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            _   ___             _       _____                 _   
            | | / (_)           ( )     |  _  |               | |  
            | |/ / _ _ __   __ _|/ ___  | | | |_   _  ___  ___| |_ 
            |    \| | '_ \ / _` | / __| | | | | | | |/ _ \/ __| __|
            | |\  \ | | | | (_| | \__ \ \ \/' / |_| |  __/\__ \ |_ 
            \_| \_/_|_| |_|\__, | |___/  \_/\_\\__,_|\___||___/\__|
                            __/ |                                  
For PS3, PS4, XBox, XBoxOne, and PC

by InsanitySoup
PSN:  HappyChika

Feel free to post this guide, or portions of this guide elsewhere as long as 
I'm given credit for it (and please let me know). I can be reached through 
GameFAQs (send a message) or on PSN as HappyChika.

Please notify me if there are any errors, if I missed anything, etc.  I'd be 
happy to change it and give you credit.

Version update history:
     6 Aug 2015:  Typos & format corrections, minor guide tweaks, added ASCII 
                  letters, added to credits, included alternate way to use 
                  the work order.
     9 Aug 2015:  Typo correction, clarification in ending picture, added to 
                  credits, included non-missable trophies in the main 
                  walkthrough, added mention of the castle and other minor 
                  tweaks to the guide.	
Table of contents:

In order to find something quickly, press ctrl + F on your keyboard, and 
type in the code including the brackets i.e. [blahblah] to jump to that 

[welcintro]...My quick introduction 
                 (Includes info on the 3 paths and general rules of thumb)
[drgnintro]...The introduction of the game
                 (Includes how to get through the well the first time)
                 (Includes helping the merchant and the chivalry test)
[davwelcom]...Welcome to Daventry 
                 (Includes how to obtain the STEAK, BADGER, SUGARSHROOMS, 
[eyewisdom]...Obtaining an eye:  The path of Wisdom 
                 (Includes how to get the BLUE FLAME CANDLE and a GOLD COIN)
[eyecompas]...Obtaining an eye:  The path of Compassion 
                 (Includes how to get a STARSHROOM PIE and another GOLD COIN)
[eyebraver]...Obtaining an eye:  The path of Bravery 
                 (Includes how to go through the dragon's well the 2nd time) 
[goblinfig]...Goblin fight 
                 (Includes how to obtain a GOLD COIN and FEATHER) 
[speedcomp]...Speed competition against Whisper 
                 (Includes how to get your steed, a FROG, and a WORK ORDER)
[strengthc]...Strength competition against Acorn 
                 (Includes how to get BITTERROOT)
[witcompet]...Wit competition against Manny
                 (Includes general winning tips and ending of the game)
[theendkq1]...The End
                 (Just a fun list of the changes you see in the final 
                  screen based on player choices throughout the game)
[trophylis]...Trophy / Achievement list & ways to get them 
                 (Will also be included in main walkthrough)
[thankyous]...Credits of people who have helped me answer things I couldn't 
                 figure out myself or pointed out errors

 _____      _             
|_   _|    | |            
  | | _ __ | |_ _ __ ___  
  | || '_ \| __| '__/ _ \ 
 _| || | | | |_| | | (_) |
 \___/_| |_|\__|_|  \___/
   Hello there!  Welcome to my little guide for the first chapter of the 
revived King's Quest:  A Knight to Remember.  I'll try not to spoil anything, 
but there will be inevitable spoilers when providing solutions and alternate 
paths to things.  I have always been a HUGE fan of King's Quest and have been 
so excited for this game to come out.    
   There is a separate trophy/achievement section list, but this is for quick 
reference. I will mention where and when to get each missable trophy in the 
walkthrough as well in a manner that will allow you to obtain them all in one 
run-through. I apologize if I tend to stick with they word "trophy".  There's 
no difference between trophies or achievements, so just think "achievement" 
if I say trophy and you're playing on XBox.  PC users don't have trophies to 
deal with, so you can completely disregard them in the walkthrough.
   I may use cardinal directions here and there- north means up, west means 
left, east means right, and south means down in relation to everything on the 
current screen you're on.  There's no actual compass in the game.  
   I will not usually give screen-by-screen directions of how to get places, 
but I'll give you the general direction you need to head in.  I like to use 
the King's statue to the east of town as a reference point. It may be a 
little confusing getting around at first, but you'll learn your way.
   I will not be mentioning all of the dialogue changes, scene changes, etc. 
that result of decisions you make (such as what you choose to say in 
conversations or showing various items to people).  This is fun to see for 
yourself and would be exhausting to list.

The 3 paths of Wisdom, Bravery, and Compassion:
   There are 3 general paths to take throughout the game: wisdom, bravery, 
and compassion.  None of them are wrong, and there's no trophies attached to 
choosing and following any of them.  You will earn favor with the different 
townspeople depending on which path you seem to be going down.
     ~Amaya the blacksmith prefers bravery 
     ~Wente the baker prefers compassion
     ~Chester and Muriel the alchemists prefer wisdom
   You can check your standing with each of them towards the end of the game 
when they start coming out to stand in the street.  They'll start standing in 
the street when there's nothing left to be sold in their shops to you.  At 
that point it's probably too late to do anything, but it's still fun to ask 
them what they think of you. 
   Choosing different paths alters dialogue throughout the game, and 
cutscenes play out a little differently.  Watch Gwendolyn's scenes 
(specifically when you meet her cousin in her room, when she fights her 
stuffed rabbit, and her duel with her cousin at the end) and you'll see they 
play out a little differently depending on what decisions you make.  Young 
ears are listening!
   Your different choices also are represented in the final screen after the 
ending scene.  

Order of operations:
   Different parts of the game can be done out of order.  You must complete 
ALL of the paths for the eye competition eventually (to some extent), but 
whichever one you choose to do first will lead to how you finish the 
competition, and which of the townspeople you earn favor with.
   You can do either the speed or the strength competition first when you get 
to that point.
   Many of the item pickups and actions I'll tell you to do in the "Welcome 
to Daventry" section of the walkthrough don't actually have to be done at 
that point, but I wanted to group everything together as neatly as I could.

General rules of thumb:
If you've never played an adventure game before, it might be a little 
difficult to get into. Here are some general rules for being successful:
     ~Look EVERYWHERE.  Even if you've been somewhere several times before, 
       go back and see if there's anything you missed.  You might be 
     ~Talk to EVERYONE.  Show them all of the items in your inventory, ask 
       them all of the questions you can, and listen to the hints they might 
       be giving you.
     ~Use your items on EVERYTHING.  Try using all of your items on anything 
       that you are able to interact with.  
There are NO DEAD ENDS in this game, so if you get stuck continue to do the 
three things on the list above and you'll figure it out.  

