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          Resident Evil: Revelations 2 . Platform: PlayStation 4
          		     Capcom: Developer | Guide Started: 03/02/15
                     Capcom: Publisher | Last Updated: 03/20/15
                     02/24/15: Release | Latest Version: 1.00
      Emails: vinheim[at]gmail[do_]com | faqs[at]bkstunt[dot]com
               Homepages:  '
            This document Copyright 2015 Alexander Paul Kleinheider
              This document Copyright 2015 Gregory Michael Wright
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--- Introduction ...................................................... [sx100]

  -- Contact Rules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx101]
  -- Donations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx102]

--- Game Basics ....................................................... [sx200]

  -- Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx201]
  -- Controls  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx202]
  -- Characters  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx203]

--- MAIN WALKTHROUGH ............................................ [sx300]


  -- Experimental Block  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx301]
  -- The Penal Colony  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx302]
  -- Is anyone out there?  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx303]

  -- The Penal Colony  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx304]
  -- The Forest  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx305]

  -- A Chance, Perhaps?  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx401]
  -- Heading to the Tower  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx402]
  -- Going deeper in the forest  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx403]
  -- Following the Trail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx404]
  -- Going to the Tower  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx405]

  -- The Processing Plant  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx501]
  -- The Slaughterhouse  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx502]
  -- The Sewers  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx503]
  -- The Tower . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx504]
  -- The Sewers  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx505]
  -- The Sewage Treatment Plant  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx506]
  -- Arriving at the Mining Town . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx507]

  -- Meeting the Overseer  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx601]
  -- Desperate Escape  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx602]
  -- The Sluices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx603]
  -- The Mines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx604]
  -- The Research Facility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx605]
  -- Finale  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx606]

--- Document Transcripts .............................................. [sx700]

--- Trophy List ....................................................... [sx800]

--- Closure ........................................................... [sx900]

  -- Version History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx901]
  -- Credits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx902]
  -- Last Words  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  [sx903]

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|   / _||   / / /            I N T R O D U C T I O N           |     sx100
 .~ vinheim ~.
 How's it going everyone! vinheim here and I'm back with none other than
Bkstunt! After finishing our project for The Order: 1886 together, we saw that
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 had no guides for it. Its weird being a really
popular series, but that's when Bk and myself appear.

 After working on several projects together, Bk asked me if I'd like to take
part in this project, which I could only say YES! To be honest I wasn't going
to buy the game, but I was going to wait some time but I'm so glad I didn't

 .~ Bkstunt ~.
 Hello everyone! BK is back with another guide. Who would have guessed? I'm
a huge Resident Evil fan despite the shift over time to an action series. I've
actually written for Resident Evil 6, so this is technically my second FAQ for
a Resident Evil game.

 Revelations 2 goes episodic! Heh, it seems everyone is catching the "episodic
bug" that is going around. Still, after playing the first episode and seeing
that no one was working on a guide (that I knew of, anyways... I'm surprised
Berserker hasn't posted one already), I talked my good friend Alex into
splitting the work with me. Heh. This game is perfect for co-operation after
all, so why shouldn't the guide be as well!?

 Thanks for hanging out with me yet again! I hope you all find everything
you need to know with this guide!

 SPECIAL NOTE: This guide covers all of the episodes in one guide. Now that
               they are all released, no reason not to have this guide (plus,
               GameFAQs doesn't count anything we did before as a "guide" for
               the game... so... y'know...

 -- C O N T A C T   R U L E S                                  |     sx101
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 -- D O N A T I O N S                                          |     sx102
 .~ vinheim ~.
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|   / _||   / / /            G A M E   B A S I C S             |     sx200
 -- S T O R Y                                                  |     sx201
 The world lives with it. You live with it. Viruses are stolen,
re-engineered, misused with tragic results. And who are you supposed to trust?
Politicians who sell their souls for a few votes? CEOs who betray consumers
for a quick buck?

 Count on us instead. We're above the politics. Always watching. Always ready
to face the threat head on. We are the unflinching mop that sops up the evils
of bioterrorism and chemical warfare.

 The call us... TerraSave. Because "Terr" doesn't have to end with "rist."
                                                           ~ TerraSave TV Promo


 Resident Evil Revelations 2 takes place after the first Resident Evil
Revelations game. While it isn't necessary to play the first one, we would
recommend considering it as the characters here do talk about the events that
occurred in it (plus, it is just a really good game in its own right).

 Set between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, Revelations 2 continues the
theme of bio-terrorism being a world-wide epidemic which companies and
governments are trying to face. This introduces us to "TerraSave", who in
their promo video appear to be doing clean-up work after Resident Evil 5.
Claire Redfield and Moira Burton are then introduced as two members of
TerraSave during a welcoming mixer. Things quickly take a turn for the worse,
however. It seems TerraSave does indeed have their enemies...

 -- C O N T R O L S                                            |     sx202
               _,.--.,_                                _,.--.,_
              |  _____ |                              | _____  |
              |-'     `'.____________________________,'`     `-|
            ,'    __     `.   _  |          |  _    ,'    .,.    `.
           /     |  |      \ | | |          | | | /     (/_\)     \
          !   __  \/  __    | ¯  |          |  ¯ !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
          |  |__ >  < __|   !__  '----------'  __| ([_ _])     ( O ) !
          !       /\        ___`-.  ::::::  ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
          |\     |__|     ,'   `. \  ::::  / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
          | `.           /       \ | SONY | /       \    `-'    ,' |
          |   `-.____,-. \       / |______| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
          |           ,'\ `.___,' /        \ `.___,' /`.           |
          |          /   `-.___,-'          `-.___,-'   \          |
          \         /                                    \         /
           \       /                                      \       /
            `.__,-'                                        `-.__,'

 (-NOTE-) You can change the control scheme from the options menu. This is
          the default control scheme, as seen in the in-game manual.
|- L1 button | = Aim Sub-Weapon (Hold)                                        |
|- L2 button | = Ready Weapon                                                 |
|- L3 button | = Crouch/Stand                                                 |
|- R1 button | = Use Herbs (Hold)                                             |
|- R2 button | = Melee Attack (Fire Weapon w/L2 Held)                         |
|- R3 button | = Light on/off. Adjust scope.                                  |
|- D-pad     | = Select Weapon                                                |
|            |   Select Sub-Weapon (With L1 Held)                             |
|- L analog  | = Moves player                                                 |
|- R analog  | = Moves camera                                                 |
|- Options   | = Pause Menu                                                   |
|- Touchpad  | = Status Screen                                                |
|- X button  | = Examine / Perform Action                                     |
|            |   Run (Hold down while moving)                                 |
|            |   Perform Quick Turn (Press while moving backwards)            |
|- [] button | = Pick Up / Reload                                             |
|- /\ button | = Switch Character                                             |
|            |   /\ + UP: AI Go                                               |
|            |   /\ + DOWN: AI Stay                                           |
|- O button  | = Evade (Requires Directional Input)                           |

 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /   E P.   1   |   C L A I R E   &   M O I R A |     sx300

 Here is the meat of the guide: the walkthrough.
 It is our goal to guide you to ALL of the game's items. We especially focus
on the collectables of the game, which include Tower Emblems, Kafka Drawings,
and Insect Larva. We will also point out other items including ammo, boxes,
documents and sparkle items (Items that only Moira and Natalie can see and
point out).

 This game is also PERFECT for co-op. That goes for writing this guide, too!
Haha! Bkstunt is writing for Claire and Moira while Vinheim is writing for
Barry and Natalie. Now if only they can add online-play for Co-op on the
Campaign. They really should!

 With all of that said let's get underway! Enjoy the guide everyone!

 -- THE EXPERIMENTAL BLOCK                                     |     sx301
 "Fear of night, fear of not-night."
                                           ~ Franz Kafka
 After the intro scenes, we'll finally gain control of Claire inside of a
prison cell, with a weird bracelet on our wrist... well damn. This isn't good.
At least someone opened the cell...

 Head out and down the hallway. Up ahead you'll hear someone shouting. Head
forward to see Moira. Go interact with her and someone will let her out of her
cell as well. We're clearly being toyed with here...

 Keep pressing forwards and open the cell door at the end of the hallway to
enter a circular shaft. Bodies hanging everywhere... lovely. Head left and up
the slope. Jump the gap and head up the ladder. We'll have to shimmy here to
continue. Take a left after that and up the next slope. You'll hear a scream
in the distance.

 Head forward and ignore the door to the left for now. In the back check the
first alcove for a [_KNIFE_] for Claire and a [_FLASHLIGHT_] for Moira. Yes,
she gets a flashlight. We can only control Claire for now, so swing the knife
a bit and head back to that door.

 Open it up and... it's disgusting. Go break the window with your knife and
jump over to the next room. The [_RULES FOR MONITORING TEST SUBJECTS_] document
is in here to the left. Exit the door now and head left to the next door. In
here go forward and interact with the trash blocking the hallway. The game
teaches you to crouch with L3 here. Do so to get by. We now have to push the
bookcase out of the way. Push if forwards and you'll be jumped by the first
"Afflicted" enemy! Slash away at him until he leaves. We get slightly hurt
here, but there's nothing we can do about it.

 Wow, it sounds like he's making someone pay in the distance... keep pushing
the bookcase out of the way to get by. Keep going to catch up to the monster
and a woman. Follow them as they run off (we can't stop it, by the way) and
pick up the [_GREEN HERB_] you come to. The game teaches us how to open the
inventory and use herbs (Touchpad and R1, respectively), but I'd recommend
holding onto it for now...

 Keep going into a bigger room and crouch when you need to to go onwards.
We'll be in a small hallway. Interact with the shutter to continue. You'll
run into Gina here. Oh man... nothing we can do, unfortunately. Nearby is
the exit door, but we need the "Experiment Block Key". Grr...

 Continue on to the stairwell and you'll see a dead guard hanging up down
the stairs. He has keys on him too! Try to interact with him and he'll end up
falling down to the floor below. This makes the door nearby open up. Someone
is DEFINITELY playing with us at this point...

 Enter the door to find yourself in a hallway. Note all the doors to the
right we can't enter (you know that later on they'll open these!). Continue
on to a surgery room. Near the back, search the two desks for a [_RUBY_] and
a [_SAPPHIRE_], two items that give us "Battle Points" that we can use later.
Exit through the door here and out into the lower floor.

 Here inspect the guard to obtain the [_HANDGUN_] for Claire. She takes his
belt as well. The key isn't here though... switch to Moira with the /\ button
and search for it. It is actually ABOVE the body, hanging on a beam. Switch
back to Claire to shoot it down. Be ready for an attack once you pick it up!

 Pick up the [_EXPERIMENTAL BLOCK KEY_] and head to the ladder. An enemy will
burst out the nearby door. Put a bullet in his head and then, when he is
stunned, melee attack him to kick him down. Follow up with knife attacks to
finish him off.

 Now, the SMART thing to do here is run, but there's a collectable nearby so
let's kill off the ambush. THREE more enemies will drop down. It's rough to
fight them off, but one shot to the head, a quick kick, and some knife slashes
will kill them all. You may need to use that herb while you take on these three
foes, but it is worth it. Once they are dead, explore the room that opened up
by the ladder for some [_HANDGUN AMMO_] and then bring Moira in here. Shine
the light on the walls in here to find [_KAFKA DRAWING 1/6_].

 Head back up the ladder back to the surgery room. An afflicted will attack
here, so once more stun him in the face with a shot and take him out. We also
learn how to EVADE in here with the left stick and O, so that will help out
quite a bit! The hallway has a door open to the right that allows us to grab
the [_GREEN HERB_] and [_HANDGUN AMMO_] finally, so grab it and wait out in
the hallway for the enemy to come, then take him out.

 Continue on to the hallway of doors. At the start an enemy will bust out,
so take him down quick. There's two more foes to the exit as well. Pause at
each door to see if they attack (they may attack while you pan the camera, so
avoid doing that). Beware of their jumps and lunges (evade backwards) and take
both of them out, then check the cells for another [_GREEN HERB_] before going
back to the staircase.

 Out on the staircase, head to where the cop was strung up and look down for
an emblem to shoot. This is [_TOWER EMBLEM 1/8_] and is definitely worth a
bullet. Take it out and then head up to the door. Use the key and escape the
Experimental Block.

 -- THE PENAL COLONY                                           |     sx302

 For our efforts, we will find another dead guard with a [_SHOTGUN M147S_] on
him. For Claire. Up ahead break the [_BOX_] blocking the room for a random item
and then the [_BOX x2_] in the corner. Claire and Moira have a talk about Moira
not liking firearms and then you'll switch to her. Use her flashlight to point
out the [_SPARKLE ITEM x3_] in the shelves here and pick them up. One of them
is the [_CROWBAR_] for Moira, which is her main method of attack. Use it like
you would the knife. You can also now focus the flashlight, which lets you blind
enemies and put them into a stunned state. Very useful!

 Head to the door here now and look at the wall to the right with Moira's
flashlight to discover [_KAFKA DRAWING 2/6_]. Then use the crowbar on the
door to continue on.

 You'll see someone dash off in the distance. Creepy. Continue to the open
area and search with Moira for [_SPARKLE ITEM x2_] and break the [_BOX_] that
is nearby. Use the shutter after you gather up the items.

 Head up the stairs and search the rooms behind you to find one open with a
[_BOX_] inside. So many rooms in this area... you just KNOW they are going to
open them on us... head forward for a quick scene with whoever is monitoring

 Continue forward after that. Note there is a staircase up to a second level
with a locked door and even more doors. This is the "Control Room" and it needs
a key, but let me just say that we won't be exploring it during our half of
the story (That is left for Vinheim and Barry!). Continue to the foyer area
instead and look straight up to find [_TOWER EMBLEM 2/8_]. Heh. We can also
find the [_IMPROVING SECURITY MEASURES_] document to the right. Read this one
for sure and note the flame bust. That will be important later.

