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Goku Character Guide

Table of Contents
1. Goku’s History-(In Depth: DBZ & GT Only)
2. Introduction
3. Factoring Goku
4. Death Moves & Ultimate
5. Battle Strategy
6. Goku’s DU
7. Dragon Ball Locations
8. Goku’s Final Evaluation
9. Closing
10. Copyright

****Goku’s History****
	Goku, arguably the main character in Dragon Ball Z and GT, is also arguably the
strongest. **Dragonball** When he was a new-born baby, his father, Bardock, sent him
away form the Saiyan home planet, Planet Vegeta, fearing Frieza would destroy it. 
And it happened.  Just as Goku’s ship left the planet, the planet was destroyed by
Frieza.  Goku crash-landed on Earth, and was found by an old hermit named Gohan.
	Goku was raised by his adoptive father for a few short years. Gohan even gave Goku
his most prized possession: the 4 Star Dragonball.  One night, Gohan was tragically
killed by Goku.  It was not Goku’s fault.  All Saiyans transform into a large,
uncontrollable, ape-like warrior when they see a full moon.  This happened to Goku,
resulting in the hermit’s death.  Goku wasn’t told the truth about what happened
until later in his life.  
	After Gohan’s death, Goku, still a small boy, went on a quest to find the last
remaining 6 Dragonballs.  On his adventures, Goku not only grew and became stronger,
but he made many friends, as well as enemies.  Soon Goku grew up, and married ChiChi,
daughter of the Ox King.  Goku lived a happy life and had a son.  This quickly
changed, though…
	**Dragonball Z**One day, Piccolo, Goku’s greatest enemy, showed up at Kame House. 
Some terrible power had appeared on Earth, and a mysterious being showed up.  He
claimed to be Goku’s brother, Raditz.  He told Goku of his Saiyan heritage, and took
Goku’s son.  Goku and Piccolo agreed that the only way they could beat Raditz was to
team up.  Goku and Piccolo faced Raditz, attempting to get Goku’s son, Gohan back. 
Goku had named Gohan after his adoptive father.  Goku and Piccolo fought Raditz, and
even though they got Gohan back, and managed to kill Raditz, Goku was killed in the
fight.  Before Goku died, his dying brother told them of two, more powerful Saiyans
will land on Earth in one year.     
	Goku’s body disappeared, and Goku went to “Other World” when he died.  He traveled
down Snake Way, and reached the 20 yard-sized planet belonging to King Kai.  The
gravity there was 50 times more than it was on Earth.  Goku trained with King Kai for
one year, and became extremely powerful.  He mastered the Kaioken technique, which
makes you faster and stronger.  King Kai also taught him the Spirit Bomb technique.  
	While Goku was in Other World, Piccolo took Gohan and trained him for the battle
with the Saiyans.  After a year had passed, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien
gathered the dragonballs and wished Goku back to life.  Then, the Saiyans arrived. 
Goku traveled as fast as he could down Snake Way, hoping the year of training was
enough to beat the new enemies.  
	Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans, and his friend, Nappa, met the Z fighters.  Goku,
Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz were the only Saiyans left after their planet was
destroyed.  Gohan, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Choutzu all fought their
hardest, but to no avail.  Choutzu blew himself up to try and kill Nappa, but Nappa
wasn’t even hurt by the attack.  Yamcha was killed when a Saibaman self-destructed on
him.  Nappa brutally killed Tien.  Then, he fired an enormous blast at Gohan.  Gohan
could not dodge it or block it, so Piccolo jumped in front of Gohan, and sacrificed
himself.  Gohan was saved, but Piccolo was killed by the blast.  Right when it
appeared that the Saiyans could not be defeated, Goku landed at the site.  
	He easily defeated Nappa.  Severely hurt, Nappa begged Vegeta to help him.  Vegeta
threw him into the air and killed him.  Goku, astonished that he would do such a
thing, only focused on one thing: to beat Vegeta!  They flew to a secluded mountain
range, and begun the destructive battle.  Goku and Vegeta were equally matched.  Then
Vegeta, using a technique that Goku’s father Bardock invented, made an energy ball
resembling a full moon.  Goku had got his tail removed, so nothing happened to him. 
But Vegeta transformed into the monster.  Except Vegeta could control what he did. 
So Goku evaded him as long as he could, and got far enough away.  
      He then did a move called Solar Flare-a move Tien invented.  It blinded Vegeta
temporarily.  Goku got far away and started charging up a Spirit Bomb.  He was not
going to let his friends’ death be in vain.  Vegeta regained his sight, and just