     The controls depend on which platform you're playing the game on- PC, 
Playstation, XBox, etc. They are pretty intuitive and simple- you can change 
them in the menu if you don't like them.  There's an "action button" that 
will change depending on what you're standing near.  You use it to talk to 
people, pick up things, interact with objects, shoot your bow, etc.
     Your left analogue stick (if using a controller, I assume these are the 
arrow buttons if you are on PC) is used to move around or aim in the 
direction you want to go when platforming.
     The inventory button lets you see what you're storing in your cape's 
pockets.  Open it up near objects or people to try and use your items on 
them.  Hit the action button to use the items once your bag is open.  You'll 
know what you're using your items on because an image of the person or thing 
will appear in the giant magic mirror on your inventory screen.
     You CANNOT combine items in this game, so you don't have to worry about 

______                             _       _    _      _ _ 
|  _  \                           ( )     | |  | |    | | |
| | | |_ __ __ _  __ _  ___  _ __ |/ ___  | |  | | ___| | |
| | | | '__/ _` |/ _` |/ _ \| '_ \  / __| | |/\| |/ _ \ | |
| |/ /| | | (_| | (_| | (_) | | | | \__ \ \  /\  /  __/ | |
|___/ |_|  \__,_|\__, |\___/|_| |_| |___/  \/  \/ \___|_|_|
                  __/ |                                    
	This area serves as the introduction to the game and playstyle, and is 
pretty linear.  This is a retelling of the story of one of the treasures 
Graham had to obtain in the first King's Quest game before becoming King.  
     *Walk up to the well and use the crank
     *Climb the ladder to go down into the well
     *Use the action button on the mattress, and enter the little door
     *Continue down the path to the next screen
     *When you get to the area with the choice of two wheels, choose the one 
       on the right to continue

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###You'll see a bed on the next screen.  Hop in it several times until Graham 
admits to taking a nap to pop the "Napping on the Job" trophy/achivement.

     *Head down the long hallway then across the long bridge on the next 
     *Head all the way to the right and climb up the rope
     *Continue down the path, straight (passing the waterfall) and grab the 
       stick tied up with a rope to get the WOODEN HANDLE
     *Hop in the bed on your left to hide
     *Head back, passing the waterfall, and walk out onto the ledge on the 
     *Use the WOODEN HANDLE on the broken wheel
     *Cross the bridge, walk along the narrow edge, then go down the ladder
     *Walk forward and wait for the spikey boat to move away from you, then 
       duck into the alcove on the left
     *Wait for it to pass again and go into the alcove further up on the right
     *When it's safe, run out and continue forward
     *Continue forward.  When you step on the crunchy bones, hop into the 
       bed ahead to hide
     *Tiptoe carefully around the bones ahead so you don't make a noise
     *When the bed drops from the ceiling, hop in it to hide again

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###After hiding this last time, just walk straight up to the dragon and let 
him eat you for the "In the Mouth of Danger" trophy/achievement.

     *Climb up the ladder at the end of the hallway on the left
     *Go to the right and pick up the BOW on the ground near the skeleton
     *Shoot the wheel on the other side by aiming the crosshairs and pressing 
       the action button, then cross the bridge and continue to the overlook
     *Use the wheel nearby twice in a row
     *Ring the bell by pulling the rope
     *Use the wheel again and quickly climb up the ladder to stand on the meat
     *Walk up to the mirror

Once you have the mirror:
We'll have some action sequences now:
     *Run away from the dragon across the bridge, being careful to avoid any 
       holes that open up
        ~Shoot the ropes to drop the spikey beds as you flow down the river
        ~Press the button promps to avoid getting knocked off
        ~When the dragon head pops out to eat you, shoot the rope and bed 
          above his head to pass safely
     *Run away from the dragon through the last section, avoiding stuff that 
       falls from the ceiling
     *Head back along the path and go back through the small door
     *You now have three options to save yourself:
          ~You can aim and shoot at the wheel on the wall behind the dragon 
            in order to free him (route of compassion)
          ~You can aim and shoot at the dragon's open eye (route of bravery)
          ~You can aim and shoot at the bell to the right of the dragon 
            (route of wisdom)     

  ___            _            _ 
 / _ \          (_)          | |
/ /_\ \_ __ _ __ ___   ____ _| |
|  _  | '__| '__| \ \ / / _` | |
| | | | |  | |  | |\ V / (_| | |
\_| |_/_|  |_|  |_| \_/ \__,_|_|
	 *It doesn't matter how you go down the hill.  You can kind of aim Graham 
       left and right, but it doesn't really affect anything 
     *When Graham reaches the bottom, head down the path to the right 
     *After the cutscene, take the little path off to the left  
     *Continue along the trail until you get to a screen with a bird's nest 
       in a tree that has a toolbox in it 
     *Go down the hill on the right, then swing back to the left to get to 
       the base of the tree you just saw
     *Shake the tree
     *Go pick up the HATCHET from the toolbox
     *Continue EAST, hopping over some rocks on the way
     *Follow the trail until you meet the merchant (answer the dialogue in 
       this section however you want)

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###Use the hatchet on the "unicorns" over and over again until they eat you 
to get the "Unicorn Snack Food" trophy/achievement.
                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###Go around the "unicorns" and follow the trail hidden behind them. Continue 
all the way to the end and the "A Secret Entrance" trophy will pop.

     *Use the hatchet on the tree on the right near the river
     *Hop on the log bridge and make your way over to the next screen
     *Walk down the long, winding, fairly dark trail

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###When you pass the brambles blocking the way to the well, try to walk 
through them.  You'll get the "A Prickly Situation" trophy/achievement.
     *Continue down the windy trail going EAST, until you come outside a gate
     *Use the action button to climb up the rocks on the right side of the 
       door to climb over the wall
     *The town is empty and you have 3 choices here on how to continue:
          ~Go to the blacksmith's shop on the left and take the shield on the 
            wall.  Leave a tip if you want to have a good conscience
          ~Go to the bakery in the center and take the giant loaf of bread on 
            the shelf.  Leave a tip if you want
          ~Go to the magic shop at the top of the stairs, and take the 
            tabletop on the right side of the store.  Leave a tip if you want
NOTE:  You can only leave one tip.  Whether or not you leave money or pay for 
what you took leads to different conversations with people later!
     *Once you have a "wheel", head back out of town the way you came and go 
       all the way back to the merchant
     *Give the merchant the "wheel" and choose whatever you want in the 
       subsequent conversations (it doesn't matter if you buy the "ticket")
Once you get dropped off by the merchant:

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###Head EAST, pass the tree with the beehive in it, and go down near the 
water.  To the right of the stepping stones leading into the river, there are 
some reeds.  Walk through the one all the way on the right and you'll be 
"walking on water".  Cross over to the other side and you'll get the "Graham 
the Basilisk" trophy/achievement.  It may be a little tricky finding the 
right spot at first, so just keep trying. 

