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This walkthrough only has part 1 so far, I will add the rest at a later date
Version: 1
Updated: 2/7/02
You may redistribute this FAQ on other websites as long as it is not changed in any 
way and my name is shown as the author!

Year 1:

How do I get to the Poisoning?

After the introduction you are in Manny's office, where he's just received a 
message.   Go to the message tube and use it to get the message.  Then head to the 
garage elevator (that's the one on the left near Eva, the secretary) and down to 
the garage, you then realise that you are just in time to see the last car to the 
poisoning leave.  Go to the top corner of the garage and use the door, he will 
knock on it, you will now meet Glottis. Then talk to him and be as nice as possible 
to him.  When he says “I’m too big to drive” or something like that say “You're not 
too big.  The cars are just to small.”
You will then get a work order, so you can go back upstairs.  If you give it 
on Eva, she will try to get Don to sign it, but he won't.  So go down the lift 
(opposite Eva) to the lobby, and go outside.  Go round to the side of the building, 
and climb up rope.  Go into the open window into Don's office, 
then use his computer, and change the answering machine to “Ah, cripes Eva! 
Just sign it yourself, will ya? I'm busy!”  Then head back out the window, 
down the rope, into the building, and back to Eva.  Use the work order 
on her, and you will now get permission for Glottis to carry out his 
modifications.  Then sit back and enjoy the cut scene.  When you get to ‘The Land 
of the Living,’ use your scythe on the wriggling package.  There will then be 
another cut scene, and you'll be back in the office hallway. 
How do I get a premium client? 
Head back to your office, and pick up the playing cards from the table on the left. 
Then, go to Eva's desk, and use the cards on her hole-punch.  Head down to the 
lobby, where you'll be met by a pinky\purple demon moaning about the mail delivery 
system.  So you need to head out to the street, and talk to the clown at the 
festival.  Ask for a balloon and get a ‘dead worm,’ repeat the conversation to get 
another.  ‘Dead worms’ are just balloons that haven’t been blown-up.  The head back 
into the building, and into the packing room, which should be on the left of the 
screen.  Use one of the ‘dead worms’ on the red hose and one on the blue.  Then 
head upstairs to your office and use each balloon on the mail delivery system and 
watch the prevailing chaos!  Head to the mail message switching room (opposite the 
packing room).  You must turn the bolt on the open door, and then talk to the 
demon.   Ask him who would do such a thing and he will start whinging then leave.  
While you’re in there don’t forget to pickup the fire extinguisher.  
Leave the room, and then go back in.  You will now be able to open the door, and 
use the playing card with holes in on the slot in the tube.  You've now got your 
premium client.  The problem is you can’t get her a good package. Say that you will 
just go and sort this mess out and go to Don’s office.  Now say uh oh because 
you’re in major trouble!

How do I help the LSA?

You start trapped in Glottis’ office but it’s not the end of the world!  All you 
need to do is tell the guard that you intend to expose the DOD’s crooked ways. 
The ‘guard’ will then take you away. You find out that the guard was Salvador, head 
of the LSA.  Ask him what you have to do and then ask him if you should be his 
messenger and he will say no but he asks you to get some pigeon eggs.  You should 
say, “If I grab some pigeons from the roof, will you let me go?”  Then choose “I’m 
off” and go and talk to Eva.  She will tell you that you can’t leave because they 
need your teeth for the computer. 
Go to the clown at the festival, and get a cat balloon animal.  Then take some 
bread and go back up to the roof via the rope.  When you're on the ledge, go 
through the window into Domino's office, go to his punching bag and hit it until 
the mouth-guard falls off, and then take it.  Go over to his 
desk and open the drawer, take the glowing coral and then go back out the window.  
Go back to the rope and pick it up (make sure he is looking at the rope and not 
looking to climb down) then put it back down.  Take rope to make a bridge.  Use it 
to get to the next ledge and onto the roof.  Go to the air vent thing, and then use 
the cat and the bread on it.  Head over to the pigeon nest and pickup the eggs.  
When you have done this go back down to the street.   Go to Glottis’ office, and 
then use the mouth-guard on the Fill-A-Dent machine, then use the mouth-guard while 
lookin at nothing this will make a perfect copy of Manny’s teeth.   Go back to the 
LSA and give the eggs to Salvador and the copy of your teeth to Eva.
Where is Glottis' Heart? 

