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"Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse" for Gamecube
Guide Version 1.0
3/ 12/ 03
Written by SubSane
[email protected]

Table of Contents
To look for a specific thing, hold Ctrl+F to pop up a Find 
screen. Then just type in exactly what you're looking for.
 IE: Type [ e. Cursor Icons ] to find that section.
I. General Information
   A. Game history
   B. Basic Plot
   C. Gameplay
      a. What's the Point?
      b. Controls
      c. Game Modes
      d. HUD (Heads Up Display)
      e. Cursor Icons
      f. Tricks

II. Guide
   A. Walkthrough
      a. Mirror Shard 1
      b. Mirror Shard 2
      c. Mirror Shard 3
      d. Mirror Shard 4
      e. Mirror Shard 5
      f. Mirror Shard 6
      g. Mirror Shard 7
      h. Mirror Shard 8
      i. Mirror Shard 9
      j. Mirror Shard 10
      k. Mirror Shard 11
      l. Mirror Shard 12
   B. Item List
      a. General Items
      b. Important Items
      c. Bonus Items
   C. Trick List
   D. Mini Games

III. Miscellaneous
   A. Codes and Secrets
   B. Version history
   C. Credits, appreciation, and so on...
   D. Legal Stuff
   E. Notes

                   I. GENERAL INFORMATION
                      A. Game history
-Capcom and Disney Interactive team up for another Disney
 game. Co-developed by Nintendo. This is the first Disney
 game released on the Gamecube.

 Released on August 13, 2002

                       B. Basic plot
-While sleeping, Mickey Mouse was lured into a mirror world 
 by a mysterious ghost. Now Mickey must explore the mirror 
 world and find the mirror pieces needed to return to the 
 real world.

                        C. Gameplay
                    a. What's the Point?
Didn't you read above? "Now Mickey must explore the mirror 
world and find the mirror pieces needed to return to the 
real world."

This is a point-and-click adventure game, and not a bad one
at that. It seems very much like a kids' game, but Normal
mode is enough for older kids.

                        b. Controls
Gray stick..Move cursor      
L/R.........Get rid of/bring back item sack and save book              
B button....Stop Mickey as he walks. Cancel in Menus.                
A button....Used to click with cursor

The mini game controls will be in the Mini Games section

                      c. Game Modes
There are two basic modes in the game. Kids and Normal.

Kids mode is a really easy adventure where Mickey will
automatically walk to the areas that need exploring. You don't
have to collect items or anything either. I recommend this
for kids six years old and younger.

Normal mode is the actual story mode where you collect items
to escape the mansion. It's not that much harder, but this
is for the older kids (like me), who want some actual

I will cover the walkthrough for Normal mode in this guide.
Kids mode doesn't need a walkthrough, as Mickey does
everything for you.

                 d. HUD (Heads Up Display)
There are a couple of things on the screen besides Mickey
and the mansion.

The stars in the upper-left corner are your stars and star
containers. When a star container is blue, it is empty.
When it is yellow, it has one star. Collect more star
containers to collect more stars.

Yellow sack
The yellow sack in the bottom-left corner is where all of the
collected items are kept. You can also check the number of
keys, mirror shards, and stars you have.

Click on the book to save your game.

The key and number in the upper-right corner show how many
keys you currently have.

                     e. Cursor Icons
Since this game is a point-and-click adventure, the cursor
on the screen is a very important feature in the game. There
are various types of cursors that will appear as you progress
through the game.

Gray hand
The gray hand is the normal cursor, just in neutral. There 
are very few things you can click on with the gray hand.

White hand
The white hand is the move cursor. When you move the hand over
an important spot, the hand will turn white. This means that
if you click on the spot, Mickey will walk to where you
clicked. If you click twice he will run.

Pink hand
The pink hand is just for fun. Click on different parts of 
Mickey's body to see the different reactions.

The door cursor is for opening doors. Just move the hand over
a door to see it appear.

Open door
This appears when you have opened a door.

