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                          LUFIA : The Legend Returns
                                GameBoy Version
                                © Jimeous  2001
                           Dated:  29 September 2001
                                 Version 0.05
                             [email protected]
              Updates found at: CheatCC 
     Ancient Text, Spiritual Force [SF], Learning Points [LP]
     LPs And Learning Magic, Learning Magic, IPs, Positions, Positions And SFs

     Patos Village, Your First Companion, Patos Cave, Tower Of Death
     Laphon Cave, Albano Town, Slani Cave, Majari Town, Fugo's House Basement
     Companion Number 2, Laphon Cave, Broffo Cave
     Siantao Town, Leong Temple, Companion Number 3, Gang's Hideout
     Siantao Town - Revisted
 2.3 Gades - The Sinistral Of Destruction
     Tower Of Death

     Caan, Deserted Lighthouse, Companion Number 4, Companion Number 5
     Tomis Cave, Tomis Town, Pirate Trouble, Pirate Ship, Pirates Island
     Pirate Island Cave, Copley Forest, Companion Number 6, Cobi
     Tower Of Illusion, Companion Number 7, Alstadt Kingdom
     Alstadt Kingdom Dungeon, Alstadt Kingdom Castle
     Astadt Village, Tower Of Illusion
     Tomis Cave, Slani Cave

     Elcorano, Mistra Cave
     Redwood, Azoles Cave, Companion Number 8, Leydock Mnsn, Leydock's Dngn
     Tanba, Tanba Cave, Twr. Of Sorrow, Tanba Revisited, Companion Number 9
     Mologoro (Aka Mologolo), Gologolo Cave, Companion Number 10, Tanba Shrine
     Twr. Of Sorrow, Midy - A Quick Visit

     Midy, Rosplette Shrn., Companion Number 11
     Rebuilding Siantao, Rosplette Frst., Siantao Kngdm., Dragon Egg Locations
     Tanba Cave, Ancient Maze, Special Fight Me, Companion Number 12, 
     Gulduck, Ancient Cave Entrance, Broffo Cave Ancient Cave Notes, 
     Regarding Equipment, Regarding Player Levels Regarding Blue Chests, 
     Regarding Equipment Sets, Ancient Cave, Monsters Chest Monsters, 
     Spells/Ancient Text, The Man Who Sells Items Escaping The Cave, Key 
     Floors, Best Weapons Wish, Parethea Shrn. Fight Me!!!!, Level 200 Wish
     AI Cave,Doom Island Shrine
     Twr. Twilight, Guard Daos

     Battle against Zalbak

 8.0 LISTS
     Dragon Egg Locations, Companion Locations, Non-Storyline Events
     Sinistral Items

                                A.0 DISCLAIMER
You may use this FAQ as long as it is display as is seen at GameFAQs. While 
it is common courtesy to ask my permission, as long as you aren't using this 
FAQ to generate income, you may use it.

Do not ask me to send you updates as I can't be bothered :P Get them instead
from Cheat Code Central and GameFAQs

                                  A.1 UPDATES
26 September 2001
     Version 0.01  - Released first draft of FAQ
27 September 2001
     Version 0.02  - Added 5.13h Fight Me Event
                   - Added Lists section
28 September 2001
     Version 0.03  - Corrected Dragon Wishes :P
                   - Added 5.10f Special Fight Me !!!!
     Version 0.04  - Added 5.10g Companion Number 12
                   - Whooops Corrected Companion Location Colors :P
                   - Added 8.03 Non-Storyline Events
29 September 2001
     Version 0.05  - Added 8.04 Sinistral Items

                               1.0 INTRODUCTION
Having never played any Lufia games, I can't judge how this compares with the 
others. Perhaps that in itself is a good thing :P. For the Gameboy System, I 
am under no illusion that Lufia: TLR rates amongst the highest RPGs. There is 
much to like about this game.

The walkthrough is complete, I am currently re-doing parts to see if I can
find the "secrets" which are in this game. I have some suspicions about 
certain things, unless I can create them appearing, for now they are 
unfounded. Until then you may catch me hunting down the Ancient Cave :P

                                1.1 TUTORIALS
This section deals with some aspects of gameplay

Scattered around the continents are Ancient Texts. These are skills which 
players can learn if they have enough Spiritual Force. Visit any Item shop 
and they will tell you where the the Ancient Texts are kept for the nearest

Each companion has been aligned a certain color as thier Spiritual Force. 
You will need to get companions to be able to have these in your party. SF's 
can be increased by using Learning Points.

Each color represents an added skill bonus
 Red    - ATP
 Blue   - MAP REG
 Green  - MAXHP DFP

To increase SF's using LP's
 Hit START button
 Move to the Ancient Text Icon
 Use UP and DOWN buttons until you reach "WAVE"
 Hit the "A" button
 Now Choose which SF to increase and hit the "A" button

Try to increase your SF's whenever you can, this makes battles alot easier :P

Learning points are gained everytime you beat a monster. The function of 
these are to
 - Learn Spells at Churches
 - Increase SF's

Some spells you will want to learn, others aren't as necessary. Healing 
spells are needed for ease of the gameplay. Keep some LPs for learning spells 
but mainly use them on SF's which I consider more important because of the 
stat gains

While visiting churches, you'll get the opportunity to learn Magic. You can 
only learn it if you have Learning Points. A "L" will appear by characters 
who have learnt a spell. Only characters that can learn a spell will be 
available to be shown as chooseable. This is quite a nice feature.

1.15 IPs
How do you restore IPs ?
IPs are needed so you use you special abilities learnt through Ancient 
Scrolls. These are restored during battle. The higher your REG is the quicker 
you will regain your IPs. Yes this may mean you'll want to prolong battles :P

As you find different companions, you'll want to start thinking about where 
to put these characters.

        | COLUMN 1 | COLUMN 2 | COLUMN 3 |
| ROW 1 | Player A | Player B | Player C |  Best Attacking Damage
| ROW 2 | Player D | Player E | Player F |
| ROW 3 | Player G | Player H | Player I |  Best Defensive Position

The table above, shows that players in ROW 1, do the best damage, and the 
ones in ROW 3 take less damage from enemy attacks

1.16a POSITIONS and SF's
Players will get extra SF from the ones in line with them. This means
Player A will get as a bonus , Player B and C's SF's and also Player D and G

        | COLUMN 1 | COLUMN 2 | COLUMN 3 |
| ROW 1 | PA Red 5 | PB Red 7 | PC Yel 5 |
| ROW 2 | PD Grn 7 | PE Blu 6 | PF Blu 7 |
| ROW 3 | Player G | Player H | Player I |

Remember SF's affect stats, so positioning party members will also increase 
thier stats based on the color of SF's they get

For Player A [PA] it will recieve the following
    Red 12 {PA Red 5 + PB Red 7]
    Yel  5 [PC Yel 5]
    Grn  7 [PD Grn 7]
In Bonus stats this means for Player A [PA]
    Red 12 gives +12 ATP
    Yel  5 gives + 5 MAXMP and SPEED
    Grn  7 gives + 7 MAXHP and DFP

Really you don't need to know all of this, if you need a player to learn a 
certain Ancient Text just fiddle around with the positions of them :P

                             2.0 EPSIS CONTINENT
This is the continent your village is on. There are many interesting places 
which you'll discover along the way :). You'll start in Patos Village, where 
you'll meet a woman adventurer. Head around town finding items when you have 
finished talking to her

Your house       - South/Eastern House
Lamika's House   - Eastern House
Grandpa's House  - North/Western House

 Res Ring    - Chest at Item Shop
 Dragon Egg  - Chest at Item Shop
 Hi Potion   - Chest in your House
 Hi Potion   - Drawer in your House
 CharredNewt - Search by Well
 Hi Magic    - Search crate by Item Shop
 Potion      - Barrel outside Lamika's House
 Dagger      - Chest in Lamika's House
 Life Seed   - Barrel outside Grandpa's House
 CharredNewt - Bench in Grandpa's House
 Revive      - Search in front of fountain
 GoddessTear - Search on the lefthand side of the left table

 Knife      -  10
 BtlKnife   - 100
 Rod        - 110
 Hard Lthr  - 100
 Blouse     -  80
 Small Shld -  50
 Cap        -  50
 Hairband   -  80

 Strong, Poison

Leave town, when you go back to town, you will find something has happened at 
Death Tower. Lamika's house will be on fire and you will rush head first to 
save her. After being partially healed, you will be taken back to your house. 

After discussions, you will find the Woman Adventurer is Seena, a fortune 
teller. She will join you on your quest to the Tower of Death

Walk by the bed in your house if you need to rest.

Once you have bought items for you and Seena, head north to Patos Cave

Ibla will be blocking the door. He will tell you to follow him to the right. 
Do so and he'll guide you to the next door. Pick up the WAKE Rng from the 
chest and talk to Ibla again. He will talk about Positions, then move away 
from the door. Kill the Red Slime and walk down the stairs

Pick the GoddessTear up from the chest and talk to Ibla. He will talk about 
using your Sword. Again he'll step aside. Kill the Red Slime and take the 
stairs that appear

Pick up the Magic Pot from the chest and talk to Ibla. He'll tell you how to 
cut grass. A chest appears after you cut the grass, it has a Potion. Cutting 
another grass will reveal the stairs, take them

Pick up the Boomerang in the Chest and talk to Ibla. This time hidden in the 
grass will be a trap, avoid it, and take the stairs

Pick up the Jet Ring in the chest, then talk to Ibla. This time there will be 
a hidden passage past a Vine. Hit it then go through the passage. Hit the 
vine at the end of this passageway and go down the stairs

Finally you will reach the end of your lessons. Pick up the Miracle and 
Antidote from the chests, then walk on the globe Ibla used.

Now take the exit to the cave in the North
Walk North into the Tower of Death

FLOORS       : 10 but only 5 can be accessed at this time
ANCIENT TEXT : 1F -  5F  Drive, Head Crush, First Aid, Bolt Attack

Dungeons levels will reset. To use this to your advantage, take a set of 
stairs. See if there are any chest near the stairs, if not, then go back to 
the stairs you came from and try again. Doing this will reset the dungeon 
level and give you more chances of getting items :P

Ibla will drop in again, this time he will give you "Drive" and talk about 
SF's or Spiritual Force. Don't worry his explanation confused me too :P

A Save point and a Healing point can be found here. Make your way through the 
tower to Floor 5

You will meet GADES here which mean you will have to fight him. Just attack 
him. You'll lose to him and end up RUNNING :P Lets go and look for our new 

[Notes: If you do beat Gades, you will get the Gades' B.]

