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When you start the game, you come to a screen similar to the one of the first KH. 
Obviously, if this is your first time playing, select New Game. Otherwise, choose 
Load Game. It will ask you what difficulty level you want (Easy, Medium, or Hard; I 
chose Medium), whether you want vibrations on and off, and if you want sound to be 
sterio or mono. After you choose those, it will ask you to confirm your three 
choices. Confirm the screen changes. 

[5a] Prologue

Day One introduces the basics and controls of the game. You will learn (or in my 
case, relearn) how to move using the left analog stick and learn about the reaction 
button, which is triangle. This ability is important. You will use it to interact 
with people, examine objects, and for using reaction commands in battle. Reaction 
commands are unique attacks and techniques that are used while fighting when 
indicated. The final lesson you learn in Day One is using the lock-on feature Use 
the right analog stick to move around and press R1 when you see something to 
target. Locking on is also important in battle, as you'll soon find out.
After the fight, a white creature appears and Roxas follows it into a strange 
forest. Follow the creature through the forest until a mansion comes in view. Once 
there, approach the creature, which is called a nobody. Target it and press 
when told to do so.

You're going to see a lot of these in this game, especially in the next 
few days. This battle introduces the reaction commands, in this case when you use 
it, you slide behind the Dusk and that puts you in a good position to attack. You 
can't damage the nobody with the weapon you have now. Just practice using the 
reaction command until the cutscene. Roxas's weapon mysteriously turns into the 
keyblade. When youg et back into battle, the Dusk can be defeated easily from just 
a few hits. Remember to use the reaction command when prompted to, you will avoid 
many attacks that way. Like I said, a few combos will defeat the nobody. 

Roxas has had a very strange dream about this kid named Sora. (We know him quite 
well, but he doesn't) Roxas finds himself back at The Usual Place, the name of the 
place where he hangs out, with his three friends. The four decide that they want to 
go to the beach, but they don't have enough munny for train ticket and pretzels. 
They all decide to do various odd jobs around town to earn money and meet up later 
on so they all will have enough money to go to the beach.
You can choose a job from the Help Wanted bulletin board after the cutscene. 
Ideally, you should earn 800 munny, but you can get away with earning as little as 
50 munny to continue the storyline. If you're an overachiever, try earning at least 
1050 munny to recieve an AP bonus when you turn in your earnings. The maximum 
amount of munny that you can collect is 1850. When you reach that amount, the 
meeting at the train station will start automatically. Regardless of how much you 
earn, all of it will go towards getting train tickets and Roxas will end up with no 
munny of his own.When you meet at the train station, you are knocked over by a 
man and apparantly robbed all of the munny. Although, Roxas's friends said they 
could see the man, the beach trip is canceled and Day Two comes to a close.

 Roxas has another night of dreams and flashbacks. Roxas heads to the Usual Place 
and finds a note from Hayner saying tho meet them at the Station Plaza for an 
actual trip to the beach. When you talk to Pence and Olette on Market Street, time 
is frozen and you meet Namine. You briefly speak with her and then she leaves and 
time continues where it left off. You will eventually go to the Sandlot where you 
fight another Dusk. Afterwards, Roxas is transferred to his own version of, "Dive 
To The Heart", the tutoral in the first Kingdom Hearts.
You, just like last time, will choose between the sword, shield, and staff. Sword 
raises strength, shield raises defense, and staff raises magic.After you make your 
decision, you will have to fight three nobodys.Remember to use 
the reaction command you slide out of the way of attacks. After winning the battle, 
you recieve the ability, Aerial Recovery as a Get Bonus. Get Bonuses are rewards 
you get for completing specific things in the game. These rewards could be skills, 
abilities, items, or boosts in HP or MP. A treasure chest and save point appears. 
The chest gives you the ability to hold and use items. Use the save point and use 
the door to get to the next area. Follow the path up to the next platform.His first 
attack will imprison Roxas into the air. This sets off a chain 
of reactions; use the reaction command when told to. He will fall off the platform 
and then tip it over and unleash a huge lightning attack. Dodge? Easy. Use the 
reaction command to destroy it and you both will return to the platform and he will 
be dazed. Attack his head until he regains control. He will not release many 
lightning attacks. Continually press the reaction command to jump away from these 
and work your way up to his face where you can attack again. He will swim across 
the platform and release Dusks onto the battle field. Continue to focus on him and 
use the reaction command with an occasional combo to his head. The process will 
eventually repeat until he is defeated.

Today is the day of the Struggle Battle Tournament so prepare to do a lot of 
fighting. Both Roxas and Hayner are competing seperatly.

The rules are simple. Each opponent has 100 orbs, when you hit your opponent, they 
lose orbs. Pick them up if you lose them to prevent him from regaining them. If 
Roxas gets hit, he loses orbs as well so be careful. At the end of the match, the 
person with the more orbs in their possession wins.

Talk to the guy near the chalkboard to be informed of the rules then talk to the 
Ring Master to begin Round One.

What I did is I attack him until I had More then I ran around until time ran out


After the fight with Vivi, a group of nobodys attack. Defeat them and then Axel 
will appear. After Axel disappers, you will now face Setzer to determine the real 

They decide to ivestigate the mysteries of Twilight Town and see if the 
rumors or true, or if they can be easily explained. Most of the mysteries are 
caused by the Nobody interfearing. 

When you arrive at Sunset Station, talk to Pence to look at a map of the area to 
find the mysteries and what they mean. The stair mystery, it turns out, was bogus 
because Rai doesn't know how to count. Proceed into Sunset Terrance and into an 
alleyway, on the left to investigate the wall. Orbs will start coming out of it. 
Dodge them and head up to the wall to examine it. Continue passed the alleyway to 
the tunnel. Head in to investigate the moaning coming from it. You see someone who 
looks like Vivi, and then it splits into three. Defeat all 14 clones, which all die 
in 1 or 2 hits. Head out of the tunnel and accross the tram tracks to the fountain 
on the right. Olette is looking at it. Examine it and Shadow Roxas steps out. 
Defeat the shade to solve the mystery. This is an easy battle because Shadow Roxas 
is slow and tends to leave himself open and get himself cornered. The 5th and 6th 
Wonders take place on Sunset Hill. Continue up the path from the fountain, and to 
the left and you will see the entrance. Go up to teh hill and examine the bag. When 
it takes off, use the jump-on reaction command to ride it. Press triangle when told 
to jump over the objects on the hill until the stamina runs out. The 6th wonder is 
a ghost train that passes Sunset Hill. Head back to the hill and go to the top for 
a cutscene with Seifer. Then the train comes, but only Roxas sees it. They head 
back to the station where the train disappears. When they head back on the real 
train, Roxas learns the 7th and last mystery is a girl who apprantly, looks out the 
second floor window of the mansion in the forest. Roxas wants to see it but the 
other 3 refuse. Go back to the forest and to the mansion. Roxas will have more 
flashbacks and then Pence meets him and says all four of them, plus Seifer and his 
gang will go to the mansion tomorrow. That closes out Day Five, as Roxas has more 
dreams that night.

This is the last day or the tutoral and the prologue. This time, you enter the 
mansion. But first, why are you invisible to your friends. When you exit The Usual 
Place, you meet Axel, who apprantly is supposed to be your best friend. Before the 
conflict is resolved, Nobodies attack. Kill them all or when your HP hits 30%, the 
next cutscene will trigger. The new Assassins are a bit harder to defeat than the 
Dusks. Wait for them to go above ground and then attack and avoid their swift 
motions. Head back to the Old Mansion through the woods. Nobodies will appear in 
the forest now in waves.

You unlock the gate using your keyblade and leave behind three Dusks who were about 
to attack you. Inside the mansion, head up the stairs while defeating the Nobody 
and head left to the door. This is Namine's room. After another cutscene and more 
flashbacks, you get Namine's drawings and a map of the mansion. Now exit the room 
and head to the right door on the second floor. Roxas fills in the drawing on the 
desk to reveal the entrance to the Basement and Secret Computer Room, where DiZ and 
Ansem have been talking in his dreams. Use the save point here and enter the 
computer room. More flashbacks here and Roxas gets angry and destroys the computer 
with the keyblade. I don't think it will ever work again. Head back where you came 
from to save again and back into the computer room and through to the next door for 
a boss fight with Axel.

