NHL Faceoff 2001

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                    ### ###   ###    ###    ###    ###
                    ###  ###  ###    ##########    ###
                    ###   ### ###    ###    ###    ###     
                    ###    ######    ###    ###    ###      #
                   ####     ######  #####  #####  ###########

           #######   ##      ###  #######    ###   ####### #######
            ##      #  #    #      #        #   #   ##      ##
            ####   ######  #       ####    #     #  ####    ####
            ##     #    #   #      #        #   #   ##      ##
            ##     #    #    ###  #######    ###    ##      ##

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By: Bryan Heil
Started: Wednesday the 5th of June 2002
Finished: Incomplete
Copyright: This Document is Copyright Bryan Heil 2002

Version 1.3 - Finished Conclusion, and Main Menu
Version 1.2 - Finished Controls, Introduction, Codes and Secrets
Version 1.1 - Title Added, Table of Contents updated

Table of Contents
I.   Introduction
II.  Controls
III. Main Menu
       A. Quick Start
       B. Select Game
       C. Transactions
       D. Rosters
       E. Options
       F. Records
       G. Memory Card 
IV.  Rosters
       A. Teams & Ratings
V.   Codes & Secrets
VI.  Conclusion


Ever since this game came out, I have played it, and I just got hooked on it, 
and good enough at it, that I should write my first FAQ for this game, and 
here it is.  Hope it is good enough, and if the dots (.) and Dashes (-) don't 
match up right, you might have trouble reading this, unless you change your 
format.  Enjoy!

Test for proper alignment.  All the characters should be lined up right.


Direction of skating or passing| left, right, up, or down
Directional pass| left, right, up, or down + X button
Slapshot| Hold Square then release
Wristshot| Tap Square
Speed burst| Hold Circle
One-timer shot| X to pass, then Square
Give-and-go pass| Hold X 
Drop pass| Triangle
Fake shot| Hold Square to wind up and then tap Square during back swing
Redirect shot| Hold Square and then press X during back swing
Icon passing| L2 + X, Square, Triangle, Circle, or R2
Face-off| X | To win a face-off, as the referee drops the puck, try to 
anticipate the moment when the puck hits the ice and press X.

Direction of skating| left, right, up, or down
Toggle between the closest and the second closest player to the puck| X
Speed burst| Hold Circle
Check| Hold circle
Switch to Goalie (manual goalie)| Hold X button
Hip check| While skating backwards, hold circle + left or right
Icon Switching| L2 + X, Square, Triangle, Circle or R2

Duck| X
Punch right| Square
Punch left| Circle

<Goalie without the puck>
Direction of skating| left, right, up, or down
Switch to player| X button
Make a Save| Square
Icon Switching| L2 + X, Square, Triangle, Circle or R2

<Goalie with the puck>
Direction of skating| left, right, up, or down
Directional pass| X + left, right, up, or down
Cover puck| Circle
Flip pass| Triangle
Icon passing| L2 + X, Square, Triangle, Circle or R2

<General Controls>
Change offensive/defensive strategies| L1
Assign icons| L2
Change forward line| R1
Change defensive pair| R2
Pause the game| Start button

Main Menu

<Quick Start>

Quick Start provides a way for you to start an Exhibition game quickly.  
Don't worry about game setup or team rosters, choose a team and get started.

Press L1 to have the CPU randomly select an Away team and R1 to select a Home 

This mode is great for a person who has just purchased this game, and wants 
to get a grip on the controls, without worrying about the lines and other 
stuff that the computer takes care of.

If you decide to not play a Quick Start game, press Triangle to return to the 
Main Menu and choose a game format from the Select Game option.

<Select Game>

In the Select game mode, there are a lot of different games you can choose.

Choose an Exhibition game to get a feel for the action and the speed of the 
game before beginning a Season or Playoff.

From the Exhibition screen, you will be able to choose the teams for your 
game and the type of Roster you want to use.  Choose from this year's NHL 
teams, international teams, the NHL Legends team or an All-Star team.  Use 
the overall team ratings shown below the team logo to help with your team 

After you choose your teams, press the X button to move to the control 
screen, then move your controller to the team you wanted to play as, and 
press X once again.

Practice games are the same as Exhibition games but they allow you to alter 
the number of skaters on the ice for each team.  You can set up each team and 
play with as few as three skaters. 