                             2.10 FUGO'S TROUBLES
Well we were too weak for Gades so we need to look for more help. Lets leave 
Tower of Death for now and head north to Laphon Cave

Talk to the guard, theres a deeper part of this cave which we will do later 
as your party will be too weak :P. So head north and out of this cave. And to
Albano Town

To reach the chests in the Item Store, go outside and walk to the back of the 
Item Store's building. Facing the building, hit the "A" button to search for 
the door. Carry moving along to try to locate it

 Potion       - Search chest at the Inn
 Goddess Tear - Search barrel outside Eastern House
 Awake        - Search Eastern House Bookcase
 Croquette    - Search bench in Western House
 Miracle      - Search crate behind Store
 Sonic Ring   - Chest in Item Store
 Awake        - Chest in Item Store
 Mind Seed    - Search shrub pots in the west
 Potion       - Search under tree by house Gantz is building
 Miracle      - Search Bookcase in Fugo's House on Floor 1
 Hi Bomb      - Search Picture in Fugo's House on Floor 2
 Wisdom Seed  - Search Etral's Desk in Fugo's House on Floor 2
 Skill Seed   - Search near fireplace in Fugo's room on Floor 2

 Shrt Sword   - 300
 Dagger       - 200
 Mace         - 250
 Crys Ball    - 180
 Knlt Armor   - 300
 Light Robe   - 280
 Spike Shld   - 200
 Mini Shld    - 180
 Lthr Cap     - 200

 Gale, Strong, Poison,Drowsey

Head to the Fugo's House and talk to Gantz, who can be found building the 
house next to Fugo's, about fixing Lamika's House

Walk toward Fugo's house and you will get in a scuffle with a Thief. You will 
rescue Melissa and Fugo will ask you to catch the thief. You'll get half the 
gold he stole as a reward. After searching Fugo's house lets head to Slani 
Cave where the thief has run to.

2.13 SLANI CAVE - West of Albano
FLOOR        : 12 but only 5 can be accessed at this point
ANCIENT TEXT : B1 - B5   Concentrate, Cooking, Holy Attack

Head down to the 5th Basement floor and confront the thief
The Thief will be found in this cave. After talking to him he will take off 
to Majari Town. You won't be able to go further in this Cave so lets go to 
Majari Town

2.14 MAJARI TOWN - North of Albano
 Magic Pot    - Dresser at Inn
 Antidote     - Search Cloak in Item Shop
 Speed Seed   - Search Well
 Life Seed    - Search Cupboard in West House
 Hi Bomb      - Chest inside Inn
 Antidote     - Search near log in Park Area
 Body Seed    - Search near log in the North/East corner of town
 X-Potion     - Search barrel near Grandpa's house
 Angry Ring   - Chest in Grandpa's House
 Hi Potion    - Bookcase in Grandpa's House
 Charred Newt - Search log in North West of town

 Rapier     - 500
 Short Bow  - 450
 Chain Mail - 500
 Lght Dress - 420
 Lthr Shld  - 400
 Cloth Helm - 400

 Strong, Poison, Drowsey, Flash, Drain

Talk to lady from the backdoor entrance to the Inn to stay for free :)
Remember to talk to the people in this town.

When you try to leave town, the thief will appear. You will fight Belamie 
together to save Kobin. You'll find out the thief's name is Dei. Fugo will 
appear after you have killed his pet, and will take the gold and Dei back to 
Albano. After agreeing to bash up Fugo, you will get the Ancient Text "Dash 

Head back to Fugo's House in Albano Town. In the room with books search 
the 4th Bookcase from the left and a secret passageway will appear

Secret Passageway
Miracle   - Search in front of statue
Bug Crush - Chest in Secret Passageway

FLOORS       : 8
ANCIENT TEXT : BF2 - BF8  Dash Attack, Lock On, Instinct

Make your way to the 8th Basement Floor
Lthr Shld - Check grating on wall near Healing Point

Kill Belamie then search his area for items

 100G       - Search Western Gold Pile
 Hi Magic   - Search Western Gold Pile
 Trick Ring - Search Eastern Gold pile
 X-Magic    - Chest
 X-Potion   - Chest

  Walk up and talk to Dei, he will join you :)

Life Seed - Chest

Now head out of the Dungeon

Upon leaving Fugo's house, GADES will appear and destroy the house being 
built by Fugo's place. After losing to Gades again [DAMN !!!! :P], Seena 
frightens off Fugo, and Dei joins our party permanently :)

If you talk Lurissa in Majari, you'll need to rescue her father in Laphon 
Cave. So while we are here, lets do that. Head back to Laphon Cave. Head to 
the door where the guard was blocking and enter it

[ Notes: Beating Gades will reward you with the GadesBlade ]

FLOORS        : 10
ANCIENT TEXT  : CrackBuster, Investigate

Head to the 10th Basement Floor to find Lurissa's father. Seena will heal him 
and he will head back to Majari. Pick up the Life Seed and Craze Rng in the 
chest. Return to Majari, and talk to Lurissa's father in Prefia Park, he will 
give you a DRAGON EGG. By collecting 8 of these you will be granted a wish

Well, lets get back on track so, head North into Broffo Cave

2.16a Broffo Cave
  Head through Broffo cave, you won't be ready to face the monsters deep in 
  this dungeon, so don't attempt it :P Exit this cave in the north and head 
  for Siantao Town

                             2.2 THE GARLAND GANG
You will find that a Gang of thugs have been pestering the people in Siantao 
town. Its up to you and your party to deal with this problem

 Antidote     - Search barrel to the east of the entrance
 Power Seed   - Search crate near Inn
 X Magic      - Search below the crate near the wharf
 Goddess Tear - Search Cloak in the Item Shop
 X-Potion     - Search in front of the leftmost bed in the Inn
 Hi Potion    - Search barrel behind the house to the east of the church
 Smallboomer  - Search bucket inside house to the east of the church
 X-bomb       - Search dresser upstairs inside house to the east of the church
 X-chest      - Search chest upstairs inside house to the east of the church
 Speed Seed   - Search flower garden inside park

 Long Sword   - 1500  Hero
 Gladius      - 1200  Dei
 Magic Wand   - 1000  Seena
 Garn Ball    - 1000  Seena
 Iron Fist    - 1400  Aima
 Lthr Armor   - 1000  Hero
 Rubr Mant    - 1000  Dei
 Lthr Robe    -  800  Seena
 Toga         -  700  Aima
 Wood Shld    -  800  Hero, Dei
 Buckler      -  600  Seena
 Rock Helm    -  800  Hero
 Beret        -  400  Seena

 Flash, Spark, Escape, Awaken, Confuse, Drain, X-Absorb

Garland Gang are hanging out in the North/East of town. They will be trying 
to beat up a poor village girl until you interrupt. Suddenly Aima chimes in 
and scares them aways. YAY !!!!! You'll find she's a monk from Leong Temple 
in the North. She'll take off to see whats the story behind a fire at the 

Before leaving grab the items from behind the counter of the weapon Store
These are Skill Seed [MPs], Poison Rng, Wisdom Seed [WISDOM], Mind Seed[INT]
Leave town and head North to Leong Temple

2.22 LEONG TEMPLE - North of Siantao Town
Power seed  - Search in front of the right Statue
ConfuPowder - Walk to the right of the left statue, face it and search

  Aima will be found here, the temple has been burnt down by the Garland 
  Gang. You will find the the gang wants a scroll with a technique called 
  Jigen-ryu. Unfortunately she doesn't have it, luckily she joins the party 
  so we can do some good old bashing. Lets head for that cave which hides the 
  Gang's Hideout

FLOORS       : 7
ANCIENT TEXT : Blind, Accurate, Seal Palm, Assasinate

Two Grlnd.Gang guards will fight you first to get past the door

Make your way to the Basement Floor 7

Basement Floor 7
 Revive      - Search barrel near stairs
 CharredNewt - Search barrel below room with 3 chests and Save Point
 Revive, Life Seed, Fake Rng - Chests near Save point

 Bash up the Boss and his 2 helpers. He'll call for more help and has the 
 ability to use Potions. he's very tough, if you have Hi Bombs, use them up 
 in this fight :)

Boomerang - Search the barrel on the right after you beat Boss

With the prison Key, go and free the master in the eastern part of this maze. 
Then leave this cave and go back to Siantao Town. YIPEE !!!!! Thats the end
of the Garland Gang !!!!!!!!

2.23a SIANTAO TOWN - Revisted
  You will find that a man is here destroying the town. Uh Oh its Gades 
  again. After failing to beat him yet again :P, you will see the sad passing 
  of Aima's Master, you will be given the Ancient Text, Energy punch. After 
  being transported to Leong Temple, search the newly made monument for a 
  HiPower Rng Now head for Tower of Death

After all the defeats and humiliation, we finally have enough members in our 
team to kick some serious butt, so lets go back to the Tower of Death

FLOORS       : 10
ANCIENT TEXT : 1F -  5F  Drive, Head Crush, First Aid, Bolt Attack
               6F - 10F  Silhouette, Pause Palm, Persuade, Fire Attack

Make your way up to floor 5 and grab the ColdRapier for your main character.
The monsters from Floor 6 onwards are alot tougher. Make your way to the 10th
Floor. You'll need to go up and down some stairs. A Save Point and Healing 
Point can be located, use these before proceeding.

Gades - Sinistral of Destruction
Gades will have 2500 HPs, so bash him up with all you got.

After defeating him you will find there are 4 Sinistrals !!!! Lets leave the 
Tower of Death. Head back to Fugo's House in Albano Town. Talk to his wife 
Eltra and she will give you a DRAGON EGG, Also if you haven't talked to Gantz 
again, do so and he will go to fix up Lamika's house. YAY !!!

If you head back to Patos Village and talk to Gantz he will need an item 
called Good Wood from Copley Forest. So lets head to the wharf in Siantao 
Town to reach the Lidal Continent.