 Next grab the [_DETENTION CENTER MAP_] from the left table. After that, go
ahead and examine the door in front of us to see it is missing a Gear Kog.
Finding this thing is our next goal, really. Note the two alcoves in the
hallways here with traps in them. These are important later as well.

 Let's head right first, down a short hallway to a door. Past this door is
a dead-end on the left, but this dead end has the [_EXCERPT FROM KAFKA'S "IN
THE PENAL COLONY"_] document down it, on a chair. Check it out and head back.
Break the [_BOX_] at the end of the hallway and enter the room.
 This room has a torture device in it, but our Gear happens to be stuck in
here! The device has no power though, which makes "Turning the power on" our
next goal. You can find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in this room if you search with
Moira. The next room also has a [_TOURNIQUET_] and a [_PARTS BOX_]. Pick that
box up with Claire and use the WORKBENCH to see what all you can do. You can
use this part box to upgrade one of your weapons. Go ahead and put the upgrade
on if you wish. Your call.

 Head back to the previous room and interact with the broken ladder to send
Moira on up. There is a [_MILITARY BOX_] up here. Open it with Moira. You will
get a brief tutorial on how to do it. It's all really trial-and-error, but the
key is keeping your circle ORANGE as you hold down the button. Remember that
you can let go to try again, with no consequence. Once you do open this box
you will get the [_HANDGUN AMMO CASE_], which lets Claire carry more Handgun
Ammo without using up inventory slots!

 Head down the hallway and take a left, unlocking the door you find. This lets
the two meet back up. As Claire, head back to the Military Box and the broken
ladder. Look up into the room here to find and shoot [_TOWER EMBLEM 3/8_]. Easy!
Head back to the door at the end of the hallway to continue.

 Search nearby for a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] and continue past the door (which is
locked - this is the back of the Control Room) to another door. In here check
to the right for a [_BOX_] then have Claire ready. An afflicted jumps out of
the first room. Put him down. The center room should have another [_SPARKLE
ITEM_] and the last cell has the [_PRISONER'S LETTER_] document. Written in
Russian. Interesting... Note that there is also a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in a box
in the hallway (travel down it from the opposite direction to find it much

 Head into the next room and two enemies will burst out of the door on the
right. Take them both out (Claire's Shotgun helps a ton here). There's also
an enemy in the hallway that jumps out of the window, so take him out too.
Pick up the [_TOURNIQUET_] here and examine the room the enemies came from for
the colors they list here. Also important and perhaps even prophetic? Only time
will tell!
 Let's head right first, down the hallway. There is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] where
the junk is. Turn right into a large room. Inside search for one more [_SPARKLE
ITEM_] and then the shelves for an [_EXPLODING BOTTLE_]. This is a sub-weapon
which I recommend giving to Moira, especially if you are playing co-op (Be
Nice!). There is also the [_EXCERPT FROM KAFKA'S "THE TRIAL"_] on one of the
center shelves and a [_MILITARY BOX_] in here you can open with a [_PARTS BOX_]
inside for Claire. One last thing: from the exit door look to the right wall
and up with Moira's Flashlight to find [_KAFKA DRAWING 3/6_].

 With all of that in hand, head out the door and downstairs. Down here there
are two afflicted and one BIG one with a shielded face. He seems to be at
least partially inspired from Pyramid Head. Heh. We need to kill all of them.
Use Claire to shoot with the handgun and once they get close, have Moira (or
whoever) throw the exploding bottle at them all. Follow up with the shotgun
after that.

 The nearby door needs a Rusty Key and the way forward leads back upstairs
to where the enemies busted down the door. Take the door on the left here
instead to find another [_EXPLODING BOTTLE_] and the [_RUSTY KEY_] in the
short hallway. You may as well push the box of junk out of the way here to
open up the other door by the exit foyer while we are here.

 Head back to the previous room and unlock the door with the Rusty Key. Head
inside to see a trash compactor. There are several bus here you can kill, but
use your knife and crowbar. Jump down into the compactor and at the far end
Moira can climb up. The game gives you commands here if you are playing by

 o /\ + UP: Follow
 o /\ + DOWN: Wait
 Send Moira up and into the hallway. Note the door here: an enemy will barge
out of it eventually. In the back you can find a panel to turn the power on,
but as soon as you do the trap nearby will come at you. Quickly move out of
the way and face the enemy that barges out. The game teaches you about
IMPAIRMENT here: Moira can blind enemies and stun them. Use this time to do
Melee attacks on the with Claire or beat them up with Moira's Crowbar. It is
very handy.

 Beat the enemy up and check out the room he was in. The back wall here has
a [_KAFKA DRAWING 4/6_] on it and there is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in here. Head
back to Claire now and the compactor will have turned on. Quickly look at
the teeth to find a set missing, then climb up the wall moving at you. Be
quick before you are a Claire Sandwich... yes, that line is gold! I regret

 Head back the way we came now, but watch out for enemies near all of the
cell doors. Three, in total, by the time we get to the Control Room hallway.
Look out for a trap on the floor on your way! Once you get back to the Control
Room hallway, head down to the workbench and spend the Parts Box you got if
you wish, then power up the torture machine to recover the [_GEAR KOG_]. Very
nice! Keep backtracking now to the foyer.

 Kill the enemy waiting for you and note the moving traps. You can lure the
big guy near the cells to the traps to help defeat him (worth doing). After
that, replace the cog and enter the room. QUICKLY turn the wheel to the right
and then spin the fire bust around to the entrance. Use the fire bust to burn
any enemies stuck in the room with you (which will be a few, including TWO
big enemies). Once you have the room cleared, face it at the door to protect
your back and sick Moira on the exit door to tear down the boards blocking our
way out of here. Once you can, exit the facility...

(-NOTE-) To the best of my knowledge, I think the afflicted KEEP COMING AT
         YOU at this point. I wanted to search the rooms they opened up to
         see if there are any goodies, but it isn't worth it since there are
         no collectibles. I watched dozens of foes burn themselves to death
         though, which was fun.
 -- IS ANYONE OUT THERE?                                       |     sx303
 Now that we are outside, switch to Moira and shine the light above the exit,
on the concrete, to reveal [_KAFKA DRAWING 5/6_]. Almost done! Head forward for
a scene with the Overseer. Seems like we're being tested. On your way up the
hill, check near the left tree for a [_GREEN HERB_]. At the top of the hill
we'll pass a gate and get another scene.

 A radio tower! That would help. Up here to the left is a shack that we can't
do anything with (again, that is for someone else...) but there is a [_MILITARY
BOX_] nearby. Open it up for a [_PARTS BOX_] for Claire. Also, from that box
look out to the right over to the bridge for [_TOWER EMBLEM 4/8_] which you can
shoot easily from here. Well-hidden, in my opinion.

 Time to cross the bridge. Jump over it with Claire for a quick scene. Heh.
Once you regain control, switch to Moira and at the end of the bridge, head
to your immediate left and back to the side of the bridge. Use your flashlight
here to find [_KAFKA DRAWING 6/6_] on the side. Finally got them all!

 Head inside now and use the workbench if you wish. We have another parts box
after all. Further in is a [_BOX_] you can crack open. After that, inspect the
control panel for a scene.

 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /   E P.   1   |   B A R R Y   &   N A T A L I A  |     

 -- THE PENAL COLONY                                           |     sx304

 After the events of Claire and Moira, it is time to play with Barry, who comes
to the island on a boat, Locked & Loaded and ready to kick some ass. Unlike
Claire, Barry comes with a Magnum Python, a fully automatic Assault Rilfe NSR47
and a Handgun Samurai Edge. Watch the scenes with Natalia and it'll time to
head on to the Radio Tower. 

 The path is blocked and the stairs are destroyed so we gotta find another way.
Head down to the "beach" and you'll find a BARREL. Jump up the little edge to
find a CRATE. A couple steps forward and you'll find some bugs. Nasty little
things. They try to hide among the bushes so try to kill them before they hide
(use the knife obviously). Continue and you're told about your flashlight. 

 Continue along the edge and more bugs come out. Kill them and we'll finally
get to the top. Make a right right as you enter and follow the wall to find
a [_TOWER EMBLEM 5/8_]. There will be some bugs coming after you (if you haven't
killed them already) and proceed to the end of the path where you'll open up an
iron curtain similar to the one Claire and Moira opened to get out of the Penal
Colony (oh Goodness...). 

 We are back in this nightmare. Enter the room on your left as you enter to
find a [_RED HERB_] and check the desk for [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_]. Check right
outside the room to find a [_GREEN HERB_] as well. You'll be told about
Combining Items:

 o Green Herb + Red Herb = 3 Green Herbs
 That's nice. Follow the path into the next room where there will be a Zombie
here that creeps up on you and 3 more come from the hallway. Unlike those in
Claire's side, these are slow walking Zombies so its easy to headshot them.
Check out the small area where the first Zombie appeared to find a CRATE. Now
follow the path, jump across some fallen lockers and enter the door to the next

 In here you'll find out about Natalia's Awareness & Pointing. She can sense
the location of enemies, which comes in handy throughout most of the chapter.
Use the ability now and you'll be able to spot 3 enemies in the room right next
to you but ignore it. Instead crouch and move along the hallway to find a
[_SPARKLE ITEM_] underneath the medical bed and another [_SPARKLE ITEM_] at the
end of the hallway. Now return to the to find an entrance to the same room with
a Zombie giving you his back. Sneak attack the standing Zombie (press R2 while
crouching). Check the desk in front of him for a [_DETENTION CENTER MAP_].

 Search the entrance of this area to find another [_SPARKLE ITEM_] and now
proceed a little bit to the right towards the Zombies and you'll find the 3
zombies. 2 of them don't move while there's one moving back and forth from
these two. Wait for the zombie walking around to give you his back (timing is
crucial in order to sneak kill all three of them). Once you kill the third one
look to your right to find a [_TOWER EMBLEM 6/8_]. There's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
in between the shelves and there is also a CRATE in the corner to loot that as

 Go up the stairs, kill the lone zombie here and look to your left to find a
little item on a shelf. Wait for the enemies to look away from you and sneak
to get [_CLOTH_]. There are many enemies here and the good thing is that when
one of them spots you, it turns red (when you're using Natalia's ability of
course) so you can run downstairs and it'll completely ignore you and return
doing nothing.

 You CAN use this to your advantage and lure them downstairs and hide until
they decide to go back upstairs so  you can sneak up to them and kill 'em. In
the lower right corner of the map you can find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. In the
little hall opposite to the stairs is a desk with [_HANDGUN AMMO_] in it. Note
that there are 2 zombies laying on the floor. I recommend approaching them and
knifing them to death. There's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] next to the northern zombie
and another [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the corredor next to it. Grab the wire box next
to the zombie and put it near the run-down stairs to climb up and go through
the iron curtain to the next area.

 Nab the [_CONTROL ROOM KEY_] in here and examine behind the shelf to find a
[_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Now go through the hole as Natalia and there's a zombie
laying on the floor. Use the bricks to kill him and nab the [_GUNPOWDER x2_].
Open up the door and switch over to Barry. Outside the room push the obstacle
and enter the room to the right.

 Remember this room? In the room with the spiked bed there's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
in the corner. Head outside and check the left side for a dead end... only that
there's a brick here and a little thing on the wall with a redish aura. Use the
brick to kill it. This is an [_INSECT LARVAE 1/6_]. Kill the zombie laying down
and read [_EXCERPT FROM KAFKA'S "IN THE PENAL COLONY"_] from the chair. Now
return to the Workbench and up the ladder. Now go outside and go through the

 Grab the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] from the corner and you'll be right outside the
Control Room, only that the door is locked and we'll have to go through the
other side. Go through the next door and take control of Natalia. You'll see
enemies, but they aren't zombies this time. They are blobs hidden in the
ground. You can barely see them and fluff up when you approach them so nab the
brick nearby and toss it at them to have them explode on their own.

 There's nothing in the first cell but right outside is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
inside a cabinet so get that and locate the zombie around the corner and
another one inside the second cell. They'll come at you so toss your brick at
them and shoot them until they die... or use your knife :). There's a [_SPARKLE
ITEM_] in the second room and in the last cell there's a [_PRISONER'S LETTER_].
Read it and go through the next door.

 There's a zombie laying on the ground that doesn't stand up so ignore him
and focus on the guy inside. Lure him out and get rid of him. There's also a
[_CAUTION FOR EXPERIMENT HANDLING_] document here. Now instead of going down
the stairs, continue along the hallway to the north and there will be a zombie
in this next room, but you can go around it using the bookshelf as cover and
stealth kill it. There is also a document [_EXCERPT FROM KAFKA'S "THE TRIAL"_].

 Continue along the hallway and go down the stairs at the end. This is the
hallway with the spinning traps moving around. Time your crossing, ignore the
zombie on the floor and ignore the room with the garbage compactor room as
well and stealth kill the lone zombie on the other end of the hallway. Have
Natalia go through the hole in the wall (you can see the cyan footsteps) and
shut off the power. 

 Now enter the room leading south and there will be 2 zombies laying on the
ground and will get up once you approach them. There's also a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
on the ground in the corner. Go through the door and enter the little room on
your right to find a [_PARTS BOX_]. Nab it and go south to the crossroad
section where the flamethrower is blowing. There's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] under the
table and a document, [_IMPROVING SECURITY MEASURES_] on the other table. Go to
the far south corner (past the spinning trap) to find another [_SPARKLE ITEM).

 Now into the cell block. There is only one zombie in the first floor but
there's one overlooking from the stairs so throw a brick towards him and lure
him out. Kill him however you want and grab the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] from one of
the cells on the right. There's a CRATE in the far left cell so break it, kill
the zombie up the stairs and go inside the Control Room. In here check out the
document [_ESCAPE REPORT_]. This gives us a hint. 