     *Go EAST and pass the tree with the beehive if you haven't already
     *Walk out onto the stepping stones and jump in the river
     *While the guards are arguing, shake the tree with the beehive in it
     *Go back WEST to where the other knight-hopefuls are
     *Use the HATCHET on the big tree to the left	
     *Use the rope on the right side on the ground near the tree. When 
       prompted, try to shoot the tree
     *Go EAST near the river again, and try to cross the rocks and fallen log
     *Use the HATCHET on the log
     *Use the ROPE on the logs you just cut to make a raft
     *Get on the raft and cross to the other side
     *After the cutscene, climb up the cliff to the left of where Manny went

The chivalry test:
     *Enter the hall and answer the question however you want
     *Talk to the man with the bullhorns on the left, and tell him your name
     *Go to the right side of the screen and talk to the taller of the two- 
       you don't have to ask him anything
     *Talk to Manny and ask about Acorn
     *Go back to Acorn and say you know what he's hiding
     *Ask his squirrel's name
     *Go to the shiny knight in the center and tell him you know his name is 
       Whisper (it's worth listening to his long story- keeping in mind his 
       voice actor also voices Gaston in Beauty and the Beast)
     *You can go ahead and take the test now, so go up to the table and talk 
       to the guard and tell him you're ready.  Here are the answers:
          1.) Manny 
          2.) Achaka
          3.) Sir Walter Harris Ignatius Sally Percival Eduardo Ramon Jr. the 
              Third of Modesto
          4.)Princess Madelin of Avalon
     *Once you pass the test, head back across the new makeshift bridge
     *Leave the area and follow the path
     *Go WEST at the fork in the path with the broken wagon and pumpkins, 
       then head NORTH at the pumpkin patch and go into town

______                      _              _ 
|  _  \                    | |            | |
| | | |__ ___   _____ _ __ | |_ _ __ _   _| |
| | | / _` \ \ / / _ \ '_ \| __| '__| | | | |
| |/ / (_| |\ V /  __/ | | | |_| |  | |_| |_|
|___/ \__,_| \_/ \___|_| |_|\__|_|   \__, (_)
                                      __/ |  
	Let's get some items we'll need before we go about finding a beast's 
eye.  These don't all have to be picked up now, but you'll need them 
evenutally, so I thought I'd put them all in one section and get some
trophies/achievements along the way.

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###Well, this trophy won't pop until the end of the game, but I'll explain it 
here so you have an idea of some choices you want to make.  You need to 
satisfy 3 critera:  ensure a smooth picnic for the baker, finish the potion 
for the couple in the potion shop, and keep the door to town closed 
throughout the game.  
   1.)When you enter town, you may see Amaya chasing off some wolves if you 
left it open after you passed through earlier.  This is OKAY- she'll explain 
to you to keep the door closed from that point forward.  Every time you pass 
through the gate, just remember to close it behind you.  
   2.)As for the potion, you'll need to give them two ingredients for it: a 
FEATHER and a FROG.  I'll remind you later in the walkthrough about these, 
because you can't get them now.  
   3.)As for the picnic, when you reach the area with a little table 
overlooking the castle, DO NOT shake the tree and leave the beehive on the 
table.  Use the FRUIT PICKER to remove the beehive, either while it's in the 
tree or if you knocked it on the table.  Also, I believe just leaving the 
beehive alone and using the FRUIT PICKER to pick the STARBERRIES could work, 
but I'm not entirely sure and can't check since I already have the trophy.  
Please send me a message on GameFAQs to InsanitySoup or on PSN to HappyChika 
and let me know if you can verify this.

     *Don't worry about getting a beast's eye for now, but go in each of the 
       shops and introduce yourself to the shopkeepers if you wish
     *When you're ready, exit the town via the SOUTH entrance, and head EAST 
       to the King's statue
     *Pick up the BELL laying on the ground and head NORTH
     *Walk towards the hanging STEAK until the trap springs, then go to the 
       tree on the left and use the action button to get the STEAK
     *Jump in the hole covered by leaves in the center of the trap area, then 
       grab the SUGARSHROOMS growing out of the wall of the hole
     *Exit the hole and go EAST, then EAST again to the picnic overlooking 
       the castle (do NOT shake the tree if want the trophy)
     *Select the note on the table with the crosshairs and read it
     *Leave the way you came, to the King's statue, to back to outside of town

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###Head NORTH through town and through the gate.  Take the upper path through 
the winding forest trail.  When you come to one of the rustling orange 
bushes, use the STEAK on it to get the "Misteak" trophy/achievement.

     *Head SOUTH of town to the pumpkin patch and walk to the left.  Grab the 
       FRUIT PICKER leaning against the tree
     *Head EAST and then SOUTH to the area with the rustling green bush
     *Use the STEAK on the bush and then pick up the BADGER (you won't get 
       the STEAK back so make sure you do the Misteak trophy if you haven't 

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###With BADGER in hand, return to the potion shop and dip him in the cauldron 
to turn him purple (ask Muriel and Chester what's brewing in the cauldron 
first if you haven't yet).  Return to the picnic area (North of King's 
statue, EAST at the screen with the rope trap, and EAST again) and shake the 
tree to drop the bee hive onto the table, then use the purple BADGER on the 
beehive to get the "Purple Badger Don't Care" trophy.  If you want to still 
get the "Helping Hat" trophy, make sure to use the Fruit Picker on the 
beehive to throw it over the edge to save the picnic.  Make sure to pick up 
the STARBERRIES on the ground to the left before you leave.

    *Return to the pumpkin patch and use the BADGER on the big pumpkin, then 
      get the PUMPKIN

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###Head SOUTH of the pumpkin patch and you'll see a big horn.  Blow on this 
horn several times in a row and you'll get the "Horn Blower" trophy.

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###Go SOUTH of the screen with the horn you just blew on to reach a frog 
pond. Try to catch a frog several times in a row to get "Froggy Throat". 

    *If you didn't go to the picnic area for the trophy, head there now (if 
      you were just there, don't worry about it)
    *There's a few things you can do here:
          ~You can shake the tree to drop the beehive on the table.  You can 
            leave it there if you want to be mean, or you can use the FRUIT 
            PICKER to get rid of it
          ~If you shake the tree you can pick up the STARBERRIES off the 
            ground to the left of the table
          ~You can use the FRUIT PICKER to grab STARBERRIES from the tree and 
            leave the beehive there- Wente will NOT be stung by bees even if 
            you leave it there
          ~You can use the FRUIT PICKER to grab the beehive and get rid of 
            it; you can then shake the tree to get the STARBERRIES or use the 
            FRUIT PICKER to get them  

We've done everything we can for now, so return to town and choose which path 
you want to take for the eye challenge: wisdom, bravery, or compassion.  You 
can do elements of the following 3 sections in any order, but the first one 
you do will determine how you complete the challenge, how the following 
cutscene plays out, and how the shopkeepers view you.