                             3.0 LIDAL CONTINENT
After talking to the man on the wharf he will take you to the Port City of 
Caan on this continent

3.01 CAAN - Port City
Rudo's House    - This will be the first house not far from the wharf
Grandpa's House - House EAST of the Inn

 Body Seed   - Search Bookcase in Rudo's House
 Unded Rng   - Chest in Item Store
 IceBoomer   - Chest in Item Store
 DeathPowder - Search Barrel by Item Store
 Antidote    - Search barrel at Inn
 Dragon Fang - Search crate by Grandpa's House
 Mind Seed   - Search bench in Grandpa's House
 Miracle     - Chest in Grandpa's House
 Potion      - Search crates, south of sign near dock

Players with the UNDED RING equipped won't get healed in battle. In fact 
trying to do this will cause them damage :P

 LuckRapier  -  2500  Main
 X-Bow       -  2000  Dei
 Holy Mace   -  2200  Seena
 Ame Ball    -  1500  Seena
 Sml Armor   -  1500  Main
 Cute Dress  -  1200  Seena
 Round Shld  -  1200  Dei
 Bracelet    -  1000  Seena, Aima
 Rubber Cap  -  1200  Main, Dei
 Turban      -  1100  Aima
 Hairclip    -  1100  Seena

ITEM SHOP SPECIAL - Use the backdoor entrance and talk to assistant
 Teddy Bear  -    20
 Alarm Clk   -   500
 Ear Cleaner -     5
 Toy Rng     -    10  All
 Pendant     -    30  All
 Bunny Ears  - 50000  Seena, Aima

 Bolt, Guard, Awaken, Mute

You will find the people of this town grumpy. Its due to the kingdom of 
Alstadt wanting to use the continent as a miltary base. Collect the items 
around town then leave. You will find that something happens when you try to 
leave town. Seena heals an old soldier who was trying to rescue the princess 
who's stuck in Tomis cave. After letting him go, its time to head to the 
Deserted Lighthouse in the north east of town

3.02 DESERTED LIGHTHOUSE - North/East of Caan
FLOORS       : 12
ANCIENT TEXT : F.Barrier, Dark Sword, Scatter Hit, Cure

Make your way to the 6th Floor and save your game

Be prepared to fight the TowerSnake which has 2100HPs and 300 MPs

Once you wipe the floor with him, you can talk to the old soldier

  Seems like that old coot can handle himself and introduces himself as 
  Randolph the Captain of the Princess' Guard. Randolph will join you

Continue going through the Lighthouse up to the 12th Floor. Grab the
GHOST RNG from the chest and Revive in the other chest. Heal your characters 
before approaching the centre platform. Players equipped with the GHOST RNG
won't be able to get healed in battles.

You will find the Princess is fighting with a monster Devilgrome and its up 
to you to jump in and help. YEEEHHAAAAAA !!!!!

Devilgrome   2000 HPs  400 MPs

  Melphis the Princess will join you in this fight, after you bash up 
  Devilgrome, she will tell you how they were decieved by Deraf. Then she 
  will join your team :) YAY !!!!

Walk up and check the statue for an X-Magic.

                      3.1 SAVING THE KINGDOM OF ALSTADT
Escape or walk out of the Lighthouse and head back to Caan. Buy Equipment for 
your 2 new companions then head for the Tomis Cave

3.11 TOMIS CAVE - North of Caan
Head East to Exit this cave toward Tomis Town. The monsters in this cave are 
too strong for you, we'll visit it again some other time. So leave the cave 
and follow the mountains south to reach the Town of Tomis

3.12 TOMIS TOWN - South of Tomis Cave
You will discover that in order to meet the Pirates you will need a ticket to 
the Ferry. These are sold at Kiets house, so stop there for it :)

 X-Potion     - Chest at Inn
 Wisdom Seed  - Search crate behind the Inn
 Sanity Rng   - Chest in Item Store
 Lucky Erng   - Chest in Item Store
 Magic Pot    - Search between the cratees south of the Item shop
 Revive       - Search near fireplace in house east of Item shop
 SmallBoomer  - Search bookcase in Kiet's house
 Potion       - Search barrel not far from Fisherman

 Scimitar     - 3200  Main. Randolph
 Long Knife   - 3000  Dei
 Battle Axe   - 4500  Randolph
 Sage Rod     - 3000  Seena, Melphis
 Staff        - 3000  Aima, Melphis
 Holy Fist    - 3000  Aima
 Rock Brst    - 2300  Main, Randolph
 Rub Jacket   - 2000  Dei
 Bronze Shld  - 1600  Main, Dei
 Mage Shld    - 1200  Seena, Melphis
 Holy Cap     - 1600  Main, Dei, Randolph

 Warp, Fireball, Strong, Champion, Trick, Absorb, Fake, Rally

After buying a ticket, head for the Peer and talk to the captain. Board the 
ship and you'll eventually run into the Pirates

Hahahahahaha after they make you cry, Aima will step in and bash them up :)

Enter the Doorway and search the cratees in the top/left for a BoltBoomer. Grab 
the Revive from the chest

FLOORS       : 6
ANCIENT TEXT : DoubleKick, Split Attack, Charge, Ice Attack

Make your way to the 6th floor in the basement.

 Power seed  - Search barrel in the corridor in the south
 Skill seed  - Search drawers in the room with the Save Point
 Chill Rng   - Chest in room with Save Point
 Wisdom Seed - Chest in room with Save Point
 Dragon Fang - Barrel in room with Pirate Head
 PoisnPowder - Search right hand weapon display in Pirate Head room

If you want to rest, search the bed in the North/East Corner of the room with 
the Save point. Head to the Head Pirates' Room in the WEST. After talking to 
him you will discover that Deraf has been buying weapons from the Pirates. 
You'll be forced to battle the Pirates

Pirates      820 HPs  40 MPs
Pirts.Head  2500 HPs 200 MPs

Go after the Pirts.Head, the Pirates will take off after they attack. Once 
you have bashed them up, you will next want to go back to the Port, so lets 
head out of the Pirate Ship.

When you try to board your ship, you will be stopped by Deckard. He will ram 
through the Pirate ship you are on (LOL). So you run back to your ship to 
discuss what to do next. After going back to Tomis, talk to the townspeople

Talk to Kiet in the house you bought the Ticket from. He will join you so 
head back to the "Peer" and the Captain will take you to the Pirates HideOut

Leaving Kiet to guard the ship, go and heal yourself then save the game.

Walk EAST to find a man who will sell you items, teach you magic and tell you 
the Ancient Texts in the Cave. The items he sells is the same as Tomis Town, 
as is the Magic from the church there

Grab the Speed Seed in the chest, then head to the WESTERN side to grab the 
GIANT RNG. Finally you're ready enter the cave

FLOORS       : 15
ANCIENT TEXT : Split Attack, Ice Attack, DoubleKick, Ice Attack

Make your way to the 10th Basement Floor

 GoddessTear - Search barrel

Go to the room in the far east first to use the Healing Point and get the 
items from the chests [POTION and X-POTION]

Head toward the chests in the Central Room and you will spring a trap and fall 
down The head Pirate will trick Melphis into going with him. And you will be 
left to try to fight off an Alligator with 800HPs. After beating it, the 
Pirates will run off. Head to the North/Eastern Corner of this level and take 
the WARP, it will lead you to the 3 treasure chests. There is a DRAGON EGG, 
MIRACLE and WING RNG. The WARP here will take you across the pit, just drop 
down it again

The exit to this prison is in the left of this level. Head for the 
South/Western Room first

 GoddessTear - Search barrel in the South/Western corner of level
 Wisdom Seed - Chest in the South/Western Room
 Revive      - Chest in the South/Western Room
 Wizrd Rng   - Chest in the South/Western Room

Now find the stairs to the South of the prison cell, this leads to further 
down. Make your way down to the 15th Basement Floor

 Hi Potion  - Search the North/West barrel
 Skill Seed - Search th Nort/East barrel

The Pirate's Boss will be in this level. Walk up to him

H.Pirate    1000 HPs   40 MPs
Pirts.Boss  3500 HPs  200 MPs

After beating the crap out of the Pirate Boss, he again will take the 
Princess, Grab the SMART RING and X-POTION from the chests, then go through 
the teleport. This will lead you outside where you will see Keit has fallen 
down. Talk to him and Seena will heal him. You'll then jump on your boat and 
chase after the pirate. As happens, you're on a lard ass ship, and it takes 
Deckard to step in with his fast beefy ship and knock the ship to pieces 
leaving you to pick up Melphis

Suddenly the Pirate Boss will appear with his pet Squido with 4000 HPs. 
Deckard will join you in this battle.

FINALLY !!!!!! After beating Big Squido, Deckard will leave, and we'll be 
taken back to Tomis Port. Seems like the Alstadt army sending troops to the 
Tower of Illusion beyond Copley Forest in the North/East

Leave Tomis and head EAST to cross a bridge, find the entrance to the forest 
to the North/East of here.

3.14 COPLEY FOREST - North/East of Tomis Town
FLOORS       : 9
ANCIENT TEXT : TyphoonToss, Stealth Hit

A Save and Healing Point can be found at the entrance of this place

On the 5th Floor of the Forest you will come to an endless forest. Seena will 
leave at some point :( When this happens you will then be able to move to 
Floor 6

  Make your way to Floor 9 where you will find Seena talking to a monster, 
  you assume she has been hurt by it and try to take it on, but Seena kicks 
  yer ass :P. You will name the monster Mousse, which is really the Forest 
  Spirit. We have just meet a new friend for our team !!!!! :) Mousse is a 
  GREAT addition because he will attack on his own, so you can have him in 
  any of the rows :)

The GOOD WOOD can be found here, its a big round looking tree, Search it for 
the wood needed for Gantz in Patos

Leave this area and head for Cobi in the North. Enter it then Cast WARP to 
drop of the Good Tree to Gantz. After he completes the house Lamika will give 
you a DRAGON EGG :)

Enter the new house and talk to Gantz, he will need MAGNIFICENT WOOD from 
ROSPLETT CONTINENT. Pick up the MIRACLE from the chest an the POTION from the 
left hand side of the Fireplace

WARP back to COBI

 Wzrd Ring   - Chest at Inn
 SlntPowder  - Search Tree Stump to the bottom/left of Inn
 Wierd Ring  - Chest at Inn
 Speed Seed  - Search bottom/right bed at Inn
 X-Magic     - Search bottom/left cloak in Item Shop
 Power Seed  - Search Well
 Revive      - Search barrel by house north of Inn
 CharredNewt - Search Fireplace in house North of Inn

 Sabre       - 4500  Main
 Long Bow    - 4300  Dei
 War Hammer  - 4200  Senna, Melphis
 Topaz Ball  - 4000  Senna
 Iron Mail   - 3300  Main, Randolph
 Naite Dress - 3000  Senna, Melphis
 Cut Shld    - 2000  Main, Dei
 Rage Brace  - 1700  Seena, Aima, Melphis
 Bronze Helm - 2000  Main, Randolph
 Lthr Beret  - 1700  Senna, Melphis

 Blizzard, Stronger, Champion X, Release, Rally, Warp

Once you have grabbed the items and rested at the Inn its time to head for 
the Tower of Illusion you avoided earlier

FLOORS       : 15 but you can only access 10
ANCIENT TEXT : 1F - 10F  R.Blade, Vital Aim, Cure Force

Make your way to the 10th Floor in this Tower

Head for the far right room with 3 chests and SAVE your game. Grab the
LIFE SEED, SANITY RNG and ABSORBER from those 3 chests

Now go to the center room, check the right statue for a MYSTERYPIN, then head 
for the center platform. A mysterious weapon will be there as will
GENERAL GOHL. You will have to fight him and his guards

Guard      1000 HPs  320 MPs
Gnrl.Gohl  4000 HPs 2000 MPs

After beating General Gohl, its time to get to Alstadt Kingdom, so leave the 
Tower for now and head back to Cobi Fishing Village for a rest, then head 
across the bridege in the west, then North to reach Alstadt Kingdom

Unfortunately, you can't enter through this way so you'll need to go back to 
Cobe Village. Head for the dock and talk to Nicky, after some discussion he 
will take you to Alstadt Kingdom on his boat. Suddenly a Battleship appears 
and attacks you. While Nicky bravely tries to get you past the battleship, 
its left up to us to do the battle.