 Now open up the [_GIMMICK BOX_] using Natalia that has [_PARTS BOX_] inside.
Now activate the lever to open up all the cells on the second level of the
block. The zombies come running towards you but they are killed very easy,
more if you use the Assault Rifle. Now that the cells are open, time to check
them out. There's a [_SPARLE ITEM_] in the first upper cell, you can find a
[_INSECT LARVAE 2/6_] in the second cell while the third one has a Document
[_PRISONER'S JOURNAL_]. The last cell as a [_SPARKLE ITEM_].

 Now its time to check out the lower end of the block. From left to right,
the first three have nothing so check out the fourth one for a CRATE and the
last one for a hole in the wall (from the Escape Report we just read). Go
through the hole and jump down once. Turn around and you'll see [_INSECT
LARVAE 3/6_]. We need a brick though so jump down a second time and go to
the end of the hallway to find one. Just return and kill the larva. 

 Continue onwards and you'll end up on the other side of the fire-breathing
contraption. Turn it to have Barry come in and turn it again so you can leave
the Penal Colony.

 -- THE FOREST                                                 |     sx305
 This place got really dark but there are no enemies nor items in the area.
Once you cross the fence, check under the steps at the bridge to find a
[_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Now get on the bridge and Barry will note that its broken
(thanks Moira haha). Go to the little shack and pick up the [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
that's next to the crack in the wall. Go through it and look for a brick
nearby to break the lock on the door.

 Break the CRATE next to the door and now its time to proceed through the
woods and right at the beginning you'll find a fork. Stick to the left side
of the area, break the CRATE and in the upcoming tree you'll find an [_INSECT
LARVAE 4/6_]. At the end of the road you'll climb down a little. Do so and
proceed to trigger a little scene with a new enemy. 

 It disappears so move to the right and enter the little shack to find a
[_CRATE_]. Now enter the shack in front of you and in this first room grab
the brick and a [_GREEN HERB_]. In the next room grab [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_]
and the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] and have Barry open up the doors. Before he opens
them look behind and up in the ceiling to find this new enemy, the Revenant.
You have to use Natalia's ability to check out where this enemy's weakness is.
Its marked with a green glow.

 Shoot it and a large blob pops out. If you need to run back outside and shoot
it over and over until you destroy it. They are really slow, which is really
good for you. Now go through the doors and approach the thicker part of the
woods. You can see a light in the middle of it and this is where we need to go.
Make sure you're controlling Natalia throughout this area to locate the enemies.
Break the [_CRATE_] that you find here and move forward to find another one of
these annoying enemies. 

 Kill this one as well (looks like it takes less bullets to kill this one) and
locate another source of light. As you approach this light you should spot
another enemy. Take him out break the [_CRATE_] where the light's pointing.
Check behind the rubble here to find another [_TOWER EMBLEM 7/8_]. From here,
while controlling Natalia, move towards where the light is pointing (on the
other side of the rock) to find some cyan footsteps.

 Next to these footsteps is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Nab it and follow the footsteps
to find another [_GIMMICK BOX_] with a [_RUBY_] inside. From here you'll find
another source of light uphill. Go to it and check the inside for another
[_INSECT LARVAE 5/6_]. Just one more guys! There's a [_BARREL_] in here as
well. Proceed through the door at the end of the path.

 Barry mentions the Uroboro virus from Resident Evil 5. Enter the house (there
are no enemies) and pick up the [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_], two [_SPARKLE ITEMS_]
and a Document [_ESCAPEE'S NOTE_]. Return outside, grab a brick and locate the
fence on the left of the house. Break the lock and break the crate behind the
lock. Go down the slope and you'll find two more crazy enemies.

 There is a little red arrow pointing to a [_FIREBOMB BOTTLE_] so grab it
while crouching and kill both of them with it. Before heading through the
double doors, go left following the cyan footprints to find a little shack.
In here move the wired crate and crawl through to find a [_GREEN HERB_]. Open
up the door and go inside with the wired crate to find [_PARTS BOX_]. Now
return and head through the double doors. 

 In here grab the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] from under the steps and another [_SPARKLE
ITEM_] from on top. You can also find an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] and [_ALCOHOL_].
You're also told about sub-weapons. You can make one of the following:

 o Exploding Bottle: Gunpowder + Empty Bottle
 o Firebomb Bottle: Alcohol + Empty Bottle
 I recommend doing a Firebomb Bottle. You MIGHT needed in the last area. Heh.
There's also the [_FOREST MAP_] on the wall so make sure to get it (very helpful
IF you plan on replaying the chapter). Inside the room you can find [_HANDGUN
AMMO_], [_TORNIQUET_] and a Workbench. Use all those Parts Boxes we've been
gathering. Return outside and now go down to the main area.

 There are no enemies so proceed to the left side of the map where you'll find
a shack. Don't go in. In front of this shack is a lone tree. North of this tree
are THREE barrels. Behind them is [_TOWER EMBLEM 8/8_] (you're going to have to
shoot it from behind the tree). Now enter the shack to the southwest and there
are 2 of those crazy enemies. There are not together which is good and you can
take them out with stealth attacks. In this first room there's [_HANDGUN AMMO_].

 In the room where the second one is, he's looking south (I really don't know
if he turns around) so open the door from the north and stealth kill him... or
you can leave him alone as there's nothing of value inside. Now go outside
through the lower right door and locate the [_INSECT LARVAE 6/6_] on the lower
end of the fenced area. There's also a [_CRATE_]. Now go up the structure here
and before jumping down, locate the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in front of you, right in
front of the barrels.

 Now go to the locked gate and when you examine it a ton of Revenants come at
you, running at full speed. We need to activate the switch on the left side,
where the last Insect Larvae was, but we need to head to the house on the right
(yeah, right where the enemies are coming from) in order to activate the power.

 DON'T FIGHT THESE GUYS! You got to make a run for it. They just keep appearing.
Head to the little shack on the right to activate the power and now run through
the house on the left to activate the crate itself when you get to it. Now
proceed through the gate to trigger a scene. These Revenants run REALLY fast,
faster than you actually and usually run in front of you and grab you. Run away
from them if this happens and don't let them grab you. If needed, use the
Firebomb Bottle you previously made if you want to gain some time. Or you could
easily empty an Assault Rifle clip on them, at least to stagger them.

 Now move downhill to finally reach the Radio Tower. Enter the Radio Tower and
use the Workbench if you want to / need to. Examine the control panel to trigger
a scene and end this chapter. 

 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /   E P.   2   |   C L A I R E   &   M O I R A |      

       "The onlooker is, in a sense, a sharer in life
              [who] hangs on to the living..."
                                                         ~ Franz Kafka

 -- A CHANCE, PERHAPS?                                         |     sx401
 You'll get a re-cap of what happened in the previous episode before starting
this episode. Always good to re-cap things!

 We'll then see an opening scene of more TerraSave employees. Seems like we
aren't along by a long stretch. Claire and Moira will stumble upon two other
survivors: Gabe and Pedro. It seems we've made it to the Wossek.

 (_NOTE-) Is it just me, or does the song at the end of the opening cut-scenes
          sound almost similar to the "Theme of Laura" from Silent Hill 2? Heh.
          That's what I thought of anyway. Man I love that game...


 OK, nostalgia out of the way we can explore the bar for a bit but soon the
Overseer will talk to us. After this chat, Gabe will open the door he was
blocking and beckon us to follow him. Let's explore the bar together first,

 There is the obvious workbench here. This bar is the "hub area" of sorts for
a short while, so use it when you need it. Upstairs is the [_FISHING VILLAGE
MAP_]. There is a [_BARREL_] up here too. Downstairs behind the bar on the
shelf is some [_ODOROUS CHEMICAL_], a mixing agent. Behind Pedro and the
workstation is some [_CLOTH_] and in the small room a [_BARREL_], [_EMPTY
BOTTLE_], and [_DECOY BOTTLE x2_]. Decoy bottles are.. kinda like the pipe
bombs from Left 4 Dead. They attract zombies and then blow up after a short
time. Check underneath the bar to find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Once you have all
these things head outside.

 Before we go follow Gabe, switch to Moira and her all-powerful flashlight
(seriously...) to focus on the Wossek sign and find [_KAFKA DRAWING 1/6_].
We could go explore a ton right now, but let's just get a few items nearby
and then follow Gabe. Head BEHIND the bar (avoid the steps here, but do note
that there is a chest back here for Natalia later) and in the back you can
find some [_GUNPOWDER_] and [_TOWER EMBLEM 1/9_]. Head to the front again and
go ahead and follow Gabe. It's just to pick up our objective in this area,
and some goodies around where he is taking us. Follow him as he heads off to
a steel door to the right. Note that the shed to the left before the door has
some more [_GUNPOWDER_]. Nab it and enter the door.

 And... he's leading us to a helicopter!? Are you kidding me!? Heh, but it
can't run without fuel and a battery. Finding these two things is our next
chore! First though is a [_MILITARY BOX_] to the left of the chopper. Get it
open for a [_PARTS BOX_]. Also, check the back side of the chopper for a blue
mark, which when combined with the flashlight is [_KAFKA DRAWING 2/6_].

 Head back to the door and hang left. There's a shack back here. There is a
[_CRATE_] out in front of it and some [_ODOROUS CHEMICAL_] and an [_EMPTY
BOTTLE_] inside. There's also a [_MILITARY BOX_] here that you can crack open
for another [_PARTS BOX_]. This should give you some options on new things to
attach to your weapons for sure. Beware: we are getting two new weapons with
Claire in this episode: another Shotgun (newer, more capacity) as well as a
sub-machine gun, so think of how you want to upgrade things before slapping
these on!

 Head back to the bar now. We'll get a comment from Claire on how we are not
alone. Naturally... can't be a DESERTED village after all! Head past the bar
now and there's an open shed just past it. There is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in here
if you search and an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_]. Head past the shed to see a slope up on
your left. This slope, if you ran up it, leads to a locked gate. We'll play
with that gate later of course.

 More importantly, the house at the start of the slope is let up! From the
door, head to the cubby on the left to find a godly [_RED HERB_]! BK totally
missed this his first time through... what a find! The door here is locked,
of course, but we can head around to the back. There is a [_CRATE_] back here
and a broken ladder. Use it to send Moira alone into the house. NO WAY THIS

 Yeah, it's going to go badly. There is [_GUNPOWDER_] to the left on the shelf.
Let's go ahead and get the bad out of the way first: go ahead and open the main
door from this side to let Claire have access to the house as well, but also
drops a big afflicted into the house. One of the face-shielded ones. Take him
out with some shotgun blasts and beware of these tight hallways.

 Once he's dead we can explore in piece. In the corner past the entrance door
is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in a cabinet. Open the other door here to see another
[_MILITARY BOX_]. Open it up for the [_EXPANSION BAG (MOIRA)_]. This let's
dear Moira FINALLY carry 10 items like Claire. About time. Also found in this
room is an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] and a [_BATTERY_], one of the two items we need to
repair the helicopter! Now all we need is some fuel!

 OK, more exploring. Exit the house and head right, going down into the
village some more (avoid the slope to your far left). Head down to the telephone
down here (the one with the light on) and you'll see Pedro! He's done tinkering
with the bracelet for now and has found a drill... I'll be damned, a NPC is
actually being useful! He'll go on to break down the door of this house, which
was blocked by a weak wall.

 BEFORE you go inside, check out the blue house behind us. Up on the roof is
a chimney which has [_TOWER EMBLEM 2/9_]. Shoot it down. Also, go around the
house for a [_CRATE_]. It leads to the beach. There is another enemy out here,
a big afflicted, take him out. You can explore the far end of the beach for one
more [_CRATE_]. Head back to the weak wall after that.

 Follow Pedro inside to find a [_SPARKLE ITEM x2_], one in a corner and one
under the stove. Also on a shelf is the [_TRAVELER'S DIARY_]. This guy... is
dumb. Heh. More importantly, Claire can find the [_MP-AB50_] by the corpse,
the sub-machine gun we talked about earlier. Oh yeah!

 From this house, exit and hang a right. Note the small open barn to the right
and continue to the left, which leads to a dead end (which I believe is where
we came from in the last episode), which has a [_MILITARY BOX_]. Open it up
with Moira for a [_PARTS BOX_], then head back to the shed we passed on the
way to the dead end. Follow it to find another weak wall. We need to go get
Pedro though. Before you do, head north a bit and kill the Afflicted hiding
inbetween the buildings. The shed to the north has a [_CRATE_] and an
[_EXPLODING BOTTLE_]. Head outside the shed and go around the blue building
in front of you as the fences back here are hiding one last [_CRATE_].

 Go get Pedro now and lead him to the weak wall. Get ready to fight though,
as his drilling is going to call in enemies! You will face about five afflicted
here and one big one. They usually drop down from the roof behind you, so get
ready. There's no need to really protect Pedro, but they will stop his drilling
if they get near him. Still, exploding bottles are gold in this cramped area,
as is the shotgun.

 Once Pedro breaks through you can explore the building. Nab the [_HANDGUN
AMMO_] from the barrels near the front and to the right in a corner are some
[_BARRELS x2_]. There's also some [_SHOTGUN AMMO_] on top of the barrels up
ahead. In the back room is the [_FUEL_], but there is an afflicted back there
so be ready to take him out.

 Now that we have the fuel it is time to head back to Gabe. Go ahead and do
do for a cut-scene. The siren above the bar is going off, and we have to
stop it. Head back that way with Pedro.

 Fight your way to the bar taking out the afflicted one by one. Do it safely
right now: no need to rush. Turn off the siren with Claire by entering the bar
and going upstairs to the panel.