A season consists of 82 games plus an All-Star game.  If your team has a good 
year, at the end of the Season, it could make it into the Playoffs and 
possibly end up playing in the Stanley Cup finals.
A New One Team Season allows a single user to play an entire 82 game Season.  
Selecting it will bring up the Schedule screen for the Season.  Move to the 
desired team in which you want to play as, then start playing your games.
A New Multi Team Season allows more than one user to play in the same Season.  
Un this mode, games can be played out of the scheduled order.  If you choose 
to play a game further down in the schedule, the games prior to it will not 
be simulated.  As with New One Team, at any time during a Season, press R1 to 
end the Season or press L1 to play in an All-Star game.
Continue a Season at the next scheduled game or skip to a different game 
further down on the schedule.  Remember that games can still be simulated in 
a continued Season.  To continue a Season, you must have already started a 
Season or loaded a previously saved Season from a Memory Card (8MB) (for 
PlayStation 2)
Team Stats allows you to view 27 different statistical categories for each 
team in the League.  These stats will help you determine what your team needs 
to concentrate on to prepare for an upcoming matchup.  Each stat category 
will have a League ranking.
View individual stats of the offensive and defensive leaders from around the 
League.  To view the stats for Goalies, press Circle.
Press up or down to choose a player, and then press left, or right to scroll 
through the statistical categories.
View individual stats of every team's players.  The Sort option will display 
the list of statistics in a ranking order.
GP  - Games Played
G   - Goals
A   - Assists
P   - Points
PPG - Points Per Game Average
+/- - Goals For/ Against Player
PIM - Penalties In Minutes
PP  - Power Play Goals
SH  - Short Handed Goals
GW  - Game Winning Goals
GT  - Game Tying Goals
H   - Hits
PCT - Shot Percentage
GP  - Games Played
MIN - Minutes
GAA - Goals Against Average
W   - Wins
L   - Loses
T   - Ties
EN  - Empty Net
SO  - Shut Outs
GA  - Goals Allowed
SA  - Shots Against
SP  - Save Percentage
G   - Goals
A   - Assists
P   - Points
PPG - Points Per Game
S   - Shots
PCT - Shot Percentage
View the Conference Standings of the League.  While viewing the Season 
Standings, note that the number inside the parentheses is for Overtime 
In Season standings, a "y" indicates a division champion while an "x" 
indicates a team that has clinched a Playoff berth.
Press X to toggle between conference and division.
Press left or right to scroll through all of the League's Divisions and 

You can start a Playoff series without playing in a Season.  You can also 
continue a previously saved Playoff by loading it from a PlayStation 2 Memory 

Take a look at the awards handed out by the NHL at the end of a Season.  See 
who came away with MVP of the League and the Coach of the Year Awards.
*Note* This option is only available after the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Play in a Tournament made up of two Pools.  Each Pool, Pool A and Pool B, 
will have four teams.  Each team within the Pool will play a six game 
schedule involving the other teams within the Pool.  The two teams within 
each Pool with the most points after playing all six games will move on to 
the Playoffs where they will compete for the gold cup.

Now you can find out what it's like to compete in a Shootout where it's one 
on one, you against the goalie and then you against the shooter.  You will 
control the goalie and the shooter for the team you choose from the Control 
Setup screen.
Refer to the Controls toward the beginning of this FAQ to make saves for the 
Tip when going upscreen (away team) - Start out going up and right, then cut 
to the left and right when you pass the goalie quickly wrist a shot up to the 
right corner.


Use Transactions to make changes to your existing roster.  Make trades, 
create players, release players and sign free agents.

Players are signed from the Free Agent Pool.  The Free Agent Pool is made up 
of players that have been released by teams and those that have been created.  
Each team consists of 30 players so there is a limit to the number of Free 
Agents that you can sign.  You may have to release a player or make a trade 
to make room on the roster for additional Free Agents.
To sign a player from the Free Agent Pool:
Press left or right to choose a team.
Press up or down to choose a Fee Agent to sign
Press X to sign the Free Agent.

You can release players from any roster in the League.  Remember that each 
team must have a minimum of 20 players on the roster.  Released players will 
be placed into the Free Agent Pool where they can be signed by any other 
To release a player:
Press left or right to choose a team.
Press up or down to choose a player to release.
Press X to release the player and place him into the Free Agent Pool.
*Note* you must have at least 18 skaters and 2 Goalies.