before Goku could launch it, Vegeta grabbed Goku and squeezed him.  Krillin tried to
cut off Vegeta’s tail with a Distructo disc, but Vegeta jumped over it.  Yajarobi,
knowing he was their only hope, cut of Vegeta’s tail with his sword.  Vegeta was
stunned, and Goku gave Krillin the last bit of energy left he had gathered for the
Spirit Bomb.  Krillin shot it at Vegeta.  Vegeta dodged it, but Gohan reflected it
back at him.  Vegeta was hit, and sent flying.  He came crashing down a minute later,
got in his ship, and got away.  
      	Vegeta had escaped back to a planet he lived on.  He was healed.  Meanwhile,
Krillin, Gohan and Bulma went to Namek to find the dragonballs there.  Piccolo was
dead, so there were no dragonballs on Earth anymore.  Yajarobi gave Goku a senzu
bean.  Goku took one of Capsule Corps.’ Spaceships and went off to Namek.  
      Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta teamed up to defeat the Ginyu Force.  They still
couldn’t win.  Goku finally arrived and beat them easily.  After a long fight with
Captain Ginyu, Goku had no energy left.  Vegeta brought him to Frieza’s ship and put
him in a healing tank.  While Vegeta took a nap and Goku healed, Gohan and Krillin
used the dragonballs to wish Piccolo back to life.  Then they wished him to planet
      	Vegeta woke up, and went to where they were.  Suddenly, the dragon vanished,
and the dragonballs turned to stone.  Elder Guru had died.  Then, Frieza showed up. 
Vegeta and Frieza were matched in power, then Frieza transformed.  He was a little
stronger in his 2nd form.  Piccolo found his way to the battle.  He was stronger than
Frieza at first, then Frieza transformed again.  This time, Frieza used Piccolo like
a toy.  Frieza went into his final form.  
      	By now, Goku was fully healed, and showed up to fight Frieza.  After a long
battle, Frieza killed Krillin, and Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan.  Now Frieza
was no match for Goku.  He gave Frieza a chance to go away and never do anything
wrong again.  Goku flew away.  Frieza couldn’t stand the humiliation, and attacked
Goku.  Goku attacked Frieza and that was that.
      	The planet was about to explode, and Goku found one of the Ginyu Force’s
ships.  He used it and flew away.  Just as he did, the planet exploded.  He
crash-landed on the planet Yardrat (funky name) and was nursed back to health. 
Meanwhile, on Earth, one and a half years had gone by.  Frieza returned to earth with
his father, King Cold.  A mysterious youth appeared.  He was a Super Saiyan also!  He
easily took care of Frieza, and as for King Cold, well lets just say, he went bye bye.
      After that fun was done, Goku showed up, and the youth asked if he could talk
to him.  The boy’s name was Trunks, and he came from the future.  He told Goku that
in 3 years, two powerful Androids will appear on earth and all of the Z Fighters will
be destroyed.  Trunks told Goku that in one year, Goku will die from a new heart
disease.  There was no medication for it in this time, but in the future there was. 
Trunks gave Goku the medicine.  Also, he told Goku that he was the son of Bulma and
Vegeta!  Then Trunks left.  
      After 3 years of training, the Androids showed up.  Goku started fighting them,
but forgot about the heart disease, and fell seriously ill.  Vegeta came, as a Super
Saiyan, and killed 19.  20 escaped and activated 17 and 18.  17 was going to fight
Piccolo but then Cell showed up and absorbed him.  Now, the Non-perfect (2) Cell went
and fought Vegeta, who was now a Super Saiyan 2.  Cell lost, but then absorbed 18 and
when Cell was done with Vegeta…well, I don’t think Vegeta was very happy.  In fact, I
don’t think Vegeta felt anything because he was half-dead.  Then Trunks fought Cell,
and Cell won, but told Trunks that he was going to have a tournament in 10 days.
      So for 10 days the Z Fighters trained.  Once the tenth day came, they left for
the Cell Games.  Cell and Goku fought, and after a long battle, Goku gave up.  It was
Gohan’s turn.  I would get into what happened next, but this is Goku’s story, not
Gohan’s.  Well what happened was, Gohan transformed into SSj2 and hurt Cell soo
badly, he spat up 18 and returned to non-perfect form.  Then Cell self-destructed,
and Goku teleported him to King Kai’s world just before that happened.  Yes, sadly,
Goku died.  
      So this is the end of his story, right?  WRONG!  Gohan killed Cell, and Goku
stayed in Other World.  Then Goku was allowed to return to earth for one day, and
fight in the World Tournament.  After a series of events, Goku fought Vegeta under
wizard Babidi’s control.  Majin Vegeta (SSj2) and Goku (SSj2) were equally matched. 