This is your last fight with Roxas. Axel is much quicker in this one. But 
you get to use two keyblades! The Oathkeeper and Oblivion, to inflict double 
damage. Axel turns the floor to magma which will gradually hurt Roxas. When Axel 
exits the ring of fire, target lock him to locate him and use the reaction command 
when told to. The screen flashes and Axel is knocked out on the floor. Unleash some 
major damage to him here and the process with repeat. You should have no problem in 
this battle.

Axel disappears here and he says to Roxas that he will see him in the 
next life. You see another scene of the city in Another Side, Another Story. 
Proceed back to save and then back here and into the next room labeled ???. In this 
room, Donald and Goofy's pods are present and Roxas reconizes them easly. In the 
next room, Sora's pod is present and DiZ is also there. Roxas gets mad at him and 
tries slashing him but Diz is a hologram. Roxas opens up Sora's pod. Roxas's story 
closes out saying "My summer break is now over." Very sad ending to Roxas's story. 
After more flashbacks, Goofy and Donalds wake up and they together wake up Sora. 
Sora greets them, with his now deeper voice since he is a year older now. Notice, 
he is still wearing his original Kingdom Hearts clothes. The three recall 
everything that has happened since their journey began. I guess Namine's plan 
worked. They look in Jiminy's journal and read one sentence. "Thank Namine" but 
they don't remember who she is. They were, afterall, supposed to lose all their 
memories of Castle Oblivion. 

Sora, Donald, and Goofy walk out of the mansion. There 
are a few chests here to open. Afterards, head to the woods and you will be warped 
to The Usual Place. You speak to Hayner, Pence, and Olette who ask who you are. 
After both sides introduce themselves, Hayner tells Sora that someone with big ears 
in a robe was looking for them. That fits the description of King Mickey! They say 
he is at the station. Will Sora, Donald, and Goofy finally reunite with the king. 
Be sure to use the save point here and head to the station. On the way there, stop 
in the Sandlot to make an encounter with Seifer and his gang. The three will be 
harsh on Sora, Donald , and Goofy. They're about to fight when the Ring Master 
encourages it to be a Struggle Battle. Talk to him after getting some practice. 
When you're done here, head to the Train Station. Once there, Sora is surrounded by 
a bunch of Nobodies. There are 10 dusks and then an unlimited amount of Creepers. 
If Sora's HP drops to 30% or the battle lasts more than 1.5 minutes, whatever comes 
first will trigger the cutscene. King Mickey jumps into the battle and destroys the 
rest of the Nobodies. He then tells Sora, Donald, and Goofy to take the train. The 
King hands Sora a bag with 5000 munny in it. Now your next destination is on the 
other side of Twilight Town, a mysterious tower. You say goodbye to Rayner, Pence, 
and Orelle, and Sora says he feels like he will never see Twilight Town or his new 
friends again. As the train leaves, Sora finds the missing blue gem that Roxas lost 
in his munny bag. When the train arrives at the tower, open the three chests that 
are along the way and walk up to the tower. You encounter Pete for the first time. 
He is trying to open the door to the tower, which happens to be Yen Sid's, Mickey's 
teacher, house. Pete says that he is going to take over the worlds with Maleficent. 
He then turns around and realizes he is talking to Donald and Goofy. The three tell 
him that they killed Maleficent. Pete grows angry with them and sends his Heartless 
group to attack. Remember them? Well they're still here. After you finish fighting 
them. Head into the tower and Pete gets left behind, mouth wide open.

Be sure to save your game here on the first floor. While making your way up the 
tower, you will encounter many Heartless. The first few groups are only Shadows, 
which are, as you remember, the weakest kind. As you get closer to the Sorcerer's 
Loft, Soldiers will start to appear in the groups along with the Shadows. Continue 
knocking them out of your way and making your way up the spiral staircases until 
you reach the Sorcerer's Loft where Yen Sid is waiting. During the cutscene, Yen 
Sid explains to Sora the situation. He then tells you to read the book he puts in 
front of you. Read all three entries and talk to him again. He will then inform you 
about the Heartless, the Nobodies, and Organization XIII. You learn that Heartless 
are people who turn their hearts completely over to Darkness. The Nobody is the 
remaining shell of that person who lack hearts, but pretend to have them. After Yen 
Sid is done explaining, he sends you over to the next room for a change of clothes. 
Sora's a year older now and his clothes are becomming a bit too big. Use the save 
point here and head into the next room. Talk to the middle fairy to change clothes. 
After an argument about what color clothes he should get, the fairies give Sora a 
brand new costume. Say goodbye to the old clothes and hello to Sora's new black 
outfit. The Fairies also give Sora Valor Form. This allows you to transform 
temporarily into a red costume and combine with Goofy to wield two keyblades and 
boost speed and strength. As long as you have the 3 drive meter points required to 
activate it. Leave the room and you speak with Yen Sid again. He tells you about 
the gummi ship and how the worlds are connected again. When Sora and the gang 
depart, the fairies watch as a crow brings Maleficent's robe into the room and 
revives her. The fairies flee to tell Yen Sid that Maleficent is back. Back in the 
gummi ship, notice the map is highly upgraded. Drag the gummi ship to the only 
possible world to go to, Hollow Bastion. The trip is easy because it doesn't 
involve a mini game in it, but it will soon.

There are many shops here, one of them 
sells new weapons for Donald and Goofy. Continue following the path passed all the 
shops and notice Donald's Uncle Scrooge. Speak to him and then take a look at the 
Moogle Shop. This is where you will synthesize items. If you drop off all the 
materials you have already collected, the Moogles will give you an elixer.

When yo first enter the borough part of town, you will meet up with Yuffie. She 
explains what the shining beams of light are. It is the town's new Security System 
set up by the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee. Your conversation is 
interrupted by a group os Dusks. This battle is made easier because the new 
security system's beams help you damage the Dusks. This feature is present through 
the whole Borough so it's a big help. Yuffie tells Sora, Donald, and Goofy to meet 
her at Merlin's House with the rest of the gang. She then gives Sora the 
Marketplace Map and runs off. Follow her.

Follow the path into an opening where Heartless appear. Defeat them and go into the 
house right in front of you. After reuniting with Aerith, Cid, Leon, and Merlin, 
Sora says he has forgotten his magic so Merlin gives you the Blizzard Element and 
tells you how to use magic again. Hold L1 to access the magic shortcut. You can 
configure them in the main menu. Magic costs MP, as you know, but with the new 
outfit, Sora will gradually regain MP. Leon tells you to meet him at the Bailey. 
Before you go, Aerith presents Sora, Donalds, and Goofy with Hollow Bastion 
Restoration Committee membership cards. Follow Leon onto the path. You'll run into 
some Heartless here. Climb up the blocks and into the pathway to meet up with Leon 
and start a cutscene. Leon shows you all the work that needs to be done to fix up 
Hollow Bastion. Just then, a bunch of Nobodies attack.

You will be defeating many waves of Nobody here. Your goal is to protect the gate 
so the rest of the Nobody don't infiltrate the town. You got, not only the security 
system on your side, but also Leon and his Gunblade. Leon will attack the Nobody in 
the rear. It is your job to protect the gate. You're without Donald and Goofy, but 
the Nobody are mainly composed of Dusks. The second wave of Nobody are Creeprs and 
Samurai. Samurai are tough, but are usually are a distraction. Focus completely on 
the foes at the gate and let Leon take care of the rest. Once you win, the Get 
Bonus for this battle is the Fire Element. Organization XIII shows up and taunts 
you then you make an encounter with one member of the Organization. This member is 
Axel, but Sora doesn't realize this and just thinks he is messing with his mind 
when he says, "You always used to give me that look." When Axel disappears, Sora 
holds up his membership card. It starts to glow and eventually reveals the keyhole, 
which Sora locks. He realizes what he is up against. He says goodbye to Leon and 
promises to return later on. As for now, Sora, Donald, and Goofy have more worlds 
to protect from the Heartless, Nobody, and Organization XIII, who seems to be the 
biggest threat out of all of them.

Once you get the sign to leave from the keyblade, you will return to the gummi ship 
and two more worlds open up: Ancient China and Beast's Castle. I will cover Ancient 
China first, as I feel it is easier and it is what I did in the game. I suggest 
that you do the same. Take the Northern Route to Land of The Dragons.

You will face a mini game in the gummi ship, similar, but much more advanced and 
upgraded than the one from the original game. After this, you will open up the gate 
to Land Of The Dragons. Head over there and disembark.