 _    _ _         _                 
| |  | (_)       | |                
| |  | |_ ___  __| | ___  _ __ ___  
| |/\| | / __|/ _` |/ _ \| '_ ` _ \ 
\  /\  / \__ \ (_| | (_) | | | | | |
 \/  \/|_|___/\__,_|\___/|_| |_| |_|

You should already have a PUMPKIN from the Welcome to Daventry section and a 
GOLD COIN.  If you do not have a GOLD COIN, you have probably already 
finished one of the other paths to obtain an eye and didn't pick up another 
one.  If you went the route of compassion, check the screen to the EAST of 
where you met Olfie and one is laying near a wagon.  If you went the route of 
bravery, go to the Goblin Fight section to obtain one after fighting the 

     *Head to town and enter Muriel and Chester's shop  
     *Give them the PUMPKIN and a GOLD COIN and you'll get a BLUE FLAME 

IF YOU HAVE NOT finished the eye competition yet:
     *Dunk the BLUE FLAME LANTERN in the potion to turn it purple
     *Head back to the guards outside of the hall where you had your chivalry 
       test (SOUTH of the King's statue)
     *Give the guards the PURPLE JACK-O-LANTERN
     *After a cutscene you will be given ACHAKA'S PICTURE

After finishing the eye competition (regardless of route):
     *Head to the wolf cave (NORTH of King's statue, EAST through the area 
       with the trap, NORTH through the area with the floating island signs) 
     *Head inside the cave and use the BLUE FLAME LANTERN
     *Walk safely through the cave and out the other side 
     *Continue down the trail until you come to a hole with a GOLD COIN 
       sitting on the edge
     *Use the action button to get a close view, and use the cross-hairs to 
       target the GOLD COIN, hitting the action button again to pick it up

If you have not already done the other routes, go to the Obtaining an Eye: 
Bravery or Compassion sections.  Certain things need to be done from both 
sections in order to continue with the game.

 _____                                     _             
/  __ \                                   (_)            
| /  \/ ___  _ __ ___  _ __   __ _ ___ ___ _  ___  _ __  
| |    / _ \| '_ ` _ \| '_ \ / _` / __/ __| |/ _ \| '_ \ 
| \__/\ (_) | | | | | | |_) | (_| \__ \__ \ | (_) | | | |
 \____/\___/|_| |_| |_| .__/ \__,_|___/___/_|\___/|_| |_|
                      | |                                

You should already have the STARBERRIES and SUGARSHROOMS from the Welcome to 
Daventry section and a GOLD COIN.  If you do not have a GOLD COIN, you have 
probably already finished one of the other paths to obtain an eye and didn't 
pick up another one.  If you went the route of wisdom, head to the wolf cave 
(NORTH of the King's statue, EAST through the area with the trap, NORTH 
through the area withe the floating island signs).  Go inside the wolf cave 
and use the BLUE FLAME LANTERN and walk through to the other side. Continue 
down the trail until you come to a hole with a GOLD COIN sitting on the edge 
and pick it up.  If you went the route of bravery, go to the Goblin Fight 
section to obtain one after the goblin fight.

     *Head to town and enter Wente's shop
     *Give him the STARBERRIES and SUGARSHROOMS if you haven't already
     *Give him a GOLD COIN and he'll give you a giant STARSHROOM PIE
     *Head out of town through the SOUTH exit, then head EAST to the King's 
       statue, SOUTH, and then EAST again.
     *Try to cross over the bridge if you didn't earlier to meet Olfie
     *Give Olfie the STARSHROOM PIE

IF YOU HAVE NOT finished the eye competition yet:
     *After a cutscene, return to the competition hall

After finishing the eye competition (regardless of route):
     *Cross Olfie's bridge where you first met him (use his MOUTHPIECE on the 
       horn if he's not there) and head EAST
     *Grab the GOLD COIN near the wagon

If you have not already done the other routes, go to Obtaining an Eye- 
Bravery or Wisdom sections.  Certain things need to be done from both 
sections in order to continue with the game.

| ___ \                               
| |_/ /_ __ __ ___   _____ _ __ _   _ 
| ___ \ '__/ _` \ \ / / _ \ '__| | | |
| |_/ / | | (_| |\ V /  __/ |  | |_| |
\____/|_|  \__,_| \_/ \___|_|   \__, |
                                 __/ |

This is the longest section.  You should have a GOLD COIN in your inventory.  
If you don't, you have probably already finished one of the other paths to 
obtain an eye and didn't pick up another one.  If you went the route of 
compassion, check the screen to the EAST of where you met Olfie and one is 
laying near a wagon.  If you went the route of wisdom, use the BLUE FLAME 
LANTERN to get through the wolf cave.  Follow the path and by the edge of one 
of the holes in the ground will be a GOLD COIN you can pick up.

     *Head into the blacksmith's shop in town
     *Use a GOLD COIN to pay for the GARDENING TOOL on the wall
     *Leave town through the NORTH exit, being careful to close the door 
       behind you if you want the trophy
     *Head along the upper path until you get to the brambles where you can 
       see the dragon's well in the background  
     *Use the GARDENING TOOL to cut through the brambles.  You will then lose 
       the tool.
     *Head into the well.

Once you're in the well:
     *Head along the path to the EAST
     *Like before, use the wheel on the right to proceed through the cave
     *Head along the trail until you see Achaka slide down the rope

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###Instead of heading down after Achaka, continue along the path to the 
EAST.  Keep continuing as far as you can even though Old Graham as the 
narrator keeps encouraging you to turn around.  When you get to the dead end, 
don't do anything.  After some funny dialogue, Graham will do a little dance 
and the trophy/achievement "Dead End Dancer" will pop.

     *If you went to the dead end, the game will automatically send you down 
       with Achaka.  If not, use the action button near the rope to go down.
Jumping puzzle:
     This isn't too hard.  You can remember where Achaka jumps and follow his 
pattern.  If you forget, move your left analogue stick in the direction of 
the barrel and Achaka will tell you right or wrong.  "Stalama" means "No" and 
"Affa Nata" means "Yes".  Press the action button to hop to the barrel your 
foot is pointing to. You'll be hearing those two words "Stalama" and "Affa 
Nata"  a lot throughout the rest of this section.
     *The first section is easy to get through with the above directions
     *The second section you come to is the same, but with a swinging spiked 
       club you have to time your jump through so you don't get hit
     *The third and last section is a little trickier.  Achaka won't give you 
       any verbal queues this time, so you have to remember where he jumped. 
       The posts behind you will fall as you jump off them, but you can take 
       your time still since they won't fall while you're standing on them.  
       The correct sequence is:
          ~Forward to the red barrel
          ~Forward-right to the blueish barrel
          ~Forward to the brown barrel
          ~Time your jump forward-left to the big red barrel
          ~Time your jump back-left to the blueish barrel
          ~Time your jump forward-left to the yellow barrel
          ~Forward-left to the blue barrel
          ~Forward-right to the brown barrel
          ~Jump to the finish

After Achaka takes off:
     Head forward on foot along the path.  This is more of an action-packed 
section that might take a few tries, but the checkpoints are fairly 
generous.  There's not much I can walk you through, but continue along to the 
right, using the action button to jump and grab onto ledges and the left 
analogue stick to traverse and aim for the next ledge while jumping.
     When you get to areas that are not hidden behind rock and are open to 
the background behind you, wait in safety behind a wall until the dragon 
comes and breathes fire at the opening.  As soon as he's gone, quickly pass 
through those open areas until you reach a safe spot again.  Rinse and repeat 
until you reach the end.  Some spots you have to be quick, so try not to 
waste any time.
     When you meet up with Achaka, run after him to the right until you both 
fall down a big hole.