Goku didn’t want to reveal his TRUE power because it would drain the time he had left
on earth. With all the fighting, all the energy got transferred to Majin Buu, and
soon enough, Buu was resurrected.  He easily disposed of Gohan, and Vegeta, turning
good again, sacrificed his life to stop Buu.  Buu did not die.  Buu built a house and
met Hercule.  He befriended Hercule, and promised never to hurt anyone again.  
      One day, snipers came to his house and shot Hercule and their dog.  Buu healed
them, but he was soo sad that it happened that he let out all of his evil.  This evil
manifested itself and became Evil Buu, a tall, grey figure.  It killed the snipers
and then faced Majin Buu.  Now there was a 100% Pure-hearted Buu (Majin Buu) and a
100% evil Buu  (Evil Buu).  They fought, and Evil Buu ate Majin Buu.  Evil Buu then
transformed into Super Buu.
      Now able to sense energy, Super Buu then went to Kami’s Lookout and fought
Gotenks.  After the fight, he ate everyone.  Then he absorbed Gotenks.  Gohan fought
Buu, but could not beat him.  When Gotenks’s fusion wore off, Buu was weak again. 
Meanwhile, Elder Kai gave Goku his life back, and Goku returned to earth.  He
transformed into SSj3 and fought Buu.  Then Buu absorbed Gohan.  Goku found Vegeta,
who was allowed by King Yemma, the care-taker of other world, to return to earth. 
Goku convinced Vegeta to fuse with him.  They used the Potara earrings and fused. 
Thus, Vegeto was born.  Super Buu was no match for him.  So, he absorbed Vegeto, too.  
      But, Vegeto used a barrier, so they were not absorbed, just turned microscopic
and transported into Buu’s body.  They separated, and found all of the Z Fighters Buu
had absorbed trapped in cocoons in Buu’s head.  They freed them, and Buu became
normal Super Buu.  He faced Goku and Vegeta in his body (weird) and beat them.  But,
Vegeta pulled Majin Buu’s cocoon out and Buu began to transform.  Goku and Vegeta got
out with the others and Buu decelerated into Kid Buu.  Kid Buu then used a
mega-attack that blew up the Earth.  Goku used his instant transmission and
teleported himself, Vegeta and Hercule to the Supreme Kai world.  There, Goku,
Vegeta, and Kid Buu fought.  
      After a long battle, Goku used a Spirit Bomb filled with Earth’s energy and
killed Kid Buu.
      **Dragonball GT**  Now, after peace returned to earth, Gohan and Videl got
married and had a Daughter named Pan.  One day, Emperor Pelof, Goku’s enemy (in
Dragonball) wished Goku were a little kid again.  This wish was granted.  Then, the
dragonballs became the Black Star Dragonballs and were scattered across the universe.
 Goku, Pam, Trunks, and Giru, faced many enemies (Baby, Super 17, and others.).  
      When all the Black Star dragonballs were returned to earth, 7 evil shadow
dragons came forth.  Goku fought all of them, and then went to face the last Shadow
dragon: Sin Shenron.  Goku fought him, and then Sin Shenron permanently fused with
the Black Star Dragonballs to create Omega Shenron.  Goku and Vegeta had recently
ascended to SSj4 and so they fought Omega Shenron.  Omega was still stronger.  Vegeta
told Goku that the only way to beat him was to fuse.  They did, and gave birth to
(SSj4) Gogeta.  
      Now, Omega Shenron had no chance.  They beat him with ease.  Just as Gogeta was
about to deal the final blow, they separated.  Goku lost power, and became a child
again.  Omega tried to regain the dragonballs, but Goku, resisting Omega’s power,
held on to the 4 Star dragonball, because it reminded him of Grandpa Gohan.  Goku
“ate” the dragonball, and then became stronger.  He literally “ripped” the
dragonballs out of Omega Shenron, and used their power to destroy Omega Shenron. 
Then, Goku had one final wish.  He fused with the dragonballs, and became the
legendary “Dragon Form”.  Because the power was soo great, and the dimension couldn’t
stand the power, Goku, as well as the dragonballs, imploded and were destroyed.  Goku
was never seen again.
	Hello, and welcome to my Goku Character Guide.  I took it upon myself the tedious
task of making one of these baby’s for Goku.  Now, let me just clarify something for
the public.  When people say SS, the mean Super Saiyan.  When people say SSj, let me
tell you what it means.  SSj is stronger than Super Saiyan.  It is in between SS and
SS2.  Goku was SSj when he fought Frieza.  (He automatically ascended to that level).
When Goku ascended in the HTC in the Cell saga, he became SS2.  Same with Vegeta. 
Gohan, when fighting Cell, beat him as SSj2.  When Goku first became SS3, it was just
SS3.  When he fought Kid Buu, he was SSj3.  (Yes, you cant tell the difference.) 
When Goku fought Omega Shenron, he was SSj4.  Before that, he was just SS4.  Gogeta
was SSj4 as well.