Sora is walking through a bamboo forest when he comes to a huge shadow shown behind 
a cloth. Sora, Donald, and Goofy mistake it as a Heartless and try to attack. It 
turns out it's only Mushu and Mulan. Mushu eventually reconizes you and introduces 
you to Mulan, who says "his" name is actually Ping. She explains how she is 
disguising as a guy to get into the army and take her father's place in fighting. 
The three decide to accompany her to the training grounds. A bunch of heartless 
attack so defeat all of them. The Captain likes your fighting and says he wouldn't 
mind you joining the Chinese army, as they are currently in battle with Shan-Yu and 
the Huns. The Captain, however, is not too sure about Ping. Ping says that if he 
can prove himself to the Captain, he should get to join. The Captain agrees to give 
them 3 tests. (talk to him when you are ready to take them) The first two missions, 
entitled The Surprise Attack and The Ambush, take place at the Checkpoint and 
involve you defeating Heartless. Keep close watch on your party morale, that's the 
meter in the top left-hand corner. It will appear whenever you engage in a scripted 
battle. (Don't worry; it's only in this world) The meter not only goes down when 
you or your party members take damage, but it also goes down over time. If the 
guage runs empty, you get a game over. The meter can be refilled by picking up the 
orbs dropped by the Heartless when they are defeated.

The first mission is against Shadows and Nightwalkers. To beat this mission, you 
must defeat all 15 Heartless and not have the Party Morale meter go empty. Try 
attacking many at a time to get this done quicker. Again, pick up the dropped orbs 
to refill the meter.

The final mission is at the Encampment. You are looking for 8 Heartless invaders. 
Look around the entire camp to reveal them and destroy all 8. Be sure to pick up 
these orbs that they drop, so you can raise the meter back up.

After successfully beating all three missions, the Captain gives you an AP Boost as 
a reward and tells you to clear a path through the mountains for the army to travel 

You're goal is to clear a path through the mountains for the army to get through 
before the Party Morale meter runs empty. You must break down rock walls and have 
Heartless on your back at the same time. I sugguest focusing completely on the 
walls and letting the party take care of the Heartless. Use the Rockshatter 
Reaction Command to tear down the large rock walls that are blocking the path. You 
will need to press triangle many times to destroy these walls. After you destroy 
the two walls, head to the next area. Don't worry about the treasure chests right 
now. You can open them all later. Go to the right at the start of the area and use 
the steps to get over to the next rock wall. Use the Rockshatter Reaction command 
again to knock it down. After that is done, you have successfully cleared the path 
for the army.

At the Village, Mushu announces to you that he saw Shan-Yu in the cave just outside 
of the village. Instead of telling the Captain, Mushu persaudes Ping, Sora, Donald, 
and Goofy to head into the cave and defeat Shan-Yu themselves in order to prove to 
the Captain that Ping has what it takes. When in the cave, Shan-Yu blocks off 
Donald and Goofy from Ping and Sora and traps them (Ping anf Sora, that is) inside. 
A wave of Heartless appear, composed of Shadows and Assault Riders. Keep hacking 
away at the Shadows first, there are many of them. When the waves of Shadows stop, 
focus on the Assault Rider. Like I said before, they are tough opponents so be 
careful. The next wave is difficult: two Assault Riders at the same time. It's hard 
to get one of them away from the other. That's what makes this wave hard. Use magic 
from a distance, if you must. Try to get Ping to distract one of them while you 
attack another. Them double-team on the final one. The Get Bonuses for this battle 
are the Slide Dash and a max HP increase for Sora and Hyper Healing for Ping.

When you return to the village, you see that like before, Shan-Yu has burned 
another village down. The Captain is injured. Sora tells him that they will go 
after Shan-Yu and tells the Captain to look for the rest of the army. Head back 
towards the cave but this time pass it and go up the mountain.

Rapid Thrusters are the new type of Heartless on the ridge. These guys are small 
and fast but there are a few reaction commands you can use to destroy them. After 
an encounter with Shan-Yu, he sends a ton of Rapid Thrusters and Bolt Towers 
against Sora, who battles this alone. The goal here is to not beat all of them, but 
to survive only one minute in this battle. Use the Reaction Commands that become 
available. If the Bolt Towers shoot you with their beams, use the reaction command 
for an awesome-looking attack, Bolt Reversal. When the timer runs out, the battle 
is over.

Just as Shan-Yu starts to charge you, the army come with a cannon that Ping 
attaches Mushu to and shoots him to the mountain. This starts an avalanche that 
comes crashing down over Shan-Yu and the army as well. Fortunatly, everyone is 
okay. Sadly, Shan-Yu survives, too. Mushu comes back and accidentally reveals 
Ping's identity as a woman named Mulan. The Captain is angry and dismisses Mulan, 
Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Mushu from the army. After the cutscene ends, they all 
decide to head to the Imperial City to save it from Shan-Yu.

Head all the way back down to the Checkpoint where you took your first two 
missions. This time, instead of heading to the Encampment, head to the opposite 
exit, which heads to the Imperial City.

When you get there, Mulan tries to warm the Captain that Shan-Yu is still alive. He 
doesn't believe you until he sees Shan-Yu himself. Defeat all the Heartless 
invaders, composed of Nightwalkers and Bolt Towers. Try out the Red Rocket Reaction 
Command to destroy them. When they are all defeated, head to the Palace for the 
showdown with Shan-Yu. He puts a sword to the Chinese Emperor but the Captain and 
the army save him and get him inside. As for you, it is up to you to defeat Shan-Yu.

You're doing two different things in this fight. Not only are you 
fighting Shan-Yu, but you are also trying to defend the gate from the Heartless. 
The orbs dropped by the Heartless raise the meter representing the gate's defense. 
Start attacking Shan-Yu, feel free to enter Valor form here. Let the party defeaf 
the Heartless here and pick up the orbs to heal the gate's defense. Do the Reaction 
Command whenever possible because you can use Mulan's Limit move to not only damage 
Shan-Yu, but the Heartless as well. Shan-Yu's falcon will sometimes pick you up and 
drop you. When Shan-Yu glows, be careful because he shoots around the room at a 
very fast speed. You'll be promopted to do a Showdown reaction command which could 
send Shan-Yu to the wall if you do it right. The Get Bonuses for this fight are 
Aerial Sweep and an HP increase for Sora, an HP increase for Donald and Mulan, and 
Goofy learns Goofy Turbo. You also recieve the Hidden Dragon keyblade.

The Emperor thanks Mulan for saving China and presents her with a sword. The sword, 
along with the keyblade, reveal the keyhole. Sora locks it and says goodbye to his 
new friends. He says he will return soon. (Which he will eventually)

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy walk into the castle, they are not sure who lives here 
until they hear the Beast roar from a distance. They realize that if the Beast is 
here, Belle must be here, too. Head into the open door, into the Parlor.

In the Parlor, you are surrounded by a number of Shadows. The key here is to manage 
to attack and defeat many at the same time. After a while, the Beast enters the 
room, looking very angry. He defeats the rest of the Shadows and pushes Sora out of 
the way. He takes a rose with a glass case over it out of the cupboard and exits 
the parlor as if you are invisible.

After the scene is over, head back to the entrance hall and proceed up the stairs 
and to the right to enter the East Wing. There are bunches of Heartless on the way 
up to fight. At the end of the East Wing Hall, is the door to Belle's Room. Belle 
is glad to see you and tells you the Beast has been acting very strange lately. He 
has locked all the servants in the dungeon and has kept himself mostly isolated in 
his room. It's your job to rescue the servants. Before leaving the room, open the 
chest to get the Castle Map.
The dungeon is located in the West Wing, which is to the left at the top of the 
stairs. At the end of the hallway, you encounter the Wardrobe, who is sleepings and 
guarding the door to the dungeon. Sora tries to move her but she wakes up and goes 
back to her original position. The Wardrobe is a deep sleeper so it's your job to 
try to move her again, but this time, not to wake her up. Push the reaction command 
button at a steady pace. Be careful not to press the button when the Waken Reaction 
Command is displayed. When you remove the Wardrobe out of the way, she wakes up 
again and you introduce yourselfs. She tells you that the whole castle is under a 
curse, as all the servants are appliances. She decides to save the story until 
later so you can look forward to something after you save the rest of the servants. 
Head into the dungeon when the conversation is over. 
The Thresholder can expand his arms out far to attack so watch your 
distance. Heartless appear whenever you approach the Thresholder. Let Donald and 
Goofy take care of them while you hack away at the Thresholder. Valor Form is a 
good thing to use right now. After you deplete his HP, use the Release Reaction 
Command to force out the Possessor. Attack the floating spirit, who has no attacks 
of it's own. In a bit, the Possessor will return into the Thresholder and the 
process will repeat. Attack the Thresholder and whe its HP is gone, finish off the 
Possessor for good. The Get Bonuses for this battle are Upper Slash for Sora, 
Donald Fire for Donald, and an HP boost for Goofy.