When you land in a big cage over spikes:
     *Yell "Stalama!" at Achaka when he tries to turn the crank. 
     *Yell "Affa Nata!" when he goes around to turn the wheel.
     *Yell "Affa Nata!" when he goes back to turn the crank again.
     *Head through the small doggy door.

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
	###After a little scene, go back and open the little doggy door three 
times in a row to unlock the "Opening Knight" trophy/achievement.
Shield and arrow puzzle:
     ~Use the action button on the nearby shield on the ground to put it up 
       in place and tell Achaka "Affa Nata".
     ~Traverse using the rope bridge to the other side.  
     ~Push the weapon rack your rope is tied to and tell Achaka "Stalama".
     ~Place the nearby shield on its stand and tell Achaka "Affa Nata".
     ~Use the new rope to traverse across the large gap to the south
     ~Push the weapon rack so it moves to the right side of the platform and 
       tell Achaka "Stalama".
     ~Traverse back across the rope to where you just were.
     ~Remove the shield from the stand that is right in front of you and tell 
       Achaka "Affa Nata".
     ~Use the new rope bridge on the right to travel and drop down on the 
       little island in the center next to the dragon's tail.
     ~Put the shield on its stand here and say "Affa Nata".
     ~Use the ropes to travel all the way back to the landing outside 
       Achaka's cell door. (Make sure you move all the way to the left before 
       trying to grab the second rope bridge, or you might accidentally move 
       the weapon rack instead.  If you do, just move it back and have Achaka 
       shoot another arrow.)
     ~Pull the rope hanging from the ceiling to ring the bell.

When you've both escaped from the cell:
     *Follow Achaka down the path, and let him boost you into the little 
       opening at the end
     *Head south along the path and follow it as it bends to the west. 
     *Turn the wheel to open the door for Achaka
     *Attempt to shoot the arrow at the wooden beam, and again after Achaka 
       helps you
     *Follow the path until it gets really narrow, then follow Achaka throw 
       the tight tunnel
     *Achaka will get stuck towards the end- use the action button on his 
       behind to push him through
You will have two options when you reach the sleeping dragon:
     1.)  Tell Achaka "Affa Nata!" when he aims at the sleeping dragon. 
You'll get the dragon's eye.  (It won't matter if you've already finished the 
eye competition via another path)
      2.)  Tell Achaka "Stalama!" and Achaka will aim at the open window 
instead.  You will not get the eye and Manny will give you an eye to use if 
you haven't completed the competition.  If you've already completed the 
competition, this doesn't matter.
Don't feel bad about either option you choose- they both will have the same 
undesireable result.

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###No matter which route you chose (bravery, wisdom, or compassion) to obtain 
an eye, you will get the "That's the Ticket" trophy for progressing in the 
storyline.  This cannot be missed. 

 _____       _     _ _           
|  __ \     | |   | (_)          
| |  \/ ___ | |__ | |_ _ __  ___ 
| | __ / _ \| '_ \| | | '_ \/ __|
| |_\ \ (_) | |_) | | | | | \__ \
 \____/\___/|_.__/|_|_|_| |_|___/
Goblin Fight
	 This can only be done AFTER you've completed the section with Achaka.  
     *If you haven't already, check out the competition board in the area 
       with the King's statue to get WHISPER'S PHOTO
     *Go back to the area outside the wolf cave (NORTH from King's statue, 
       EAST through trap area, then NORTH)
     *Head EAST to the area with the rope and the tree
     *Now that you know how to shoot better, you can use the action button on 
       the rope, and aim for the tree on the other side
     *Traverse the rope
     *Head EAST and walk along the trail 
     *Graham will suspect someone's watching him, but just keep backing out 
       of the first person screens and continue along the trail
     *Go all the way up to the wagon at the end- keep walking even when 
       goblins start to follow you

There's two ways you can approach this fight:
     ~With swiftness: Aim and shoot at all of the goblins with the aim to 
kill.  After you shoot a goblin once, it will be injured and try to walk 
away- shoot them again to kill them.  Show no mercy.    
     ~With patience: This is the easier way.  Only shoot at goblins that are 
trying to harm you.  These are goblins who are holding spears and one goblin 
up top that will try to throw a rock at you.  When they are injured, let them 
walk away.
NOTE:  Neither approach really matters, but the patient approach is much 
easier if you're not so great at shooting quickly.

At the end you can choose to either save the merchant or let him be carried 
     *If you save him, he'll give you a FEATHER and a GOLDEN COIN (choose 
       whatever dialogue options you want)
     *If you don't save him, you can examine the cart and use the crosshairs 
       to grab the optional FEATHER from the open satchel on the steps and a 
       GOLDEN COIN from a shelf inside 
     *If you like, go back to town and give the feather to the couple in the 
       potion shop.  They'll give you an INCOMPLETE HYPNOPTIC POWDER.  This 
       is OPTIONAL, however, but you should do it if you are aiming for the 
       Helping Hat trophy.

     At this point, you can buy the BLUE FLAME CANDLE in the potion shop, or 
the STARSHROOM PIE in the bakery if you haven't yet.
Once you have bought everything you could from everyone in town (blue flame 
candle, giant pie, gardening tool) and used them, you can choose to either do 
the speed competition or the strength competition next.  Head to those 
sections to continue.

 _____                     _ 
/  ___|                   | |
\ `--. _ __   ___  ___  __| |
 `--. \ '_ \ / _ \/ _ \/ _` |
/\__/ / |_) |  __/  __/ (_| |
\____/| .__/ \___|\___|\__,_|
      | |                    
	You may have noticed your trusty steed stuck in a trap near area with 
the wolf cave.  We need to rescue him if we're going to join the speed 
competition.  If you have the work order already, you don't need to go get it.

     *If you haven't already, check out the competition board in the area 
       with the King's statue to get WHISPER'S PHOTO 

If you don't have the WORK ORDER:
     *You should have the blue flame lantern by now and have crossed the 
       bridge by feeding the bridge troll a giant pie.  
     *Head over Olfie's bridge and go north.  Use the blue flame lantern in 
       the dark forest and continue along the path
     *You'll reach a big rock with a beam of light shining on it and a WORK 
       ORDER stuck to it
     *Take the WORK ORDER and head back to the west out of the woods

If you already used the WORK ORDER:
     *If you used the work order on the boulder to get the BITTERROOT, then 
       you'll have to complete to the strength competition first.  Jump to 
       that section for instructions on how to do that if you haven't yet.  
       After beating Acorn, you'll find him stomping around near your steed 
       who is stuck in the trap.  Make friends with Acorn by giving him his 
       SOCK back, and then ask him to help you get Triumph down.	 

