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Title: Guide for Scenario "Flashback"
Game Name: Resident Evil Outbreak File #2
Platform: Playstation 2
Made BY: The Member raha on the Site Cheat Happens Which I Am Hosting This File On.
E-Mail: [email protected] For Any Questions or Suggestions about This FAQ
Copyright: © raha 2008
First Created: 22/2/2008
Last Revised: 8/3/2008

             - Table OF Contents -

-Legal Info
-Game Introduction
-Game Guide
 *Scenario Info
 *Scenario Guide
-Special Thanks

               - Legal Info -

This file can't be copied, published or used at any other site without my permission.
When you want to use it on another site e-mail me on my e-mail
([email protected]).
If you tried to use it on any other site without my permission a legal action will
be taken towards you,
Because that's plagiarism, and its illegal.

             - Game Introduction -

Once again The citizens of raccoon city, find them selves in the zombie infection
caused by Umbrella's experiment, and they now have to dig their way out of the
town to survive, And you'll be able to play with 8 Characters and they are Kevin,
Mark, Jim, George, David, Alyssa, Yoko and Cindy, every each of them has his
Advantages and Disadvantages, And in each Scenario you'll be able to play with one
character and choose two partners to help you.
This game has 2 modes offline mode and online mode, in online mode you can have
real partners which are much helpful than your normal partners, because in offline
mode your partners are sometimes very annoying hey use items you want and throw
away items you give them, and they mostly die fast so playing online will give you
much entertainment than normal mode.

                - Game Guide -


* Flashback Scenario Info

In this scenario you will find yourself lost in a forest, and you enter a Cabin
for some rest, but you find out that there's a Hospital near you, could it be a
shelter to catch your breath or its just another place full of Zombies and monsters?!


* Flashback Scenario Guide

P.S: All the info you will see here will be on easy mode.

Here you will start with a place full of Items such as Handgun, Handgun Ammo,
First Aid Spray, Shotgun E, And if you didn't pick Alyssa in your team you will
see her here, and now once you get the items you need head to the door and once
you get near it a Guy named Al come in, he say's in a weird that there's a near
hospital, after the scene enter that door.

-In front of Cabin:
Now that guy Al is going to help you get pass the wood, so take the items you need
here such as those herbs, and there is a document on the right side of the Cabin,
after you get what you need follow Al.

-Mountain Path:
Now this place is a maze so Al will help you getting pass it, though there are
many items in the paths Al doesn't go to such as Shotgun E, some Herbs...,so you
may want to check the place, but watch out from those Botanic Zombies(I like
calling them plant zombies) they are not like normal zombies, when you attack them
some mist gets out of them so using Melee weapons on them is not a great idea or
you'll get poisoned so you may want to have in your stock a Blue Herb or a mix
that has a Blue Herb.

-Suspension Bridge:
Once you reached this Area you now have 2 ways to end this Scenario, if you keep
moving to the other side of the bridge and to the next area that would be the Long
way, but if you go back that would be the Short way though I think that the Long
way is a bit easier that the short one so its your choice.

Long way: Section [A]
Short way: Section [B]


-Hospital Back Gate:
Now here there will be a couple of items and a document, take what you need and
enter the Hospital's door.

-Main Building 1F Hall:
Now here the Axe man will show up, he will be following you in most the areas in
the Hospital, you cant kill him but if you hit him a lot he'll leave the area you
are in but he'll be back following you, so hitting him is just a way to waste
ammo, Take the items you need and head to the door the Axe man came from.

-Reception Office:
Here you will find on the upper side of the room a wooden box, break it using
whatever you want and you'll find under it a Shotgun E ,and a document, on your
left side there will be 2 drawers you can open you'll find in one Some
Antidotes(Having Antidotes and blue herbs will help you a lot in the scenario
because you will face many zombie and plants that cause poison) and on the other
drawer there will be a Handgun, and on the desks in the room you will find some
Herbs and a map for the Hospital, and head to the door on the left.

-Examination Room:
Here there will be a plant zombie, kill it, and you might notice those Syringes,
try taking from them as much as you can, like you have one and give some to your
partners, and you will find some Handgun ammo in the right desk's drawer, anyway
you might notice some wooden boards covering another part of the room, break it
using whatever you want, and there you'll find a First Aid spray and some Recovery
Pills, while you are here you a scene might appears showing that bridge you came
from has collapsed, anyway go back.