The key cursor will appear after you've clicked on a locked
door. If you have a key quickly click the door to unlock it.

Magnifying glass
The magnifying glass cursor is for inspecting items or
other important spots. When you see the magnifying glass,
click immediately!

The star cursor appears when you have found a Trick spot. The
Trick spots are special events in the game. There is always
a star requirement for Tricks, so make sure you have enough 

When the white sack appears you are supposed to use one of
the items in your item sack.

                        f. Tricks
Tricks are special events in the game that are usually the
way to get further ahead.

Tricks will always require a certain number of stars, so make
sure you collect any stars you see. You will also need to
collect star containers. They are blue star-shaped jars that
you will find through out the mansion.

When the star cursor appears over something, that means you
can do a Trick there. A number will appear inside the star
cursor. That is the required number of stars for that trick.

                        II. GUIDE

This walkthrough is for Normal mode. Kids mode does not
require a walkthrough as Mickey does everything for you.

Also, this game is very non-linear. You can go any way you
please and still manage to beat the game. I just planned
out the easiest way.

Finally, I wrote this walkthrough based on finding all of the
mirror shards. But if you follow it, I also point out every
other item and Trick there is. So by the time you get the
last mirror shard, you'll have everything.

                      A. Walkthrough
                     a. Mirror Shard 1
After watching all the cutscenes, you'll find yourself in the
entrance to the ghost mansion. A hand will be pointing to
the door on the left, so click it open. After that the door
will point to the right door, so click it open as well.

Watch the next cutscene, then get your first star container!
Click it when the magnifying glass appears. Now that helpful
hand will point to the far door, so go ahead and open it.
A Trick screen will appear, and a star cursor. This Trick
will cost one star, so go ahead and do the Trick.

Ouch, that wasn't very nice! Anyway, get the key and unlock
the door to go to the next room.

                       -Mirror room-
Hey, it's the mirror! Watch the cutscene then inspect one of
the mirror shards. After that you'll have to go through the
door on the left. The door on the right is the end of a warp
door, so it can't be opened on this end.

                        -Hole room-
Collect the gold star in the middle of the room, then walk
over to the hole in the wall. Peek inside and grab the first
mirror shard.

                     b. Mirror Shard 2
Now walk over to the closet and do the Trick to get your
first key. After that, exit through the door on the left.

                       -Green hall-
Grab the stars in this next hall, then try to open the door
at this end. When the ghost appears, use a Trick on him to
slide the carpet away. Get the next mirror shard from the
floor at the other end.

                     c. Mirror Shard 3
Go to the door that is closest to the door with green plants. 
You will use your key to open it.

                       -Piggy room-
You'll find a star container, a gold star, a piggy bank, 
and a gold coin in here. Click on the star container a
few times to knock it down and get it, then walk in front
of the piggy bank and get the gold coin.

Inspect the piggy bank twice, then insert the gold coin.
Now leave to the Green hall.

                       -Green hall-
Go to the door at the far end.

                       -Sword hall-
Not much in here, yet. Just grab the gold star and leave
through the other door.

                       -Grand hall-
Wow, a grand hall. Much better than a normal hall. Anyway,
walk downstairs and get the star container that is hidden
behind the stairs.

Once that is done, click on the chandelier hanging from the
ceiling. Use the two stars you have for the Trick, then
watch the eerie cutscene. 

Now walk to the door on the left, but don't enter. Get the
mirror shard on the ground to have a grand total of three
mirror shards. 

                     d. Mirror Shard 4
Get any silver stars that have appeared.

Walk back up to the second floor and go to the flower vase
on the left balcony. Click on the flower to get it, then go
over to the empty vase on the other side. Inspect it twice,
then do the Trick to get another key.

Now go back to the Green hall.

                       -Green hall-
Enter that door on the left that you didn't open yet.

                       -Candle room-
Inspect the candle in the center of the room. You'll have to
press A rapidly to light it up, but it's not too tough. Once
it is lit, two red orbs will appear over the bed. Move the
cursor over them to do a Trick.

