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                GoldenSun2: The Lost Age

FAQ by Lawrence Hartmann
version 1.0

1) FAQ
2) Transfering 
3) New goodies
4) Hints and tips
5) Copyright

Q) What does FAQ stand for?
A) Frequently Asked Questions.

Q) Do I get Isaac and the original party later on in the game?
A) Yes, but they have fewer moves than in the first GS.

Q) How do I ask you a question?
A) E-mail me at [email protected] 

Q) Can I contribute to this Guide?
A) yes, E-mail me At [email protected] for details

Q) Can I link up GS 1 and GS2 and battle at the arena?
A) No, unfortunately. 

Q) I heard that you can sail a ship, is this true?
A) It is, but you have to have Piers in your party, and have the Black gem 
in your possession.

Q) I bought this game and it sounds like there’s a prequel to it. How come?
A) Because there IS! Golden Sun the Lost Age is also known as Golden Sun II.

Q) I’m stuck in Garoh, and the old wolf won’t talk to me!!! what do I do?!
A) Go to air’s rock and get reveal from the top. If you’re stuck at the bottom, 
use whirlwind on the first rock you see.

Q) Do you have any game shark codes?
A) NO!!

Q) When I got to Champa, a girl gave me a gold ring. But when I started a 
second game, she didn’t appear. How come?
A) Because you imported data on your first game( and by the way she’s Fezhi, 
not “The girl”).

Q) When I got to Contigo, there’s a building to the north. How do I get in?
A) That building is called Anemos Sanctum. You can’t enter it until you have 
every single Djinn That includes the ones from GS1.

Q) There’s a bunch of mist in the middle of the sea. But, when I get to 
Poseidon, there’s a force field around him. Why?
A) Because you need the Trident. The pieces are scattered through 
out Weyward. When you have all three, go to Granny in Champa.

Q) When I go to aqua rock, they won’t let me in. Why is this?
A) Go to the Apojii islands, there you’ll find a huge (literally)rain drop. 
Go up to it and use Douse. Then go back to Aqua rock.    
Q) What's the advantage to transfering Data?
A) If you transfer Data, You have all your original Gear, levels and 
Djinn for Isaacs team. Plus you get special Cut scenes and items.

Q) How long is this game?
A) Hours. Easily Days.


After you've completed Golden Sun(GS), get your GBA and GS Game pak. to get 
the "Send" option in GS, Press and hold theR button and left on the D pad. 
then press "START", select send and press the A button to bring up the  
 file-selsction screen. Select the Data file that you                      
 wish to transfer and press A to bring up the
==================== Transfer method screen. you have two options 
|   IMPORTANT!     | transferring Data.
| LEFT ON D PAD    |                 
connect two GBA game systems using the GBA game link cable
( GBA cable not GBC!). insert GS into one GBA and GS2 into the other GBA. 
choose Cable from the transfer method screen in both games and press A. 
the DATA transfer will begin automatically. 

In GS, select pasword from the transfer method screen, choose a 
password level(gold,silver,or bronze) and press A. write down the password 
that appears. In GS2 select your password level, and enter your password.
Gold- You get Djinn, Items, Psynergy and characters
Silver and bronze: You DON'T GET AS MUCH STUFF! Just use gold, it's better.



if you find an item such as tear stone and you've got no idea what it is, 
it's probably a blacksmith item.The Blacksmith is a new feature for GS2. if 
you find an item called orihalcon, Darkmatter, tear stone ETC. Take it to the 
Blacksmith in Yallam. It's located North of Tundaria. you'll need to have the 
ship in order to reach it. The Blacksmith (named Sunshine, i'm not kidding!) 
will give you a random item after he's done. 


When you looked on the Back of the Box. you probably saw sheba, piers ETC. on 
a ship. I bet your Thinkin' "oh boy, i get a ship! i can go all over the map 
with this!" it's not as simple as it looks. theres alot of Barriers all over 
the Ocean. you don't pilot the ship until you have Piers in your Party. and 
later on you get Wings! But, your gonna have to read the Walkthrough for that. 


Now with Nine Continents, the world you travel is HUGE! only thing is, 
you can't travel to the original land in GS. i Know how you feel.

There's a whole bunch of new Psynergy, in Battle and out. 
from Pound to Blaze. A huge part of the great game play is owed to the new 


There's 44 new Djinn in The Lost Age. along with New Summons! collect 
all the djinn From GS and GS2, to go to the Last Sanctum to Face Dullhan: The 
ultimate Boss!


1) Renaming Extra characters

When starting a new game, press SELECT three times while you are naming felix.
 you'll hear a ring, you now can rename Jenna, Sheba and Piers. to name the 
original characters in GS1, press Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, 
right, up, right, down, left, up while naming Isaac

2) revisit last used sanctum

while you are loading a game press L+R+START. don't release the buttons until 
the game has loaded completly.

3) Sound Test

When you load your game, select battle mode. go to the bottom left corner of 
the room. talk to the woman while holding down R. she will ask you if you 
have a song request, you can hear any song in the game only if you've heard 
them before

4) Scroll faster

Hate those LONG boring conversations? hold B to scroll through the text 

V: Copyright and Ways to obtain more Info
Do NOT use my Faq on your site without the permission of Lawrence Hartmann. 
AKA Nfiend101 Copyright [C] 2003-2004 Lawrence Hartmann. you may reprint my 
work only with permission from the author(me, Duh).  

Contact me at [email protected] if you want to add anything(Djinn guides, 
classes etc.)

Walkthrough by Lawrence Hartmann(Me)
Further Info

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Contributing info: e-mail me your section and i'll update this FAQ ASAP.

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