-Reception Office:
Head to the Main Building 1F Hall.

-Main Building 1F Hall:
Now keep moving down and then move right and enter the door there.

-Auxiliary Building 1F Hall:
Now enter the door you see on your right.

-Locker room:
Here you will only find some items, and there will be a locker which only Alyssa
can open it with her Lock picks.

-Auxiliary Building 1F Hall:
Now head down, you will find a Crutch near that wheel chair, it might be useful
for that Axe man, anyway move to the left there will be a door but its locked we
should be heading back to that later, now move to the left then go down stairs.

-Auxiliary Building B1F Hall:
Here you will find once you enter a Lighter you wont need it that much unless you
have David in your team and you have a Pesticide Spray to make a Flame Spray after
you combine them, anyway going to that room on your left is a good idea now, so
keep moving and you'll see that plant part coming out of the next room, use that
Syringe you go before, the plant is dead now but watch out from that little plant,
it might catch your leg, but it wont hurt you that much, so try hitting it anyway
but it'll keep coming back anyway, there will be ahead some Recovery Pills, and a
Handgun Magazine, after you take what you need and enter that door on the right.

Here take that Auxiliary Building Key on the shelf, and on the bottom right of the
room you will find this thing which you can refill your Syringes, and you can also
fill those Empty bottles in the room, which makes Green Chemical Bottle, and
that's very affective on the Axe man and those Plant zombies, anyway since there's
an Empty Syringe in this room you should refill it and now you have 2, which is
the number you need of Syringes, and now go back.

-Auxiliary Building B1F Hall:
Watch out from that plant on the ground and go back to the area before, and don't
enter that room!

-Auxiliary Building 1F Hall:
Go to that door that's locked and use the Auxiliary Building Key to unlock it, and

-Auxiliary Building North Hall:
There should be one or two Plant zombies here so kill them, take the Green Herbs
if you want, and watch out for that plant on the ground, and then move to the next

-Auxiliary Building 2F Hall:
There is a Green Herb here take it if you want it, then keep moving till you reach
a plant, and climb it.

-Maintenance Access Route:
Here there will be those plants that a poison mist(or as they called Nightshades)
comes out of them so watch out, before you climb that ladder if you don't have
enough Blue Herbs or Antidotes take that Blue Herb, And there are Some Flame
Rounds at the upper right corner, and there is a Pesticide Spray at the bottom of
the area, anyway you can hit those 2 plants and they'll stop that mist but after a
short while it'll come back so be quick and try to help your partners not to get

-Auxiliary Building 5F:
Now the Axe man will climb up to you, so i think its better to get rid of him, by
hitting him few times, now take the items you need here such as Shotgun rounds,
and some healing items, anyway walk to the left corner of the area and then walk
to the right then you'll reach at the end a plant you can climb, so climb it. 

-Auxiliary Building Rooftop:
First try to kill those 2 Wasps there
 because they might cause you poison and you don't want that to happen anyway
after you kill them go to the bumping part of the big plant and use a Syringe on
it, a scene will show you that the plant died and a rock collapsed causing a hole
so now we have to go back to the Maintenance Access Route, take those Herbs you
find here if you want and then climb down that plant.

-Auxiliary Building 5F:
Now head back to that ladder.

-Maintenance Access Route:
Those Nightshades are still going to be there so watch out while climbing down,
and go to the left a bit and jump in the new hole that rock made.

-Auxiliary Building 2F Hall:
Ok Behind you now you will find a Yellow Chemical Bottle, and on the ground there
will be an Axe, I think this is he best Melee weapon in the game because its very
powerful and it doesn't break, so its a very good weapon against the Axe man, or
those plants on the ground, anyway keep moving and jump into that hole.

-Storage Room:
Take the Administrator's Room Key, and if you press (X) on that door on your left
a scene will start showing a plant's vine will come wrap around the door's knob so
you wont be able to go out, but this door will be your way out of the Hospital,
and now go out of the door on the right.

-Auxiliary Building 1F Hall:
Now go to the door on the other side, the Axe man might appears on the other side
of the room, try not to get close to that hole in the wall or the Axe man might
hit you(Though he never did to me, but just to be safe).