  Luckily Deckard joins in on this battle, and for the rest of the game :)

Btl.Ship  5000 HPs 500 MPs

After beating the Battleship to bits :) Deckard will take you to the castle 
through the hidden entrance. A guard will stop you at the wharf, after 
Melphis convinces him that she is the Princess you will be free to explore

Head to the room in the West to find an "ITEM SHOP"
 BatlRapier  - 6000  Main
 ClayMore    - 7500  Randolph
 Fire Knife  - 5500  Dei
 Sleep Rod   - 5800  Seena, Melphis
 Trident     - 7500  Deckard
 Mage Staff  - 5200  Seena, Melphis
 Spike Fist  - 5500  Aima
 Metal Mail  - 4500  Randolph
 Rub Coat    - 4000  Dei, Deckard
 Gem Robe    - 4000  Seena, Melphis
 Kite Shield - 2500  Main, Dei, Deckard
 Plate Cap   - 2500  Main, Dei, Randolph, Deckard

A Man standing in the EAST before some stairs acts as a Church and Inn
 Stronger, Champion, Champion X, Perish, Dread, Release

FLOORS       : 12
ANCIENT TEXT : Grounder, FalconDance

Make you way to the Floor 1, you will start on Basement Floor 11

When you've reached there, search the painting for a BOLTBOOMER, Walk through 
the door.

 Miracle     - Search bookcase in Grandpa's Room
 Wisdom Seed - Search painting
 Potion      - Search Candle Stand outside room with 3 Chests
 Mind Seed   - In East Room with 3 chests
 Prtec Ring  - In East Room with 3 chests
 Revive      - In East Room with 3 chests
 CharredNewt - Search Candle Stand inside room with 3 Chests

 Thunder, Fireball, Dread, Stronger, Rally, Release

 Hi Potion   - Search mirror
 Miracle     - Chest in West Room
 GoddessTear - Chest in West Room
 Witch Ring  - Chest in West Room
 Sanity Rng  - Chest in West Room
 Mind Seed   - Search top/right corner of Princess' Room
In the Eastern Room [Princess Room] will be Melphis' Double, Rino from 
Northland. Search her bed for a REST

Now head for the center room to confront Deraf. You will discover that Deraf 
poisoned Melphis' father :(

Deraf    5000 HPs  ???? MPs

Bash up Deraf :) then search the throne for the CROWN. Deckard can equip this 
helm, so put it on him :). Now head up the stairs that Deraf went through 
until you reach a Save and Healing Point. SAVE and HEAL your party then head 
up the next sets of stairs until you reach Deraf again. This time he will be 
with the Ultra Weapon

Ultr.Wpn 6000 HPs 0

This battle can be tough, but bash it up :).

Uh Oh, seems Deraf was merely a pawn for AMON - The Sinistral of Chaos. It 
was him that was causing the troubles in Lidal. Once he leaves, pick up the 
GODDESS TEAR and SKILL SEED from the chests. Head down the stairs and heal 
and save your game.You can now exit the castle :)

                      3.2 AMON - THE SINISTRAL OF CHAOS
Before heading to the Tower of Illusion again pay a visit to Astadt Village

 Body Seed  - Search outside the left of the castle
 Hi Potion  - Search the a tree outside the right of the castle
 Awaken     - Search crate to the left of the house in the west
 Tea        - Search bookcase in the house in the west
 Awaken     - Search the bottom/left bed at the Inn
 SlntPowder - Search barrel in the Item Shop
 Antidote   - Search barrel to the right of the Item Shop
 X-Bomb     - Search Cannon in the South/East of the village
 X-Bomb     - Search Cannon in the South/West of the village

 Kukuri      -  8000  Main, Randolph, Deckard
 Fire Bow    -  7500  Dei
 Glaive      - 11000  Deckard
 Emrld Ball  -  7000  Seena
 Plate Brst  -  5500  Main, Randolph
 Lt Jacket   -  5200  Dei, Deckard
 China Skrt  -  5000  Seena, Melphis
 Brnz Cape   -  5000  Aima
 Hard Buckl  -  3000  Seena, Melphis
 Tite Turban -  2800  Aima
 Red Beret   -  2500  Seena, Melphis

After upgrading your equipment, lets head back to the Tower of Illusion

FLOORS       : 15
ANCIENT TEXT : 1F - 10F  R.Blade, Vital Aim, Cure Force
              11F - 15F  Holy Sword, FinalDance, Jump Slash

Well, make your way to the top floor of this tower. You can save your game on
the 10th Floor

Once you have reached the top floor you will find a Healing and Save Point.
Save and Heal here, then walk across the bridge to face Amon

Amon 8000 Hps 9999 MPs

After you have bashed him up Melphis will invite you back to her kingdom for 
a feast in your honor :) So head out of the tower and back to Astadt Castle

Uh Oh, Amon appears at the castle and casts a spell on the guards. Seena and 
yourself step in to deal with the guards which upsets Melphis. Unfortunately 
Amon has seemed to affected Melphis and Deckard prevents her from attacking a 
villager only to get hurt himself.

AH HA !!!!!! Deckard's true identity is revealed :) His real name is Alhiem 
and he's Melphis' brother. Your party decide to take a trip to the next 
continent using Deckards boat.

                               3.3 RUDO OF CAAN
Lets take a break from our quests to do a mini quest. Warp back to Caan and 
talk to Rudo. He'll tell you about a girl he has the hots for in Copley 

Leave Caan and Warp to Cobe, now enter Copley Forest from that end. Go 
through 2 stairs and you'll see a house has been built where you previously 
got lost :P

Go in and talk to Maqurine, she will tell you of the Purple Gem, in the 
meantime, you'll be able to rest here. Search the barrel for a HI BOMB, the 
bookcase for a MYSTERY PIN and the chest has a cursed LEECH SWORD. Leave 
Maqurine's house and cast Escape.

Warp back to Caan and talk to Rudo, he will rush off to Tomis Cave, which is 
where we will go also. So head for the part of Tomis Cave we didn't do 

FLOORS       : 7
ANCIENT TEXT : ForceShield

Make you way down to Basement Floor 7. You'll find a JUMP RING in a chest in 
the Northern Room, grab this then head to the South/West Room
You will find Rudo is trying to fight a monster with no luck, so of course we 
have to step in and take over :)

DevilAlgtr  5000 HPs  200 MPs

After bashing up this monster, Seena will hand Rudo the Purple Eye Gem. He 
will then shoot off to Maqurines house in Copley Forest. Leave the cave and 
go to talk to him there. Maqurine, seems to have disappeared. After talking 
with Rudo some more he decides he needs the Blue Eye Gem from Sulani Cave 
[Slani Cave]. He'll again take off.

So Warp back Albano, and head WEST to Slani Cave.

FLOORS       : 12
ANCIENT TEXT : B1 -  B5  Concentrate, Cooking, Holy Attack
               B6 - B12  Pressure Pt

The monsters after Basement floor 6 are the same as the ones in Tomis cave. 
Make you way to the 12th Basement Floor. Head for the room to the right 
first, pick up the WISDOM SEED, BURN RING and X-MAGIC from the chests. Now 
head for the room to the left.
Again seems Rudos in a spot of bother. Guess we'll just have to help him out

DevilSnake  6000 HPs  200 MPs

After beating up this monster, Seena again will give Rudo the spoils of this 
battle. Now he has the Blue Eye Gem, he'll go back to Maqurines House. So 
lets go there to meet him. After some brief conjecture, it is decided to try 
and place the 2 gems in front of the cat.

AH HA !!!!! Seems like Maqurine, wanted to be a human, and the Cat God 
prevented this by hiding these 2 gems. Now they are together she is human 
again. Maqurine will reward you with a CAT RING, it boosts SPEED by 300 when 
worn !!!!!

                             4.0 FONTE CONTINENT
Now lets get on track. Warp to Cobe and jump in your boat. Sail EAST and 
you'll reach Fonte Continent. Finding Elcorano should be easy as its the only 
place you can get to :P

 Power Seed  - Chest at the Item Shop
 Dragn Ring  - Chest at the Item Shop
 Miracle     - Search bos to the left of the Item Shop
 X-Magic     - Search barrel to the right of the Inn
 GoddessTear - Search barrel inside Inn
 CharredNewt - Search bottom/right weapon display in North/Western House
 Antidote    - Search cratees in the top/right corner by the Church
 X-Magic     - Chest in the North/Eastern House
 X-Magic     - Search bookcase inside the North/Eastern House

 Estok       - 12000  Main
 Great Axe   - 15000  Randolph
 Light Knife - 11000  Dei
 Jet Hammer  - 12000  Seena, Melphis
 Pike        - 15000  Deckard
 Saph Ball   - 10000  Seena
 Soul Fist   - 11000  Aima
 Mtl Armor   -  6500  Main, Randolph
 Shape Coat  -  6000  Dei, Deckard
 Silvr Robe  -  6200  Seena, Melphis
 Large Shld  -  3500  Main, Dei, Deckard
 Holy Brace  -  3200  Seena, Aima, Melphis
 Iron Helm   -  3500  Main, Randolph

 Firebird, Madness, Perish, Courage, Absorb

You will discover that a dragon has been preventing people from going to 
Redwood. In the park you will find Conas and Karina. Talk to Conas, and he'll 
head off to Mistral Cave in the East. Thats where we want to go too :)

FLOORS       : 10
ANCIENT TEXT : Speed Attk, Bolt Sword, Force Shot

A Guard will block the road to Redwood until the Dragon Problem has been 
solved. I guess that leaves it up to us to do huh DOH!!!