Enter the doors that you fought to save Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip. 
They explain the curse and the situation about what has gone on. They tell you to 
follow them to a shortcut to the Beast's Chambers. Get the Basement Map from the 
chest and save your game. Then exit the room.

Follow Lumiere up the boxes and talk to Cogsworth, who will get the guarding 
statues out of the way. The Lanterns in this next area are burning with what looks 
like a shadowy, dark fire. To fix the four lanterns, you will need Mrs. Potts and 
Lumiere to relight the candle after you douse it with the Sprinkle Reaction 
Command. Cogsworth holds on to the lever to lower the lanterns. Watch his grip 
meter closely, or he will drop the lever and you will have to start over. When you 
see his meter running out, head back to him and revive him using the Reaction 
Command so he will regenerate his strength. Continue fixing all four lanterns. 
Remember to have Mrs. Potts and Lumiere with you, as you need them. Once all four 
lanterns are relit, the passage will be revealed. Follow the hallway, defeating the 
Heartless to reach the Beast's room. He's with one of the Organization XIII 
members, who seems to be making the Beast unleash all his rage. You will need to 
fight the Beast to make him come to his senses.

This battle is quite simple. The objective is to make the Beast come to 
his senses. Use Cogsworth and the Wake Up Reaction Command. This makes Beast 
struggle with the spell that's is on him. Attack him with combos here. Continue 
this process. Every 4 or 5 cycles, Cogsworth needs to be recharged, so when the 
Recharge Reaction Command appears, use it. Continue combining Wake Up Reaction 
Commands with combos and the battle should be yours. The Get Bonuses for this 
battle is an extra armor slot for Sora, an HP increase for Donald, and the Defender 
ability for Goofy.

The Beast is now back to normal. Put him in your party and head back to the East 
Wind to talk to Belle. When you reach her room, the Wardrobe says she went after 
Xaldin. Save here and head back to the Main Entrance and Belle will call and say 
she is in the Ballroom. The Ballroom, is the big door straight up the stairs 
between the paths leading to the East and West wings. After the cutscene here, the 
Ballroom goes under a huge transformation. Dark Energy complete takes over the 
room, changing it from elegant-looking to evil-looking. The pillars are now 
tenticles and the chandelier has changed to a dark form. A Heartless appears. A big 
one, which means it is time for another boss fight.

The this the first of two forms of this Heartless. The Shadow Stalker 
possesses various objects on the field such as the pillars, chandelier, and windows 
and attacks with them. When the Shadow Stalker possesses the window, line yourself 
up to the window's frame to avoid the incoming attack. (You can tell what the 
Shadow Stalker is possessing as it stamps its appearance on the object) It's face 
appears on the window so you know when this attack is coming. It's important to 
keep track of where the Shadow Stalker is. Don't use Valor Form here, save it for 
the the boss's second form. The Shadow Stalker will sometimes go into the ground. 
Watch it's shadow or it will swallow Sora. It will also possess the pillars. Wait 
for the pillars to launch their attack and then attack the one that has the Shadow 
Stalker's complexsion on it. When the Chandelier falls down, wait for it to stop 
spinning and then attack. Then Use Release Action Command to take him out and 

The battle is even harder than the last one. Dark Thorn is in a stealth 
mode when the fight begins. Attack him, (look for his shadow), to make him lose the 
invisiblity. This is a good time to use Valor Form so you can launch some strong 
attacks on the Dark Thorn. Use the Slingshot Reaction Command when possible, it's a 
good strategy. This three-stage command allows Sora to jump and attack the Dark 
Thorn with the chandelier. Keep in mind, Dark Thorn can use the chandelier as well. 
The Get Bonuses for this battle is Retalianting Slash ability for Sora, a new item 
slot for Goofy, and HP boosts for Donald and the Beast. 

When you leave the world, you are summoned by Merlin to return to Hollow 
Bastion. He tells you that he has recovered the book of the Hundred Acre Wood. Sora 
goes in to give Pooh a visit but that is cut short when he is blasted out of the 
book because of a Heartless attack. Defeat the Heartless to recover the book. 
Unfortunatly, the Heartless scattered the torn pages and you need to look for them. 
You check in with Pooh again but he doesn't know who you are. Maybe the torn pages 
will fix this problem. The next destination is Olympus Colliseum. Take the route 
over there.

You arrive at a dark place, wondering how this can possibly be part of the Olympus 
Colliseum. You meet Megara, Hercules' girlfriend. She tells you that you are in the 
Underworld and she has decided to come down here to tell Hades to give Hercules a 
break because he has been getting tired from fighting all the monsters that Hades 
has sent after him. Sora offers to go in her place, because the journey to Hades is 
dangerous. The Drive Bar and summons are locked while down here until you get the 
Olympus Stone later on.

Head into the Cave of the Dead. There are Heartless throughout this area; Rabid 
Dogs, Shadows, and Lance Soldiers make up the force this time. The experience 
always helps and there's a bunch of treasure earned from it. You can use the Limit 
Reaction Command, it helps out a bit when fighting. As you proceed through the 
cave, rocks will fall from the ceiling and damage you, so keep an eye out. When you 
reach the Inner Chamber, you will confront an Organization XIII member, who tells 
you to run away. Sora's response to this? "Okay...". The statement is ignored by 
Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

In the Valley of the Dead, head up the long path here and into Hades' domain. Hades 
summons Auron to fight Hercules, but Auron refuses and joins you when you enter the 
room. You will fight Hades breifly here but you can't damage him, since heros don't 
have power over villains in the Underworld. When the cutscene triggers, follow 
Auron out of the room.

The Escape

You now have to run away from Hades while fighting a bunch of Heartless. This 
battle has 3 areas of fighting and the next one isn't opened until you defeated all 
the Heartless in the current one. The Limit Reaction Command is a big help here. 
Hook Bats and Shadows make up the first area. At the same time, Hades is right 
behind you shooting fireballs at you. Lance Soldiers and Shadows are the Heartless 
present in the second area. The Lance Tug Reaction Command works here. The last 
area is the hardest because the Heartless come in waves and Hades is right on top 
of you. Heal the party right after entering this area so you are ready. Use the 
Limit Reaction Command to defeat the first wave. Large Bodies join the force in the 
next wave. Keep a close eye on your health here. When all the Heartless are 
defeated, head out the door and you are safe from Hades. Back in his domain, Hades 
decides to send Cerberus after you. You will encounter him and have to fight him 
when you reach the other end of the Cave.

Boss: Cerberus
Health: 440
Strategy: There are many different ways to attack Cerberus, making this battle a 
lot easier. You're without Donald and Goofy in this fight, but Auron is. Cerberus, 
unlike last game, stays in the same position and only moves around by jumping, 
which also causes a shock wave. Cerberus shoots fireballs at you when you stay idle 
at a good distance, so try to keep moving. The Limit Reaction Command is a good 
strategy here. When attacking with combos, always try to hit the middle head. When 
the two outer heads draw back dramatically, go to the center head so the outer two 
can lock you between them. You can trigger a three stage Reaction Command here. It 
starts with Evade, Jump, and then Dog Paddle. This attack does massive damage to 
Cerberus and leaves it unconscious. This is the perfect opportunity to attack with 
all the combos you can get in before it regains consciousness. So always keep 
locked on to the middle head so you get more opportunities to perform that Reaction 
Command. The Get Bonuses for this battle is an HP Boost for Auron and the Dodge 
Slash ability for Sora.

When you are safely back in the Underworld's main entrance, save your game and head 
up the stairs to get to the Olympus Colliseum. It hasn't changed too much since you 
left. When you meet Hercules, he tells you that you need the Olympus Stone to 
defeat Hades, while he goes to get it, Sora decides to recieve some training from 

Training 1

In the first training round, the goal is to break the urns that are floating around 
the field and collect 20 orbs within 1 and a half minutes. This shouldn't be a 
challenge for you.