****Factoring Goku****
	Factoring means comparing his fighting style to other characters’ to get his good
points, and his bad points.  Knowing both will help you make sure your enemy does not
use your weakness to his advantage.
Ultimate evaluation: Goku is an all-around style character.  He has a few good
long-range attacks and a few good short-range attacks.  There are different fighting
styles only for Goku you might want to try.  
CLOSE-RANGE:  Stay close to your opponent!  Never let him get far from you. 
Preferred transformations: Kaioken, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2.  Use a full dragon
fist, and then tap E many times to teleport.  Then Kamehameha, but use the pursue
technique.  This allows you to keep close to your opponent.  Use as many kicks,
punches, charges, combos, and cancel combos (explained in my Bardock character
Guide), necessary to get a nice dragon fist going.  It is essential that when you use
dragon fist, you have a full ki bar when you do it.  Then tap E repeatedly so you can
complete the dragon fist, then at the end, you will knock your opponent in the air. 
Use pursue technique as many times as possible at this point.  Remember: all death
move combos must hit the opponent to do maximum short-range damage.  I call this
style, “Goku Commando.”
LONG-RANGE: Stay at a fair distance from your opponent.  Use Kamehameha, but don’t
rely on it, use more ki blasts than death moves.  Preferred transformations: Super
Saiyan 2, 3, and 4.  Also, use as many teleports as possible.  Whenever and enemy is
going to hit you, try to teleport.  Also, use dragon rush frequently and your
ultimate (Super Spirit Bomb or Super Dragon Fist).  I call this style, “Stealth Goku.”
ALL-RANGE:  This is a mix of “Commando” and “Stealth”.  (Yes, I will be referring to
these many times in this guide, so remember what they are.).  Switch between the two
as many times as you fell comfortable.  I would use this style a LOT though, so learn
both styles.  I call this style, “Guerilla Goku.”  (No, not guerilla the monkey,
guerilla the war style.  Guerilla Warfare.)