 DestBlade  - Near where the guard blocks the door is a lava pond. A grey 
              pillar is next to this. Search inbetween this and the pond

Head along the lefthand passageway to enter the cave

Make your way to the 10th Basement Floor once there, follow the passage 
north, until you reach a Save and Healing point. Now go down the passageway 
to the right of the entrance to Basement floor 10 to grab a MIRACLE and
X-MAGIC from the chests. Finally head for the center room to face the dragon

Conas will aid you in this battle, but you won't control his actions.

A.Drgn (B)  5000 HPs 1000 MPs

After beating the dragon, head back to ELCORANO and rest at the Inn. Talk to 
Conas in the Park. You will be interrupted by another Dragon. This time Conas
won't be helping

A Drgn (M)  ???? HPs  ???? MPs

After beating this dragon, you'll recieve a DRGN.SCALE. The dragon is merely 
injured when DAOS - Sinistral of Terror appears. Thinking he is a good guy, 
Conas walks up to talk to him, when BAM !!! in one shot Daos wastes him :(. 
Looks like we'll have to seek our revenge for Conas' death, so our next 
destination is REDWOOD

                        4.1 DAOS - SINISTRAL OF TERROR
So far, this one is a bad person, while Gades destroyed buildings, and Amon 
corrupted minds, this Sinistral has taken a human life. He deserves to die!!!
Go to Mistra Cave, the path will be cleared. Once outside the cave, head 
south and over a bridge. Redwood should come into view

4.11 REDWOOD - The Casino City
 Revive      - Search crate to the left of the Inn
 Antidote    - Search bucket inside Inn
 X-Potion    - Search barrel near cat in the North/East
 Life Seed   - Search fireplace in house North of Inn
 Skill Seed  - Search the right corner, outside the Casino Entrance, near the
               wall of the waterway
 Luck Blade  - Search the top/left hand corner of the gambling table in the 
 X-Magic     - Chest in the top/right corner of the Casino
 ConfuPowdr  - Search the leftmost weapon display in the Item Shop

ITEM SHOP - Located on the 2nd floor of the Casino
 Dark Blade  - 18000  Main, Randolph, Deckard
 Heavy X-Bow - 16000  Dei
 Sage Rod    - 18000  Seena, Melphis
 Long Spear  - 20000  Deckard
 Ruby Ball   - 15000  Seena
 BloodStaff  - 17000  Aima, Melphis
 Wand Card   - 18000  8th Companion
 Silvr Mail  -  7800  Main, Randolph
 Blue Dress  -  7500  Seena, Melphis
 Silvr Shld  -  4000  Main, Dei, Deckard
 Tech Buckl  -  3500  Seena, Melphis
 Silver Met  -  4000  Main, Randolph, Deckard
 Circlet     -  3500  Seena, Melphis

 Ice Valk, Thunder, Silence, Sleep, Defender, Mirror, Rally, Help, Champion X

Enter the Casino, which is found in the center of town. Tak is behaving like 
a spoilt brat, when Ruby steps in and sorts him out. He leaves crying :)
Talk to Ruby and she will tell you about the Monster Track. Head upstairs and
join the Monster Track. Next head for the Inn to rest for free. Leave town
and make you way to AZOLES CAVE in the South

FLOORS       : 10
ANCIENT TEXT : Afterimage, Heavy Noise

Make your way down to the BASEMENT FLOOR 10. Head to the Easternmost room 
first to pick a ROCKT RING, HIPOW RING and MIND SEED in the chests. SAVE your
game here too.

Now head to the center room where you'll find BIG MOUTH and Ruby. Tak has 
booby trapped the bridge and explodes. stranding Ruby in the center. Ruby 
would rather be eaten by Big Mouth than stay with Tak, so she jumps. Big 
Mouth sneezes Ruby out and she lands by you. Your team decide to soften Tak 
up, but he runs away leaving you to face Big Mouth

Big Mouth  5000 HPs  500 MPs

  After beating Big Mouth, and solving how Ruby got away from it, she decides 
  to join our party. YAY !!!!!!!. Head over to the chest for a SPEED SEED, 
  then leave this Cave and go back to Redwood

You will find that you need to talk to Mr Leydock, found upstairs in the 
Casino. He'll give you a nice 20,000gps and a CHEST SONAR as prizes :). The
CHEST SONAR will tell you if there are any items left the level you are. This
comes up as an exclamation mark (!)

He'll also invite you to his house, which is the other side of Azoles Cave, 
so lets go to meet him. Leave Redwood, go through Azoles Cave and head right
from the exit

 CharredNewt - Search the righthand side of the fountain
 Revive      - Chest outside in the North/East corner
 GoddessTear - Search 2 steps left of the Flowers in the North of the 
 SlntPowder  - Search the mirror on the Floor 1's Eastern Room of the Mansion
 CharredNewt - Seach the stack of plates on the table in the Kitchen
 Potion      - Search the mirror on the Floor 2 of the Mansion
 GoddessTear - Chest in Aunts room on 2nd Floor
 Miracle     - Chest in Aunts room on 2nd Floor
 BogBoomer   - Search bed in Aunts room on 2nd Floor
 GoddessTear - Search bookcase in Servants room on 2nd Floor
 GoddessTear - Chest on the 3rd Floor
 Dragon Egg  - Chest on the 3rd Floor
 Hi Magic    - Dresser on the 3rd Floor
 DeathPowder - Plant on the 3rd Floor

Search around Leydock mansion for items, then talk to Mr Leydock. After 
stuffing your faces, you retire to have a sleep. Something's not right 
though. Seems the food was laced with sleeping powder. Luckily Dei had his 
suspicions, and he awakens you. Now we must try to rescue our friends

FLOORS       : 5
ANCIENT TEXT : 2BF - 4BF  Support, CrossMirage

You will find a healing and save point on this level. Make your way to the 
5th Basement floor

 GoddessTear - Search Oval Painting
 NumbPowder  - Search Painting by Man

 ITEM SHOP - The man on this level sells items
  Estok       - 12000  Main
  Dark Blade  - 18000  Main, Randolph, Deckard
  Light Knife - 11000  Dei
  Heavy X-Bow - 16000  Dei
  Hrd Jacket  -  8000  Dei, Deckard
  Silvr Mail  -  7800  Main, Randolph
  Silvr Shld  -  4000  Main, Dei, Deckard
  Silver Met  -  4000  Main, Randolph, Deckard
  Plate Cap   -  2500  Main, Dei, Randolph, Deckard

 TEACH MAGIC - The man on this level teaches Magic Spells
  Strong, Stronger, Bolt, Rally, Escape

After reaching here, head to the first room to the north, a Save point is 
here. Grab the FIREBOOMER and MIND SEED from the chests. Leave this room and 
follow the passage all the wway to the left. Head for the room in the south 
for HI-MAGIC and X-POTION in the chests. Finally head to the room in the 
north you haven't been to.

LeyDock is here, after discovering his plan to "preserve" your friends 
[Ewwwww :P], you'll challenge him to battle. He'll raise a GhostSldr to aid 
him in this battle

Leydock    4000 HPs  5000 MPs
GhostSldr   350 HPs   500 MPs

After finishing him off, your friends will rejoin you. Head out of the 
dungeon and leave the Mansion. You'll discover that the people were ghosts 
[shudder] and that your next clue will be found in Tanba to the North of the 
mansion. Lets leave this place and travel to Tanba. Head right then cross the 
bridge in the North and you'll see Tanba Village

4.13 TANBA
You might want to save your money instead of buying equipment here. We'll go 
to a new town soon with better stuff :)

 X-Magic     - Search the barrel to the left of the Item Shop
 Potion      - Search Well outside the Inn
 ConfuPowder - Search crate outside the NorthEastern House
 GoddessTear - Search the righthand side of the Church near the wall
 LifeBlade   - Search one of the Tombstones in the Cemetary
 Bunny Ring  - Search the dresser upstairs in the Inn
 Boomerang   - Search bookcase in house north of Inn
 Hi-Magic    - Chest in Item Shop
 GoddessTear - Chest in Item Shop
 X-Potion    - Chest in Item Shop
 X-Magic     - Chest in Item Shop
 Miracle     - Chest in Item Shop

 Lightblade  - 25000  Main, Randolph, Deckard
 Franberg    - 28000  Randolph
 Ice Pick    - 23000  Dei
 Silver Rod  - 25000  Seena, Melphis
 Hvy Lance   - 28000  Deckard
 Gauntlets   - 25000  Aima
 Sword Card  - 25000  Ruby
 Plat Plate  - 35000  Main, Randolph
 Hrd Jacket  -  8000  Dei, Deckard
 Chain Knit  -  5000
 Soul Robe   -  7000  Seena, Aima, Melphis, Ruby
 Tower Shld  -  5000  Main, Dei, Deckard
 Plate helm  -  5000  Main, Randolph
 IndrTurban  -  4500  Aima

 Resistance, Storm, FireBird, Strongest, Defender, Valor

After talking to people around town you will hear of a person called Jan. 
He's to marry Sammi who's by the Fountain. 

Leave Tanba and head north. Enter the cave you find in this area

Save and Heal you players at the entrance, then head up. Follow the 
passageway which goes to your right, then up and out of the cave. Walk into 
the Twr. Of Sorrow

FLOORS       : 20
ANCIENT TEXT : 1F -  6F  ScatterMist, Strong Cure
               7F - 13F  White Whale, Ultimate Bet
              14F - 20F  Fire Sword, Revive

Make your way to the 7th Floor. Heal and Save your game then head north.
Before going to the center platform, walk around to the Left an grab the 
REVIVE from the chest. Make your way around to the right hand side to get a 
HI MAGIC from the chest. Finally walk into the center platform

You will meet DAOS here, Jan will challenge him, but of course we'll jump in 
to help out :)

While you are halfway through this battle it will stop. Jan will jump in from 
time to time to attack. He'll end up finishing off Daos, but I have a feeling 
he's not dead yet :P

Anyway, lets head back to Tanba to watch Jan's wedding to Sammi

  The wedding will take place at the Church, so head for that to watch 
  it..... OH NO !!!!! Just as the couple were being congradulated, Daos 
  appears and casts a spell on Sammi

  Waaaaahhhhhh :( :( Jan makes the ultimate sacrifice for love. Killing Daos 
  is going to be a real pleasure [Grrrrrrr]

  Looks like we'll have another member who will join us in this battle. 
  Yurist has decided to lend a hand.