If you have the WORK ORDER:
     *Head back to the wolf cave and head through it to the other side.
     *Continue along the path to the very end until you reach Triumph.
     *Walk up to the tree near Triumph and use the WORK ORDER on it.
     *Walk back along the path as if you're leaving until Amara comes by with 
       the Crumbler.
     *Go back to Triumph and talk to him for a scene.

Once you have Triumph:
     *The speed competition will automatically start.  
     *You can't lose the speed competition, you just may have to try a few 
       times if you run into something.  If Whisper beats you to the finish 
       line, Manny will just say "oh wait, they have one more lap!" and you 
       can keep going until you win.  The checkpoints are generous.

First lap:
     ~Move left and right to dodge the barriers.
     ~After you pass Whisper taking a nap, you'll have to jump some hay bales 
       and duck under a log.  Press the triangle button to do this.
NOTE:  Sometimes the icons will disappear very quickly.  This is OK!! You 
don't have to hit the button before they disappear.  It's just reminding you 
what button you have to press to avoid the obstacle.  You still have to time 
it right, though, so spam the correct button as soon as you can and you'll 
have no troubles.

Second lap:
     ~You'll be in a water wheel.  Press triangle to jump over the hay bales 
       like you did before.  It's just trickier because you're viewing it 
       from a different angle.
     ~You'll lose Triumph and end up on Whisper's back
     ~Use the square and circle buttons to tell Whisper to go left or right 
       to dodge the obstacles.

Third lap:
     ~You'll wind up on the back of your two new friends, going very slowly.  
       Use the same commands to avoid obstacles and jump over hay bales.
     ~Tell Whisper to talk to the guards before he goes over the hay bale 
       obstacle in order to trip him up.  (He will easily go over it 
     ~Tell Whisper to talk to the guards again as he passes the bandstand
NOTE:  Even if you trip him up both times (He will easily succeed backwards 
and doing handstands while on horseback) he will still take the lead and 
you'll go into a fourth lap.

Fourth lap:  
     ~Jump over obstacles like normal
     ~Tell whisper to do a handstand as he passes under the arch to knock him 
       off his horse.
     ~At the next hay bale, tell Whisper to run backwards to make him trip. 
       (Telling him to talk to the guards will also slow him down, but not 
       enough for you to win).
     ~At the bandstand, tell him to talk to the guards and go for the win.

Again, if you do the above incorrectly, you'll be given as many "final" laps 
as you need to beat Whisper.

After the race:
     *Go talk to the poor crying Whisper and give him his PICTURE to make 
     *Talk to him again and ask him to catch a frog for you
     *Head back to town and give the frog to the couple in the magic shop and 
       receive the COLOR-CHANGING POTION.  If you've already given the 
       FEATHER to them, the potion should now be complete!

From here, you can do the strength competition if you haven't yet or you can 
get ready for the final competition of wits.

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###For beating Whisper, you get the "Fast Feather" trophy/achievement.  You 
get this for advancing in the storyline and this trophy/achievement cannot be 

 _____ _                        _   _     
/  ___| |                      | | | |    
\ `--.| |_ _ __ ___ _ __   __ _| |_| |__  
 `--. \ __| '__/ _ \ '_ \ / _` | __| '_ \ 
/\__/ / |_| | |  __/ | | | (_| | |_| | | |
\____/ \__|_|  \___|_| |_|\__, |\__|_| |_|
                           __/ |          
	We're not going to win with pure strength alone, so we have to go get 
some stuff to help us. 
     *If you haven't already, check out the competition board in the area 
       with the King's statue to get WHISPER'S PHOTO
     *You should have the flaming pumpkin lantern by now and be friends with 
       Olfie.  Cross his bridge east of the King's statue (call him by using 
       his mouthpiece on the horn if you have to)
     *Go NORTH and use your LANTERN in the dark woods to pass safely
     *While heading down the path, take the WORK ORDER off of the big rock 
       with the light beam shining on it if you haven't already done the 
       speed competition
     *At the end when you're out of the dark, take the SOUTH path
     *Walk EAST along the ledge as the meeting continues
     *Climb down the rocks that are on the right side
     *Walk back on the path, pass the giant door, and continue to the left 
     *Climb on the ledge and examine the ladder in the hole
     *Use the ladder to climb back up and go WEST, picking up the GOLD COIN 
       near the cart on the way 
     *Use the mouthpiece to call Olfie again, but instead of crossing, 
       immediately go EAST 
     *Use the ladder to go back down
     *Head EAST until you get a cutscene

After you hear Olfie do the secret knock:
     *Go knock on the door
     *Knock again
     *Shake the bell tree
     *Shake the bell tree again
     *Knock again
     *Say "Truss me"
     *Continue with the conversation however you like
     *Throw the bell down when prompted
     *Continue with the conversations however you like
     *As soon as you can, say you're taking your horn and leaving
     *Select Waddles's mouthpiece (the one on the right)	
NOTE:  If you throw down Olfie's mouthpiece instead of your bell, or you pick 
up Olfie's mouthpiece or your bell when leaving, you're going to have to go 
back to the meeting.  You need to leave with both Olfie's and Waddles's 
mouthpieces in your inventory.  
     *Go left and head back up the ladder
     *Go WEST and use Olfie's horn to cross the bridge

After you have Olfie's and Waddles's mouthpieces:
     *Now that we have Waddles's horn, let's go visit the one that we had to 
       blow on to get the trophy (straight south from town and pumpkin patch)
     *Go use Waddles's mouthpiece on his horn and cross over and go WEST
     There are 2 options to continue:
          1.)  You can use the HYPNOTIC POTION on the croissants to the left 
of Pillare (they have raisins in them!)  Do this option if you want to get 
the Helping Hat trophy.  Once Pillare eats them, tell her to take a nap. 
          2.)  Use the FEATHER on the pile of croissants and she will eat it, 
get drowsy, and fall asleep.  You will be unable to complete the potion in 
the magic shop if you do this.
     *Once she's asleep, grab her mouthpiece

After you have Pillare's mouthpiece:	
     Remember where the floating island is?  Let's go there now (take the 
north path from the King's statue, go east past the trap, and follow the 
     *Use Olfie's mouthpiece to cross over to the center island.
     *Instead of climbing up the ladder, walk around to the left and use 
       Pillare's mouthpiece on her horn.
     *Go back and climb up the ladder
NOTE:  Now that you have Pillare's mouthpiece, you can take a little break 
and go look at the castle up close if you like.  Go through the forest north 
of where you first met Olfie (where you found the work order), and go EAST 
this time.  Use Pillare's mouthpiece on her horn here, and follow the path.  
You'll come to the outside of the castle!  The drawbridge is up and there's 
nothing you can do here, but don't worry!  I'm sure we'll get to see the 
castle in future chapters.