-Auxiliary Building North Hall:
Enter that door next to you, the one you unlocked with a key before.

-Auxiliary Building 1F Hall:
Head down then right and enter that door leading you to the Main Building 1F Hall.

-Main Building 1F Hall:
Now climb those stairs we didn't go to before.

-Main Building 2F Hall :
Here that should be 2 Plant Zombies here, kill them, and under the bed,(the one in
the middle of the corridor),there is a Shotgun E take it if you need it or give it
to your partners, anyway on your left side there's a box like the one you saw
before it can be broken so hit it and after you break it there will be a Handgun
on the ground and a Butcher's Knife on the Sink, anyway you might face the Axe man
here too, you can hit him but I think running away from him now is better, so go
to that room on your left.

-Room 201:
Here there is the only Typewriter in the Scenario, so i recommend that you save,
but though i always try not to save many times because when you save more in a
Scenario your Points get lowered, anyway there is a Handgun under the bed on the
left, and there are few more items like a First Aid Spray and an Iron Pipe.

-Main Building 2F Hall:
Now go to the right and enter that door next to the stairs.

-Administrator's Office:
First unlock the door next to you by using the Administrator's Room Key, then take
the Grenade Launcher which has some Flame Rounds, and there's a Shotgun Rounds
next to it, anyway enter the office, there some items here, but the most important
item is the Flame Rounds on the shelves next to the door, and if you were playing
with Yoko if you go near the bottom left corner of the desk and searched, there
will be a document, anyway go near the Bookcase and on the right wall there is a
button press it and the Bookcase will move and a secret passage opens, in the
secret passage there is a document and a Red Herb, and now go to the next area.

-Auxiliary Building 3F:
Here there should be 3 Wasps as the ones before these Wasps cause poison so kill
them, and I think using that Shotgun is always the best way for killing flying
foes, anyway take those Flame rounds and that document, and those Healing items if
you need then enter the next area.

-Main Building Rooftop :
Here there are 3 of those Nightshades, there are easy to get passed, and if you or
one of your partners got poisoned there is a Blue Herb on the left side of the
area, and there is also a First Aid Spray and an Iron Pipe take the items you need
and jump into the hole on the bottom left corner.

-Room 202:
You might find a Plant Zombie here, or it might crash into the door, anyway there
is a Handgun and Syringe if you don't have any Syringes take the one here if you
have one, you don't need to take that one, and now go to the next area.

-Main Building 2F Hall:
Here is just another part of the place you were in before, anyway take the First
Aid Spray and that Iron Pipe if you want, a Plant Zombie might be here or crash in
this place also so be careful, and go to the next area.

-Room 203:
Here there also might be a Plant Zombie so kill it, and there are some items here
so take what you need then use that last Syringe you have and use it on the plant
,then a scene will appear showing you that something inside that plant open, so
now unlock the door next to you and get through it.  

-Main Building 2F Hall:
Now go to the right, and of course watch out from those Zombies and then go down
through those stairs.

-Main Building 1F Hall:
Now go to the right and enter the door.

-Auxiliary Building 1F Hall:
Go all the way to those stairs and head down.

-Auxiliary Building B1F Hall:
Now enter that door I told you not to enter it before, inside will be that plant
you saw in a scene before, its going to be this scenario's boss, so prepare yourself.

-Intensive Care Unit:
Ok I think you should have now more than 10 Flame Rounds in your Grenade Launcher,
so use it on the plants core, the plants wont get damaged unless you hurt it
there, so just hit it on the core, and there aren't many items here but that Green
Chemical Bottle is the most useful, and there's a Handgun also and a couple more,
anyway what's the plant's attack? they are not much but just be careful, they are
those plats on the ground, but these ones will cause more damage than the ones you
saw before because a rock will fall on you will its grabbing you so try not get
close to them, and for those hanging plants which can catch you and left you up
then when it lets you, you will cough few times but its not that big and those
stuff cannot be hit so don't waste any ammo on them, anyway if you have enough
Grenade Launcher Flame Rounds its wont be that hard because it take almost 9 shots
of those Flame Rounds for the plant to be killed, and if you didn't have enough of
them use that Green Chemical Bottle and if its still not dead just use any weapon
maybe a Shotgun is the best, after you kill it a scene will appear showing that a
woman came down from the core of the plant, and the building has started to collapse.