The ghost will appear, but quickly do the Trick that's 
shining on the ground in front of Mickey. The ghost will
leave, and you will get a gold coin. Turn on the light
switch on the left, then go back to the Piggy room.

                       -Piggy room-
Keep coming in and out and collecting stars until your star
containers are full. Drop off the gold coin, then go back to 
the Candle room.

                       -Candle room-
Inspect the bed and Mickey will start jumping on it. Do the
Trick that appears on the bed, and you will get a key. Enter
the door on the left.

                        -TV room-
Hey all right, a TV! But there's no time for that now. Get
the Donald doll that's on the couch, then the star container
hidden behind the couch. You can inspect the TV, but it
doesn't work. Go through the broken door

                       -Train room-
Nothing in here but stars, so go into the next door.

                        -Toy room-
Next to the horse you should see an open box. Inspect it to
find a flashlight.  Inspect it two more times, then get the
green collar that appears behind Mickey. Once that is done, 
inspect the witch on the table. She'll weave a bit of magic 
and shrink you down to toy size. Collect any stars lying 
around on the ground, then approach the train station.

Inspect the luggage on the ground, then do the Trick and
watch Mickey board the train. Do another Trick on the
luggage to have it chase Mickey, then do one more Trick to
save Mickey. You will get a star container as your reward.

You're now in the Train room, so get the doghouse that is on
the train platform, then go into the TV room by entering the 
mouse hole (ironic, ain't it?)

                        -TV room-
Walk behind the TV. Hey, that's why it didn't work! Plug in
the TV. Go back to the Train room through the broken door.

                       -Train room-
Walk in and a rather ominous rubber duck will pop out. Click
on the red bridge to try and get away from it. No, he's
still after you. You're cornered!

Quickly do a Trick on the power cord to get away. It's not
over yet. Do a Trick on the toy plane to get away for good,
then you'll find yourself in the Flying Ace mini game. Check
below in the Mini Games section to find out how to play.

Go back to the Toy room.

                        -Toy room-
Inspect the wooden horse in the far corner. Do the Trick and 
grab the fourth mirror shard.

                     e. Mirror Shard 5
We're all done in this area for now, so go back to the
Green hall.

                       -Green hall-
While we're here, go back to the Hole room.

                        -Hole room-
Look inside the hole, and use a trick on the loose board
above Mickey's head. You don't get anything, but I figure
we might as well do it.

Now it's time to explore the first floor, so go all the way
to the Grand hall.

                       -Grand hall-
Go down to the first floor and enter the door on the left.

                       -Wooden hall-
There will be three doors here. Go to the door farthest away.

                        -Tea room-
Click on the chair and it will slide out. Right before
Mickey sits down, you can do a Trick on the chair. You'll
have to do this very fast.

Click on the chair again, but this time let Mickey sit down.
When the tea pot and cup appear, click on the tea pot to do
another Trick. Again, you won't get anything for it.

Go outside and come back in to find a picture of Mickey and
his girl, Minnie. Now back to the Wooden hall and enter the
other door.

Get the pink ribbon that's on the table, then go and inspect
the green cabinet that's in the upper-right corner. Click on
all of the knives and forks so that they're all moving, then
do the Trick. Afterwards you will get the fifth mirror shard.

                     f. Mirror Shard 6
Now go and inspect the other cabinet. Do the Trick on the
flour jar, and you'll get a shiny new gold coin. Go to the
door in the bottom-left corner and use a key to unlock it
and enter.

There's not much to on the first floor, so go up to the
second. Click on the lamp that's hanging from the ceiling to 
get a Goofy plaque, then use your other key to unlock the next 

                       -Footstool room-
Inspect the stool in the middle, but unfortunately you can't
get the key yet. Inspect the other stool and then place it
on top of the first stool. Once Mickey is on top, make fast
circles with the control stick to save him from falling.
The key will be your reward.

Ignore the blue door because it will only warp you to the
door in the Mirror room. Use they key to unlock the other
door and enter the Crazy hall.