Training 2

The next round is a bit tougher, but it's a skill that will prove useful in the 
next boss battle. Now you msut collect 100 orbs within 1 and a half minutes. Keep 
in mind that the larger urns have more orbs inside. When the huge urn appears, 
break that one for some orbs, that are worth the value of 10 orbs each. The Get 
Bonus for this training is the Aerial Spiral ability.

Return to the Underworld

Hercules comes back and tells you that the Olympus Stone has been stolen. Suddenly, 
Hades appears and says that he took the stone and also kidnapped Megara. 
Unfortunatly, Hercules can't go rescue her because he has to fight the Hydra later 
on. Sora, Donald, and Goofy, decide to go back down to the Underworld to get back 
the Olympus Stone and rescue Megara. The door that was blocked by an electric wall 
before is now open. Head to that door and enter it to encounter the Oragnization 
XIII member that you saw earlier. He has the Olympus Stone and you defeat to fight 
for it.

Boss: Demyx
Health: N/A
Strategy: To defeat Demyx, you need to defeat all 100 of his forms in 80 seconds. 
This is where the training comes in handy. It isn't possible to defeat all of them 
by killing each, one-by-one. Instead, use the Wild Dance Reaction Command to defeat 
many at once. Ignore Demyx and focus entirely on the forms. The Get Bonuses for 
this battle are HP increases for Sora and Goofy and MP Rage for Donald.

Now that you got the Olympus Stone back, head into the next room and release Megara 
from the rock; the keyblade will do the job. Meanwhile, Hercules has defeated the 
Hydra and heads over to the Underworld to help you. Save your game here and head 
into the green light to encounter Pete.

Boss: Pete
Health: 264
Strategy: There are two parts in this battle. In part one, you have to protect 
Megara from Pete and his Hook Bats. Activate Valor Form at the start. Let Donald 
and Goofy focus on the Hook Bats and you worry about Pete. After a while, Hercules 
arrives and helps out. Pete sometimes activates a shield around him that protects 
him from all attacks. The Reaction Command Pinball can destroy this attack. You 
have to defeat Pete within 2 minutes before the Unerworld explodes. The Get Bonuses 
for this battle is the Trinity Limit ability for Sora, the Hyper Ability for Goofy, 
and an HP boost for Donald.

After you escape the Unerworld, the group returns to the Olympus Colliseum to find 
that the Hydra has revived itself and has destroyed the entire area. Hercules is 
very upset over this and takes full responsibility. But Sora is determined; he 
tells everyone that the whole group will work as a team to defeat the Hydra.

Boss: Hydra
Health: 462
Strategy: This battle has many stages to it. It also is my favorite battle thus 
far. In the first stage, the Hydra has only one head. Wait for the Hydra to lower 
its head so you can attack. The Hydra will whip its tail around the field. It also 
attacks with summoned lightning bolts. When the Hydra is stunned, run up to it and 
use the Vanquish Reaction Command to cut its head off. But it is definetly not 
over. The Hydra sticks it's neck into the ground and stays frozen and three heads 
appear out of the ground a distance away. There are two ways you can defeat the 
three heads. You can defeat all three manually or listen to Phil's call to get onto 
the Hydra's back. When he throws a urn at you, use the Phil One-Two and Urninator 
Reaction Commands to knock all three heads unconscious. Keep in mind that the 
defeated heads will revive if you take too long, making you have to repeat the 
process. But this battle is still far from over! Once you defeat all three heads. 
the Hydra takes it's neck out of the ground, this time having all seven heads; it's 
true form of legend. Watch for a chance to activate the Pegasus Run Reaction 
Command. In this, you get on Pegasus' back and fly up into the air to attack the 
Hydra's heads. Kepp pressing triangle throughout the flight to do a great amount of 
damage. Anytime the Hydra lowers one of its seven heads, go in for the attack. 
Valor form works here. You can even jump onto the head and attack from there. When 
the Hydra's HP is gone, unleash another Vanquish Reaction Command to cut off all 
seven heads. Can you say decapatate?! The Get Bonuses for this battle are HP boosts 
for Sora and Goofy, an Armor Slot for Donald, and the Thunder Element for Sora, as 
well. You also get the Hero's Crest Keyblade.

After saying goodbye to Hercules, Phil, and Megara, you leave the Olympus 
Colliseum, which is an absolute mess thanks to the Hydra. The Disney Castle appears 
on the map. Queen Minnie apparantly needs to see you. That is your next destination.


[5h] Disney Castle


Sora has heard so much about the Disney Castle, and finally you are here. You'd 
expect Donald and Goofy happy to be home, but there's something wrong. In King 
Mickey's absence, Heartless have taken over the castle. It's your job to get into 
the castle and protect Queen Minnie.

Storming The Castle

You start off in the Courtyard. The area has many treasure chests to open, but it 
also packed with Heartless. Spend plently of time here leveling up and collecting 
the treasure. When you are ready, there's a door on the side of the courtyard to 
enter the castle. When inside, head up the stairs and to the left. Take the hall 
straight to the end, and go through the door at the end of the hall to enter the 
Library and meet Queen Minnie. After the cutscene, save your game and get the 
Castle Map from the chest. You have to escort Queen Minnie to the Audience Chamber 
and protect her from the Heartless. The Audience Chamber is the door that you 
passed in the hallway that was blocked off before.

Escorting Minnie, Part One

As you go down the hall, Heartless appear. Watch Minnie's damage bar. It will 
likely go up if you fight all the Heartless regularly, so use the Faith Reaction 
Command to damage them and send them flying. This process is very slow, but it's 
better to be safe than sorry. When the wave is clear, walk ahead and use the Call 
Over Reaction Command to get Minnie to follow you. More Heartless will appear, so 
repeat the process. There are about 4 or 5 waves between the Library and the door. 
Continue the process until you reach the door, use the Finish Reaction Command to 
access the Audience Chamber.

Escorting Minnie, Part Two

Minnie thought that she blocked off this room from Heartless, but when you enter, 
the room is completely filled with Bolt Towers. However, the strategy is easy, but 
long. The Bolt Towers all float towards Sora and Minnie so you can easily use the 
Faith Reaction Command when they get close enough and eventually defeat them all. 
You can, of course, attack them regularly, but you will eventually find them moving 
fast toward Queen Minnie, and it's too risky. Stick with the Faith Reaction 
Command. Your goal here is to escort Minnie to the throne on the other side of the 
room. When there, use the Finish Reaction Command to end the event. The Get Bonuses 
for this is an extra Accessory Slot and the Auto Summon ability.

The Hall of the Cornerstone

Minnie reveals the Hall of the Cornerstone underneith the throne. She says that 
this is the source of the castle's corruption and tells you to ask Merlin for help. 
After an encounter with Maleficent, use the Save Point and head to Hollow Bastion 
to get Merlin. He returns with you to the castle and reveals a door to the past. He 
tells you to enter it and fix the corruption. Your goal is to travel to Timeless 
River to stop the Heartless from attacking the castle. Head into the door when you 
are ready.


[5i] Timeless River


This world takes place in the past, along the Timeless River on Cornerstone Hill. 
This is before the Disney Castle was even constructed. When you step into the 
world, all the characters get a change of appearance to match the environment 
you're in.

Pete or Not Pete?

When you run into Pete, who, of course, looks different but not only that, he seems 
to be acting strange. You will run into the Pete you are familiar with, later on. 
When talking to Pete, you get him angry and you fight him. The fight between this 
strange-looking and strange-acting Pete is quite easy. You simply hit him until he 
starts panicing and running around. When he does this, use the About-Face Reaction 
Command to get him under control. When the fight is done, Pete tells you that 
somebody stole his steamboat.

