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My Halo 2 Walkthrough.
By Anthony Lisiecki

Level: the Great Journey

Difficulty: any (mainly for legendary)

Table of contents 

1#: Getting Past ghosts

2#: Getting passed that tanks guarding the entrance to the passage

3#: Getting past brutes when entering the cave

4#: getting through the cave like area

5#: Getting past the group of jackals

6#: Freeing your buddies

7#: Getting past brutes on the landing platform

8#: Getting to the control room

9#: Beating Tarterus 

Part 1: Getting through Ghosts

Ok Once you start the level since the Stupid Elite wont give up his Wraith tank you 
get into the Specter and Drive it. Then ignore the ghosts and drive the Specter to 
the left side of the big rocks. Ok then you will see a wraith tank and You will 
also see 2 Rocks Hide between those two Rocks and wait till you can see the wraith 
tank from where your hiding. Ok once you can see it QUICKLY get out of the Specter 
and Jack the wraith tank (DON’T PLANT GRENADES BEAT HIM TO DEATH) and drive it to 
where you can see the scarab.

Part 2: Getting past the tanks guarding the entrance to the passage

Ok You’ve gotten the wraith tank and once you get a good view of the tanks guarding 
the passage just start shooting rapidly at them and move left to right so the enemy 
drop ship doesn’t kill you. And don’t start to go through until you’ve blown up all 
the wraith tanks (there’s 2) and kill all the brutes and then you can enter the 
passage where you get the hunters aid.

Part 3: Getting past brutes

Ok once you enter the part where you have to fight brutes GRAB A BEAM RIFLE and 
once you get to the stairs cloak (make sure the brutes don’t see you and just start 
melee them from behind then when they turn around and spot you let them try to 
melee you then quickly run out of the way and Melee them in the back. Then another 
wave will come out of the door. That’s when you go back down and start to shoot 
them with your beam rifle to their heads (2 hit kill) and once there all dead swap 
your other weapon for a brute shot and then go into the cave.

Part 4: Getting through the cave like area

Ok I think this is the easiest part of the level. Once you turn and the brutes star 
to shoot you if your allies are still alive then you just simply walk until you get 
to the corner that has the extra carbine ammo. Jump from that corner across a small 
pit then go until you reach the wall where the snipers usually are. Simply cloak 
then jump over the wall. Note: you have to crouch jump or you wont make it. (To 
crouch jump you have to jump then right at the top click the crouch button and you 
should just land right on top) then you just have to run the rest of the way until 
you reach the door (make sure you have a brute shot with full ammunition and a beam 

Part: 5 getting past group of jackals

Ok when you see the group of jackal’s just start firing your brute shot at them but 
the 1st thing you do is to take out your beam rifle and snipe the sniper in the 
head. Then once their dead you go to the other side cloak and then go through the 
rest of the enemies until you reach the door.

Part 6: Freeing Your Buddies 

Ok You get into the room where you free your allies. Take the needlers and duels 
wield needlers. Then go down on the bottom and start firing at them one side but 
don’t do it too long they’ll notice you and you’ll die fast. Then once you fired a 
couple then go to the right side and fire and then go to the other side and fire 
and so on. Then once the brutes are all dead then you free your allies and go to 
the landing platform 

Part 7: getting past brutes on landing platform

Ok all you really need to do is snipe them out with your sniper rifle to the head 
and that part is done. Easy huh

Part 8: getting to the control room

Ok you get in your banshee and destroy the wraith tanks and when you destroy them 
you just go straight to the control room and land and the left side on one of the 
beams and wait for the scarab to come. Then he breaks the door and you don’t land 
in the door way instead you fly the banshee to the right side of the control room 
and you will see a spot light looking thing and you go in between the spotlight 
thing at the side of the control room and it will say you entered the control room. 

Part 9: Beating Tarterus

Ok if you did it correctly when you go back to where the hall way is look to the 
left and you will see your banshee that you had (sometimes it wont be there) and 
fly your banshee to the 3rd floor of the control room. Ok when you land your 
banshee duel wield brute plasma rifles and go to the second floor where tarterus 
is. Ok when Johnson shoots him and brings his shield down you just start to unload 
your brute plasma rifles at his head. It takes about 7 or 8 times if you get him in 
the head. Then when brutes come go to the 3rd floor and get in your banshee and 
kill the brutes with your banshee. Then once the brutes are dead land your banshee 
on the 3rd floor and get your brute plasma rifles and repeat what I said. Note: 
ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS check to see if brutes are coming after you shoot tarterus. 
That’s my Walkthrough on the legendary difficulty of the great journey

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