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In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul, I have devastated duelists in each rink. So, 
after Hurricane Ernesto in August/September of 2006, I fashioned myself the 
Hurricane Duelist. 

Here is the deck I used.
Alpha the magnet warrior/1
Anti Raigeki/1
B. Skull Dragon/2
Barrel Dragon/1
Bell of Destruction/1
Beta the magnet warrior/1
Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon/3
Blue-eyes White Dragon/1
Blue-eyes White Dragon/1
Buster Blader/1
Change of Heart/1
Dark Magic Ritual/1
Dark Magician/1
Dark Magician/1
Dragon Seeker/1
Gamma the magnet warrior/1
Gate Guardian/1
Gryphon Wing/1
Insect Queen/1
Machine King/1
Magic Jammer/1
Magician of Black Chaos/1
Mirror Force/1
Monster Reborn/1
Morphing Jar/1
Morphing Jar #2/1
Pot of Greed/1
Red-eyes B. Dragon/1
Red-eyes B. Metal Dragon/1
Senju of the thousand hand/1
Sonic Bird/1
Spellbinding Circle/1
Time Wizard/1
Total Defense Shogun/1
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior/1
White Hole/1
Witch of the black forest/1

Now, if you have any questions, like passwords, contact me at [email protected] 
Good-Bye! P.S. This is my first FAQ.

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