The Mysterious Doors

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy return to Cornerstone Hill, they find that four doors 
are now floating in mid-air on the hill. Each one contains a mini-game with the 
same objective; clear the room of Heartless before they fill the Mayhem Guage. 
Between each one, you will watch a scene with the real Pete. In all four, King 
Mickey, in a different form as well, makes an appearance and shakes your hand and 
waves goodbye when you beat the area. The first door leads to a construction site. 
The area contains Hammer Frames and Minute Bomb Heartless. The Mayhem Guage goes 
up, the more damage the scaffolding recieves. The scaffolding eventually starts 
bouncing you and the Heartless into the air. You can use your aerial combos here to 
defeat them. The second door leads to a resized town where you need to defeat 
Aeroplane and Hammer Frame Heartless. The Mayhem Guage fills up, the more towers 
that are destroyed. The third door leads to a scene with a burning building. The 
Hot Rods and Shadows are trying to make the fire worse. The Hot Rods are fast and 
tough foes, but Valor Form helps out here. The fourth door is Mickey's House. You 
need to defeat the Shadows and Rapid Thrusters while protecting Mickey's furniture. 
They also get sucked into the vacuum, so be alert. The more furniture that is lost, 
the more the Mayhem Guage fills up. Reaction Commands help out here. After all four 
doors are cleared, Sora, Donald, and Goofy decide to check on Pete.

Pete and the Steamboat

The real Pete wants to to steal the steamboat, while taking the Cornerstone with 
him. The battle has two parts. The first part involves you using the Reaction 
Command to hit back the garbage Pete throws at you from the steamboat. After Pete 
gets hit several times, the steamboat goes out of control and goes back to the 
dock. Head down to where the boat is and go to the crane. Use the Hang On Reaction 
Command to swing over to the box with the Cornerstone in it. Slash the box with 
your keyblade and pay attention for the next opportunity to use the Hang On 
Reaction Command because the crane will swing back to its original position. Press 
it while it's moving back to make it go over the boat again so you can continue 
attacking the box. Repeat this process until you destroy the box and get back the 
Cornerstone. The Get Bonuses for this battle is Slapshot for Sora, Fantasia and 
Auto Limit for Donald, and an HP boost for Goofy. You're not done fighting Pete 
just yet. Follow him to the Wharf to find him fighting with the good Pete. Break up 
the fight to start a boss battle.

Boss: Pete
Health: 784
Strategy: The good Pete is fighting with you in this battle, making it a bit 
easier. This battle takes place in all four rooms that you battled in before. When 
you're in each room, the Heartless from the room are in the fight as well. The 
Wharf is the first area. Pete will throw bombs onto the battlefield and perform a 
shockwave attack. Good Pete can also go crazy here again, and you will need to use 
the About-Face Reaction Command to get him back to normal. The scenes go in this 
order: Burning Building, Mickey's House, City, and then the Construction Site. In 
the last two rooms, Pete will make a shield for yourself. Just defend yourself 
until it goes away. The Get Bonuses for this battle is the Reflect Element for 
Sora, Goofy Tornado for Goofy, and HP Boosts for both Sora and Donald.

Now it's time to head back to the present to see if you saved Disney Castle. When 
you arrive, the Castle is back to normal and Daisy Duck confronts Donald for not 
returning to visit her. Before leaving for the next world, Sora recieves his second 
drive form; Wisdom Form. You msut have Donald in the party to use it. Wisdom Form 
is entirely magic based, as you will see when you use it. When you get back to the 
gummi ship, head to Port Royal; your next destination.


5j] Port Royal


Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive in Port Royal and encounter Pete, with a bunch of 
pirates, led by Captain Barbossa. You will fight the pirates here. You can't hurt 
them until the moon appears from behind the clouds. This reveals the pirates' true 
form. While they're skeletons, you can easily defeat them. Many battlefields in 
Port Royal are half dark, and half moonlight. Always get the pirates under the 
moonlight so they become their skeleton forms. Remember this while fighting them.

Head to the Town after you finish fighting the pirates. After dealing with all the 
Heartless, you meet Will Turner. Sora agrees to help him get Elizabeth back from 
Barbossa and his pirates. Return to the harbor with Will and meet Captain Jack 
Sparrow. Jack tells you that Barbossa stole his ship, the Black Pearl, and he wants 
to get it back. Jack agrees to go with you on Will's ship. Talk to Will when you're 
ready to chase after the Black Pearl.

The Journey

After watching the cutscene between Captain Barbossa and Elizabeth on the Black 
Pearl, you find yourself on the Interceptor, Will's boat. Head down to the cargo 
hold to save your game. When you're done, talk to Jack, who is at the wheel, to set 
your destination for Isla de Muerta.

Isle De Muerta

Will and Jack tell you to keep guard of the Interceptor while they go save 
Elizabeth. After the cutscene, save your game and head onto the island. You'll be 
fighting some pirates and heartless on the way. When you run into Will, he has 
saved Elizabeth and heads to the ship and tells you to fight off the pirates until 
he can launch a signal from the boat. Fight off all the pirates and then when Will 
says that he's ready, head back to the Interceptor. Will decides to leave without 
Jack and tells you what happened as you watched the boat. Save your game in the 
cargo hold and then talk to Will to set your destination for Port Royal.

Ship-to-Ship Battle

The Black Pearl seizes the Interceptor, and sends a bunch of pirates onto your 
ship. Your goal is to protect the medallion while fighting off the pirates. Sora 
has the medallion, but a pirate can steal it by attacking him. A medallion icon 
above the pirate's head indicates that he has the medallion. Defeat him and pick up 
the medallion to retrieve it. Between combos, head over to the cannons and use the 
Reaction Command to shoot the Black Pearl. This battle ends when all the pirates 
onboard the Interceptor are destroyed. The Get Bonuses are HP boosts for Sora and 
Goofy, and the Draw ability for Donald.

Will reveals that he, not Elizabath, is the one needed to break the spell on 
Barbossa and his crew. The pirates take Will with them and tie Sora, Donald, Goofy, 
Elizabeth, and Jack up in the cargo hold. After breaking free, you got some trouble 
on the deck.

Saving the Interceptor

Barbossa's crew has left five burning barrels on deck. You have to dispose of all 
of them before they explode. Don't be distracted by the Cannon Guns and Air 
Pirates. To get rid of a barrel, go up to it and use the Launch Reaction Command. 
It shows on the top left-hand corner how many barrels you got rid of and how many 
are left onboard. The Get Bonuses are HP boosts for Donald and Jack, an Item Slot 
for Sora, and Second Chance for Goofy.

Back to Isle De Muerta

It's time to head back to Isle De Muerta to get Will. Get through the island, 
defeating all the pirates that get in your way. At the end of the path, you start 
the cutscene with Captain Barbossa, trying to start his ceremony again. When you 
interupt it, Barbossa calls Pete, who summons the Iluminator Heartless.

Boss: Barbossa
Health: 612
Strategy: The Illuminator Heartless absorbs all the light from the cave so Barbossa 
doesn't turn into a skeleton from the moonlight. While in the dark, look for the 
Illuminator's glowing eyes. It's defeated in only a few hits, and returns the light 
to the cave, making Barbossa turn into a skeleton. It's a good idea to use Wisdom 
or Valor Form here, although Valor Form is probably the better choice. Wait for 
perfect opportunities to launch combos. Reaction Commands appear for a split second 
to be sure to press triangle quickly to perform them. Barbossa's sword attacks are 
quick and powerful. He also throws bombs. Launch your own attacks after he's done 
with his. The Illuminator will return and absorb the light again. Like before, look 
for him, kill him, and get back to fighting Barbossa. This battlefield has both 
dark and light parts, so entice him into the light so you can damage him. The Get 
Bonuses for this battle are HP boosts for Donald and Jack, a Drive Guage upgrade 
and Aerial Finish ability for Sora, and the Teamwork and Auto Limit abilities for 

After everything is over, Sora recieves the Follow the Wind keyblade. Back in the 
gummi ship, you will notice that two new worlds are now available; Agrabah and 
Holloween Town. Let's go to Agrabah first.


[5k] Agrabah


When you arrive in Agrabah, you encounter Iago, the red parrot, who insists that he 
is no longer on Jafar's side and wants to be good. He wants to get to Alladin and 
Jasmine at the palace and earn their trust back by apologizing. When a swarm of 
Heartless appear, defeat as many as you can for the experience until Iago comes to 
rescue you. After saving your game in this room, leave it and head outside. There 
are many chests throughout the streets of Agrabah. Be sure to get them all, while 
defeating the Heartless that are guarding it. Make your way to the Palace and talk 
to Jasmine. She tells you that Alladin has been leaving the palace a lot and acting 
strange. When she sees Iago, she panics and says she'll call the guards.