                        -Crazy hall-
The Crazy hall is crazy because all those doors just lead to
another door in that room. 

Enter the second door on the left, and four more Mickeys
will appear. Click the first Mickey that's to the right of
the real one. Click three times and all the Mickeys will
vanish, and you will get another star container.

The only real door is the third one on the right, but you
need a key to get in. So go all the way back to the Grand

                       -Grand hall-
Go into the door on the opposite end.

                        -Dark room-
This Dark room doesn't have anything, so go down the stairs
to the Basement.

It's your typical spooky basement. Go straight to the door 
and open it. Watch the VERY familiar cutscene (Devil May Cry,
anyone?), and then you'll be thrown into the Flying Sword
mini game. Look in the Mini Games section to find out how to

                       -Storage room-
After the chase you'll be in a Storage room. There are two
paintings of girls in there, so go and inspect the painting 
near the door.

After getting a clue, do the Trick on the painting. Hah, tell
me that didn't at least startle you! Anyway, Mickey will get
thrown back. Use another Trick on the pair of shoes, and
the ghost will run off. Pick up the key.

Inspect the painting of the girl without a flower, and give
her the flower you have in your items. A secret door will
appear. Go inside.

You have the flashlight, so now you can look around. Walk
ahead and you'll see something shining on the ground.
Inspect it to find the sixth mirror shard.

                     g. Mirror Shard 7
Leave through the other end of the cave.

                         -Gear room-
You'll see a mass of gears, but you can't do anything with
them yet. Also avoid the blue warp door.

Go upstairs and through the open doorway.

                        -Clock tower-
Sunlight, beautiful sunlight! Walk down the stairs to find a
key at the bottom. That's all you can do here, so go back to
the Storage room.

                       -Storage room-
Go to the picture of the scary girl. Do the Trick again, then
do the shoe Trick again. But, when he runs away this time,
chase after him! Do it while Mickey is still mad.

                        -Dark hall-
This is that hall that the flying sword chased you through.
Click on the ghost to keep chasing him to the Basement.

When Mickey gets near the mace, quickly turn the control stick
to grab it. Mickey will bring the ghost and he'll run away
again. Keep chasing him.

                        -Dark room-
Go to the Grand hall.

                       -Grand hall-
Looks like the tables have turned. The ghost is now scared of
you. He'll run off, and you can finally stop chasing him.

Now go all the way to the Alcove.

Go upstairs, and into the Crazy hall.

                        -Crazy hall-
Go into the third door on the right. Use a key to unlock it
and enter.

                         -Bee room-
Grab the remote control from the table, then inspect the 
couch. While Mickey sleeps, a bee will appear. Keep clicking
on Mickey as he runs away, then watch bust a Matrix move.

The bee will fly off, and reveal the seventh mirror shard.

                     h. Mirror Shard 8
Go through the next door.

                         -Fish room-
Inspect the fish. You'll go through three sequences where you
rapidly press A, but afterwards you will get a marble.

                        -Closet room-
There will be three closets and a plant in here. Click on the
plant a few times to get a flower pot.

Inspect the first closet on the left to do a Trick and get
knocked in. Do the Trick again to knock the hand in. Quickly
press A and move the control stick to get the eigth mirror

                     i. Mirror Shard 9
Inspect the closet on the very right to do a magic Trick.
Go back to the Fish room when you're done.

                         -Fish room-
Unlock the door at the top and enter.

                          -Rug room-
Enter the door on the right.

                         -Music room-
The only thing you can do is inspect the guitar in the back,
so do it to play the Guitar Master mini game. Check below in
the Mini Games section to find out how to play.

Go back to the Rug room.

                          -Rug room-
Go up the stairs to the Attic.

Grab the star and the windmill in the middle of the room, then
go all the way back to the Alcove.

There are a bunch of holes in here, and you have to drop the
marble into one of them.

O       O
           O     X

   O                   O

These are the locations of the holes, and X marks the hole
you should inspect. Do it and drop the marble in. Go down and
get the next star container. Go back to the Grand hall.

