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At the beginning of your booklet there is a message from c-3po here is the 
message in exact wording 

I am c-3po,human cyborg relations.
Hopefully you don’t expect me to defend you against hostiles.
I am after all only a protocol droid, and not programmed to engage in such 
harrowing activities. I’m not invincible! But I can offer some assistance by 
being your guide.

I have taken spotless notes during my journeys, most of which I think will 
Come in handy on your very own adventures. Consider them tips and general 
observations on how I experienced the galaxy during some rather troubling 
situations-the lego star wars universe can be a frightfully dangerous place, 
you know. However, I take no responsibility if any of my “suggestions” result 
in loss of plastic limb. I’ve included many suggestions made by my dear friend 
r2-d2 (sometimes against my better judgement), so it would only seem fair to 
address all grievances care of him. 

Should you find this guide useful, though, please forward all flattery to lars 
moisture farm, attn. c-3po, tatooine, arkanis sector, outer rim

-sincerely, c-3po” 

that was the letter in the beginning of the booklet. 

When you start the game you will be in a building known as mos eisley cantina.
When you start you will be near a bar, walk up to the bar and some circles 
will appear here are the things that happen when you click each one:

1)	Hints-if you need some hints or tips click here
2)	Characters-if you want to unlock some characters that need bought then 
click here 
3)	Extras-these are some useful items that may really help you. they are 
4)	Codes-here you can enter cheatcodes that you know 
5)	Gold bricks- if you want a shortcut then click here
6)	Story clips- these are cut scenes you have unlocked

If you explore the building you will find two big tubes with characters inside 
them. Walk up to one and you can make your own character! (with the pieces you 
have unlocked)

After you beat a level but don’t get everything don’t worry you can go back to 
it and play free play. It even lets you change your character!

Lego money also known as studs 
Silver stud-10 coins each
Gold stud-100 coins each
Blue stud-1,000 coins each

Mini-kit canisters 
If you find 10 of these in each level you will be able to build a vehicle 
outside of the cantina.

Power bricks
There is one power brick in each level. Every time you find, you get the 
ability to buy a new item that just got unlocked by finding a power brick.

Gold bricks 
You can buy these or you can get them by getting every mini-kit in a level



Forward leap attack-x to jump then press square in the air
Double jump-x twice
Slam attack-x twice then press square in air
Defend-hold square


Force: (only if jedi)
Force move-hold circle while looking at the object
Force push-hold circle when a enemy is around
Jedi mind trick- circle while looking at them

Building, grappling, hovering, jetpack, use panels 

Build-circle while facing a pile of bricks
Grapple-circle while standing in red circle
Hover-hold x with a droid that can hover
Jetpack-x twice while using a character with a jetpack

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