 We now have to survive in the bar. Think of this like the house section
from Resident Evil 4. Afflicted will assault our position, but will have to
break through the windows. What you need to do is, as Claire, headshot them
as they try to break in. This is fairly easy as they are, for the most part,
just standing still. Moira players can help by blinding and stunning the
enemies that Claire isn't getting to (a little underwhelming, I know). Do
your best not to let any in.

 As you are fighting, you may notice Pedro is... freaking out. This will
result in a cutscene after a few minutes of holding out, where the Overseer
will announce what is happening. Pedro is... gone... and in his place is a
hulking behemoth with a drill...

 Your first time through the game (or this episode), you will want to avoid
Pedro at all costs. Don't waste your ammo. After a few minutes, some afflicted
will break down the door and you can escape. If this isn't your first time,
take note of the note below for a special trophy that's available now, but only
if you can afford to waste the ammo.

 You could also get the trophy and then die on purpose to hang on to all of
the ammo that it cost you...

(-NOTE-) If you stick around and kill Pedro (head shots and shots to the
         weak eyes on his body help), you can get the "Pedro, I'm Sorry..."
         Silver Trophy.

 Once you are out in the village, the next step is to evade some more! We
have to survive out here for a few minutes and we can't go running to Gabe
either (for some reason...). However, after you last for a few minutes (just
run around and/or use Decoy Bottles), Fisher will show up and drop a ladder
near the bar. Go use it and take a right (follow him) to a narrow cliff-side
path. This leads to the gate past the house we found the battery in, which he
will open up for us to escape past.

(-NOTE-) DO NOT worry about your AI partner if they don't follow you here,
         the key is getting Fisher to open that gate. Once you go through,
         your AI partner will automatically join in the cutscene. This is
         actually a life-saver as the AI isn't too smart and can fall off the
         roof fairly easily.

 SAFE! For now... there is a [_GREEN HERB_] back here you can pick up, then
follow Fisher to the weak wall and have Claire interact with it. We'll end
up in a tunnel system from here.

 -- HEADING TO THE TOWER                                       |     sx402

 Well... that was a dramatic exit. No idea if Gabe is OK or not...

 Head down the slope and grab the [_TOWN MAP_] here. You'll get some dialog
as Moira meets Neil for the first time, officially. In the open room, check
the left corner for an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] and the crate nearby for some
[_ODOURUS CHEMICAL_]. Up the slope are [_BARRELS x2_] and behind them on the
wall to the right is a GIANT [_KAFKA DRAWING 3/6_]. Very hard to miss this
one at least! Exit the tunnels now.

 Once you get outside you'll see the tower. Claire will push to head there
now vice waiting for dawn, since we have no idea what was injected into us.
Fair point. There is a WELL HIDDEN emblem nearby: with Claire, look to the
left past the wooden fence to the building in the background. Resting on one
of the walls is [_TOWER EMBLEM 3/9_], which you can shoot with a well-placed
shot. Very well hidden!

 Head onward on the right side of the area (check behind you to see a [_CRATE_]
near the closed-off tunnel). See the car on the left? The last one? There is a
DOG hidden behind it. It is the newest enemy type and appears to have been
blinded and tortured. Poor thing... but it is evil and must die! You can
actually surprise this one and shoot it to kill it but another one will come
soon. If you have the PARTNER AI shooting skill, I would use Moira here and
have Claire shoot it (which stuns it), then beat it to death. Neil helps out
as well. Near the end of the area is the exit door, but two more dogs come out
to play. Take care of them as well, but note to the right of the door is
[_KAFKA DRAWING 4/6_]. There is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the right corner as well.
Note that as you break down the door with Moira, two more dogs come out to
play, so be ready. Break the final door barrier and proceed.

 In this next area break the [_CRATE_] in front of you and note the afflicted
in the small area to the right. No point in shooting them here, so save your
ammo. To the right is a broken ladder and right of that is a bunch of scrap
metal with a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Grab it and use the ladder for a short scene.
Well... hope he'll do OK. Up here is a [_TOPAZ_] in the corner. Head inside
once you grab it.

 Head into the next room and straight ahead is some [_ALCOHOL_]. The desk
nearby has some [_CLOTH_] in it as well. You can actually make some
disinfectant with this combination if you wish (it wipes gunk away from the
screen, which is handy if you can't see anything). Head out the door and
check near the railing for a [_MILITARY BOX_]. This one has a [_PARTS BOX_]
inside it.

 You undoubtedly hear the grunting down below. Yes, there are enemies. Head
down the stairs and while half-way down you can actually see an armored
afflicted in the kitchen area to the lower left. Shoot him now if you wish to
fight just him by the stairs (there are two more afflicted in the back). Take
him out and then the two other afflicted in the area.

 Once they are dead, explore the bottom floor for a [_CRATE_] in the back and
a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] by the stack of chairs. The kitchen has a moveable box in
it you can move just to the right for some [_SHOTGUN AMMO_], then bring it out
into the dining room to get the [_SHOTGUN TAP194_] from the wall, a new weapon
for Claire. It holds more shots than the one you have and is overall just an
updated model... without any upgrades, of course (unless you saved them from
earlier). Use the metal gate here to continue on.

 Out here, head south for a [_CRATE_], then lure the big afflicted down here
and kill him. Be sure to keep him in the south so you don't get noticed by
anything else. Now, to the north is a dog sleeping in the street. Take him
out with Claire. To the left is a playground. There is a dog down here as well
sleeping, along with an afflicted. Take them both out. Check the south side of
the playground for an almighty [_RED HERB_] and under the benches you can find
a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. To the north is one last armored afflicted, so take him
out to make the area safe. To continue, push the crates by the bus (note that
the southern one gets pushed before the northern one can be).

 Head through the bus and check the back for a [_TOPAX_]. You KNEW they were
hiding something back here! Just outside the bus under the metal beam in front
of it is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Continue on past the gate up here to see the
mysterious girl (well... we know who this is!) run away. Nab the [_EMPTY
BOTTLE_] nearby and head up the staircase after her, entering the building.

 The path straight ahead is blocked. There's a hole where she probably went
through. Head right and take a left. The door is locked here but ahead in the
room is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Go back and down the stairs now. To the left under
the sink is another [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Nab it and open the doors with Claire,
shotgun in hand.

 Straight ahead is a Boomer. BK has no idea what to call these enemies, so
"Boomer" it is... they try to get near you and explode. If you have to,
retreat up the stairs and kill him from a distance. There is another enemy
inside the room: an armored afflicted. Take him out carefully before we go

 Once he's dead, check the left corner past the entrance for a [_MILITARY
BOX_]. They love giving us these things! Inside is a [_SHOTGUN AMMO CASE_]
for Claire, which is nice. There is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] under the nearby sink
here as well.

 Head for the stairs at the end of the room and kill the afflicted that comes
down them. Up in the upper room is another Boomer, so be careful there. In
the upper room, on a shelf to the left is the [_MOCK EXPERIMENT RESULTS_],
right next to some [_ALCOHOL_]. There's [_SPARKLE ITEM x2_] in the room as
well: one to the right of the alcohol, down in the cubby near the floor, and
another under a bed by the Natalia box. Also, be sure to check the desk on
the right side of the room for some [_HANDGUN AMMO_]. On the wall to the right
of the desk is [_KAFKA DRAWING 5/6_] as well. Once we have all of these goodies
we can exit via the door.

 We're in the control room from the start of this building. Check the desk
here for some [_CLOTH_] and unlock the door to the left. To the right is a
door switch, but we need to split up as the door will close after you use the
switch. If you have an AI partner, have them stay here ( /\ + Down) and head to
the door. Pull the lever with whoever stayed, switch partners, and go through.
You can push the box in the doorway to keep it open, but it will likely take
another time opening the door.

 The door on the left here has a Boomer in it. We should take him out though,
as there's also a [_CRATE_] and a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Up to you whether it's
worth it I suppose. There's a hole in the floor as well, but it just leads down
to the basement, and we've already got everything down there. Exit through the
other door to get outside again.

 Go past the walkway and you'll see Natalia in the distance. Still running
from us it seems. Go down the stairs and turn around at the bottom, as we can
see [_TOWER EMBLEM 4/9_] here. Pretty easy to find naturally, actually, unlike
the last one! There is an afflicted out here, so deal with him (he's lying down
past the middle car). There's also a [_CRATE_] to the left. Nab it and continue
to the next building.

 There's a workshop here you can use if you need to. Head to the right and
you'll see a hallway to the left. Head straight for now and check the post
boxes here for a [_RUBY_]. You can call down the elevator if you wish, but
two afflicted will pop out (easy to take care of with a shotgun blast or two
since they are so cramped up).

 Head back to the hallway now and enter the right door. On the shelf in here
is the [_TOWN RESIDENT'S MEMO_]. There's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the bathroom
next to you. Back in the hallway the door straight ahead is locked (this is
for Barry...), but we can break down the left door. Open it up and check the
room inside for a Natalia chest and a [_PARTS BOX_]. Good thing we have a
workshop nearby!

 Now from here we MUST go use the elevator. Be ready for those two afflicted
I mentioned earlier! Once they are dead, enter and head up. We skip the second
floor. In the left corner up here is an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_], and across the gap
Natalia will see us and run off. Again. BEFORE you cross the gap, have Claire
go up to it and look down. To the left is [_TOWER EMBLEM 5/9_]. Easy to miss
if you aren't going slow!

 Cross the gap now and Claire will have to open the door, but we'll get a
very neat scene here. Very cool. Once you regain control, go down the hallway
while listening to the dialog. A shelf on the right has some [_CLOTH_]. Enter
the next room and break the [_CRATE_] to the left. Check the desks in here
next for some [_GUNPOWDER_] and a [_RUBY_]. You can find [_SPARKLE ITEM x2_]
under the desks as well, and an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] right of the workshop.

 Continue on through the door and around the corner. STOP at the top of the
stairs though. Use Moira here to look at the ceiling for [_KAFKA DRAWING 6/6_]
before moving on. You'll have to jump down some rubble soon and a short scene
will start, followed by an intense battle.

 Well... the intense battle is coming. Lure the armored afflicted and the
normal one to fight by the stairs and take them out. Now... get ready! If you
are playing with an AI, then I recommend giving Claire all the sub-weapons at
this point. When you walk into the middle area, a huge fire-spitting zombie
will drop down! GAH! Let's call him Dave!

 Dave is, uh... dangerous as hell. He has a ton of health and will spit his
fireballs at you, causing flame to engulf whatever area it hits. He can also
charge at you (which will likely knock you over). As soon as he comes down,
start chucking explosive bottles at him. Ideally a partner does this while
you pump Shotgun Shells in him. He will actually fall with about four
explosive bottles and 12-13 shotgun blasts. Don't try to just stand there
though: he WILL spit fire at you, so stay on the move when he gets the fire
on his stick!

 What really makes this fight hard is the fact that normal afflicted will
keep pouring in as long as he lives. Them chasing you is not good times. If
you have them, use the decoy bottles. These bottles even make Dave distracted,
and make him spit at the bottle (which may kill other zombies). This is one
reason why killing Dave fast is so important: it limits the enemies you face.

 If that fails, run around and take potshots with your handgun at his head,
adopting a hit and run strategy. Use bottles when you can. The game is also
programmed to drop ammo from enemies here, to make sure you don't COMPLETELY
run out of ammo. Note that the left and right walls of this long room each
have a [_CRATE_] on them (this is TWO crates), and one of the shelves in the
middle has a [_GREEN HERB_] if you climb up it. There's also a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
next to the green desks near the stairs. Try and save all of your heavy
hitting weapons and ammo for the fire-breathing behemoth until he falls, then
clean up with the handgun and flashlight afterwards.

 Once he is down, go get Natalia and examine the door here. There's one of her
holes off to the lower right. Examine it and she'll open the door for us! What
service, indeed! Head outside and go SOUTH first. Check your left as you go
for [_SPARKLE ITEM x2_], one behind the first outcrop of junk and one to the
very south. Check behind the cars back here too for a [_RUBY_]. After that,
head north until you see a scene...

 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /   E P.   2   |   B A R R Y   &   N A T A L I A  |     
 -- GOING DEEPER IN THE ISLAND                                 |     sx403
 Time to take up where we left in Episode 1. Right after the events with Claire
and the small scene between Natalia and Barry, backtrack a little bit (until
you're on the other side of the radio tower), grab a brick and destroy the
[_INSECT LARVAE 1/6_] near the cliff and the radio tower (where the fence is).
Return and check behind the radio tower (where the fence is) to find [_CRATE_].
Also check the corner left of the door (between the wall and the stone wall) to
find [_RUBY_].

 Start moving forward and go inside the tunnel. There's a little shack on the
other side of it that has [_GABE'S NOTE]. There's a [_BARREL_] outside too.
Continue along the path and Natalia spots a corpse. Examine it with Barry and
continue, jumping down the sloppy path. Move forward a little bit and Natalia
spots a Revenant (damn these things). Crouch and approach it with Barry to kill

 Now check behind the little house here to find a [_BARREL_]. Continue and grab
the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] right before reaching the wooden fence. Move alongside it,
grab the brick and break the [_BARREL_] inside. Before jumping down look at the
area. There's a house that's "complete" and two broken down ones. Jump down and
check inside the one on the left to find [_TOWER EMBLEM 6/9_]. There are two
Revenants here patrolling the full house. They go around it in a way where you
can approach both of them from behind (use the lower right broken down house as
cover). Now get the Tower Emblem.

 Near the entrance of the area (from where you jumped down) there's a [_CRATE_]
hidden in the bushes. There's also a [_BARREL_] near the metal gate on the back,
which is locked. Time to move left and up the path to the next area where you'll
find 3 Revenants and a new item near the entrance, the [_SMOKESCREEN BOTTLE_].
You can also see the key we need right above you.