****Death Moves & Ultimate****  
	Goku has a few death moves, all of which are good.  The ones you should use the most
are Kamehameha and dragon fist.  Try to do the combos for the moves, because if you
just do E, the attack wont be as strong.  Goku’s Ultimate, or should I say,
Ultimates, or, Ultimatums, are the second-strongest in the game.  Omega Shenron’s
Minus Energy Power Ball is the strongest.  

****Battle Strategy****
Use the three styles I showed you, it will serve you to no end.  But, here are a few
combo/death moves that you will want to keep in mind as well.  I gave them names
myself, they are not named in the game.

Flaming Dragon Fist- Be Kaioken and have all 7 ki bars at MAX.  Then use a complete
dragon fist, except at the end, when you hit your opponent in the air, rapidly tap
the E button to use a pursue for as many times as possible.  If you are in SS or
higher, this is only called “Soaring Dragon Fist.” 

Kamehameha Melee- You can be in any form.  Use Kamehameha in the air, and rapidly
press the E button to pursue as many times as possible.  End with a dragon fist.  

Continuous Kamehameha- DO NOT equip Warp Kamehameha.  When you complete dragonrush,
you will do a continuous Kamehameha.  

**Easy Dragonrush**
To get into dragonrush easily, go into hyper mode.  Then use a Kamehameha in the air.
 Use pursue and you will be in dragonrush.  Or, you can dash up to your opponent and
hit K, kicking them into the air.  Use pursue.

****Goku’s DU****
	Goku’s DU is probably the longest in the game.  In it you cal unlock the following
things for Goku.

Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Super Saiyan 3
Super Saiyan 4

**Death Moves**
Dragon Fist  (Be in SS or higher to do Ultimate move Super Dragon Fist.).
Spirit Bomb (Equip SS and SS2 to do Super Spirit Bomb).
Warp Kamehameha  

(Potara) Vegeto (Goku)
(SSj2) Gogeta (Goku)
(SSj4) Gogeta (Goku)

Captain Ginyu
Buu (all forms)
Kid Goku

**Special Characters**
Omega Shenron

**Special Items**
Cooler's Spaceship-Allows you to become Metal Cooler.
Fusions-Listed in Fusions section

Planet Namek
Inside Buu
Supreme Kai Planet

****Dragonball Locations****-my thanks to k dog 59

Memories of Goku
Mysterious Vest

~Saiyan Saga:
Dragon Ball Locations:
~By Mouth of the River you can get the Dragon Radar
~Off the coast near an island to the northeast
~Frozen Land
"???" Locations:
~Silver Membership Card/Gold Membership, on an island North of where 
the land is skinniest in the middle of the map.
Capsule Locations:
~Vest Capsule, West City after going to Goku's House
~Food capsule, North City
~Kame House after training with King Kai, Item capsule
~Kami's Lookout after training with King Kai, Item capsule
~Goku's House after training, Item capsule
Exp Locations:
~Kami's Lookout
Optional Fights:
~Visit World Tournament to fight Tien (win a random Vest item)
~Battle Point can fight 2 or 3 Saibamen in a row.
Unlockable Characters:
~Bardock, go to Raditz's Spaceship during your second time through Goku's
 DU mode.
~To unlock Vegeta, beat him in the story mode.
~To unlock Kid Goku, after you beat Raditz (2nd time), go to Grandpa Gohan's

When you start you should automatically get the Kamehameha, so put that 
in Goku's tray, this is basically what he can use in battle, some moves 
take up more than one slot, see how powerful you can become with 

Fly to the marker on your map (press triangle to bring it up) and push 
X to land in the plains to start your first battle with Raditz.    

~Goku VS Raditz
 Conditions: Activate Specialty Skill ~ Kamehameha
 Aquisitions: Voice Data (Original Story) #00

After you defeat Raditz you should level up, you can now increase your 
attributes with the points you receive to customize your character even 

Afterwards Goku will "train" with King Kai. Go back to the plains. You will
receive Goku's  first "transformation", the kaioken technique. Put it on your
tray before you land again.  

~Goku VS Nappa

When Nappa flashes red he is attempting to perform a dragon rush, try to 
dodge him as much as possible in this state, if he starts the rush, you 
push a corresponding button, if the buttons match you will defend against
the rush. You can do this as well by pushing all 4 buttons to enter dragon
rush mode.  

~Goku VS Vegeta

In my opinion this battle is easier than Nappa. You shouldn't have much 
trouble. Just use Kaioken, remember... Kamehameha and pursuing is your friend.