Head back to the Agrabah streets to find a peddler who is chasing after Alladin who 
is chasing after Abu who has Jafar's lamp in his hands. After Alladin returns it to 
the peddler, Iago says that he is sorry to Alladin and insists that even though 
Alladin doubts it, that the lamp that Abu had is indeed the one that Jafar is in. 
After Alladin joins your party, your job is to look for the peddler so you can try 
to buy the lamp. The Peddler's shop is in the room you started in with the save 
point. When you get there, the peddler agrees to give you the lamp if you can find 
a peice of treasure with equal value. 

Cave of Wonders

Looks like you're heading back to the Cave of Wonders. Look for city's exit and 
head through the desert to get to the Cave of Wonders. There are a bunch of 
Heartless outside the cave's entrance. Head through the Valley of Stone to get to 
the chamber you're looking for; the Stone Guardians Room. Examine the gem floating 
in mid-air and then the statue at the end of the hall to trigger the event.

Your goal is to get Abu safely across the hall. Waves are coming your way, so use 
the Jump! Reaction Command to boost Abu over the wave's crest. The Get Bonuses for 
this battle are HP increases for Sora, Goofy, and Alladin, and Donald gets Donald 

The Chasm of Challenges

You are faced with many challenges on the way out of the cave. The first challenge 
is to defeat a group of Heartless within 2 minutes while going down a series of 
platforms that disappear. Read the sign on the first platform to start the 
challenge. The Heartless you are fighting are Icy Cubes, Fiery Globes, Fat Bandits, 
and Fortunetellers.

When you enter the treasure room, you encounter Pete and he sends more Heartless 
for you to defeat. You are fighting the same types of Heartless as you did in the 
previous challenge. The Get Bonuses for this battle are Max HP boosts for Sora, 
Donald, and Alladin, and Auto Healing for Goofy. Now it's time to head back to 

The Return

You return to Agrabah to find that Pete has stolen the lamp this time. When Genie 
returns, Pete summons two enemies for you to fight.

Boss: Volcanic Lord and Blizzard Lord
Health: 351 (each)
Strategy: In the beginning, lock onto the Volcanic Lord and use the Firagun 
Reaction Command whenever you can. Try to get in a combo or two whenever the 
Volcanic Lord is not jumping around. Attack him when he splits into Fiery Globes. 
Do the same thing for the Blizzard Lord; wait for the opportunity to use the 
Reaction Command, this time it's Blizzagun. When the Volcanic Lord is bouncing 
around, run under him to use a very strong Reaction Command that sends the Volcanic 
Lord crashing into the Blizzard Lord, damaging both. Alladin's Limit attack is 
effective here as well. It also doesn't hurt to use either Valor or Wisdom Form 
here. Also, try to alternate between the two bosses to win the battle. The Get 
Bonuses for this battle is the Explosion ability for Sora, HP boosts for Donald and 
Alladin, and an extra Armor slot for Goofy.

When Pete takes off again, everyone locks Jafar's lamp into a stone case. Sora 
recieves the Lamp Charm, which allows you to summon Genie in battle. After you are 
back in the gummi ship, head for Holloween Town.


[5l] Halloween Town 


Halloween Town is another one of those worlds where your appearance changes. You 
look the same as you did last time you visited this place. Upon your arrival, you 
meet up with Jack Skellington, who now has an obsession for Christmas. He has 
discovered the passage to Christmas Town and wants to go over there to meet Santa 
Claus. Sally, on the other hand, doesn't think it's a good idea and has a feeling 
that something bad is going to happen.

Off to Christmas Town

There's plenty of Heartless to fight on the way to Christmas Town. Notice the Town 
Square has a bunch of things that can damage you. For instance, hitting the 
fountain results in it spraying a poison at you. Going through the guillotine 
results in it chopping through you. And finally, the air vents on the ground spray 
a poison at you, as well. Head for the graveyard that you started from, and head 
straight through to the woods. It is here that Jack reveals the entrance to 
Christmas Town.

Christmas Town

Once here, head forward to Candy Cane Lane. There's bunch of Heartless. Spinning 
the carousel could help here. Once you're finished here, head into Santa's 
workshop. Here, Santa tells you that Sora isn't on the good list, but Donald and 
Goofy are. While Santa is checking for Jack's name, there is an interuption and 
Santa heads into his factory to see what is going on. Turns out, Lock, Shock, and 
Barrel are up to no good again. Save your game when you get the chance and head 
outside. Follow the kids' footprints back to Halloween Town and onto Moonlight 
Hill, which is now called Curly Hill.

Looks like Maleficent has revived Oogie Boogie and now has summoned the Prison 
Keeper for you to fight.

Boss: Prison Keeper
Health: 1140
Strategy: This guy has a lot of health, so expect a long battle. The Prison Keeper 
floats in the air so come into this battle prepared, with the Aerial Spiral and 
Aerial Finish abilities equipped. When the battle starts, jump right in and attack 
with aerial combos, don't even give the Prison Keeper a chance to counter attack.  
Use the Inside Combo Reaction Command when you can to knock the Prison Keeper 
unconscious. Wisdom Form also will work here, but Valor Form is the best choice. 
When the Prison Keeper gets far away, you can use magic from the top of the hill. 
When the Prison Keeper shoots big red spheres at you, hit them with the keyblade to 
send them right back at the Prison Keeper. The Get Bonuses for this battle are HP 
increases for Sora, Goofy, and Jack and the Hyper Healing ability for Donald.

Now that the Prison Keeper is out of the way, head back to Christmas Town. Oogie 
and Maleficent have kidnapped Santa and now need to be stopped. When you're back in 
Christmas Town, head into Santa's Workshop. Save your game here and head into the 
factory to start the fight with Oogie Boogie.

Boss: Oogie Boogie
Health: 371
Strategy: Just like the last time, Oogie has a contraption that he is hiding 
behind. You are on one of three moving conveyor belts, leading to a block of 
spikes. Through the whole battle, you will have to be walking against these moving 
belts while damaging Oogie's lift to make him fall down. Notice the presents that 
continue to move down the belt. Use the Fore! Reaction Command to knock the 
presents onto Oogie's lift up above. Eventually by doing this, Oogie's lift will 
break knocking him unconscious on the moving belt. Throw in as many combos as you 
can to him, until he jumps back onto his lift and the process starts over. He will 
transfer the lift over to one of the other two conveyor belts. Head to the end of 
the belt and use the Reaction Command to go left or right to the belt underneith 
Oogie. Now purple presents appear on the belt which turn into Heartless. Continue 
to shoot the presents at him and watch for the lasers that are now shot down from 
him to the belt. A fist sometimes appears along the belt and punches down on 
certain points of the belt. Just make sure you're not standing where it's about to 
punch. Oogie will eventually fall down again, where yo can attack him more. 
Continue going along with the process and the battle is yours. The Get Bonuses for 
this battle is an item slot for Sora, HP boosts for Donald and Jack, and the Once 
More ability for Goofy.

After Jack and Santa come to an agreement, Sora, Donald, and Goofy get the Magnet 
Element. Now that Halloween Town is done, your next destination is the Pride Lands.


[5m] Pride Lands


The Pride Lands is the home of Simba, who fought with you as a summon in the last 
game. Once again, this is another world where Sora, Donald, and Goofy have their 
appearances changed. This time, Sora is now a lion, Donald a bird (at least a 
different kind of bird), and Goofy is a turtle. Keep in mind while here, Sora's now 
walking on four legs and can't use drive forms or summons. When you arrive here, 
head to the Elephant Graveyard to find a lioness being attacked by a bunch of 
Heartless. After saving her, she introduces herself as Nala and explains to you ow 
Scar has taken over their kingdom at Pride Rock.

Sora decides to head to Pride Rock to take a look at what has gone on. Head out of 
the Elephant Graveyard and into the Savannah. This is a big, wide open area and a 
perfect place to gain some experience by fighting Heartless. After you are done 
here, head straight across the Savannah to Pride Rock.

When you arrive, Nala has informed you that Sora does not fit the position to save 
the Pride Lands from Scar and become the king. Nala decides to escort you out of 
the Pride Lands and tells you how Mufasa's son, Simba, could have become king, but 
died. Sora informs Nala that Simba is still alive and you all decide to go look for 

The Hunt For Simba

The journey to find Simba is a bit of a long one, but not a dangerous one, however. 
There are Heartless along your path and the experience is always good. From the 
Savannah, head to the Wildebeast Valley and walk through there into the Wastelands. 
Be sure to keep yours eyes open for treasure chests. Head along the path in the 
Wastelands and find the entrance to the jungle. In the jungle, there are more 
Heartless to fight. When you're done with that, find the entrance to the Oasis 
where you finally find Simba, who recognizes you. Back in the jungle, Nala is 
trying to hunt Timon and Puumba. After Simba reunites with Nala, he is doubtful 
that returning to Pride Rock would make a difference. When he speaks with the 
spirit of his father, Mufasa, Simba changes his mind and decides to head back to 
defeat Scar. Sora aquires the Circle of Life keyblade. Now it's time to head back 
to Pride Rock so Simba can regain his throne.