 The right most Revenant won't move and its looking towards the wall so there's
no way we're going this way. The other two are patrolling the central area.
There's also a [_GIMMICK BOX_] to the left of the entrance with [_HANDGUN AMMO
CASE_] so nab it. The middle Revenant goes up and down while the one on the left
moves in a circle esque movement. Wait for it to start going left and for the
middle one to go up. Approach the middle one, stealth kill it and retreat. Wait
until you have another opportunity at the one on the left.

 Now take out the last Revenant (the immobile one) and from here look at the
stone wall the Revenant was looking at. A little bit to the right and a little
bit up is [_TOWER EMBLEM 7/9_]. Now check the left side of the area for [_BARREL
x2_]. There's a metal crate on this side as well so grab it and take it near the
last Revenant you killed. Put it underneath the red ladder and cross the rooftop
to the second house.

 Once you drop down in here, grab the new weapon, the [_RIFLE M1891/30_] which
is a sniper. Now open up the [_GIMMICK BOX_] that has [_PARTS BOX_] in it. Now
grab the [_BACK GATE KEY_]. Return now and use the key to open the gate. Proceed
and break the [_BARREL_] inside the little shack when you get to it. Continue
and jump down the sloppy path to get to the fishing village from the start of
Claire's start.

 -- FOLLOWING THE TRAIL                                        |     sx404
 There will be an invisible enemy around here called Glasp, but you can only
"see" it (or the "aura" at least) when you're Natalia. Don't pay attention to it
just yet. As you go around the corner this same enemy knocks down a pole. Spot
the large blue house here. It has a hole in which Natalia can go underneath it.
In here grab the [_EMPTY BOTTLE_], [_ALCOHOL_], [_SMOKE POWDER_] and open up the
[_GIMMICK BOX_] for an [_EMERALD_]. You can also find here the [_FISHING VILLAGE
MAP_]. Make sure to read the [_FEMALE VILLAGER'S LETTER_] as well.

 Leave the house and go to the far south end of the beach to find a [_CRATE_].
Continue and a scene triggers where we now have to fight this Glasp. Switch to
Natalia to have a rough idea where it is, then switch back to Barry and start
shooting at it. Shoot one bullet at a time and Natalia will give you pointers of
where it is. You can follow these and shoot it until you kill it. It takes
around 3 Handgun shots to kill it.

 Go south from this fork and enter the house at the corner. There's only a
[_CRATE_] in here so get it, head back to the fork and go left to find a
[_CRATE_] in the little dead end. Go south from here and as you move down the
corner there will be a couple of those things that pop up from the ground and
explode. Natalia can actually see them so approach them, turn around and quickly
get away to make 'em explode.

 Go inside this house in the corner to find [_INSECT LARVAE 2/6_]. Exit and
proceed north to the open area right next to the bar "Vossek". As you can see
there's another Glasp here but its not looking your way. You can easily pop out
your Sniper and shoot it down in one shot. Go inside Vossek and Barry will
notice how trashed it is. In here there's [_SPARKLE ITEMS x2_], an [_EMPTY
BOTTLE_] on the bar and a [_DOCUMENT_]... [_PEDRO'S NOTE ON THE BRACELET_].

 There's a [_CRATE_] in the little room behind the bar and one on the second
floor so grab them both. Go behind the building (from the left side) and up the
stairs to find a [_GIMMICK BOX_] with [_RARE PARTS BOX_]. Go northwest towards
the helicoper (or rather where it was) and check the shack on the left to find a
[_CRATE_] and a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] behind it. Now go northeast and you'll find
another Glasp. Kill it and enter the last house here. There's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
as soon as you enter. Continue up the hill and cross the gate.

 Go north here to find a [_INSECT LARVAE 3/6_]. Now go inside the cave and jump
down. Move forward and you'll find a dog laying down in a corner. Shoot it from
afar with your handgun and as you move up the path, two more dogs come down
towards you. Use some precise handgun shots or use your Assault Rifle if needed.
In this open area, there's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the corner. Now go up the
stairs and back outside.

 -- GOING TO THE TOWER                                         |     sx405
 Listen to their conversation and move to the dead end to the right to find a
[_CRATE_]. Move forward and past the second car is an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_]. Move
towards the door and hug the right wall to find [_SMOKE POWDER_]. Now go through
the door and watch the little scene. Just who is watching us? There are two
Revenants in the small alley. One immobile and the other one moving left and

 Don't approach the alley. Wait for the Revenant to go left to go in and stealth
kill it. Now kill the second one, break the [_CRATE_] near the door and go
through them. There are many Revenants in here. Ugh. Go to the top and break the
weak wall (if you got the Drill in the Fishing Village by killing Pedro in
Claire's campaign) to find [_INSECT LARVAE 4/6_]. You can jump across the gap in
the buildings to find a Revenant (easy kill) and another [_GIMMICK BOX_].

 Go to the bottom of the stairs and, as Natalia, check out the Revenant's moving
pattern. You can see it moves in a circular way. Wait for it to go left to open
the door and move behind it, stealth killing it. There's another Revenant on top
but let's loot this little room first. At the entrance there's a [_TOWN MAP_].
Really helpful. There's a [_CLOTH_] on the right side and a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in
the corner near the stairs.

 Now go up the stairs and wait for the Revenant to start moving away from you
and stealth kill it. There's another Revenant near this one but it moves just a
little bit. Barely enough for you to approach him from behind and kill it. Note
that you have to be behind the metal crates and not near the wall. Now open up
the door and go inside to have a new enemy appear. It doesn't move but it throws
some nasty stuff at you.

 Return behind the door and shoot at the red bulb on its side with the sniper to
bring it down. As you do that a couple Revenants appear. Make a right inside and
grab the brick, but also make sure to hide behind the metal crate. One of the
Revenants approaches it but turns around. Use this opportunity to stealth kill
it. Now go around the trailers on the left and stealth kill the second one. In
this room you can find a [_CRATE_] in the lower left corner (on top of the
trailer) and a [_GIMMICK BOX_] in the upper left corner that has [_EXPANSION
BAG_] for Natalia. She can finally carry 10 items as well.

 Prepare and go behind the iron curtain. There are 3 blobs here. Approach one
and as it raises back up and have them explode on their own. Break up the
[_CRATE_] near them and grab an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] on a bench in the park. Check
out the slide in the center of the park to find an [_INSECT LARVAE 5/6_].
There's also a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the northeast corner so make sure to grab it
as well. There's another [_SPARKLE ITEM_] near the first car (near the other

 Go inside the bus now and grab the [_GREEN HERB_]. There's a Revenant which you
can easily approach from behind but as you do you'll "wake up" another Revenant
and another one of those large immobile enemies. Run back past the bus and wait
for the Revenant. Take it out and then take out the other enemy. Go up the
stairs and enter the building.

 Remember this place? Go right at the start and down the stairs. There's a Glasp
in this large room and as you fight it another one appears behind us out of
nowhere so be extremely careful. I recommend heading inside this large room and
using the bricks to stun the enemies. Once you've dealt with them, check under
the sink on the south to find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_].

 Go north and at these stairs is another Glasp. I hate these things so much!
Kill it and go up the stairs to find a room with a [_GIMMICK BOX_], which
contains [_PARTS BOX_]. Check the desk to find [_GUNPOWDER_]. Return to the
entrance of the building, go up across the crate keeping the gate open and exit
through the upper door. Out here, simple go down the stairs and enter the next
building to trigger a little scene.

 Inside use the workbench if you want/need to and enter the hallway. Go south
and enter the door to your left to find another [_GIMMICK BOX_] to find [_PARTS
BOX_]. Return and use it at the workbench to free the space in your inventory.
Now move to where the elevator is to find an [_ODOROUS CHEMICAL_]. In the
hallway enter the room on the left and go through the hole to open up the door
that was locked as Claire.

 On top of the crate you can find [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_]. At the third floor of
the stairs you'll find a Glasp so I recommend taking it out before doing
anything else. Return to the second floor and enter the first room on your right
to find [_ALCOHOL_]. Now enter the first left room and left into the bathroom to
find a [_CRATE_]. Go inside the room on the left, pick up the [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
near the couch and read [_TOWN RESIDENT'S NOTE_] in the corner.

    Just what the hell is going on with these people? :o

 Move on to the upper left corner of the floor, break the [_CRATE_] and go
through the hole in the elevator. There's a Glasp in here but I recommend
opening up the door and have Barry take care of it. Time to loot everyone. You
can find in this room [_SMOKE POWDER_], [_CRATE_], [_RED HERB_] and a
collectible, [_TOWER EMBLEM 8/9_].

 Return to the stairs and go to the top, the fourth floor. Enter the room on the
left to find [_HANDGUN AMMO_] before entering the left room (where the crashed
helicopter is) and you can find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the corner. Have Barry
push down the helicopter and pick up the [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] on the other side.

 Prepare yourself (load your guns and create some bottles), have Natalia wait
near the entrance of the floor and enter the room on the right. Approach the
lower wall and PEDRO comes bursting out the wall. Yes, the same exact Pedro from
Claire's episode. He is somewhat easy as he charges at you with his Drill. He
sometimes gets stuck on the wall as well. He likes to target Natalia so having
her stay near the entrance is the best thing you can do.

 Lure him out to where the helicopter was so you can have more space to fight
him. When he gets stuck he tells you to shoot his balls... not those your perv
;). He has little eyeballs/blobs around his body and these are, of course, the
weak point. Make sure to shoot him at these only, specially when he gets stuck.
You don't need to destroy them all. I recommend just using the Handgun as the
Assault Rifle has a lot of recoil and what he need here is precise aim.

 Bottles don't do much either so don't even bother with them, besides the
Exploding Bottles. Time them correctly to deal a ton of damage to each blob.
When he goes down you'll get the [_DRILL_]. There's also two [_CRATES_] in this
room where Pedro was so get them and return to the first floor. Go to where the
elevator is and break down the wall, then go outside.

 There's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] next to the corpse right in front of you and a
[_CRATE_] next to it. Start moving towards the tower and hug the left side to
find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Now head to the tower (there's nothing at the end of
the road) and inside move forward and from the wall with the painting, look to
your right and to the back to find the last [_TOWER EMBLEM 9/9_] sitting on top
of the rubble.

 Enter the next room and read the document [_CLINICAL EXPERIMENT NOTES_]. Don't
go up the stairs yet. Go inside the room on the right, break the [_CRATE_] and
open up the [_GIMMICK BOX_] for an [_EMERALD_]. Now go up the stairs on the left
to find another document, [_PARTING WORDS TO MY DEAR FATHER_]. Go up the stairs
and you'll see [_INSECT LARVAE 6/6_] behind the pillar to the right. You have to
aim at it from the stairs. There are many bricks around so make sure to get it.
There's also a [_CRATE_] down the stairs.

 Now follow the path up the stairs to trigger a scene at the end of it, ending
Barry's chapter for episode 2.

 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /   E P.   3   |   C L A I R E   &   M O I R A |      

 "Confessions and lies are the same. To confess, one must tell lies."
                                                                 ~ Franz Kafka
 -- THE PROCESSING PLANT                                       |     sx501
 You'll get a re-cap of what happened in the previous episode before starting
this episode. Always good to re-cap things!

 We start off with Claire and Moira discovering a note that Neil left. Well,
at least he's still OK. No Natalia though...

 Head down the stairs and go right. No point in going left really: it's where
we came from last episode and has nothing on note. When you head right though
there is a metal gate we can go through but BEFORE you do that check to the
right for [_KAFKA DRAWING 1/6_], then feel free to continue.

 Looks like lots of junk. Head forwards past the sign but look up. See the
light blue shimmer in the window up ahead of you? It takes a steady hand but
you can shoot it for [_TOWER EMBLEM 1/11_]. Or just wait... there is an
easier shot coming up. Yikes, 11 this time!? Wow. Keep going for a [_CRATE_]
on the left, then enter the door at the end.

 We're in a courtyard now. A short scene shows us being locked in. If you
didn't get the emblem earlier, you can get it now by heading left and then
looking up to the right. There's a [_CRATE_] over here as well. Head to the
right now and check the sheet metal by the fence for a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. As
you continue the Overseer will welcome you, which is always a good sign.

 Under the truck here you can find a         |PROMETHEUS: ETERNAL PUNISHMENT|
[_SPARKLE ITEM_]. It is interesting that we  |------------------------------|
can climb on the boxes out here but not in   | Prometheus is best known in  |
the back of the truck. Go examine the statue | Greek legend as the Titan who|
to the right now (note the info box here if  | gave fire to mankind, against|
you've never heard of Prometheus) and the    | the wishes of Zeus. To punish|
Overseer will taunt us about Neil. Grrr...   | him, Prometheus was bound to |
Check to the north now for some [_ALCOHOL_]  | a mountain and had his liver |
on a box, and note the nearby retinal        | devoured by an eagle daily,  |
scanner. We need someone's eye!? To the left | as he was immortal. Notice   |
out here is a [_MILITARY BOX_]. Have Moira   | the missing piece on the     |
open it for the [_MACHINE PISTOL AMMO CASE_] | statue here...               |
for Claire. Very nice. That's it for out     '------------------------------'
here, so go enter the door across from the
statue. Note that it only opens up once you examine the Prometheus statue
though (just in case you didn't bother to earlier...). Also make sure to shoot
down the [_RUBY_] from the arch on top of Prometheus.

 Inside the building you can get a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] from the desk and even
use the Workbench nearby if you need to. Continue to the next door to be in
a hallway. This place is pretty big. To the right up ahead is a door that is
locked. We need the "Processing Plant Key". There's some [_ALCOHOL_] nearby
and across from the door in the ruined lobby is another [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
between the couch and a chair.