Frieza Saga
Dragon Ball Locations:
~On the Northeast island, on an edge near the south, Dragon Radar
~An island to the North of the northeast island
~An island to the southeast of the northwest island
Capsule Locations:
~Capsule House, on an island to the southeast, Turtle Shell Capsule
Exp Locations:
~Fly over the Namek on the central island (after Recoome)
~Guru's House, near the Northwest Island (after Recoome) 
Optional Fights: 
~Battle Point where you can defeat 3 Saibamen in a row.  
Unlockable Characters:
~To unlock Recoome, simply beat him in the storyline.
~To unlock Captain Ginyu, simply beat him in the storyline.    
~To unlock Frieza, beat him in the storyline.  
Unlockable Stages:
~Beat Recoome to unlock the Planet Namek Stage

Now go the marker and save your friends, one of the markers will be a 
battle with Recoome.  

~Goku VS Recoome  

This should be another fairly easy battle. Kamehameha and pursue. If they
teleport away from the ping-pong pursuing, and start pursuing you, do the same
for them.

~Goku VS Ginyu  

Even if you defeat Ginyu, Goku will still be injured to follow the continuity
of the series.  

~Goku VS Frieza

He never will transform in the battle, to follow the series, and afterwards
Goku said he hadn't hurt him much, so I am a bit confused why the battle 
didn't continue right there. When the next battle is about to start, you get
the Super Saiyan capsule, so make sure to equip it before you continue.

During the second time playing with Goku there was a second marker after
Frieza's battle where you could fight Cooler. After you beat him, you unlock
him and will fight Metal Cooler, unless you face SSJ Vegeta first. If you
fight him instead, you bypass the next Frieza fight. You can find the Metal
Cooler capsule above the place where you beat Cooler the first time. You can't
get it if you beat Metal Cooler.

~Goku VS Frieza 2
 Condition: Activate Specialty Skill ~ Super Saiyan
 Aquisitions: Voice Data (original story) #05 

This can be a pretty hard battle, stay away if he goes into Hyper Mode. He
will try many dragon rushes.  

Cell/Android Saga
Dragon Ball Locations:
~In the ocean where the compass is on the map.
~You can pick up another Dragon Radar in West City as well.  
Capsule Locations:
~Kami's Lookout, get a random vest. 
~Plains near the Cell Games Arena, Warp Kamehameha. 
Exp Locations:
~Kami's Lookout
Optional Fights:
~Metal Cooler, at the time machine.  
~At the Battle Point can fight Gohan.  
Unlockable Stages:
~Cell Ring, defeat cell as Goku in the storyline.  

~Goku VS Perfect Cell

This battle is surprisingly easy. Turn SSJ and just use Kamehameha, and pursue
three or four times after each one.

~Buu Saga
Dragon Ball Locations:
~Mountain in the Northeast you can get the dragon radar.  
~On an island east of the tournament arena. 
~East of North city.
~Go to West City after going to Kami's Lookout to get dragon radar.  
Capsule Locations:
~Go to North City to receive the Yakon capsule. 
~Go to Goku's House to receive an item capsule.     
~Go to the forest North of West City to receive the Angel's Halo. 
Optional Fights:
~Go to the battle point to fight Metal Cooler.  
Unlockable Characters:
~Majin Buu, Super Buu, and Kid Buu are all unlocked in the story.  
~Uub, destroy Kid Buu with a successful super spirit bomb and then 
continue the story.

The story will continue and then you will receive the Super Saiyan 2 

~Goku Vs. Majin Vegeta

This isn't too hard; don't rely on dragonrush though. Just turn SSJ2 and do
the Kamehameha Pursue combo. You have to be in the air for the combo to work.

When you reach the marker after going to Kami's Lookout, you will receive
Super Saiyan 3.

~Goku VS Fat Buu
 Condition: Activate Specialty Skill ~ Super Saiyan 3
 Aquisitions: Voice Data (original story) #13

He should be sooooo easy. Activate SSJ3 and use the Kamehameha pursue method.

When you arrive at the next marker, Vegeta and Goku fuse to become Vegito.
You also receive the Potara capsule to become Vegito.

~Vegito VS Super Buu (Gotenks+Piccolo+Gohan+Buu)  

This is so simple. Your character is MEGA POWERFUL! Just use Kamehamehas or
abuse the Ultimate move (Spirit Sword) since you can only recover Ki in this

~Goku VS Super Buu

In this battle your health constantly is being drained from being 
inside his body. For defeating him you get the Absorption Capsule.  