Go to the Position Menu, Click the "A" button to activate a selection. Now 
move the highlighted box up until it appears by the pictures of your 
characters at the top. Use the LEFT and RIGHT directions to find Yurist. Hit 
the "A" button again, then choose a position you want to put her in. This 
will replace that character though. You'll only ever be able to use 9 people 
in your party. As a side note, all members whether they are in your selected 
party of not, recieve experience points :)

So lets fight Daos. UGH again it seems we can win but not completely defeat 
him :( After saying our goodbyes to Sammi, we find that TANBA CAVE has been 
blocked and the only way we can reach the Tower of Illusion is by visiting a 
scientist in MOLOGORO (aka Mologolo).

Leave Tanba, and head north, when you reach the cave, head to your left to 
reach Mologoro

 Hi Magic     - Search barrel to the left of the Inn
 Body Seed    - Search flowers in the North/west part of town
 CharredNewt  - Search barrel to the right of the Lab
 Mystery Pin  - Search the bottom/right bed at the Inn
 Antidote     - Search barrel in the Item Shop
 X-Magic      - Chest in the Item Shop
 Mind Seed    - Chest in the Item Shop 
 Revive       - Chest in the House east of the Lab
 Small Boomer - Search Shelves in the House east of the Lab
 Bunny Tray   - Chest on 2nd Floor of Lab
 ConfuPodwer  - Search contraption south of the stairs on 2nd Floor of Lab
 Antidote     - Search top/right Cog on 2nd Floor of Lab
 GoddessTear  - Chest on 3rd Floor of Lab
 Hi Magic     - Search desk on 3rd Floor of Lab

 Dragonslay   - 32000  Main, Randolph, Deckard
 Silvr Bow    - 30000  Dei
 Swis Knife   - 28000
 Crys Wand    - 30000  Seena, Melphis
 Hvy Spear    - 35000  Deckard
 Lapis Ball   - 30000  Seena
 Rockt Fist   - 32000  Aima
 Coin Card    - 32000  Ruby
 Slay Spkr    - 10000
 Music Box    - 10000
 Silvr Arm    - 12000  Main, Randolph
 Heavy Knit   -  7000  Yurist
 Gown         - 11000  Seena, Melphis, Ruby
 Silk Toga    - 10000  Aima
 Gold Shld    -  6000  Main, Dei, Deckard, Yurist
 C.IronShld   -  5500  Seena, Melphis, Ruby
 Naite Met    -  6000  Main Randolph, Deckard
 Blue Beret   -  5000  Seena, Melphis, Ruby
 Nite Vision  -  5500

 Fire Dragon, Destroy, Defender, Strongest

Grab the items around town, more importantly, upgrade your equipment. talking 
to the villages here, you will soon realise that the Professor has taken off 
to Gologolo Cave. Rest at the Inn for now, then leave town. Jump on your boat 
and sail straight down to reach Gologolo Island. The cave is here

FLOORS       : 10

Before entering the cave grab the X-MAGIC from the chest and search the left 
rock pillar for a HI POTION

Make your way to the 10th Basement Floor. Head down to the room in the south 
to pick up a GODDESSTEAR, X-MAGIC and LIFE SEED. Next head for where 
Professor Isaac is, just to the North/East of this room. Talk to him

While demonstrating his invention, he inadvertly opens a wall to the north, 
freeing a Fire Dragon. We also find that rather than water being drilled, its 
oil and we are blasted out of the volcano. WEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!

  Seems the Professoer has a good idea by turning your ship into an airship 
  :) now thats very nice of him :). Unfortunately he needs Floatium which can 
  be found at a shrine near Mt Tanba. Still he does decide to join us on this 
  quest, so he can't be all that bad :)

Warp to Tanba, find your ship and follow the coastline going north. The 
shrine is not far from the Twr. of Sorrow, you'll see it soon. To reach the 
Shrine, move your boat above it, this will make your charcters jump off and 
enter the Shrine

FLOORS       : 10
ANCIENT TEXT : Shadow Dance, Heal Force

Search the 2nd golden post on your left for a REVIVE. In the chests are a 
GODDESS TEAR and POWER SEED. Heal your players and Save your game before 
proceeding. Head through the North passage, grab the HI MAGIC hidden in the 
3rd golden post to your right, then walk up the stairs and into the shrine

Make your way to the 10th Floor. There are 3 chests in this area which hold X-
MAGIC, GODDESS TEAR and MIRACLE. Don't enter the center area if you wish to 
pick these up.

Once you have those items, make your way to the center area. The Floatium is 
tempting to touch, and Seena does. She seems to have disappeared. Living up 
to your name of "stupid" :P, you decide it was a good trick and do the same

                      ZAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP !!!!!!!!!

FLOORS       : 20
ANCIENT TEXT : 1F -  6F  ScatterMist, Strong Cure
               7F - 13F  White Whale, Ultimate Bet
              14F - 20F  Fire Sword, Revive

The Floatium leads you to Floor 14. Its only you and Seena here. Theres a 
save and healing point in this area, so use them :). A man can be found here 
who sells items and teaches magic

 Dragonslay   - 32000  Main, Randolph, Deckard
 Crys Wand    - 30000  Seena, Melphis
 Lapis Ball   - 30000  Seena
 Silvr Arm    - 12000  Main, Randolph
 Gown         - 11000  Seena, Melphis, Ruby
 Gold Shld    -  6000  Main, Dei, Deckard, Yurist
 C.IronShld   -  5500  Seena, Melphis, Ruby
 Naite Met    -  6000  Main Randolph, Deckard
 Blue Beret   -  5000  Seena, Melphis, Ruby

 Reduce, Strong, Stronger, Strongest, Bolt, Thunder, Storm, Firebird, Rally
 Dread, Mirror

Make your way up to Floor 20, Heal your 2 players and Save your game. Now 
head up to face Daos. While it is possible you may beat him and be rewarded 
with a DAOS RING, whatever the outcome, the story wilL continue

After the confrontation, whether you win or not, Daos will zap you, leaving 
you struggling for life.

BUT !!!!!!!!!!

Rescue is at hand, Professor Isaac has successfully made the AIRSHIP. Your 
friends swoop in and get you out of harms way. You'll all end up at Mologolo
Its decided to take on DAOS now we have all our party together. However I 
would rush down to Midy first to buy equipment.

4.16b MIDY - A quick visit
   Jump on your Airship, head for the Twr. of Sorrow. Once there head far 
   South to a city surrounded by trees. Jump off the Airship and enter Midy. 
   I'll go into more details about this area later. For now head to the Item 
   Shop and buy equipment for your party :)

Once you have done this, head back to the Twr. of Sorrow

                             4.2 BATTLE WITH DAOS
Make your way to the 20th Floor to meet DAOS, its time to show him who's Boss

Daos  15000 HPs  500 MPs

After successfully smashing up Daos, you'll discover that the Gods can't be 
defeated unless you have the Dual Blade :( Its decided that we should next 
visit Midy on Rosplette Isle

                            5.0 ROSPLETT CONTINENT
The 4th and final continent you will go to. While there are islands scattered
around for now our goal is to reach Midy. If you had been there earlier, then
you can just WARP there. Don't worry your boat will be just beyond the 
Rosplette Forest and easy to access as its by the beach

If you didn't go to Midy, then fly to the Twr. of Sorrow, then fly South 
until you find a village surrounded by trees

5.01 MIDY
 Mind Seed   - Search barrel to the left of "Inn"
 Miracle     - Search barrel to the left of "Church"
 Hi Potion   - Search on the outside platform of Noth/Eastern House
 X-Magic     - Chest in North/East House
 Skill Seed  - Search bookcase upstairs in North/East House
 Bunnysuit   - Search drawer upstairs in North/East House
 Hi Potion   - Search chemistry drawer in North/East House
 [unknown]   - Church
 Hi Potion   - Chest in Item Shop
 Mystery Pin - Chest in Item Shop
 BoltBoomer  - Chest in Item Shop
 Miracle     - Chest in Item Shop
 GoddessTear - Chest in Inn

 Gaia Blade - 42000  Main, Randolph, Deckard
 MistRapier - 40000  Yurist
 Pole Axe   - 48000  Randolph
 Fatal Pick - 35000  Dei
 Grinder    - 42000  Isaac
 Hammer Rod - 45000  Seena, Melphis
 Hvy Glaive - 48000  Deckard
 PhoenStaff - 44000  Aima, Melphis
 Hard Glove - 41000  Aima
 Cup Card   - 42000  Ruby
 Plat Armor - 15000  Randolph
 Metal Coat - 14000  Dei, Deckard
 Plate Knit - 10000  Yurist
 Magic Scle - 15000  Isaac
 Angel Wing - 13000  Seena, Melphis, Ruby
 Hard Cape  - 14000  Aima
 Quilt Silk - 13500  Ruby
 Crys Shld  -  7000  Main, Dei, Deckard, Yurist, Isaac
 Crys Brace -  7000  Seena, Aima, Melphis, Ruby
 Lthr Knit  -  8000
 Magic Hat  -  7000  Seena, Melphis, Ruby  
 EmrldVisor -  7500  Isaac

 Resistance, Valor, Spell Break, Champion X, Fry, Zap, Ice Storm

From the clues given by the people in this village you will hear about Milka. 
She's in a temple in the South.

Leave Midy, at the end of this continent you will find a Shrine, enter it

FLOORS       : 10
ANCIENT TEXT : Card Stream, EnergyPunch, Force Wave

1F - Save and Heal Point. Revive and Hi Magic in chests

Make your way to the 10th Floor, Search the Sphere in the middle of the room 
for a HI MAGIC

  Here you will find Milka. Milka will tell you of the Dual Blade, and the 
  path will be revealed. Erim the Sinistral of Death is about to be 
  resurrected. we'll need to head to Al-Ayin islands to get more Floatium.

For Now lets take a break from the quests and do some subquests. One of these 
can only be done now

                              5.1 TAKING A BREAK
This quest involves the Dragon Eggs. The only time you will meet the Dragon 
is now. Thats is BEFORE you take on the 4th Sinistral

Do you remember Gantz? He was the carpenter that built Lamika's house so long 
ago :) Well he needed some wood from the forest to build Siantao. So lets go 
to that forest now

FLOORS       : 10

The entrance to the Forest is found north of MIDY. Once you reach it, rather 
than going North and out, head to the passage going to the East. If you have 
any Sweet Water, now is a good time to use it

Make your way down to the 10th basement floor of the forest. In the 
North/West is a chest which has a Risk Blade in it. To the North/East is a 
single round tree which holds the "Magnificent Wood". Search it and you'll be 
told you found the Great Tree.