 The room to the right, past the stairs, is the first floor bathroom. It
seems like a perfect ambush spot, but there's no enemies in here. Do check
the first stall for some [_CLOTH_]. Head back to the hallway and go up the
stairs now. There's another retina-scanner here leading to a room with a
dead guy inside. Hang a right and pause here. See the flag in the lighted room
up ahead? Just above it is [_TOWER EMBLEM 2/11_]. Shoot it down.

 Up ahead is the second floor bathroom. To the right is a small area that has
a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] though. Use Claire to explore this bathroom as there is an
afflicted in here. Take him out. He may turn into a bomber as well, so be very
careful. Use Moira to examine the stall he was in for [_KAFKA DRAWING 2/6_],
and grab the [_GREEN HERB_] in here.

 Head back to the barred-up room near the stairs and go down the straight
hallway now. To the left is a locked door, but you can bash the windows open
to jump in. Note that BOTH of these afflicted come to life when you get near
them. Take them out. If they turn into a bomb, jump the window again. Once it
is safe, check the sides of the room for [_SPARKLE ITEM x2_], one on each side
by the desks, and open the lockers at the end for [_HANDGUN AMMO_] and some
[_GUNPOWDER_]. Open up the desk in the center to find [_SUBMACHINE GUN AMMO_].

 Continue down the hallway to an opening. A large set of doors is back here.
Note that to the left, in the corner by the blue tanks, is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_].
There's another [_SPARKLE ITEM_] by the doors, to the right in the cabinet.
The hallway to the right leads to the bathroom area and a blue door that is
currently locked. Go ahead and enter the star doors now.

 Yeah... check out the ceiling in here! Yikes! Note the key, which we can't
take, and the eye. Also note the writing on the wall: "You should just accept
your death - quietly. Like a grown up." Ha! Good thing BK is really a kid at
heart! What we need to do here is take the eye and DUCK. This causes the
ceiling to lower, which in turn will break the eagle statue. REPLACE THE EYE
once the key is free, then take the [_PROCESSING PLANT KEY_] and exit the room.

 As you exit more music starts playing and a few moments later you'll hear
some crashing. Enemies are coming! Two afflicted and one armored afflicted,
from the left. Utilize the narrow hallways if you can and take them out.

 We can enter that blue door I mentioned earlier now! The one by the bathroom.
Inside is some [_ODOROUS CHEMICAL_], an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] and on the desk some
[_MACHINE PISTOL AMMO_]. You can also read the first document here: the
[_FACTORY CHIEF'S JOURNAL 1_]. Check the lockers here for some [_SHOTGUN AMMO_]
and some [_GUNPOWDER_]. There's also a [_MILITARY BOX_] in here with another
[_PARTS BOX_]. Overall, this room is great for us! Heh. Beware of the two
afflicted we killed turning into bombs (they got me in this room! heh!).

 With the key in hand, go down the stairs near the star door and open the
door at the bottom. Kill the two afflicted down here (make them come to you
in this hallway) and pick up the [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] by the door. We are of course
back on the first floor. Enter the yellow door to the right and kill the enemy
in here. He turns into a bomb fast! Still, you can find some more [_ODOROUS
CHEMICAL_] in here and the lockers in the back have [_HANDGUN AMMO_].

 Nothing left now except the star door on the first floor. Enter and head down
the left stairs. Nab the [_GREEN HERB_] here and note the writing on the wall:
"Lost in the dark? Shed some light on your situation.". This is a hint of course
to use Moira as she can see blue footprints on the floor.

 If playing with an AI (or even in co-op, really), we recommend you have Moira
alone go fetch the item. By taking it slow she can simply follow the footprints
and make it safely. For your work you get a [_GLASS EYE_] and the lasers all
shut off automatically. Now, with this eye, head back to the second floor star
room and swap it with the eye there for the [_ARTIFICIAL EYE_]. This will let
us use the Retina Scanners!

 Let's try it out: head to the Retina Scanner by the stairs and use it. Bingo!
Inside on the desk is the [_MAGNUM MODEL 329_]. WHEE! Note that you do have to
swap out a weapon, but surplus weapons are sent to the workbench automatically.
Break the vase for some [_HANDGUN AMMO_] as well (or perhaps a random item?).
The corpse has a [_REPLICA LIVER (RIGHT)_] for us. Ugh. We also get the [_FOOD
PROCESSING PLANT MAP_] here as Moira gets a history lesson. Heh.

 Return to the courtyard now and give the statue the liver. One more to go, it
seems. With the eye, we can now head to the other building, so let's go!

 -- THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE                                         |     sx502
 Back on our liver-hunt. We're now in the slaughterhouse. Nothing bad can
happen here! Grab the [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] on the left and the [_CRATE_] on the
right as you head to the next room.

 Here break the [_CRATE_] up ahead and note the body behind the far column.
It is playing dead. Kill it for real and be ready for an afflicted to come
from the hallway (even well after the fact). You can also find the [_FACTORY
CHIEF'S JOURNAL 2_] in the back here. On the left side of the room, near the
sinks is some [_ODOROUS CHEMICAL_] and in the corner with the blue crates is

 Head down the hallway and at the path split look to the left for another
[_SPARKLE ITEM_] near the crates and then head left. This leads to the pen
room, but more importantly a [_RED HERB_] in one of the corners! On the wall
near the herb, look with Moira's flashlight for [_KAFKA DRAWING 3/6_]. Open
the doors here if you wish, then head back to the split in the hallway and
take the other path.

 And it's a bloodbath... because of course it is. Hand a left and grab the
[_CLOTH_]. Across from that shelf is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] near the crate on
the floor. Around the corner note the locked door. It of course needs the
"Slaughterhouse Key". Now, wait for a bit because an enemy is about to come
out. Note the walkways and pillars here, and the explosive barrel. Soon,
another one of those Fire-Breathing infected will show up! Time to fight!
This is much easier than Episode 2 as he is alone here. You can also hide
behind the pillars and move around the room in circles if needed. The pillars
in particular will keep you safe. I killed him with pure handgun headshots
thanks to the pillars stopping his flames and charges!

 Once he is dead we can explore. I suppose I HAVE TO wade in the blood... and
so do you if you want the [_CRATE x2_] in there. One is in the first blood pool
and the other is past the metal walkway in a second. After that, go explore the
area that the fire breather came from to find a [_CRATE_], some [_GUNPOWDER_]
on the left, and a [_MILITARY BOX_]. This one has the [_EXPANSION BAG_] for
Claire in it, giving her FIVE more item slots! Wow.

 Head down the hallway in front of you and have Moira find the [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
that is on the right once the hallway ends. The blue bin here also has a
surprise: [_TOWER EMBLEM 3/11_]. Have Moira free the door now so we can enter
the next room.

 This next room is a trap. Here you want to have someone stay at the lever and
another person enter the room. Note the close traps can be ducked under! Head
to the back and take the [_SLAUGHTERHOUSE KEY_], then return to the start and
duck under the traps. The person who stayed behind needs to open the door, so
hopefully your friend likes you if you are playing co-op!

 Head back to the star door with your new key and enter. Another bloodbath.
Naturally. The liver appears to be in the machine down here though, so we
are getting somewhere. Climb the right box for a [_SAPPHIRE_], then go break
the [_CRATE x2_] in the back. Open the door to the next room and look for a
[_SPARKLE ITEM_] here. Break the [_CRATE x2_] and check in the back for another
[_MILITARY BOX_], this one with a [_PARTS BOX_].

 What we need to do here is have someone stay at the switch in the second room
(by someone I mean Moira), and another shoot the meat as it passes over the
grinder. You need to shoot the hooks holding the meat, in particular. This
fills the tube with blood and will get the liver out. After THREE meat drops
you'll be attacked though, so be ready. A bomb corpse will be near Claire and
two afflicted by Moira. Take them out and drop one more piece of meat to be
able to claim the [_REPLICA LIVER (LEFT)_].

 Once you claim it, a siren will go off. Ugh, we gotta get out of this damn
building ASAP! Head back to the previous room with the pigs and you'll see
Mr. Fire is alive and well. Coming down the stairs are three bomb corpses so
DO NOT rush the stairs unless you want to dodge backwards and very likely use
an herb. Kite them all down below and go up when it's safe.

 In the hallway up here DO NOT take the left path (the short path) back to the
main room. They bar us if you try. Go straight instead and use the corral area
to jump over the fences to the door (vice heading for the bomb guy in the small
walking area here). From there it is smooth sailing to the building exit and

 Give the statue the other liver and stand back. He'll dispose of himself for
us and let us continue on.

 -- THE SEWERS                                                 |     sx503
 Enter the door on the left here and find the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the barrels.
There is also a [_CRATE_] here, a [_GREEN HERB_] and on the center barrels
the [_HANDGUN P10_] for Claire. You're other weapon will go to the workbench,
so be sure to pick it up!

 Continue on to the next room and the door will shut on us. Lovely. The place
shakes violently after that. Continue on to a metal door and you'll soon find
the feakin' place is on fire!

 We have FIVE MINUTES to complete this! Head down the left path and use the
ladder on the end to send Moira up. Have Claire use the valve here and then
have Moira continue past the flames and turn the next valve. Claire can then
head back and continue to a [_CRATE_]. Head up the ladder you find and turn
the valve for Moira again. BEFORE SWITCHING BACK, look to the right as Claire
and you'll see [_TOWER EMBLEM 4/11_] in the distance (you can find this as
Moira but can't do anything about it), so shoot it.

 Next, as Moira, head past the armored afflicted and bust the [_CRATE_]. He
comes alive of course, so kill him with Claire's help. He actually has very
reduced health, likely to being burnt ahead of time. Use the crate here and
move it to the back right corner so you can climb up. Use the valve here to
open the way for Claire.

 As Claire, two afflicted are coming for you. Take them out. There are also
[_CRATE x2_] as you go (one means spending a few extra seconds going down to
a lower walkway. Continue on and you and Moira will meet up. Near the area with
the faces, you can find the [_THE FOUR GATES_] document across from them, which
gives you a hint.

 Now, we have to open one of the four doors, but three of them are trapped and
the game randomizes the right one. Great, right? Well, there's a way to do this
of course. To the left of the note you can send Moira up to a walkway. As Moira
drop down to the walkway and note the path up to the left. This leads to a
[_MILITARY BOX_] with FOUR locks. The right areas on this are extra small, too,
as if they are daring you to go for it. If you do it though you get a [_PARTS
BOX_], so do your best to nab it. For reference, this is a "Damage 4" part, so
really do try and nab it.

 Continue on to the area behind the doors, where you can instantly see which
one of them is trapped. Have Claire pull the right door and then escape by
the metal gate for a cut-scene. Was it good for you, too? Heh.

 We're in the sewer area now. There's some dialog here as we regain control.
Head to the arch but look to the left of it for [_KAFKA DRAWING 4/6_]. Continue
to a new area. Here, move forward and examine the gate with Claire to trigger
a short scene. Holy... crap! And yet no cooperation! Well, you can use the
workbench past the gate here but then head into the water. BEFORE you go
forward though, go back to the tunnel and shoot [_TOWER EMBLEM 5/11_] that is
chilling back here.

 Press forward now and in the next tunnel get on the concrete to the right for
the [_SEWERS MAP_]. There is a split in the path soon. Up ahead is a [_CRATE_]
and, if you head to the left and pull yourself up once more, a [_MILITARY BOX_]
with a [_PARTS BOX_] inside. Nice. Head back to the split and go the other way

 You'll come to a new tunnel. To the right is a waterfall. Go underneath it
and shine the flashlight above the gate for [_KAFKA DRAWING 5/6_]. This one
is huge! We can also climb up the boxes back here to get up to a [_CRATE_]
and a valve. Note the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] by the valve. You can open the gate
here but for this actually does NOTHING for us... yet. For Barry it will open
a path though, so it must be done! You are welcome, Vinheim! Heh.

 Head left now and go break the [_CRATE_] on the walkway. At the path split,
head right and at the dead end, crawl up the rubble on the left for some
[_SHOTGUN AMMO_]. Head to the walkway nearby now and send Moira up. She can
drop down a box for Claire from up here, which Claire should use. Up here you
can find some [_HANDGUN AMMO_], [_ALCOHOL_], a [_CLOTH_] and a [_MILITARY BOX_]
with a [_RARE PARTS BOX_]. Very nice! While you are up here, look across the
way and you'll see more goodies. These aren't for us, however. You CAN see a
sparkle on the ground, behind the boxes though. Go ahead and shoot it for
[_TOWER EMBLEM 6/11_].

 Get down now and press on. Around the bend be prepared to fight! Another
fire-breathing afflicted shows up with about three normal afflicted! Use the
tunnels here for cover and aim for the head! One of the normals turns into a
bomb, so be prepared. The tunnel corners make a good refuge from the fire shots
and let you take them out fairly easily.

 Once they are dead, head back and break the [_CRATE_] near the corner. Go up
the stairs now and jump across to the walkway at the top. Follow this path to
drop down to a [_CRATE_] and a valve. Turn the valve to open the way out, then
drop down and look to the RIGHT for a ladder. Up here is an all-powerful [_RED
HERB_] and a [_SAPPHIRE_]. Very nice!

 Go ahead and break the bars off the door up the staircase now to continue.
Grab the [_HANDGUN AMMO_] here and continue to a VERY large area. There is
an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] at the start of the area, to the left. Head into the
water now and avoid the ladder. Go under the bridge and kill the afflicted
to the left. Also, look for a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] with Moira in this area, on
top of a nearby barrel. Continue to a walkway with a switch and turn it on.

 This lowers the bridge but is VERY noisy. Noisy means enemies. Stay where
you are and two afflicted will come to us. Take care of them and note the
armored afflicted by the bridge. Take him out as well (easy from the switch
area), then go to the stairs and past the bridge you made. Break the [_CRATE_]
and jump the gap to come to yet another large area.

