 
but stay on the moving belt and jump and attack, don't ever go on solid ground or 
you'll get killed.  Start out by using Army and attack, use another Army and Rage 
after, after the red door disappears, go through it and open the case of Pandora's 
Box.  After the elevator stops, drag the Box towards the dor and cutscene time.


The path is pretty straight forward so so everywhere to get chests because there's 
lots of them, when you're going up a spinning block with a bunch of blades attached 
take your time cause rushing amkes it worse.


Once you go up the rope, save use the chests and go inside, when enemies start 
appearing use Army once and fight the rest, when the red doors disappears, go up 
the stairs and use Army again, go across the beam and kill the achers and use the 
chest and make your way down the hall killin on the way.


There are three parts to this fight.
Part one:  You fight him normally with your Blades of Chaos and all your magic.  
Start out with Amry and hit him while Army is in effect.  After Army disappears go 
in ROTG mode and use Army again and just the the shit out of him with Blades of 
Part two:  You have to protect your family.  Use Army and after it disappears Go 
into ROTG mode and use it again and kill as much of the clones as you can while 
you're in this mode.  When the ROTG meter is almost gone use Army again and switch 
to Blade and kill the rest, once the clones in the back throwing lightning at your 
family appears, use Army again.
Part three:  You and Ares have a blood meter, each hit adds health to you and takes 
away from Ares and vice-versa.  You can block everything accept the four rocks 
attack, just roll out the way when they come up.

After he dies, go into the protal and save.  Destroy the two statues with L1+Circle 
to get Secret Message 2.  Take your throne and watch the ending.
Congratulations!  You beat the game.  You should try it again on a harder 
difficulty to really see how hard it is, I did.

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