                       -Grand hall-
Go to the Sword hall.

                       -Sword hall-
Inspect the painting of the moustache man and do the Trick.
Inspect it again to reveal the ghost, and get the ninth
mirror shard.

                     j. Mirror Shard 10
Go to the Piggy room.

                       -Piggy room-
Deposit the gold coin. The poor piggy will blow up, and you
can get the gear. Leave and come back to get the piggy bank.
Now go to the TV room.

                        -TV room-
Use the remote control on the TV to play the Dance mini game.
Check below to find out how to play.

Now go all the way back to the Gear room.

                         -Gear room-
Walk to the far end, by the stairs. Inspect the gears to
place the gear you have in there. Now go to the right and
pull the lever.

Pick up the tenth mirror shard.

                     k. Mirror Shard 11
Go back to the lever and do the Trick on it to get yanked
up on top of the Clock tower. Do more Tricks to get the clock 
to 7 o' clock or higher. Mickey will pop out of the cuckoo and 
knock the star container to the ground.

Use a Trick to get across the rope to the Bell roof. If you
don't have enough stars, go to the hole in the roof and get
the star container. Do the lever Trick again to get to the
Roof and cross the rope.

                        -Bell roof-
Click on the bell to get the clock tower item underneath it. 
Climb down the stairs to enter the Bell tower.

                        -Bell tower-
Climb down the stairs, but then turn around. Run up the 
stairs and tap A rapidly to reach the top and grab the
eleventh mirror shard.

                     l. Mirror Shard 12
Climb back down and enter the door.

It's not really a dungeon, but it looks like it with that
cage. Grab the mansion item and enter the cage.

                       -Wine cellar-
Inspect the barrels at the end, then watch the cutscene. Now
you can play the Crash Barrels mini game. Read below in the
Mini Games section to find out how.

Pick up the can and go upstairs.

Enter the other door that you haven't gone through yet.

                         -Old hall-
There is a door and a hole in the ground in here. Go through
the door.

                      -Fireplace room-
There are some stars, a star container, and some crooked
pictures in here. Click on the three crooked pictures behind
the chair to get a picture of Mickey's friends.

Get the star container and leave.

                         -Old hall-
Inspect the hole and press A rapidly to get across the gap. 
Enter the double doors.

                       -Broken room-
Ya know, I think this is one of my favorite rooms. The broken
room combined with the rays of sunlight and gentle music
male a great atmosphere.

Anyway, we have to get up those stairs. Click on the striped
pole that's laying on the ground, then do the Trick. But,
right when Mickey is at the foot of the steps, do another
Trick. A hand will appear and throw Mickey off course, and
he'll crash into another room.

                        -Spa room-
Man, a steam in the spa would really be great, but there's
no leisure time on this mission. Click on the star container
inside the pool, and hold the cursor over it until a Trick
appears. Do the Trick and Mickey will jump in. 

Watch the Jaws action (Jaws isn't even a Capcom property),
then click on the fish when he surfaces. Use your can to
pick up the fish. You know, so you can keep your eye on the
star container.

Go back to the Broken room.

                       -Broken room-
Inspect the door at the top of the stairs, then quickly tap
A to get Mickey up there. Grab the star container and go to
the next room.

No time for readin', just look for the magnifying glass on
the small table and grab it. Next, click on the blinking red
item on top of a bookcase. It's a key! Do the Trick to try
and get it, but the ghost will appear and take it.

Watch the ghost carefully, and he will be in the bookcase
that shakes. He will do it twice, so each time just press
A repeatedly to shake him out. The ghost will drop the key
and leave.

Use the key on the normal door (don't enter the blue warp
door) to exit.

                         -Music room-
Hey, we're back in the music room! Get yourself to the Fish
room nearby immediately.

                         -Fish room-
Drop the fish you have into the bowl to get the final star

We're almost done, but there are a few loose ends to tie
before we finish the game. Go to the Sword hall.