The actual competition:
     Talk to the guard to get started.
     ~He'll push you off the left side no matter how hard you tap the button, 
       but if you used Pillare's horn earlier she will catch you
     ~Sneak up behind Acorn and grab the ball of yarn
     ~Press X repeatedly until Acorn starts winding up the yarn
     ~There's a bunch of ways you can do this, but your goal is to wrap the 
       yarn around the posts as Acorn tries to wind up the yarn.  You want to 
       get him to trip over the yarn.  Make a plus sign or an "X" down the 
       center so his path has to cross a yarn line.  You have all the time in 
       the world as long as he doesn't reach you.  Once he is about to come 
       to a line of string in his path, press X to trip him.  If you don't, 
       he'll carefully step over it. If you time it wrong, he'll just stumble 
       but won't actually fall.  Just keep trying.
     ~As soon as he falls, hit "X" multiple times to pull more string from 
       his armor.
     ~He'll throw you over the edge again. Use Waddles's mouthpiece on his 
       horn while you're dangling.
     ~You'll have more posts to deal with this time while Acorn winds up 
       yarn.  Repeat what you did before:  aim to make the yarn cross in the 
       center so you can trip him.
     ~Hit "X" again several times to pull string from his armor again.
     ~He'll throw you again.  Use Olfie's mouthpiece on his horn while you're 
     ~The posts are in different spots again, but just make another cross of 
       yarn to trip him.  You know the drill.
     ~Yep, pull that yarn again and you'll get a cutscene
       We're not quite done yet!  Acorn is really angry now!  
     ~Run up to a post and hit "X" to wave the sock in front of Acorn to make 
       him mad.  As soon as you get his attention, move out of the way so he 
       hits the post.
     ~Rinse and repeat for the other posts.

After the competition, if you already did the speed competition:
     *Start heading back to town until you run into Acorn- Give him his SOCK 
       and make friends.  He'll give you a PAIR OF SOCKS
     *Talk to him again and he'll push the rock for you so you can get the 
     *Go ahead and go back to town to give the baker the BITTERROOT and he'll 
       give you a sample of STREUDEL
After the competition, if you used the WORK ORDER on the boulder:
     *Head to the area where your steed in stuck in a trap (head through the 
       wolf cave) to find Acorn stomping around  
     *Give acorn his SOCK to make friends- He'll give you a PAIR OF SOCKS
     *Talk to him again and ask him to help you get your steed down	 

If you have not already done the speed competition, go do that now. If you've 
done both speed and strength, continue to the Test of Wits section.

                       **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###Just for beating Acorn, you get the ""Strong Minded"" trophy/achievement.  
This is received just by advancing in the storyline and cannot be missed.

 _    _ _ _   
| |  | (_) |  
| |  | |_| |_ 
| |/\| | | __|
\  /\  / | |_ 
 \/  \/|_|\__|
   *Head to the competition hall and your path will be blocked by angry 
       squirrels.  Give them the STREUDEL and they'll be happy enough to 
       leave you alone
     *Continue to the competition hall and give the guard the PAIR OF SOCKS
     *Cross the bridge and enter
     *Sit down to start the duel of wits
     *No matter which one you choose to drink, you'll get hypnotized and 
       Manny will be fine
     *Do what Manny tells you to do, because you have to
     *The hypnosis powder will wear off and you can make any move you want, 
       but you will not be able to win at this point
     *The guards will rig it so you have to do a re-match (and will continue 
       to do so if you lose again until you win)
     *Go up to the cups and use the COLOR-CHANGING POTION 
     *Sit down to play again.  Now you will know which drink to choose or not 
       choose since you dyed one of them. 
     *You can now play without being under the influence of the hypnosis 
       powder. I can't give exact instructions, because Manny won't react the 
       same each time
          ~The goal of the game is to shoot Manny's little mechanical man 
            with an arrow by bouncing them off shields
          ~On your turn you can either rotate a shield man or your mechanical 
            Graham or move them by one square 
          ~You cannot move a shield man that Manny moved on his last turn
          ~When you've made your move, you will automatically shoot an arrow
NOTE: There are two ways you can win, one way that is sneakier but will help 
you to win more easily.  If you lose 3 times (including the first time when 
you are forced to), you will have the option of saying "Let's make things 
more interesting" when you sit down to play again.  Graham will then request 
that they choose from two cups instead of three.  Since you put dye in one 
of them, you can easily tell which one you are not supposed to drink, and let 
Manny get the one with the powder in it.  He will now be under your control 
for the first few moves, and you can set it up to easily go for the win.
     *After you win the board game, you are given 3 options to beat him in a 
       duel.  Use the crosshairs to flick your last GOLD COIN to one of the 
       shopkeepers.  It doesn't matter which you choose, but each option 
       represents either bravery, wisdom, or compassion
     *Once you choose one, just do a few quick-time events (button pressing) 
       and you're done!
	                   **********TROPHY LOCATION**********
###For completing the chapter, you get the "The End?" trophy/achievement.  
This cannot be missed, and if you've been following this guide, you should 
now have your trophies at 100% for this chapter!

 _____ _            _____          _ 
|_   _| |          |  ___|        | |
  | | | |__   ___  | |__ _ __   __| |
  | | | '_ \ / _ \ |  __| '_ \ / _` |
  | | | | | |  __/ | |__| | | | (_| |
  \_/ |_| |_|\___| \____/_| |_|\__,_|

The final screen after the closing scene (that ends in kind of a cliffhanger) 
will show you all of the choices you made in the game in a pictoral manner.
Here's a list of the potential changes:

1.)  Graham's facial expression will change depending on whether you were 
more brave, wise, or kind. 
2.)  If you freed the dragon, he will no longer have a chain around his neck. 
If you shot him, he will be eyeless.  If you rang the dinner bell, he will be 
3.)  Amaya will be wearing a badge and a happy face if you kept the town door 
closed so the wolves couldn't get in.  She'll look upset and have no badge if 
you didn't.
4.)  Muriel and Chester will have yellow teeth if you didn't finish their 
potion- their teeth will still be white if you did.

5.)  The eye that you used for the competition will be displayed (dragon, 
jack-o-lantern, or bridge troll)

6.)  The nickname you earned from Olfie will be diplayed in a pictoral form 
(honey bee, goose, and bandicoot)

7.)  Wente will be covered in bee stings if you ruined his picnic (dropped 
the hive on the table and left it).  He will always be holding an engagement 
ring though, as no matter how mean you are you cannot stop true love <3.

8.)  If you killed most of the goblins, there will be a dead goblin buried 
under rocks.  If you let most of them live, there will be a goblin holding a 
white flag.

9.)  The wagon wheel will be whatever you chose to replace it with (bread, 
shield, or tabletop).

10)  Amaya will be holding the dagger, Chester and Muriel the bombs, and 
Wente a pie depending on which item you chose during the final duel with 

If there's anything I missed, let me know via a message or a 
message to PSN HappyChika.

