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                                  Grand Theft Auto III
                                 Best Game I Ever Played

          Author:Daniel Muñoz
          E-mail:[email protected]
          IM messanger:Amunoz410
          You can always E-mail me if you are having trouble.

          Index: 1 walkthrough for hard missions.
                 2 some cheat codes
                 3 some hints
                 4 some other things


 1 hard missions
          I played this game many times but there are some hard missions,they are 
still hard even though i know what to do and anyways lets get down to 
bussiness.Here are some missions that You could be having trouble with troughout the 
game of grand theft auto III.
          Bomb da base act II
          In this mission you are with eightball and need to bomb da' boat.sometimes 
you have a lot a trouble doing this one, so dont think you aint good.First go to the 
boat.When you stop he'll tell you, he'll hed in when u fire the first shot.......
go towards the building and to the right there will be some stairs.go up the stairs 
and go to the ledge and get a good point of view with the sniper.listen up now,first 
shoot the first 2 guards and keep shooting the others in order(thats how I do 
it,dont know it some otherway)from right to left utill eightball goes in and puts 
the bomb and stuff.For better results on the mission,try to be as fast as you can on 
shooting the colombian cartel.if you take to long or something they will kill 
eightball and u dont want that to to happen,OR DO YOU hhhmmm.
          This mission is kind a' hard to.U need to go to the airport in shoreside 
vale,do this by BOAT.For this mission its good help to have a sniper and if u do,do 
this.first kill the guys and then head over to wait for the make it easier 
stand in the middle(in the line)wait for the plane and when its coming start 
shooting at it with the rocket launcher,and sometimes it wont kill u,it will just 
pass trough u!then pick up the packeges and head back,u will have the police in ur 
butt.anyways get a car and go deliver them.whenever u see ur car burning or 
something quikly get out.and get another one,or u can e-mail me for some other 
secret way.ha ha ha he he he.
          The Exchange
          This mission is really hard so try ur this mission u are trying to 
save Maria and kill Catalina.first head over to shoreside vale and go to the marked 
area in ur radar.when u enter the gates in the scene u will not have any weapons so 
when you control the tommy once again try to kill the guys by punching them, and get 
some guns.then get out and follow the helicopter,and if u dont have some needed 
weapons just look in the cheats area for some help.then as u get closer to the 
colombian cartel get a sniper and shoot the guys from some distance.then get the 
rocket launcher and shoot some big truks cause then they are gonna try to run u 
over.then go up the stairs and kill the guys and get with Maria.then get the rocket 
launcher again and shoot the helicopter and everithing's done.
          This are some hard missions,if ur having trouble with different missions 
just e-mail me.

    2. Some cheatcodes
      some of these cheatcodes are very helpfull so here u have them
          Weapons-R2 R2 L1 R2 left down right up left down right up
          health-R2 R2 L1 R1 left down right up left down right up
          Armor-R2 R2 L1 L2 left down right up left down right up
          lose the cops-R2 R2 L1 R2 up down up down up down
      This are some of the cheatcodes,i have some more,for example,to control the 
weather,make ur car fly,money,tank, change clothes and other stuff so e-mail me for 
some others.
    3. Hints
          if u want to have unlimited ammo just keep puttinig in the weapons cheat.
          if u want to get to the other islands just e-mail me for some tricky way.
          how to fly a tank.
          if u do 100 taxi missions in any order ull get a different kind a taxi 
infront of the head radio building in harwood.(wich is better)
          do 10 vigilante missions with the police car and get a police bribe at ur 
hideout.every ten u get 1 up to 6 i think.
          find the hidden packages and u will get weapons at ur hideout wich 
actually looks pretty good.
         u can do couple of ambulanca missions,dont kno' how many and u can get 
health bribes at ur hideout and infinate sure its less than 200.
     4. some other stuff
          if ur going to e-mail me please dont write those things like u means you 
and abreviations and please try to use correct spelling and grammar like u go to 
school.u can e-mail me for help on missions and cheats and other things.
          thank's for making this help faq come to life.

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