You can make a trade to and from any team.  Trades can be made for many 
reasons such as getting rid of unproductive players or adding backups for 
depth.  A team may reject a trade or a trade can be nullified to roster 
violations.  Keep in mind that any player from any team can be released an 
then signed by another team.  Remember that you must have a minimum number of 
players at each position.
To make a trade:
Press left or right to choose a team.
Press up or down to scroll through the list of players and press X to add a 
player to the trade.  Make multiple player selections if you want.
Press Circle to move to the grid for selecting a second team.  Then do the 
same thing as above to choose players.
Press Square to submit the deal.  If the deal is too one sided, and you want 
to much, then most likely the trade will be declined, and you have to offer 
another player, or take a player off of the trade that you are wanting.
Press X again on a player to un select them from the trade.

Creating players is a fun way to create the type of player that you admire 
out on the ice and one that will push your team to the next level.  You can 
also create yourself using your own name and physical attributes.  All 
created players are added to the Free Agent Pool where they can be signed by 
any team.  Remember that only 25 created players can fit into the Free Agent 


Rosters allows you to make changes to any NHL team roster, edit a team's 
lines or hold a draft.

Line Editor allows you to substitute the players on any of your team's 18 
lines.  Make changes to add some speed to your penalty kill lines or add some 
age and experience to you top defensive line.  Get creative and see what 
works for your team.
Press left or right to select a team
Press L1 or R1 to cycle through the team's lines.
To change a line, press up or down to select a player to remove from the 
line, and press X.  The player you have selected will now be shown on the 
remaining team roster at the bottom of the screen.
Press up or down to select a new player from the team roster to put on your 
line and press X to substitute.

Player injuries that have occurred during the course of the game, as well as 
how long each injury will keep the player out of action will be shown here.  
You can also see if a player that caused an injury will get game suspensions.
Press X to toggle between League and Team incidents.
Press left or right to choose a team and up or down to move through the 
entire list of injuries.

Player Cards is to view a player's game stats and physical attributes.
Press left or right to choose a team.
Press up or down to choose a player.
Press the X button to toggle between stats and attributes.

Hold a draft of all the existing players in the NHL and build your team with 
the type of players you think have what it takes to be champions.  Players 
are drafted at three positions (Forward, Defenseman, and Goalie) for a total 
of 20 rounds.  You can manually draft for every team, manually draft for a 
select number of teams and have the CPU hold the entire draft.  At any time 
during the draft you can press L2 to have the CPU automatically draft.
- Press left or right to select a draft style.  In a Linear draft, the draft 
order remains the same during each round.  In a Serpentine draft, the draft 
order is reversed each round.  For example, a team drafting last in the first 
round will draft first in the second round.
- To draft manually, press up or down to select a team(s) and then press 
Square to change the team control to HUMAN.  Draft for as many teams as you 
like.  When this team comes up in the draft order, you will be making the 
player selections.
- Press X to start the draft.
During the draft, when a team for which you are drafting comes up in the 
draft order:
- Press Circle to change positions to view the entire list of available 
players in each category. 
- Press Square to view the Current Roster.
- Press X to draft a player
- Continue these steps until the end of the 20th round and press X to exit.

Selecting Reset Rosters will return all rosters to their previous setup.  All 
players traded, released, signed and drafted will be placed back on their 
original roster.


Use the following options to set your game attributes.

Set up the style of your game by choosing Simulation for ultra-realistic 
gameplay or Arcade for faster gameplay with exaggerated special moves.

Three different player levels give you the opportunity to play a game at your 
skill level.  Rookie is the best choice for a beginner, as the Veteran and 
All-Star levels can e quite a challenge.

-Game Speed-
Set the pace of the game.  The higher the setting, the quicker the pace.

-Period Length-
Set the length, in minutes, of each period.  There are three periods in a 
game plus Overtime if Necessary.

-Clock Speed-
Set the speed of game clock to Normal or Fast

-Shot Aim-
Set the control of aiming the puck on a shot.  Manual allows you to control 
shot aim.

Fatigue controls the exhaustion factor of the players on the ice.  Setting 
Fatigue to OFF keeps the players from getting tired.

-Line Changes-
When this option is set to ON, you can manually change your lines during 
gameplay by pressing R1 and R2.  A setting of AUTO will change lines 
automatically during the game.

When this option is set to ON, skating offsides will occur an offensive 
player enters the offensive zone before the puck.

When this option is set to ON, icing will be called when a team shoots the 
puck from its half of the ice, it crosses the goal ine, and then is first 
touched by the opposition.  Icing is called off if the puck cross the goal 
line and the goalie plays the puck or a player on the offensive team touches 
the puck

-Two Line Pass-
When this option is set to ON, passing the puck across two lines will not be 
allowed.  A two-line infraction occurs when the puck is pass over any two 

Turn fighting ON and have fun squaring off with your opponent.

Set the occurrence of penalties called during the game.  The higher the 
setting, the more frequent calls.