You are now in the Petrified Forest, and you meet Glottis, talk to him and he will 
rip out his heart and fall asleep.  You will obviously need that, so head to the 
area of forest behind Glottis to find it.  Pickup a bone from the pile of them and 
then use it on the web.  Use your scythe on the web and the heart will go flying.  
Go back to Glottis, pick up the heart, and give it to him. 
What’s the Strange Machine in the Forest?

After the short cut-scene, you will be in the Bonewagon with Glottis.  Drive to the 
right hand side of the screen over to the strange machine this is a tree marrow 
extractor for the buildings in El Marrow.  Go to the wheelbarrow, and push it 
backwards and forwards over the 4 wire things.  Each of the four wires control one 
of the pumps on the tree marrow extractor, and you will need to synchronize the two 
pumps on either side of the machine to get it rocking backwards and forwards, the 
two on the left then the two on the right.  The easiest way to do this is to block 
middle two pumps, one at a time, the one on the left then the one on the right, and 
then unblock it just before the moving pump on that side of the tree is just about 
to pump.  This is a little bit confusing\complicated but it’s obvious when you’ve 
got it right. This isn’t quite enough to make the thing fall over but if you turn 
it off Glottis will climb up and unbalance the tree even more.  While he's up 
there, turn it on then sit back and laugh!  Glottis will add some hydraulics onto 
the car and you’re on your way. 
What’s the area with all the exits?

Drive back to where you first found Glottis and pickup the sign get back on the 
Bonewagon and drive into the area where there are loads of different exits that 
just come out in a different place in the same area.  These have nothing to do with 
the problem; they are just there to confuse you.   Get out of the Bonewagon and 
place the sign in the ground, it will spin round, then point in a certain 
direction.  Pickup the sign and walk a little way in that direction.  Then put it 
in the ground again.  Repeat this process until a cave on the ground opens up.  Go 
into the cave and the take the key from the sign, and head back to the clearing. 

What should I do with the flaming beavers?

Get back in the Bonewagon, and go over the rocks that you couldn’t get past before, 
lo and behold, now you can.  Go to the door and open it, don’t use the key.  The 
beavers’ll chase you out first time but head back through 
the gate, and at the edge of the dam of bones pick up at least three bones.  Go 
down the path to the left of the bridge, and a flaming beaver will come and sit on 
the rock above you.  While facing the tar, pull out a bone and throw it.  Get out 
your fire extinguisher quickly and when he jumps hold ‘enter,’ you can use the left 
and right arrow keys to aim, this will get rid of his flames and make him drown. 
Repeat this until all the flaming beavers have drowned.  Don't worry if you miss 
them because you there are loads more bones and the fire extinguisher doesn’t run 
out.  When all the beavers have drowned go back outside and unlock the gate, you’re 
on your way again. 
What do I do in Rubacava? 

Go into the diner and talk to Celso (the cleaner) and ask him what he’s doing 
here.  He says that he is waiting for his wife.  Say “You must love her very much” 
or something like that and then tell him that you will help him find her and then 
ask what she looked like.  He will then give you a photo of her.  Walk back outside 
and into the fog and you will hear Manny scream as he falls.  This is the end of 
the game, because you have died.
ONLY JOKING!  You can’t die - you are already dead.  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!    
Sorry about that joke!
You are rescued by the sailor and start talking to him you can end your 
conversation by saying “Well, don't let me interrupt your car talk” 
 Now you can give him the photo and he will tell you she sailed out of here with 
another man.  Tell him you don’t believe it and he will give you a copy of the Log 
Book.  Now go back up into the diner and give it to Celso.   This will take you 
onto Year 2 of the game.

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