Cast Escape to leave the Forest, then cast Warp to get back to Patos. Go talk 
to Gantz in Lamika's House. He will leave to rebuild Siantao. Exit Patos and 
Warp to Siantao. You will discover its really changed

 Earrings    - Search barrel in the south/east
 Numb Powder - Search barrel in the north/west
 Tea         - Search tree on the west side of the castle
 Speed Seed  - Search tree on the east side of the castle
 Power Seed  - Search righthand pot plant on the floor 1 of castle
 Dragon Egg  - Talk to the girl on the 2nd floor of the Castle
 Plat Shld   - Search behind chair of girl on 2nd floor of Castle
 X-Potion    - Search left armor on 2nd floor of Castle

 ZircoBlade  - 55000  Main, Randolph, Deckard
 ZircoStaff  - 54000  Melphis
 Zirco Fist  - 55000  Aima
 Zirco Card  - 55000  Ruby
 Halberd     - 60000  Randolph
 RuneRapier  - 52000  Yurist, Milka
 Mad Edge    - 50000  Dei
 Riveter     - 53000  Isaac
 Blood Rod   - 55000  Seena, Melphis
 Wave Spear  - 60000  Deckard
 Zirco Plat  - 19000  Main, Randolph
 Zirco Mail  - 20000  Main
 Mlt Jacket  - 18000  Dei, Deckard
 Clear Slik  - 17000  Ruby, Milka
 Clear Cape  - 16000  Aima, Ruby
 Zirco Shld  - 10000  Main, Dei, Deckard
 Holy Shld   -  9000  Seena, Melphis, Ruby, Milka
 Zirco Helm  - 10000  Main, Dei, Randolph, Deckard
 Zirco Band  -  9000  Seena, Melphis, Aima, Ruby, Milka

 Storm, Fire Dragon, Ice Storm, Fry, Zap, Reduce, Champion X, Resistance

By now you should have 7 Dragon Eggs. Number 8 is not far away and easy to 
get. Warp to Elcorano, Jump on your ship and either fly or sail south. You'll 
come across an island with a stairs down and a village. Go down the stairs 
and you'll be in the Ancient cave Entrance. For now make you way up the sets 
of stairs until you find the chest with the Dragon Egg in.

  Listed here are the locations for all the Dragon Eggs. Please note I am 
  assuming that the egg locations are the same for the start of everyones 
  game :P

  [1] Chest at Patos Item Shop
  [2] Given by Lurissa of Majari after rescuing her father
  [3] Given by Elstra of Albano [Fugo's Wife] after beating Gades
  [4] Chest in the Pirate Island Cave's [Bottom floor]
  [5] Given by Lamika of Patos when her house is rebuilt
  [6] Chest on the 3rd floor of Leydock's Mansion
  [7] Given by girl on the 2 floor of Siantao Kngdm.'s new castle
  [8] Chest on 3rd floor of Entrance to Ancient Cave

  If you are missing any, just go to the area its located to get it. Pirate 
  Island you will need to SAIL to the small island west of Tomis. After 
  collecting all 8 Eggs, its time to meet the Dragon which grants wishes.

In the basement of Siantao Kingdom's Castle you will find a man blocking a 
door. The Egg Key is needed to pass him. This is hidden in Tanba cave. This 
cave is the one which lead to the Tower of Illusion. So warp to Tanba and 
head North to find the Cave

ANCIENT TEXT : Shadow Hit, Chaff

We ignored this cave earlier, now that we have a full team we can take this 
on. This cave was the one which also led to Twr of Sorrow.

Head down to the 13th Basement Floor, where you'll find chests. The EGG KEY 
can be found in one of the 2 in the south. Theres also a REVIVE, BODY SEED 
and X-MAGIC in the other chests. Once you have the EGG KEY, ESCAPE out of the 
Cave and WARP back to Siantao. Go to the man which was blocking the doorway, 
once he sees the Egg Key he will move aside and you can access the Ancient 

FLOORS       : 6

Make your way down to the 6th Basement floor. A save and healing point is 
here. Walk north to talk to the dragon whom will grant you 3 wishes

* 10 Seed Set
  You will get 10 of each of the stat raising seeds
* 10 Ring Set
  You will get Mystery RS, Witch R S, P-Tech R S, Muscle R S, Witch R S
  Burn R S, Chill R S, Flash R S
* 10 Croquette Set
* [ SPECIAL:FIGHT ME !!!!!] ]

IMPORTANT !!!!! After your wish, grab the Egg Sonar from the chest BEFORE 
leaving. The Eggs will be reset to different locations. Some locations there 
will be more than 1 Egg, this is why the Sonar picks up less than 8. The eggs 
are placed randomly, so you'll have to find them yourself :P

After you have made all the wishes, you will get a chance to FIGHT the 
dragon. He's going to be pretty tough so I wish you luck :P

Egg Dragon 65535 HPs  8000 MPs

5.10g Companion Number 12
  Woooohooooo if you beat the Egg Dragon, he will JOIN you. WOW !!!!! and 
  will give you an Egg Sword :). He will work the same way as Mousse does but 
  he won't show when he attacks :( . For example it doesn't say "Egg Dragon 
  attacks so and so". However some of his skills are shown. You'll see if you 
  get him. You'll be very surprised at its stats too :)

Now lets get going to the Ancient Cave, first stop is Gulduck.

Warp to Elcorano, Jump on your ship and either fly or sail south. You'll come 
across an island with a stairs down and a village.

 Antidote    - Search barrel to the right of Item Shop
 Body Seed   - Search Well
 Wing Ring   - Chest in Item Shop
 Miracle     - Chest in Item Shop
 Hi Potion   - Chest in Inn

 Bolt, Reduce

 Chill Ring  - 8000
 Flash Ring  - 5000
 Burn Ring   - 8900

The Item shop here doesn't sell weapons, as you can tell. Go around grabbing 
items then head out of town and go down the set of stairs to the Ancient Cave 

 Dragon Egg - Chest on Floor 2

To access the Ancient Cave, talk to the lady in the central room in the north 
on Floor 1. Talk to the man near the entrance, he will tell you that you need 
the GLASS RUBY. He'll also inform you if you have a team that can take on the 
cave at BROFFO CAVE. We'll have a look at BROFFO CAVE now then return to the 

Warp to Majari Town and head toward the cave North/West of this

ANCIENT TEXT     : Puzzle

Make your way to Basement floor 10. Pick up the BODY SEED, DRAGON FANG, POWER 
SEED and GLASS RUBY. Now Escape and Warp back to Elcorano. Sail or Fly South 
to reach the Island with the Ancient Cave

Here are some notes regarding the Ancient Cave

5.12c Regarding Equipment
  You'll lose all but special equipment when you enter the cave. The items 
  you take in are any you previously found in BLUE CHESTS in the Ancient Cave
  and some "quest items" such as the DRGN.SCALE and CAT RING. There are
  others you will keep of course. Just remember to look at your equipment to 
  put any of these things back on

5.12d Regarding Player Levels
  Each time you enter the Ancient Cave, you will start at level 1. This is 
  why its good to visit the Cave often as you'll get better equipment from
  the blue chests. Gold is also set to zero when entering the cave :(

5.12e Regarding Blue Chests
  The majority of items found in these chests are better than items you can 
  buy. There are also some "sets" you can find here. Any item found in a blue 
  chest will be retained when leaving the cave. You can also take these items 
  back into the cave

5.12f Regarding Equipment Sets
  Here are some equipment sets I have found, more than likely there are others
   Iris Blade, Iris' Armor, Iris' Met, Iris' Shld
   Alum Armor, Alum Blade, Alum Card, Alum Fist, Alum Helm, Alum Shld
   Old Armor, Old Helm, Old Shld, Old Sword
   Prl Armor, Prl Brace, Prl Shld
   Bunny Ears, Bunny Ring, Bunny Tray, BunnyBlade, Bunnysuit
   Dmnd Ball, Dmnd Coat, Dmnd Ring

FLOORS    :  50 without GLASS RUBY
            100 with GLASS RUBY
            200 with wish

Remember to equip any items before heading down the cave. Depending on if you 
have the GLASS RUBY or not, will govern how far you can access

5.13a Monsters
   The monsters in this cave will slowly increase in difficulty. Get in the 
   habit of fighting every monster you can.

5.13b Chest Monsters
   Some chests are monsters, even the RAREMIMIC which appears as the blue
   chests. This is just added danger of the Ancient Cave

5.13b Spells/Ancient Text
   Spell learnt for scrolls and Ancient texts learnt, will not be retained 
   when you leave this Cave :(

5.13c The man who sells Items
   Scattered amongst the levels is a man who'll sell you equipment and a 
   random item. Much of the items may be out of your financial grasp

5.13d Escaping the Cave
   You can leave the cave by
     * Being Defeated
     * Using a Providence found in a chest from Basement Floor 20 Onward
     * By getting a Providence by characters at the last floor
     * By a warp on the last floor you can reach

5.13e Key Floors
     A waitress will reward you with a GOD HELM for reaching this level.
     She'll also give you a PROVIDENCE if this if you haven't picked up one

     A Green Jelly will grant you 4 wishes
       * Best Weapons [FIGHT ME!!!]
       * 200 Floors
       * Nothing
     The wish for "Nothing" affects your characters when leaving the Cave. 
     This is just an increase in experience points or a stat

     An encounter with Iris [Iria] at this level

Asking for this wish grants you access to getting a choice of 4 items from 
the Parethea Shrine. You'll need to wish for this 3 times to be able to get 
all the equipment for your players. Yes that means revisiting this Cave :P
The Green Jelly calls this Paresia Shrine. Warp to COBE and sail or fly to 
the island just north/east to find the shrine

FLOORS       : 5 
ANCIENT TEXT : Rapid Hit, Force Field

Make your way to the 5th Floor and you'll see some stone pillars in a format 
like below


 1. MAIN     - Maxim Blade
 2. Seena    - Dark Card
 3. Dei      - Invisible Cloak
 4. Aima     - Ancient Bracelet
 5. Randolph - Luna Blade
 6. Melphis  - Queen Whip
 7. Mousse   - Capsule Ring
 8. Deckard  - Deckard Sword
 9. Ruby     - Fortune Dress
10. Yurist   - Wind Flute
11. Isaac    - Power Suit
12. Milka    - Artea Bow

I'd suggest one of the first items you get is for Mousse. It is an excellent 
piece of equipment !!!!! I would also grab the Bow for Milka and suggest to 
do the following.