Head all the way back to Pride Rock, where Simba encounters Scar and Scar admits 
that he killed Mufasa. Before following Scar into the Den, look for another 
entrance, near the way to the Savannah. The place is labeled Stone Hollow and there 
is a save point in here. Now it's time to head into the Den to face the hyenas.

Boss: Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed
Health: 305 each
Strategy: In this battle, you are not only trying to defeat the hyenas, but youa re 
also trying to protect Timon and Puumba from the hyenas. This battle isn't to 
difficult, just keep your eye on Puumba's damage bar. Use the Call Over Reaction 
Command to get Puumba to follow you. Try to attack all three hyenas and once, and 
don't try to defeat them seperately. Keep in mind, they each have their own HP bar. 
Use the Call Over Reaction Command whenever you can to lead Puumba to a safe place 
so you can focus on attacking the hyenas. Magnet magic works here to get all three 

GET BONUSES: HP boosts for Sora and Donald, and the Lucky Lucky ability for Goofy.

Head back to Stone Hollow, so you can save your game. Then, go back into the Den 
and head up to the peak to fight Scar.

Boss: Scar
Health: 915
Strategy: Scar is extremely fast and has some powerful attacks as well. It's best 
to jump right in and unleash several combos and keep pressure on Scar. Goofy's 
attacks can help here too. Simba's Limit is useful here. Use it whenever you can, 
and time it correctly when Scar isn't too far away. Keep a lookout for Scar's 
attacks which are preceded by a mist of dark energy or fire that surrounds him. The 
dark energy means that Scar is about to use his Dash attack. Try to avoid this by 
zig zagging around the battlefield. Continue your assault on Scar when he finishes 
with his attack. When Scar is surrounded by fire, wait for it to disappear before 
continuing any attacks. If you get pinned in an area, use the Counter Reaction 
Command to escape. Finally, keep your health up high and the battle should be yours.

GET BONUSES: Sora, Goofy, and Simba - HP boosts, Donald - Fire Boost ability.

Everyone recieves the Fire Element, which upgrades your Fire spell to Fira. Simba 
becomes king of the Pride Lands. After everything is done here and you are back in 
the gummi ship, head to Twilight Town for a short and brief visit.


[5n] Twilight Town II


Sora, Donald, and Goofy head to Twilight Town to check up on Hayner, Pence, and 
Olette. Head to the Sandlot, where you meet up with Seifer and his gang. Defeat all 
the Nobodies here and you speak with another Organization XIII member, this time 
it's Saix. Seifer gives you a trophy, one that looks just like the Twilight Town 
Struggle Trophy that Roxas one earlier in the game. When Pence shows up, he tells 
you Kairi is here and waiting at the station Rush over to Central Station to find 
that Axel has already taken her. You recieve the Oathkeeper keyblade. You're done 
here for now; head to Hollow Bastion.


[5o] Hollow Bastion III


The shop's inventory lists have been updated so take a look. Sora, Donald, and 
Goofy meet up with Cloud near the Borough where he tells you to keep an eye out for 
Sephiroth. Remember him from the last game? You'll be seeing him later. Head to 
Merlin's house now.

Ansem's Computer

In Merlin's House, Cid has discovered Ansem's computer. Ansem's computer room is in 
the Postern of the Restoration Site. Cid sends you over there to talk to Leon. 

Making Your Way Through

The trip to Leon is a long one, with a bunch of new Heartless, so be ready for it. 
Head through the Bailey and into the Restoration Site. Straight through here, you 
will meet Aerith near the entrance to the Postern. She tells you the King Mickey is 
inside with Leon. The three grow excited. Save your game here and open to chest to 
get the Castle Perimeter Map. Head inside by taking the ramp that goes around the 
Postern. Inside, there is a maze of hallways with Heartless at some of the corners. 
Follow the map until the maze empties out into a large room. Defeat all the 
Heartless here and follow and take the southern exit. You arrive in Ansem's Study 
and meet up with Leon. He shows you Ansem's computer room. Sora, Donald, and Goofy 
start messing around with the computer, makes it angry, and they are transported to 
another world - this one inside the computer!!


[5p] Space Paranoids


Notice Sora, Donald, and Goofy have gone under another transformation. After 
meeting Sark, you are put into a PIT cell, where you befriend Tron. He offers to 
help you out; but you got to unlock the door first. Slash away at the door and when 
you have collected enough orbs, then use the Freeze Reaction Command.

Accessing the Energy Core

Tron tells Sora that the only way to reactivate the transporter is to get the power 
from the energy core. Take the lift from the PIT cell to arrive in the canyon. 
Enter to the left here and examine the energy core. You must find the missing part 
to power up the core. You need to identify the red box from a group of identical 
boxes. The boxes spin around in a circle, making the red box fade to the same color 
as the other boxes. Rotate the camera around to keep your eye on the box that was 
red. When they stop, attack the box that was red, which will change red again 
before the boxes start spinning again. Success here clears the event.

With the transporter powered up, Sora, Donald, and Goofy head back to Hollow 
Bastion to get the password for Ansem's files. You meet up with King Mickey here 
and he explains to you some things. Like for example, how the Ansem you defeated in 
the last game was an imposter. It turns out, the real Ansem's worker, Zienort, 
turned into a Heartless. You beat his Heartless, claiming to be Ansem, and his 
Nobody, Zemnas, is the leader to Organization XIII. After the cutscene, you got the 
password so it is time to head back to Space Paranoids. When you're back there, you 
eventually arrive in the game grid, where you play another mini game, or should I 
say games.

Light Cycle

You are on a motorcycle-type vehicle. You control the bike with the left analog 
stick, L2 to turn left around a corner, and R2 to turn right around a corner. Use X 
to Attack (Break An enemy's Charge), Square to Charge (Break an enemy's guard), and 
Guard (Break and enemy's attack). During the first part, you need to defeat five 
Heartless, which are also on bikes. Use the Attack command to defeat them. A hole 
is torn in the wall and now it's time to race to see who can get their first. This 
second part is a bit harder. Avoid taking as much damage as possible and pay close 
attention to the walls and to turn corners. They appear suddenly and you only have 
a few seconds to realize it. Defend against all enemy attacks. The long, straight 
path at the end leads to the hole, and the finish of this game.


When you are back in the PIT Cell, Tron tells you that he ahs to go and take care 
of another program. Head back to the canyon, this time past the energy core. Look 
for the red-lighted walls and head through there. Once inside, examine the 
terminal. Once Tron puts in the password, you need to defeat all the Heartless, 
gathering enough orbs to eventually freeze all three monitors on the walls of this 

GET BONUSES: Max HP boosts for Sora, Goofy, and Tron. Thunder Boost for Donald.

Head to the I/O Tower, which is the entrance to the right, coming out of the 
database. When through here, head to the right and straight through. Save your game 
here and enter the next room for a boss battle.

Boss: Hostile Program
Health: 640
Strategy: The key to this battle is the Reaction Command. Whenever you hit the 
Hostile Program, it drops Cluster Orbs. By collecting these, you fill up a meter. 
Use the Freeze Reaction Command when it's filled to freeze the Hostile Program. Now 
you are free to continue attacking. Repeat the process when he comes back; that is 
your offensive strategy for this battle. The Hostile Program has many different 
attacks; but they aren't too powerful. If you're going to use a Drive Form here, 
use Valor Form; it's your best choice to hack away at him and collect the cluster 
orbs so you can freeze him again.

GET BONUSES: Sora learns the Horizontal Slash ability, Donald and Tron get Max HP 
boosts, and Goofy learns Jackpot.

Also, Sora's Drive Guage reaches level 5. Say goodbye to Tron for now; you'll be 
back later on in the game. Time to head back to Hollow Bastion to see whats going 
on. Looks like Hollow Bastion is under attack!

And more as I progress through the game.


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