                       -Sword hall-
Use the magnifying glass in your items to carefully inspect
the painting of the icy mountain. What is a refrigerator 
doing in there? Quickly go back to the Kitchen.

Inspect the refrigerator and do the Trick to get sucked into
the Snowboarder mini game. Check below to find out how to

Once this is over, get to the Basement.

If you got hit with the sword the first time it chased you,
inspect the sword. If you were not hit, then you don't have
to. If you don't remember, inspect the sword to once again
get chased down the long hall. 

The objective is not to get hit by any of the flyiing 
furniture. Check below in the Mini Games section for the

Once this over, get to the Gear room.

                         -Gear room-
Use the Trick on the lever to get up on the Roof again.

You don't have to use the Tricks on the clock this time.
Just get to the Bell roof by crossing the rope. You'll
release a pink balloon along the way.

                        -Bell roof-
Get the pink balloon, then enter the Bell tower.

                        -Bell tower-
Go into the Dungeon.

If you didn't get all stars last time, play the Crash Barrels
mini game again in the Wine cellar. Getting all stars will 
get you the Dojo item (more reference to Street Fighter).
As always, check below to find out how to play.

Get to the Broken room when you're done.

                       -Broken room-
Go into the Spa room on the side.

                        -Spa room-
Grab the rubber duck item (brings back memories of that
crazy Toy room duck).

Now for the final mirror shard, go to the Attic.

Click on the gift box on the table to make a small ghost
appear. Use your magnifying glass then do the Trick to
shrink and fall into the hole in the floor.

When Mickey wakes up, get the twelfth and final mirror shard.

Go back to the Library and enter the blue warp door to get
warped back to the Mirror room.

                       -Mirror room-
When you get in the mirror will be open and ready, but the
ghost will appear. You have to choose between going home, or
staying with the ghost.

Choosing the mirror is the way to beat the game. If you
choose the ghost you will stay in the mansion, and the only
way to open the mirror again is to use a warp door.

Well, that's it! Enjoy the very Disney ending, and have fun 
with the credits (you'll see what I mean).

When your Game Clear stats come up, you may notice that 
you're still missing some bonus items. Check below in
the Item List section and look under Bonus Items.

You'll also unlock Bonus, which appears at the load game 
screen. Bonus allows you to play the mini games instantly,
and you also get a sound test and cutscene viewer.

                       B. Item List
                     a. General Items
These are items that you can find anywhere.

Gold stars
These fill one star container.

Silver stars
These fill about 3/4 of a star container.

Bronze stars
These fill about 1/4 of a star container.

Many of the stars regernerate in the rooms once you leave. 
You can also get stars by playing the mini games.

                    b. Important Items
These are important for completing the game.

Mirror shards
1.  Hole room - Look in the hole in the wall.
2.  Green hall - Do the Trick on the carpet to roll it up.
3.  Grand hall - Do the Trick on the chandelier.
4.  Toy room - Do the Trick on the wooden horse.
5.  Kitchen - Do the Trick on the forks.
6.  Cave - Use the flashlight.
7.  Bee room - After bee chases Mickey.
8.  Closet room - Do the closet Tricks on the left closet.
9.  Sword hall - Do trick on the moustache man painting.
10. Gear room - Put in the gear then activate the lever.
11. Bell tower - Run up the stairs quickly.
12. Music room - Use the magnifyer Trick on small ghost.

Star containers
1.  Entrance - Click open both doors to get it.
2.  Piggy room - Click it to knock it down.
3.  Grand hall - Behind the staircase.
4.  TV room - Behind the couch.
5.  Toy room - Need four stars to do tricks on train.
6.  Tea room - On the floor.
7.  Crazy hall - Enter second door to the left, then click on 
    the first mouse on Mickey's right three times.
8.  Alcove - Drop marble in the hole.
9.  Clock tower - Do trick on lever to get up, then get a
    high number on the clock.
10. Fireplace room - In the fireplace.
11. Broken room - On the upper floor.
12. Spa room - The fish eats it. Take the fish to fish room.