When you arrive on Supreme Kai's Planet you will receive Goku's ultimate 
attack, the spirit bomb. It changes to Super Dragon Fist if you go SSJ, 2, 3!!!

~Goku VS Kid Buu
 Condition: Activate Speciality Skill Finish - Super Spirit Bomb
 Aquisitions: Voice Data (original story) #16

This is a very hard battle; he abuses teleport a lot, and will 
constantly dodge your energy attacks.  Try to finish off Kid Buu while 
not in Super Saiyan mode for a special bonus. For winning you receive 
Kid Buu. Congratulations on beating Goku's storyline.

If you destroy Kid Buu with a successful super spirit bomb, the story 
will continue.

NOTE: You can beat Goku's DU as many times as you want.

~Extra Battles, Unlock Characters

*SSJ2 & SSJ4 Gogeta (Goku), SSJ4 Goku, Broly, Omega Shenron
Side Note:
~SSJ4 Gogeta VS Omega Shenron
 Conditions: Activate Speciality Skill Finish - 100X Big Bang Kamehameha
 Aquisitions: Voice Data (original story) #18
~Metal Cooler

Broly, Goku (SSJ4), Gogeta (SSJ2) , Gogeta (SSJ4), and Omega Shenron (With Goku):
Before looking for Vegeta for the Vegeto Fusion in the Buu saga, look for Hercule
right near where Buu absorbed Gohan, then a little SW of the red dot you should find
Tien, he is unconscious, then just south of him you’ll find Supreme Kai. He will say
he feels a larger force then Majin Buu. Go Fuse and fight Buu. During the final fight
instead of fighting Kid Buu, Vegeta will say to go find the larger power and defeat
it. Beat Broly to get his capsule. After Goten and Trunks will challenge you to a
Fusion fight at the world tournament arena as Gotenks Vs. Gogeta. Instead of fighting
him, look for ??? to the NE of the world tournament on one of the small islands.
There you should get Goku's SS4 capsule. From there head to West city near the
bridge. Talk to Bulma about the Dragon radar. After, head to the world tournament and
take on Gotenks. After defeating him you get Gogeta’s Capsule and Omega Shenron will
show up. Head to Central City. There you will fuse with SS4 Vegeta and get the SS4
Gogeta capsule. Defeat Omega as SS4 Gogeta to get his capsule. You just got 5 of the
hardest unlockables in the game on your second time through with Goku. 

Unlock Cooler:
Beat Goku and Vegeta's story mode once.
Now play Goku's story mode and beat Frieza the first time.  
Now go to the southwest marker, the continuity of the series has 
changed, Vegeta went Super Saiyan on Namek this time and defeated 
Frieza himself, now at the next marker you will fight Super Vegeta, he 
should be relatively easy. It is the marker south of you.  Just use my method or one
of your own. At the next
marker you will find Cooler, and then you will fight him. For defeating him,
you unlock him.

Unlock Metal Cooler:
Beat Goku’s DU the first time.
Play it a second time and beat Frieza once. 
Instead of going south to fight Vegeta, or SE to fight Frieza, go East, to the main
continent, and fight Cooler.  Then he will come back as Metal Cooler, and you will
talk to him.  Then, after you talk to him, go north of his spaceship, and you will
get the “Cooler’s Spaceship” capsule.  Equip this to Cooler, and, when you are
defeated, you transform into Metal Cooler.  PLEASE ALREADY HAVE COOLER UNLOCKED TO DO

****Goku’s Final Evaluation****
	Overall, Goku is an all-range character.  His “Commando” style is most useful, and
his “Stealth” style should really only be used when fighting a character in hyper
mode.  Try using his “Commando” or “Guerilla” style the most.  Remember my
combo/death moves and you will be fine.  Here’s to GOKU, the best, strongest,
funniest, and most kind-hearted fighter in ANY Dragonball series!!!!!!

	I went through a LOT of trouble to make this Guide, and I know it has everything you
need.  If there is an error, false information, or something you would like to add or
comment on, contact me at [email protected]

	This Guide is my sole property.  You may use it on your site, but I MUST GET CREDIT.
 If I do not, you will be tracked and found.  If you have any problems or comments, I
can help you by contacting me at [email protected]  Thank You.

Copyright, 2005, Omegaforce725   

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