Set the occurrence of injuries during the game.  The higher the setting, the 
more likely injuries will occur and force players out of the game.

-Play by play, PA announcer, Crowd, SFX, Music-
Adjust the volume of each category.

-Player ID-
Choose the way your player is identified on the ice.

-Puck Halo-
If Puck Halo is ON, the puck will be easier to see during gameplay, as it 
will be marked by a colored halo.


Records are tabulated from three different period times, at all three player 
levels, in 16 different categories.  To include records from previously saved 
games, you must load them from the Memory Card prior to playing a new game.

<Memory Card>

The Memory Card screen allows you to manage the files on your Memory Card.

To save a game:
Press up or down to select Memory Card slot 1 or 2.
Name your game by pressing left or right to cycle through the alphabet and 
press X to lock in the letters.  Press Square to back up by deleting a 
Press Circle to end the save setup and press X to select YES and save the 

-LOAD GAME-To continue a previously saved Season or Playoff, you must first 
load it from the Memory Card.

From the load game screen, press left or right to select the memory card slot 
1 or 2, then choose a game from the Memory card and press X to load the game.

To save the records from a Season or Playoff, from the Save Records screen, 
press left or right to select a Memory card slot 1 or 2, the press X to 
select YES and save the records or press Triangle to cancel.

To load records, press left or right to select Memory Card slot 1 or 2 then 
press up or down to select a file to load and press X to load it or press 
Triangle to cancel.

To delete files from the Memory Card, press left or right to select Memory 
Card slot 1 or 2, press up or down to select a file to delete and press X.  
Press X to select YES to delete the file or press Triangle to cancel.


<Teams & Ratings>

Anaheim Mighty Ducks.....83
Atlanta Thrashers........69
Boston Bruins............85
Buffalo Sabers...........86
Calgary Flames...........79
Carolina Hurricanes......84
Chicago Blackhawks.......85
Colorado Avalanche.......97
Columbus Blue Jackets....72
Dallas Stars.............94
Detroit Red Wings........95
Edmonton Oilers..........82
Florida Panthers.........85
Los Angeles Kings........89
Minnesota Wild...........71
Montreal Canadians.......79
Nashville Predators......73
New Jersey Devils........91
New York Islanders(r)....79
New York Rangers(r)......89
Ottawa Senators..........89
Philadelphia Flyers......94
Phoenix Coyotes..........89
Pittsburgh Penguins......90
St. Louis Blues..........93
San Jose Sharks..........86
Tampa Bay Lightning......76
Toronto Maple Leafs......88
Vancouver Canucks........81
Washington Capitals......86

Codes & Secrets

When you want to trade with the a team, and they will not accept the deal, 
simply go to the team with the desired player, and offer the player(s) you 
want to your team that you play as.
*Example* When you want to trade an overall 70 player for a 90 player, the 
other team will not accept, but when you go to the other team and offer the 
90 for the 70, your team will gladly accept the deal, and the team that you 
play as will have the player that you want.

Press Triangle after a game to taunt.

<Gameshark Codes>
Master Code Must Be on - EC8D15601456E60A

L2 + R2 = Home Team Score, 99, Away Score, 0 

L1 + R1 = Away Team Score, 99, Home Score, 0

Infinite Creation Points - 4CBF20B41456E6E7

Most of the information on the Main Menu came directly from the manual that 
came with the game, so if you rented the game, and it came without a manual, 
then this guide can be very helpful.

If you have any information on this game, that I may have missed, including 
codes and hints, please contact me at 'bryan_0326@hotmail.com' and you will 
be given credit.

<Legal Information>
This FAQ is copyright 2002 by Bryan Heil 'bryan_0326@hotmail.com' and cannot 
be posted on any websites, but CheatCC.com and GameFAQs.com with out my, 
Bryan Heil, permission.

NHL Face Off is a trademark of the National Hockey League.  NHL, National 
Hockey League, the NHL Shield and the Stanley Cup are registered trademarks 
of the National Hockey League.  All NHL logos and marks and NHL team logos 
and marks depicted herein are the property of the NHL and the respective 
teams and may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of NHL 
Enterprises, L.P. copyright 2001 NHL.  Officially licensed product of the 
National Hockey League.

National Hockey League Players' Association, NHLPA and NHLPA Logo are 
trademarks of the NHLPA and are used, under license by Sony Computer 
Entertainment America Inc.  copyright NHLPA.  Officially Licensed Product of 
the National Hockey League Players' Association.  Copyright 2001 by STATS, 
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