1. Hole room
2. Candle room
3. Grand hall - Trick in the empty vase.
4. Footstool room - Stack the chairs up.
5. Storage room - Do the painting trick.
6. Clock tower
7. Library - Do the Trick, then shake bookcases.

Gold coins
Deposit the gold coins in the piggy bank to enlarge the gear.
1. Piggy room - On the floor.
2. Candle room - Do the candle Trick to find it.
3. Kitchen - Look in the right cabinet, the do a Trick.

Grand hall - For the picture girl in Painting room.

Toy room - For the cave.

Remote control
Bee room - For the TV in the TV room.

Fish room - For the hole in the Alcove.

Wine cellar - For the fish in the Spa room.

Magnifying glass
Library - For the Sword hall painting and Attic ghost.

                     c. Bonus Items
These items appear in Mickey's bedroom, and are necessary if
you want to complete 100% of the game.

Pink ribbon
Kitchen - On the table.

Donald doll
TV room - On the couch.

Flower pot
Closet room - Click on the plant.

Dog collar
Toy room - Inspect the toy box three times.

Train room - Need the dog collar to get it.

Heart picture
Tea room - Do both tricks and come back in.

Piggy bank
Piggy room - Come back in after the piggy bank blows up.

Attic - On the floor.

Clock tower 
Bell roof - Click the bell.

Dungeon - On the floor.

Goofy plaque
Alcove - Click the ceiling lamp.

Pink balloon
Bell roof - Cross the rope for a second time.

Wine cellar - Get all stars in Crash Barrels mini game.

Rubber duck
Spa room - Go back after dropping off the fish in Fish room.

Friends picture
Fireplace room - Click on the three crooked pictures.

The items below appear in Mickey's room when you complete a
certain event.

Toy room - Ride the train.

Bee room - Get chased by the bee.

Basement - Play the Flying Sword mini game and don't get hit.

Train room - Play the Flying Ace mini game.

TV room - Play the Dance mini game.

Music room - Play the Guitar Master mini game.

Kitchen - Play the Snowboarder.

Bronze statue
Beat the game.

Collect all twelve mirror shards.

Hidden hats
When you complete the game, a box will appear in the Load
Game screen. You can click on the box and hide five hats
in one of the saved games.

You can place the hats where you like, so it should be no
problem to find them.

Donald hat
Goofy hat
Cowboy hat

                       C. Trick List
Tricks are another thing that has to be completed to have
the game completed at 100%. I've separated tricks by room.

1. Open the star door.

Hole room
1. Open the closet.
2. Look in the hole and click the loose board.
3. Inspect the bed, then do the Trick.

Green hall
1. Open the door at the end of the hall, then click the ghost.

Candle room
1. Light up candle, then click on red eyes.
2. Click on ground as ghost approaches.

Train room
1. Click on the power cord after being chased by the rubber 
2. Click on the airplane after being chased by the duck.

Toy room
1. Click on the toy witch.
2. Click the luggage.
3. Click the luggage again on the train.
4. Do the Trick to have Mickey fall down on the train.
5. Inspect the wooden horse.

Sword hall
1. Inspect the moustache man painting.

Grand hall
1. Click the chandelier.
2. Click the empty vase twice.

Tea room
1. Click on the chair to have it slide away.
2. Click on the tea kettle and cup.

1. Click the forks cabinet and move all the forks.
2. Inspect the other cabinet and click the flour jar.
3. Inspect the refrigerator for the mini game.

Closet room
1. Inspect the closet on the left.
2. Inspect the closet on the far right.

Storage room
1. Inspect the painting on the right.
2. Click on the hanging pair of shoes after getting startled.

Gear room
1. After activating the clock, do the Trick on the lever.

Clock tower
1. Click on the clock when Mickey has been pulled to the roof.
2. Inspect the rope.

Broken room
1. Inspect the striped pole.
2. Click the pole as Mickey flys up.

Spa room
1. Inspect the star container in the water.