Put Milka between 2 red aligned players in the front row, and put a red 
aligned player behind her. Wain, Randolph and Deckard are all red aligned 
players. Now equip Milka with the CAT RING. What this does is. Milka will 
attack first, with the Red SF's from the surrounding players this will bump 
up her Attacking Power :)

Example of suggested positioning

Wain    Milka    Randolph
Mousse  Deckard  -
-       -        -

While it may get boring, I'll head back to the Ancient Cave until I've got 
all the special items. But thats up to you. You're going to need better items 
than the ones you can buy from the Ancient cave stores if you are going to 
have any chance of getting near the Level 200 Boss :P

5.13h FIGHT ME !!!!
Once you have exhausted your wishes for Best Weapons, a NEW option will 
appear where you can fight the "Master" Green Jelly.

Master  9980 HPs  0 MPs

If you beat him [He commits suicide and this doesn't count], then you will be 
able to automatically get to Floor 100 by talking to the man behind the 
counter at the Top Entrance of this cave. Sadly there will be no more Green 

5.14 LEVEL 200 WISH
After wishing for this, Ancient Cave will increase to level 200. At the 
bottom of this Cave hides a very nasty enemy named Iris. Although in battle 
she is named Iria [Go figure :P]

Iria   50000 HPs  9999 MPs

She is going to be tough, thats why I'd advise for you to get the best 
weapons, so you can face her :P. Considering also you'll be limited to 
levelling up and the luck of finding Ancient Texts beforehand, I can only 
wish you luck :P

If you manage to beat her, you'll get the Ancient Text, D-END FLASH, which 
reduces enemies by half thier HPs :) A Handy RAINBOW Amulet is also given, 
which when equipped, will stop monsters from appearing. This is amusing 
considering by this stage monsters are the last thing you'll be worried about 

                       5.2 ONWARD TO DOOM ISLAND SHRINE
Well that was pretty fun, I guess we better get back on track :P last time we 
left Milka was telling us we needed to get to Doom Island at the bottom of 
the Ocean. Isaac said we needed more Floatium and we may find it in a cave 
near the whirlpool. SO lets head there

Fly to MIDY then fly left until you see a cave on an island, a little further 
to the left is the whirlpool. You want to land on the island with the cave 

5.21 AI CAVE
FLOORS       : 10
ANCIENT TEXT : Critical, FortuneDice, Upright, Octostrike

Make your way to Basement floor 10. Here you will find the Floatium needed to 
convert our ship :). Along the way pick up the items in the chests
 Chest - Body Seed, Miracle, Goddess Tear, Revive

Once you have the Floatium, Escape from the Cave and WARP to MOLOGOLO. Talk 
to the assistant on the first floor near the water. Isaac will then busy 
himself rebuilding the boat. Once its finished. head out of town. Fly South 
until you reach the forests of Rosplett, then fly west past the AI Cave and 
land near the whirlpool.

Sail over the whirlpool and your boat will turn into a sub and enter the 
hidden shrine.

The stairs in the east or west lead to a basement with 3 chests. REVIVE,
HI POTION and X-MAGIC can be found in these

Head up the Northern stairs, get the X-POTION and REVIVE. A set of stairs can 
be found in the south/west of this floor, head up them

In the North/West, North and North/East are 3 chests with RISK BLADE, MIRACLE 
and SPEED SEED. Grab these then head the center stairs. Before going up the 
next set of stairs, head around to the north and down the stairs. A SAVE spot 
is here. In the Western Room is a chest with a BUNNYBLADE. In the eastern 
room you'll find a chest with X-MAGIC

Now head up the stairs you missed earlier. Finding the DUAL BLADE is a joy, 
finding who comes next is not :P Having laid your hand on the DUAL BLADE you
have also ended up resurrecting ERIM !!!!!

                     5.3 ERIM - SINISTRAL OF RESURRECTION
Well don't just stand there :P, Looks like we'll have to fight her

Erim   150000 HPs  5000 MPs

After beating Erim, she informs you she has already ressurected Gades, Amon 
and Daos. Looks like we haven't finished yet :( We'll find these Sinistrals 
waiting at the Tower of Twilight.

This tower is to the WEST of Rosplette Shrn., the place where we met Milka.
So fly to there then head West

FLOORS       : 25
ANCIENT TEXT : Ice Sword, Sea Guard, Chakra

In the chests are MIRACLE SEEDS. Check the right statue for a X-POTION
Heal and Save your game before continuing through the stairs in the north

Make your way to Floor 25. Search the golden globe on the pedestal for a LIFE 
SEED. Take the next stairs, then HEAL and SAVE your game. Find a G. CHARM in 
the chest. Take the next set of stairs and search the right statue for a

Now walk up the next set of stairs and be prepared for an all out battle

Yeouch !!!!!! If Gades, Amon and Daos wasn't bad enough, we have to face all 
3 of them combined to make this ultimate form !!!!

Guard Daos  18000 HPs  30000 MPs

Yeah we ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But thats not the end of it :(

                               6.0 PLOT TWISTS
We have been betrayed, I won't mention what has happened here, you'll have to
find that out by yourself :P. What I will reveal is the you will have to fight
Erim again

Erim        16000 HPs   5000 MPs

After beating Erim, we find that all has not ended

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems the Sinistrals summoned another god. Zalbak who has absorbed Erim into 
himself and is now destroying the world. Doom Island has risen from the 
whirlpool, it is there where our final battle will take place

Head back to the whirlpool west of AI cave. Floating above you will see DOOM 
ISLAND SHRINE. The set up is exactly as it was when it was underwater. So 
you'll have no problems knowing where to go. To remind you, on the 2nd Floor 
to the North is a set of stairs which lead to a SAVE POINT. Go there first to 
save your game, then head to the 3rd floor where you'll meet Zalbak

Zalbak 25000 HPs  10000 MPs

After beating Zalbak and reading the closing dialogue [Sniff Sniff], you will 
have beaten the game

                           7.0 A HINT OF THE FUTURE
Well all good things must come to and end, and so must this story. At least 
the adventuring spirit hasn't left our heroes and heroines. Much has changed 
in the year that has past, and we hope that thier next adventure will be one 
as great as this

An option to START OVER will appear, at the moment the on;y thing which seems 
to have changed is the doubling of experience points, LPs and gold given out 
after battles. This makes levelling up very easy, and perhaps it is this time 
where you would consider doinf the additional non-storyline events.

                                   8.0 LISTS
The following section deals with the game lists, and should answer some 

Listed here are the locations for all the Dragon Eggs. Please note I am 
assuming that the egg locations are the same for the start of everyones game 

  [1] Chest at Patos Item Shop
  [2] Given by Lurissa of Majari after rescuing her father
  [3] Given by Elstra of Albano [Fugo's Wife] after beating Gades
  [4] Chest in the Pirate Island Cave's [Bottom floor]
  [5] Given by Lamika of Patos when her house is rebuilt
  [6] Chest on the 3rd floor of Leydock's Mansion
  [7] Given by girl on the 2 floor of Siantao Kngdm.'s new castle
  [8] Chest on 3rd floor of Entrance to Ancient Cave

Companions will join after certain events or places.

|CN | Name     | COLOR  | CONTINENT | PLACE                                  |
| 0 | HERO     | Red    | Epsis     | Patos                                  |
| 1 | Senna    | Blue   | Epsis     | Patos                                  |
| 2 | Dei      | Yellow | Epsis     | Fugo's Secret Basement                 |
| 3 | Aima     | Green  | Epsis     | Leong Temple                           |
| 4 | Randolph | Red    | Lidal     | Deserted Light House Floor 6           |
| 5 | Melphis  | Blue   | Lidal     | Deserted Light House Floor 12          |
| 6 | Mousse   | Green  | Lidal     | Copley Forest Floor 9                  |
| 7 | Deckard  | Red    | Lidal     | While Nicky gives ride to Astadt Kngdm |
| 8 | Ruby     | Yellow | Fonte     | Azoles Cave Basment Floor 10           |
| 9 | Yurist   | Green  | Fonte     | Tanba after Jan's Wedding              |
|10 | Isaac    | Yellow | Fonte     | Gologolo Cave Basement Floor 10        |
|11 | Milka    | Green  | Rosplette | Rosplett Shrine Floor 10               |
|12 | EggDragon| Red    | Siantao   | Get all 3 Wishes and beat Egg Dragon   |

There are some things in the game that don't need to be done, they are as 

8.03a The Dragon Egg Events
The events covering getting the Dragon Eggs isn't needed, although make the 
game alot better :) Also if you decide to do these events, you'll need to do 
them before meeting the 4th Sinistral
  * Rescuing Lurissa of Majari's father from Laphon cave
  * Rebulding Lamika of Patos' Village's House
  * Rebuilding Siantao Town
  * Finding the Egg Key in Broffo Cave
  * Getting all 3 Wishes

8.03b The Cat Ring Events
Rudo of Caan has a thing for Maqurine, this event can be ignored
  * Search for the Purple Eye in Tomis Cave
  * Search for the Blue Eye in Slani Cave

8.03c The Ancient Cave Events
The whole Ancient Cave can be ignored, but the items in Blue Chests there can 
be handy for the game
  * Retrieving the Glass Ruby to progress to Level 100
  * Any of the Ancient Cave Wishes

8.03d Sinistral Items
Although its possible, beating a Sinistral before thier final battle doesn't 
affect the storyline. These items will be described in the next section

Gades and Daos are 2 Sinistral you can battle, the storyline is set that its 
presumed you will lose, however if you do win these battles then you'll get 
some secret equipment.

8.04a Gades Bracelet
  When you first meet Gades on Floor 5 of Tower of Death, there is a chance 
  to beat him. If you are lucky enough to do so, you will get this item

8.04b Gades Blade
  The next time you meet Gades is when he destroys the house in Albano. Dei 
  would have just joined your party at this point. If you beat him here 
  you'll get this item

8.04c Terror Armor [Daos Armor]
  You will first meet Daos after Conas proposes to Karina, beating Daos at 
  this point of time and you will recieve the item

8.04d Daos Stone
  Your second encounter with Daos, is when you're helped by Jan. This 
  encounter takes place on the 7th floor of the Twr. of Sorrow. You must 
  defeat Daos BEFORE Jan does as the storyline dictates will occur.

8.04e Daos Ring
  The third time you meet Daos, is after Seena and you [Hero] touches the 
  Floatium in Tanba Cave. If you beat Daos here you will get the Ring


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