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YuGiOh! World Championship Tournament 2004
Guide: My Decks Silver Omega Twister 50%, Golden Potential Cyclone 100.0%
By Drewskit
[email protected]
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1.Silver Omega Twister Deck 50% Complete
2.Golden Potenial Cyclone Deck 100.0% Complete
4.Strategies for Golden Potential Cyclone Deck 100.0% Complete
5.Copyrights and good-bye

1.Silver Omega Twister Deck 50% Complete
This Deck was made as a weaker version of its brother. Its development came 
about in a way I thought was strange. I wanted to have my power deck, but I 
wanted it to be less challenging in one form and devastating in the other. I 
kept the original theme of pure power, but I toned it down a little. While 
both of the decks use mostly the same cards, the variation is the quantity of 
Limited cards in the deck. For example, in the Silver Omega Twister Deck, 
you'll find 2 Raigekis, while in the other, the Golden Potential Cyclone Deck, 
you'll find 3 Raigekis. I did this little trick using a GameShark. I used the 
code, "Have All Cards", beat Yami Yugi in a duel, and I watched the Credits 
roll. When I was at the Main Menu again, I chose 'Options'. I put limitation 
from "Standard" to "Custom", and I was able to remove the limitation. If you 
don't have one, try to get one. If you can't, you'll be in for a long ride. 
Here's the list:
1.Negate Attack (x3)
2.Spellbinding Circle (x3)
3.Snatch Steal
4.Monster Reborn (x2)
5.Slate Warrior
6.Gate Guardian
8.Widespread Ruin (x3)
9.Graceful Charity (x2)
10.Premature Burial (x2)
11.Call of the Haunted (x2)
12.Magic Cylinder (x2)
13.Change of Heart (x2)
14.Spear Dragon
15.Magic Jammer
16.Swords of Revealing Light (x2)
17.Mirror Force (x2)
18.Cosmo Queen
19.Gemini Elf
20.Tri-Horned Dragon
21.Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
22.Torrential Tribute (x2)
23.Ring of Destruction (x2)
25.United We Stand
26.Vorse Raider
27.Raigeki (x2)
28.Dark Elf
29.Thunder Nyan Nyan
30.Banisher of The Light
31.Pot of Greed (x2)
32.Great Moth
33.Petit Moth
34.Coccoon of Evolution
35.Serpent Night Dragon
36.Harpie's Feather Duster (x2)
37.Cave Dragon
38.Sanga of The Thunder
40.Goblin Attack Force
41.Mage Power
And thats the list for the Silver Omega Twister Deck 50% Complete.

2.Golden Potential Cyclone Deck 100.0% Complete
This is the straight pure-power deck. Now, the main difference is, as 
mentioned earlier, the number of Limited Cards in the deck. There isn't much 
to discuss here, so let's see the deck:
1.Raigeki (x3)
2.Swords of Revealing Light (x3)
3.Spellbinding Circle (x3)
4.Harpie's Feather Duster (x3)
5.Widespread Ruin (x3)
7.Tri-Horned Dragon
8.Serpent Night Dragon
9.Cosmo Queen
10.Negate Attack (x2)
11.Graceful Charity (x3)
12.Monster Reborn (x3)
13.Pot of Greed (x3)
14.Change of Heart (x3)
15.Mirror Force (x3)
16.Snatch Steal 
17.Premature Burial (x2)
18.Call of the Haunted (x2)
19.Ring of Destruction (x2)
20.Slate Warrior (x3)
21.Torrential Tribute (x2)
22.Magic Cylinder (x3)
23.Goblin Attack Force
24.United We Stand 
25.Mage Power
26.Spear Dragon (x3)
27.Thunder Nyan Nyan
28.Banisher of the Light
29.Cave Dragon
And thats the list for the Golden Potential Cyclone Deck 100.0% Complete.

Q:How do you remove the Restrictions from cards such as Raigeki, Swords of 
Revealing Light, Harpie's Feather Duster, Pot of Greed, and Monster Reborn?
A:You have to get 100% completion, which has some steps. You don't have to use 
a GameShark, but I would recommend it, as it will make things easier. First, 
you must have all the cards in the game. Once you do, win a duel (it doesn't 
matter who you face). Once you get to the main menu, choose "Options". If you 
do this after you get 100% completion, you should notice "Limitation". Change 
it from "Standard" to "Custom", and you can remove card limitations.
I will update this each time I get a new Question and have an Answer to it.

4.Strategies for the Golden Potential Cyclone Deck 100.0% Complete
The Cyclone Deck has much more power, thus more strategies. I only have a few 
at the moment, so here they are.
With the Graceful Charity/Monster Reborn+Banisher of Light/Thunder Nyan Nyan 
combo, you must have Graceful Charity in your hand and activate it. When it 
comes time to discard, discard a Banisher of the Light and something else. Use 
Monster Reborn to bring it back. You can then summon Thunder Nyan Nyan. A neat 
little trick with this combo is as long as Banisher of the Light is on the 
field, all destroyed cards are removed, which basically disables effects like 
that of Monster Reborn.
The Spear Dragon+Graceful Charity+Monster Reborn+Torrential Tribute/Cave 
Dragon+Call of the Haunted+Spear Dragon/Swords of Revealing Light combo is one 
of the more complex combos. To start off, have a Call of the Haunted and a 
Torrential Tribute (both facedown) on the field, as well one of each Spear 
Dragon, Graceful Charity, Monster Reborn, and Cave Dragon in your hand. Use 
Graceful Charity and discard the Spear Dragon. Use the Monster Reborn to bring 
the Spear Dragon back, then use the Torrential Tribute (leave Call of the 
Haunted face-down; you don't want to use it yet), which will send the Spear 
Dragon, as well as any other monster on the field to the graveyard. Summon the 
Cave Dragon. You could now quarter your opponent's Life Points, but Cave 
Dragon can't attack unless you have another Dragon-type on your field. What to 
do? Why, use the Call of the Haunted and bring back Spear Dragon. Now Cave 
Dragon can attack, but where it could only quarter their Life Points, with the 
Spear Dragon's help, there Life Points are nearly half gone! And finally, the 
effect of Swords of Revealing Light will help Spear Dragon survive. That's all 
the combos I have right now, so I'll post more when I have them.

5.Copyrights and good-bye
Now, I have given NOONE the right to copy this. Permission can be obtained at 
my email-address, [email protected], and any questions be answered there as 
Well, good-bye, I'll catch you later.

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