1. Inspect the key on the bookcase.

1. Use the magnifyer on the small ghost.

                       D. Mini Games
                        -Flying Ace-
Do the Trick on the toy plane in the Train room to go into 
the cloud poster.

Gray stick..Operate plane
A button....Shoot

Very simple mini game. To get points just shoot the balloons
like crazy and get as many rainbows as you can. Grab the
stars to extend time. If you press Left or Right twice,
the plane will do a barrel roll.

Inspect the mountain painting in the Sword hall, then do the 
Trick on the refrigerator in the Kitchen.

Gray stick..Shift Mickey
A button....jump mickey

Wooooo, flyin' down the mountain! Avoid the cliffs, walls, 
and trees. Jump to grab stars and extend your time, and smash 
into the snowmen.

                      -Flying Sword-
Inspect the sword in the Basement.

Gray stick..Move Mickey

It seems hard, but it's simple. When a piece of furniture 
starts to hover, wait until it starts to shake then move.

                     -Guitar Master-
Inspect the guitar in the Music room.

Gray stick..slide the pick
A button....Press A to catch a spinning star

This one is sort of hard. What I do is stare at the center
circle, and just react when I see a star appear. I've had
experience with this type of mini game before, but it 
shouldn't be a problem with some practice.

Use the remote control on the TV.

Gray stick/A button..Dance step

This is like those dance games that were the big thing for
a while. Just press the right button or direction when the
square is lit.

                    -Crash Barrels-
Inspect the barrels in the Wine cellar.

A button..Press to punch. Hold for fireball.

My favorite mini game. The easiest way to do it is to hold
A and charge a fireball, then release it at the right time.

                     III. MISCELLANEOUS
                   A.  Codes and Secrets               
There aren't any codes as far as I know, but here are some
of the little secrets.

-You can click on pictures to see them react differently.

-Try clicking on other things with the gray hand. Some stuff
 will react.

-When you beat the game, you'll unlock Bonus and Hidden Hats
 in the Load Game menu.
 Bonus allows you to play any of the mini games that appear 
 in the game. There is also a radio that you can use as a 
 sound test, and a TV to view the cutscenes.

 Hidden Hats lets you hide five hats in a saved game. These
 are bonus items, so they are required to get 100%.

-In case some of you don't realize (I've mentioned it enough),
 Capcom incorporated a lot of the stuff from their other

 Most of the game is designed around the Resident Evil games.
 Mainly the mansion exploration, and having to figure out
 puzzles. Plus, there are some startling elements like when 
 the ghost pulls some scares.

 The Flying Sword mini game (and the first scene with it),
 is straight out of Devil May Cry. When Dante first gets

 The Crash Barrels mini game is from Street Fighter II. It's
 very much like the barrels bonus stages, and Mickey even
 does Hadoukens and Shoryukens.

-If you use the remote control on the TV, you can see various
 clips of classic Mickey episodes.

                      B. Version History
-March 12- Version 1.0- Entire guide completed. Have fun!

             C. Credits, appreciation, and so on...
-Thanks to Disney Interactive, Capcom, and Nintendo for
 creating this game.

-Thanks to Wilson Lau, whose Bart vs the Space Mutants guide
 inspired me to write FAQs.

                       D. Legal Stuff
-"Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse" is copyright © 2002 
 Disney Interactive.

-This guide copyright © 2003 SubSane. This guide may be 
 distributed freely as long as it remains in it's original 
 and unaltered form. It is only for private use and may not 
 be reproduced for commercial purposes.

-The following sites will always have the latest version:


                           E. Notes
-Does this mansion remind anyone else of the Resident Evil
 mansions? In fact, a lot of stuff is similar...

-Why does Mickey have evil dark lines around his eyes?

-Tell me that flying sword scene isn't straight out of Devil
 May Cry.

-For a Disney game, there are some pretty intense scenes in
 this game.

-That rubber duck is one crazy dastardly fiend. I mean, what's 
 up with the flying?!

-Play the Crash Barrels mini game to experience some good ol'
 fashioned Street Fighter fun.

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