 _____               _     _           
|_   _|             | |   (_)          
  | |_ __ ___  _ __ | |__  _  ___  ___ 
  | | '__/ _ \| '_ \| '_ \| |/ _ \/ __|
  | | | | (_) | |_) | | | | |  __/\__ \
  \_/_|  \___/| .__/|_| |_|_|\___||___/
              | |                      

Here's a list of all of the trophies/achievements and how to get them.  All 
but four are missable.  You can get them all on one playthrough.  The 
missable trophies are outlined in the walkthrough as well.

1.) MISTEAK- (Fed a steak to a Wedzel Wolf) Obtain the steak from the rope 
trap north of the King's statue.  Go back to town, exit through the back 
gate, and head along the path until you come to one of the rustling orange 
bushes.  Use the steak on the bush. (You will get your steak back)

2.) OPENING KNIGHT- (Opened door to Achaka three times)  When you are in the 
dragon's well with Achaka, you will both get stuck in a cell.  After you 
crawl through a doggy door that Achaka is too big to fit through, turn 
around and open that little door again three times in a row.

3.) PURPLE BADGER DON'T CARE- (A dyed Badger ate Bees)  Obtain the steak 
from the rope trap north of the King's statue, then go back to the statue 
and head south a few screens to a rustling green bush.  Use the steak on the 
bush to get the badger (you will not get your steak back).  Bring the badger 
to Muriel and Chester's potion shop and dip him in the potion to dye him 
purple (this has to be before you give the couple either the feather or 
frog, because you will lose access to free dipping).  Now go to the picnic 
area overlooking the castle, and shake the tree to drop the beehive on the 
table.  Use the badger on the beehive.

4.) A SECRET ENTRANCE- (Found a Mysterious Cave Entrance)  Right after you 
meet your merchant friend with his broken wagon wheel, walk around his 
"unicorns" to go down a path hidden behind them.  Walk all the way to the end.

5.) IN THE MOUTH OF DANGER- (Walked into a Dragon's Mouth)  During the first 
adventure through the dragon's well at the beginning of the game, there is a 
section where you have to tiptoe around bones and hide in beds so as not to 
be seen by the dragon.  At the end of the long hallway, just walk up to the 
dragon and allow him to wake up and eat you instead of going up the ladder.

6.)  NAPPING ON THE JOB- (Took a Brief Nap)  At the very beginning of the 
game while going through the dragon's cave, hop in the first bed you come 
across three times. 

7.)  THAT'S THE TICKET- (Presented an Eye to enter the Tournament)  This is 
story-related, and cannot be missed no matter which path you take to obtain 
an eye.

8.)  STRONG MINDED-  (Defeated Acorn in the Duel of Strength)  This is 
story-related, and cannot be missed.

9.)  FAST FEATHER-  (Defeated Whisper in the Duel of Speed)  This is 
story-related and cannot be missed.

10.) THE END?-  (Told the Story about becoming a Knight)  This is 
story-related and cannot be missed.

11.) UNICORN SNACK FOOD-  (Was a Snack for a Majestic Unicorn)  Right after 
meeting your merchant friend with the broken wheel and getting the axe from 
the toolbox in the tree, use the axe on the "unicorns" until they get "fed 
up" with you.  (Yeah, the puns in this game are having an effect on me...)

12.) A PRICKLY SITUATION- (Walked into the Spiniferous Thornweeds)  Before 
using the gardening tool on the thornweeds blocking your path to the 
dragon's well (after you already went through it at the beginning of the 
game), just try to walk through them.

13.) HELPING HAT- (Saved a Picnic, Got a Wedzel Patch, Completed the 
Potion)  This has 3 parts to it.  You cannot drop the beehive on the table 
at the picnic overlooking the castle (don't shake the tree).  Just leave it 
alone and use the fruit picker to grab the fruit, or use the fruit picker to 
get rid of the beehive.  Talk to the baker later and he'll give you the good 
news that he had a great picnic and is now engaged.  For the second part, 
always keep the gate in town closed so wolves can't get in.  For the third 
part, get the feather after the battle with the goblins (the merchant will 
give it to you, or if you let him get kidnapped you can just take the 
feather from his cart).  Get the frog by winning the speed competition, 
making friends with Whisper (show him his photograph), and asking him to 
catch a frog for you.  Give both the feather and the frog to Muriel and 
Chester to finish their potion.

14.) DEAD END DANCER-  (Danced in the Dark)  When you're in the dragon's 
well with Achaka, you'll reach an area where he slides down a rope.  DO NOT 
FOLLOW HIM!  Instead, continue on the path to the right, and keep going even 
though the game tries to convince you not to.  When you get to a dead end, 
just stand there through some funny dialogue, and eventually Graham will do 
a little dance.  

15.) HORN BLOWER-  (Blew on many Horns)  Go to the south of town a few 
screens to the horn there (one screen north of the frog pond).  Blow on that 
horn several times until the trophy pops.

16.) FROGGY THROAT-  (Tried to Catch a Toad, Got a Frog in Throat)  Go to 
the frog pond several screens south of town, and try to catch a frog several 
times in a row until the trophy pops. 

17.) GRAHAM THE BASILISK-  (Walked on Water)  When you first get to the 
outside of the theater with the downed bridge and everyone trying to find a 
way to cross, walk down the hill to the right, passing the tree with the 
beehive.  Walk up to the reeds all the way on the right near the stepping 
stones, and walk out on to the water.  It can be a little tricky finding the 
right spot.  Cross to the other side.

 _____ _                 _     __   __          _ 
|_   _| |               | |    \ \ / /         | |
  | | | |__   __ _ _ __ | | __  \ V /___  _   _| |
  | | | '_ \ / _` | '_ \| |/ /   \ // _ \| | | | |
  | | | | | | (_| | | | |   <    | | (_) | |_| |_|
  \_/ |_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|_|\_\   \_/\___/ \__,_(_)

Thanks obviously to Roberta & Ken Williams and Sierra for the old King's 
Quest games which were amazing, and to the wonderful people who revived this 

Thanks to AxelSpoonz from the Activision Community page for helping me 
figure out how to complete the wisdom path of the eye competition.

Thanks to Fitzabombr on the GameFAQs forums for bringing to my attention 
that there are two ways to use the WORK ORDER, and for confirming the 
alternate solution to getting your mount down.  Also thanks to spookygamer 
for confirming this route.

Thank you to linkofdaventry and Magnymbus for confirming that Wente's 
engagement cannot be ruined, and that he does in fact have bee stings on his 
face in the final picture if you ruin the picnic.

I used for the ASCII letters since I'm too 
dumb to do them on my own.

Everything else in this guide I figured out for myself as far as I know.  If 
you think you should be credited for something here, please send me a 
message (InsanitySoup) on GameFAQs or through Playstation to HappyChika.  

Thank YOU for reading this guide!!!!!

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