 Fear not, there's no enemies here. Wade in to the island out in the center
and to the left, near the destroyed walkway, is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Head to
the slope and the [_CRATE_] now and head up. At the top near the barrel is
another [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Hang a left here and duck under the wall for another
[_CRATE_]. You can also shoot down a [_RUBY_] that is embedded INTO the wall
behind you. Heh, starting to remind me of Resident Evil 5 with that nonsense!

 Head back and take the other path now. It is walkway city over here! Grab
the [_GREEN HERB_] and [_ALCOHOL_] here and go into the water. BEFORE you go
up the stairs, head to the far end for a [_CRATE_] and then to the far end on
the left for a [_RARE PARTS BOX_] at the end. Very nice! Head back to the
stairs now and go up.

 As soon as you set foot on the pipe, three afflicted will rise up. Take them
down with headshots from above. Continue on and at the split, go RIGHT and
drop down the ladder. Break the [_CRATE_] here and use the ladder behind you
to go further up, dropping down to the platform below (the plank down here
would have broke on you). Nab the [_ALCOHOL_] as well.

 Continuing on means more infected. Of note is the bomb guy walking towards
you from above. Take him out ASAP, then worry about the two afflicted and the
armored afflicted. If you are quick you can kill them all off, but use the
planks to get away from the big guy's swings. Continue on to drop past the
sewer divider and head up the ladder you find. Up here is an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_]
and in one of the corners, a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Use the gate here to leave the
sewer area behind for good.

 -- THE TOWER                                                  |     sx504
 Head forward and then left to enter a HUGE room with a ton of graves. Jeez.
In here, head right first and past the small bridge take a left. Use Claire
here and look down into the water area. Underneath the small bridge area you
just crossed is [_TOWER EMBLEM 7/11_]. Well-hidden. Grab the [_EMPTY BOTTLE_]
behind you as well.

 Head back across the bridge and examine the huge, bloody grave in the center
for the [_A EULOGY FOR MY BRETHREN_] document. Break the [_CRATE_] to the left
here and check behind the center grave for a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Now, head
forward to a hallway. To the left is the [_RELEASE OUR SWORN COMRADES_]
document. This is a clue to the order of the puzzle in here, so it is worth

 If you wish to know the truth, swear your allegiance in order.
 Only then can you cast away your shackles of sin!
 To the first, you were always foolish, so you will have no grave.
 To the second, you shall bear your visage upon your back.
 To the third, you shall neighbor the fourth by three, but one row behind.
 To the fourth, you shall lose your head.

 Before we get to it though, to the left is some [_GUNPOWDER_] and between
the boxes on the right is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Head to the dead end and then
search the right wall for [_KAFKA DRAWING 6/6_]. Head down the other path
now for some [_ALCOHOL_] and in the far bottom room an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_].

 Time to solve the graves puzzle now. Head to the center grave to start.
Now let's do this:

 1: Head to the top row of graves and look to the left. One pillar is missing.
    Interact with the star on the ground.
 2: Head to the very back (past the bridge) and check out the left graves.
    One has its star on the back. Interact with it.
 3: The third one is found by finding the fourth. Look past the bridge on
    the right side. Second row of graves has the last one's "head" missing,
    so go to the row behind it (towards the bridge) and interact with the
    grave that is second from the left.
 4: This one is easy, go up a row and to the far right and interact with the
    headless grave to finish this puzzle.
 Solving the puzzle opens the door in the hallway for us. Inside is a new
weapon for Claire, the [_MP-AF_]. You also have a [_PARTS BOX_] and under that
a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. With all of that gained, head left at the hallway and then
follow the stairs up to a door to continue. Follow the paths to come to a HUGE
industrial-looking room.

 Here take the staircase on the right up to a door. Open it to an office. Heh,
wonder how long that guy has been there. To the left is a [_RED HERB_] and on
the desk nearby is the [_INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUART_] document. In the bookcase
by the body is the [_STUART'S VALEDICTION_] document. This is one you must
read, for sure. Grab the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] from the corner as well.

 Head out and down the stairs. Follow the right wall of this area to under the
room you were in to find [_CRATE x2_]. There is another [_CRATE_] around the
center column as well. Keep going to the staircase in the back. As you climb
it, some interesting dialog will play. Hmmm... up here in the alcove is a
[_GREEN HERB_] and a [_CRATE_]. Gather them up and follow this path to a door
at the end.

 In this room there is [_SPARKLE ITEM x2_]: one to your immediate left and
another under the desk to the right. There is some [_MACHINE PISTOL AMMO_] by
the computers and across from that the [_A LETTER TO MY COMPATRIOTS_] document
on the desk. There's also some [_MACHINE PISTOL AMMO_] in the far desk and a
[_GREEN HERB_] in the corner. Use the workbench if you need to (we have enough
new stuff!), then go view the monitors to see a cutscene.

 After the scene, view the monitors again for [_NEIL'S CANDIDATE LIST_]
document. Wow... just, wow. Get ready for a fight as you leave here...

 Sure enough, an elevator comes down. Once you go inspect, it will be time
for a boss...

                          --- BOSS: NEIL-UROBOROS ---

 Neil has undergone a monstrous change and now we have to face him. There
isn't any particular key to this fight, but there's some tricks worth knowing.

 First of all, the crates filled with explosives are definitely our friends.
Get Neil to run into each crate and engulf himself in fire, all while taking
pot-shots at his head. Try your best to get him to run into one at a time,
which can be hard for some of them. He will in the meantime try to run up at
you and punch, so keep your distance. Also worth noting is that you will get
random drops of items during the fight. Ammo and even a Green Herb, so be on
the lookout.

 Once he's caught on fire 2-3 times, he'll shout out "I'm Burning!" and then
run to one of the pillars in the area. This is EXTREMELY notable as this means
his vulnerable heart is exposed! Run after him and pump whatever you can into
him. This is your time to use that Magnum or Shotgun.

 After that it is time to repeat the process, using the rest of the crates in
this area. Neil will start to jump to the bridge and try to use his arm to
reach out and grab you. This results in getting slammed into a nearby wall,
but doesn't hurt nearly as bad as his punch. He'll also try to jump on us
from above if he can (he can land on the crates still, just FYI). Keep getting
him to hit the crates and set himself on fire again. He'll run to a pillar and
his heart will be exposed. Hit him hard here again.

 If you can, aim to do this entire process one more time. This time, try to
use any Firebombs you have saved up, as well as  Explosive Bottles. I ended
up using about 3-4 Firebombs and he was looking for a pillar again.

 Around now you are likely out of explosive crates and Firebombs. We don't
NEED to burn him though, thankfully. He is likely dead if you managed three
burnings though, so hit him with some Shotgun blasts and whatever you can
until he falls.

 Once he is down, gather up whatever items you can and head to the elevator.
Use the button and wait for it to stop, then interact with the door to see
a cutscene. After the scene, if you are playing with an AI, you'll need to
switch to Moira. Press the button to struggle forwards and watch what happens.
I must say that they did this scene PARTICULARLY WELL. Very cinematic with
a touch of emotion thrown in... which isn't something Resident Evil is usually
very good at...

 After Moira has succeeded, you'll be at the end of Claire's Chapter.
 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /   E P.   3   |   B A R R Y   &   N A T A L I A  |     
      "With the strongest of lights, one is able to dispel the world"
                                                                 ~ Franz Kafka

 -- THE SEWERS                                                 |     sx505
 Watch the amazing intro to Barry's chapter and we'll regain control, but
Natalia is hurt and we'll have to carry her on our back. Go down the stairs and
go right to find [_SAPPHIRE_] in the corner. Walk along the path while listening
to the conversation between Barry and Natalia. Now we get to hear, at least a
little bit, of why the resentment from Moira to Barry. You'll come across the
[_SEWER MAP_] so make sure to take it. 

 As soon as we hear a growling, Natalia is fine (I wonder why >_>). Grab the
[_TOPAZ_] in the corner and go up the stairs. Remember this area? Up here you
can find a [_CLOTH_] and a [_SPARKLE ITEM x2_]: one behind the barrels and one
as you exit the small alcove. Proceed and go forward where the rockslide is to
find [_ODOROUS CHEMICAL_]. Now go down the path and you'll find a [_SPARKLE
ITEM_] at the bottom.

 In this large room check the lower right corner to find [_TOPAZ_]. That's it
for this area so proceed north up the stairs and up here you'll hear some more
growling, and you can see a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] on the left behind the rubble.
You can see right in front of you [_INSECT LARVAE 1/6_] under the bridge and a
brick on top of it. Go around to get it. You'll also see a couple Afflicted on
the other side of the gate and a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] on top of the stairs, among
the barrels. 

 You can toss the brick at them or go down with Barry and headshot them. Easy.
Grab the Sparkle Item mentioned before and there will be 3 more afflicted at
the end of the hall. One of them comes running at you so be careful. As you
move a little bit forward the other two come running as well. Take care of
them, grab the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] near the crates and proceed through the door. 

 There's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] to your left as you enter so get it. There will
also be a ton of bugs coming at you. Use your knife to get rid of them. You
have to get down the stairs or they will keep respawning. As you go down the
stairs make a quick left and you'll find a [_GIMMICK BOX_] at the end of it
with [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO CASE_] inside. There's also a [_GREEN HERB_] and a
[_TOWER EMBLEM 8/11_]. 

(-NOTE-) This little room is ONLY available IF you opened it up when playing as 
         Claire and Moira. If you didn't then you'll have to replay the whole 
 Getting this Ammo Case will net you a trophy.
o---------------------(  I N C O M I N G   T R O P H Y  )---------------------o
|                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      |
|   Obtain the item that lies beyond the gate in the sewers in Barry's        |
|  Episode Three.                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                    !!A RIPPLE IN TIME!! ~~ Bronze Trophy                    |

 Now in the main area there are 3 afflicted walking around and there are 2 more
on the upper left ledge. The ones laying around don't do anything, BUT there's
one that's gonna crawl and try to bite you (its located in the large bunch).
Now use the metal crate to go up the ledge on the right (where we couldn't
reach in the previous chapter) to find [_PARTS BOX_] and [_CRATE x2_]. 

 As you jump down one of the afflicted comes back to life. Ugh. Kill it, grab
the brick and from here you can look south and spot a red spot down the hall
on the right side (inside a concrete cylinder). There are 2 bricks around in
the area so make sure to get this [_INSECT LARVAE 2/6_]. Now proceed down the
hall all the way to the end to find a weapon for Barry, the [_AK-7_]. You know
what to do.

 Continue down the path and make a right at the fork. You can find here a
[_CRATE_] and a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Return and go left this time. There's a
[_SPARKLE ITEM_] where the barrel and shelf are right next to the corner.
Around the corner though is a Glasp so move back a little bit and get rid of
it. We're now at the place where the old man was. Before going up, continue
along the sewer to find [_ODOROUS CHEMICAL_] near the rubble. 

 The workbench has been moved inside, and the old man is dead. Sucks to be
him. Such a sentimental scene. Right in the feels man! Let's man up (or woman
up (?) if you're a gal) and let's loot the area for [_ALCOHOL x2_], [_EMPTY
BOTTLE_], [_GUNPOWDER_], the [_SEWER PASSAGE KEY_] and check the corpse of the
old man to find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]... why here of all places? You can also read
the document [_THE OLD MAN'S JOURNAL_]. Man was this a long read (and typed

 That's it for this room. The little alcove at the end of the sewers has a
[_SMOKE POWDER_] so get it before proceeding through the door and under the
iron curtain.

 -- THE SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT                                 |     sx506
 Descend the stairs and as you enter the room, cross the bridge and go down
the ladder. If you check behind the bars you'll find [_INSECT LARVAE 3/6_]
and behind an afflicted a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. 

 Locate the cyan footprints and crawl through the hole. Go up the ladder and
cross the bridge to the right. Collect the [_SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT MAP_] and
use the valve to open up a path for Barry. Proceed down the catwalk as Natalia
and when you get to a second valve an afflicted raises. Have Barry shoot him
from down here and proceed to use the valve. Before returning to Barry, push
the explosive container from the bridge and when you approach as Barry, most
of the afflicted will raise up and attack.

 SHOOT this container to get rid of all of them. Now, as Natalia, grab the
[_GREEN HERB_] from this circular catwalk and drop down both explosive
containers. You'll have to shoot the wooden thing that block Natalia's path so
do so and use the valve. Do you see how it has a big red number 2 on it? Loot
the area (as Barry) to find [_GUNPOWDER_], [_SMOKE POWDER_] and a [_CRATE x2_].

 Just as you pass the #2 gate, look to your left and up to find [_TOWER EMBLEM
9/11_]. You'll see an afflicted walking on the top part of the area. Take this
one out with the sniper and when you shoot the dog 2 more will come (3 total).
Kill them and shoot the wooden thing blocking Natalia's path. Cross it and
you'll find an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] on one side and a [_GIMMICK BOX_] with [_RARE
PARTS BOX_] on the other. BE CAREFUL because as you approach it one of the
afflicted nearby will raise.

 Continue as Natalia and when you reach an explosive container, an afflicted
comes our of the small room. Run back and have Barry take care of it. Go inside
this room to find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] and [_GUNPOWDER_]. Drop down the explosive
container as well and use it with Barry to take out the afflicted nearby. Shoot
the fire extinguishers to create smoke screens and kill the remaining afflicted.
Kill the afflicted at the end of Natalia's pathway as well (near the explosive

 Grab the [_ALCOHOL_] and break the [_CRATE_] on the left and jump over the
obstacle on the right. Hop on the pipe (as Natalia) and look down and to the
right side of the map to find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] (pick it up with Barry). When
you reach the other side, spot another [_SPARKLE ITEM_] down here and one in
front of you (on Natalia's level). There's also a Glasp here, but you can use
the fire extinguisher to create a smoke screen and be able to see it (kinda).