-Auxiliary Building B1F Hall:
Now the building is collapsing and you have to get out is fast as you can or it'll
collapse on you and you die, the exit is that door which plant's vine came
wrapping around it's knob (In Storage Room), and watch out rocks and debris can
fall on you so be very careful, you should find a document now on the right corner
of this area, anyway hurry up on those stairs.

-Auxiliary Building 1F Hall:
Now go quick to the first door on your left.

-Auxiliary Building North Hall:
Go to that door on your right (upper side of the area).

-Auxiliary Building 1F Hall:
The Axe man should be here now so if you have like 3 or more Grenade Launcher
Flame Rounds you can just shoot him (I think he dies after 3 shots), I don't think
hitting him with any other weapon is a good idea because they'll take a longer
time, and the building might collapse any second, anyway once you hit him enough,
a short scene will appear showing the Axe man running away, anyway hurry to the
next room.

-Storage Room:
Escape through that door ahead.


-Suspension Bridge:
Ok this is the other way to end this scenario, now head back to cabin.

-Mountain Path:
Head back from the way you came from.

-In front of Cabin:
Now what we want to do is to wait for the scene that shows the bridge collapse, it
should take about 10 minutes, anyway after that, go enter the cabin.

A lady will be there her name is Regan, talk with her and she'll tell you that she
lost he daughter and she asks you to find he, and she gives you a Pendant, take it
and go back.

-In front of Cabin:
Head to the Mountain Path.

-Mountain Path:
Now what makes this way harder are those Scissor tails ,they are really annoying
and faster than normal zombies, and they can jump at you from a long distance so
be very careful, and the ones that look purple can poison you, so for these guys i
think that you should hit them till they flip on their back and you'll have a good
time to escape, so i think using on them doge moves can be helpful, and if there
was more than one of them near you try making them close to each other and use a
Shotgun, and a melee weapon is not a good idea for them, so where you should go
now?, just before the Suspension Bridge, there should be a new place has opened,
on the left side, so head go there and keep moving till you reach a new area.

-Lakeside Area:
Here there wont be any enemies, so its a good place to catch you breath from those
Scissor tails, and you'll find some items such as Herbs, Handgun Ammo, and a
wooden pole, anyway if you move to the other side of the place you'll find a
little girl named Lucy, she is Regan's daughter, she'll tell you that her mother
told her not to go with strangers, but if you have the Pendant and you give it to
her she'll know that you know her mother and she is searching for her, and now
she'll head back to her mom in the Cabin.

-Mountain Path:
Go back to the cabin, and watch out for those Scissor tails.

-In front of Cabin:
Enter the Cabin.

You'll see Regan and her daughter are together now, talk to Regan and she'll thank
you and give you a Grenade Launcher with 3 Flame Rounds, exit the cabin.

-In front of Cabin:
Go to the mountain path.

-Mountain Path:
That Grenade Launcher Flame Rounds should be useful now, and there's another block
has been removed, here's a link showing the Mountain forest map.

-Big Suspension Bridge:
Ok here's another problem, you will find here 2 wasps and 3 plant zombies, the
problem about them that they doesn't die no matter how many times you hit them
they doesn't die, so there are some Shotgun rounds on the rock on you left side so
that should be useful, first try to shoot down those annoying wasps and, then try
to bring together close those zombies, and make them get a bit near you, then
shoot and they'll fly away giving you a chance to run, so keep running till the
end of the bridge, and when you reach the end of it, you'll finish the scenario.

Some notes:
*There are some side scenes that show if you play with Alyssa in they are in the
following area:
1-Suspension Bridge
2-Hospital Back Gate
3-Room 201
4-Administrator's Office

*You will find Alyssa in the Mountain path if you don't play with her or choose
her in your team, and she'll give you a First Aid Spray, and a Stun Gun.

*For this scenario I recommend playing with Cindy or having her in your team
because of she has extra Herbs, so she can heal her self and friends from poison,
which will happen a lot in this scenario.

               - Special Thanks -

-My Computer

-People who read the faq


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