 Now have Natalia follow the path and at the end of the "pipe road" you'll find
a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] right next to an afflicted's head. Before heading to the
valve, have Barry slice open the [_CRATE x2_] nearby and an afflicted will raise
near the valve (on the upper level). Shoot it down from here and now have
Natalia use the valve. Move her towards the back and drop down the ladder, then
grab the [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Don't crawl in just yet. 

 As Barry, proceed to the open area, open up the [_CRATE_] before going in and
the afflicted will raise. Kill them ASAP and TWO Glasps appear as well. Use the
fire extinguisher nearby to see them, allowing you to kill them really easy.
Open up the [_CRATE_] nearby and go back to Natalia. Crawl into the room and the
afflicted will come up. Crawl back out and have Barry take care of them. There's
a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the corner in here so make sure to get it as well.

 Use the valve once its safe and another Glasp appears near the [_GIMMICK BOX_]
outside. Kill it and open it up to find [_EXPANSION BAG (BARRY)_]. He can
finally carry 15 items, just like Claire. Proceed through the double doors.
There's a large structure to the north and we'll be going to the top.

 Grab the brick nearby and jump down. Follow the path, jump across the gap and
go down for a [_CRATE_]. Cross the next catwalk to the right and another Glasp
will be here. Use any Smoke Bottles you've got and get rid of it then check to
the left of the ladder for a [_TOPAZ_]. Now climb the ladder for a [_GIMMICK
BOX_] with [_RIFLE AMMO CASE_]. Now go up the left side of the rubble (make
sure to throw a brick up here) and destroy the [_INSECT LARVAE 4/6_] among
the rubble. 

 Now leave this area for good.
 -- ARRIVING AT THE MINING TOWN                                |     sx507
 Listen to the conversation between them and move up the road. Break the lock
cross the fence. Look directly in front of you over a rooftop to find [_TOWER
EMBLEM 10/11_]. Move along the cliff side, walk over the rail and go down three
ladders. As you reach the bottom, look to your right to find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
near a beam. Now go inside the house.

 Check the desk on the left to find [_QUARRY MAP_]. Check INSIDE the same desk
to find [_GUNPOWDER_]. Open up the lockers on the other side of the room to
find [_SMOKE POWDER_] and examine the monitor in the center of the room. Now
open up the desk in the corner to find [_HANDGUN AMMO_] and check the fallen
locker for a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. 

 There's a Revenant right outside the building and its moving in a circular
pattern so sneak behind it and kill it. Go northeast from here to find a
[_CRATE_]. Go up the ladder this time and up here check the upper right corner
to find an [_ALCOHOL_]. Now go up another ladder and read the document
[_GENERATOR GUIDE_] right next to the [_GREEN HERB_]. Go up the ladder next
to these to find a [_CRATE_].

 Jump back down and go left this time. Before jumping down, from the bottom of
the stairs look at the floor in front of you for a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. On the
ground, check the piles of metal to the south to find another [_SPARKLE ITEM_],
and [_GUNPOWDER_] right next to it. There's a hole we can crawl through so do
so to get an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] and a [_CRATE_]. 

 Now go left, jump down once again and move south. Between the building with
the conveyor belt and the wall you'll find [_INSECT LARVAE 5/6_] behind the
fence. This is the toughest one yet so make sure to do your best. There are a
ton of bricks nearby for you to use. Grab the nearby [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] as well. 

 If you look west you can see a "tentacle" coming out of a hole and as you
approach it, it goes back in pulling a corpse. Run past this building and
you'll see another one with a workbench in it. Just outside it, near the boxes
is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Use the workbench if needed and read the document
[_IRINA'S LAST WORDS_]. And we just learnt about the Old Man and Irina :(.
Open up the lockers in here to find [_ALCOHOL_].

 Now jump out the window on the left to find a [_BARREL_], a [_GREEN HERB_]
and a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Jump back inside and as you do look left to see
another [_SPARKLE ITEM_] hidden among the bushes. Now enter the building to
the right, break the [_CRATE_] and start the generator. This gets the conveyor
belts going. Back outside there will be 2 Revenants on the right side of the
map. Kill them and enter now the building where the tentacle was. 

 Such a nasty room. Break the [_CRATE_] on top and jump down. Break a second
[_CRATE_], grab the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] on the left side (other side of the bars)
and a [_CLOTH_] near the end of the room. Now pick up the metal crate, which
is a power source and roll it out using the conveyor belt. As you try to leave,
this "tentacle" monster appears and has a huge orange blob in its center.

 Holy **** WTF is that??? The weak point is really open and Firebomb Bottles
are your best friend here. You won't be killing it but you need to wear it down
as much as you can. Shoot it with your AK-7 while its on fire and use your
sniper rifle. If you have the ammo and want to use it, use your Python to deal
massive damage. It charges at you spinning the limb on its head, dealing massive
damage. If you see it start spinning it, quickly stop shooting and make a run.
Also jumping near the entrance is a good idea. After some time and shots, it'll
flee... its head is formed of several heads... :o.

 Climb the boxes near the window to get out. Outside move the metal crate near
the trailer and climb it to find [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_]. Now move the metal
crate to the conveyor belt on the upper left side of the area (up the stairs)
and go to the end of it. Move the metal crate where the fallen ladder is (you
can see cyan footprints on the floor) and climb up. Break the [_CRATE_] and go
up once again. Grab the [_RIFLE AMMO_] and from here look south and up to see
a corpse hanging. Shoot it and collect the [_RIFLE SVD_] from it. 

 Return down to the floor and now move the metal crate south to where the
tower structure is (has a ripped green cloth hanging). Climb to the top to
find a [_GIMMICK BOX_] with [_RARE PARTS BOX_]. Climb down and place the power
source on the metal square near the generator. Now have Barry stay where the
switch it on the other side of the fence and have Natalia crawl through the
hole and use the second switch. You got to do it one after the other to open
the gate, which creates a loud sound but no enemies come. 

 Now move to the building on the right with the power source but use it to
reach a higher ledge that has a [_CRATE_] and an entrance to the building.
Approach the Revenant from behind and break a second [_CRATE_]. Now open the
locked door and take the power source to the top, onto the conveyor belt and
grab the [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] that sits up here. Go outside, up the ladder and put
the power source on the next conveyor belt. 

 There's a Revenant on top of the elevator but you can't kill it. Place the
power source where it goes and quickly kill the Revenant when it goes wild.
Now go up the elevator and it just stops. Dammit. Follow the outer path, break
the [_CRATE_] on the left when you get to it and continue up the stairs. There
are 2 Revenants up here really easy to kill so do so and go south along the
broken bridge. 

 Break the [_CRATE_] along the bridge and when you get to the edge you'll be
able to see [_TOWER EMBLEM 11/11_] on top of the tower to the south. I REALLY
REALLY recommend having Natalia stay at the end of the bridge. You'll see why
in a second. Return and check the right side of the area for a document, [_NOTE
ON CORPSE DISPOSAL_]. Break the [_CRATE x3_] around the area and check up the
lower left corner area for a [_RUBY_]. Now as you start moving the power source
you'll be attacked by the tentacle monster... ALONG with a Revenant AND a
blob-throwing enemy.

 Oh dear God. First of all let go of the power source and take our your SVD.
Take out the throwing enemy as fast as possible then locate the Revenants weak
spot and take it down while you evade Tenty (tentacle enemy). When Tenty is by
itself it becomes a little easier but its still hard. DON'T use your Firebomb
Bottles. You don't want to destroy the Tenty's outer shell because it becomes
too fast.

  Tenty? Really? Oh vin... trying to steal my "Dave" thunder I see! Heh!

 Shoot the weak spot with your Assault Rifle and move as far away as possible
and use your SVD to snipe it. This is an excellect opportunity to use your
Python too. This is the first time I've ever used it and had over 20 bullets.
The one thing to be careful about is when it shrieks, its about to run at you
and try to grab you. IF it grabs you its game over so be extremely careful.
Use your surroundings to keep Tenty at bay. 

 Have Natalia come to you and now you can move the power source to where it
belongs. Cross these gates and in this bushy area pick up a brick and toss it
at the [_INSECT LARVAE 6/6_] on the right side and proceed up the ledge. Now
simply follow the path to trigger a scene and the end of this amazing episode!

 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /   E P.   4   |   C L A I R E   &   M O I R A |      

      "Our deliverance is death, but not this one."

                                                                 ~ Franz Kafka

 -- MEETING THE OVERSEER                                       |     sx601
 We'll get control right where we left off after Episode 3 with Claire. This
place is very futuristic looking. Head forward and STOP before the door. Look
up with Moira's flashlight to find [_KAFKA DRAWING 1/6_] on the metal roof
above the door.

 Through the door is a monitoring room. Looks like there are camera feeds
everywhere. On the left side is a console you can use to change a sluice gate.
Go ahead and use it, then take the doorway nearby. Go AROUND the stairs to the
back to find a [_SAPPHIRE_], then go up the stairs into the next room.

 On the table in here is the [_NOTES ON THE TRANSFER PROCEDURE_] document.
Very telling info here. To the left is [_NEIL'S REPORT_]. Keep going left and
on the stand by the bed is the [_THOUGTS ON KAFKA_] document. There's  just a
ton of documents here!

 Look to the left of that book now, on the painting. Use Moira's light here
to find [_KAFKA DRAWING 2/6_]. After that break the [_JAR x3_] in this room
for some random items and then check out the fish tank by the door. You can
break it if you wish, but you can also push it to the left. Doing so reveals
a lever, but also shine your light on the ground it was covering to find the
hidden [_KAFKA DRAWING 3/6_]. Tricky! Hit the lever now.

 Follow the path up several sets of stairs and enter the door at the end.
STOP here and look to the right to see [_TOWER EMBLEM 1/10_] on a machine
nearby. Head forward now and you'll be stuck in a small area with a view of
the person you came to see. A scene will start here that is... truly just

 WOW... well, time to leave! Head back the way you came, back to the elevator
but as you get near a large pipe will drop. Head down it and slide down the
walkway to another one below. Follow this path until it splits. To the left
is a [_CRATE_] and a workbench. Get it and head right, but have Moira shine
her light on the wall here to find [_KAFKA DRAWING 4/6_].

 Past that is a door with two locks on it, on the left and right. Shoot them
off and have Moira open the [_MILITARY BOX_] just past it for a [_MAGNUM AMMO
CASE_] for Claire. Head down the ladder now.

 On this next walkway, go get the [_CRATE_] nearby and then head forward.
Here there are actually TWO INVISIBLE flying bugs, just like from Barry's
episode. They warn you with the first one as boxes move nearby, so use those
as a clue and kill it. Now, the second is almost always to the left, so we
can just go right, nab the [_CRATE_] in the corner, and go down the next set
of stairs.

(-NOTE-) If you are playing with an AI partner, send Moira ahead of you and
         let the bugs kill her. You can then take them out easily with Claire
         and go pick Moira up afterwards. Since she regains health with time
         this is super-easy (and super cheap!).

 On this lower walkway there are two more bugs. One is to the left past the
stacked-up boxes and the other is to the right past more boxes. You only need
to kill one of them really, then follow the path to a door. Open it with Claire
for a quick scene.

 -- DESPERATE ESCAPE                                           |     sx602

 We are now on the outside of the tower. To make things worse, we have a timer
here to warn us of the impending explosion.

 To the right on the wall is [_KAFKA DRAWING 5/6_], so have Moira shine her
light on it as you descend to get it. You'll need to jump down past the drawing
to the walkway below. Switch to Claire here and head right, looking up at the
area you just walked down to find [_TOWER EMBLEM 2/10_]. Cleverly hidden. Head
down the path now and we'll need to shimmy for a bit. Once you have gotten past
the shimmy part, switch to Moira and drop down to the platform directly below
you to find a [_MILITARY BOX_]. Open it up quickly for a [_DIAMOND_], worth a
whopping 2,000 BP!

 Keep following the path and stick to the right wall when you need to jump
down (the left HURTS, but you'd survive). Jump down to the bottom area and
look around quickly for a [_CRATE_] and a box you can carry. Carry this box
all the way to the end, past the area you jumped down from, and put it up
against the stacked boxes in the corner. Use it to climb up and get past the
fence and continue.

 Keep going down the path and short shimmy area, dropping down when you need
to until you come to an area with only slim poles poking out. Here have Claire
boos Moira up on the right side, then as Moira look for places on the left to
use your crowbar on and drop sheet metal down. This let's Claire get across the
gap safely.

 As Claire, jump the gaps and at the end push the only metal box you can to
the right. Switch to Moira and have her push the box out of the way from her
end and go through the door.

 Lift the metal grate here and then smash the [_CRATE_] you find. Run down
the pathway and duck past the debris. You'll have to move diagonally on some
ladders and at the end quickly have Moira examine the tower wall on the left
to find [_KAFKA DRAWING 6/6_]. Last one!

 No time to celebrate, run quickly to the right and stay on the right. At
the first ladder you can jump off safely. Keep going and at the second ladder
make sure you are controlling Claire. Go down quickly and at the bend in the
walkway look down the catwalk to the right to see [_TOWER EMBLEM 3/10_] down
there. Shoot it and continue. Coming up there are two invisible enemies, so
either send Moira ahead if you are playing solo or be ready to kill them
quickly. Keep racing ahead and soon you'll see a scene...

 Gah! Well... damn. We can't stick around too long here. We HAVE to go, or
the place will blow and kill us. The exit is a short ways away. As much as
you may want to stay... there is nothing you can do. Head to the exit and
the end of Claire and Moira's half of the episode.

 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /   E P.   4   |   B A R R Y   &   N A T A L I A  |     
      "Not everyone can see the truth, but anyone can be the truth."

                                                                 ~ Franz Kafka

 -- THE SLUICES                                                |     sx603
 After the events in Episode 3 AND the events at the end of Claire's Episode 4,
we get control of Barry and Natalia right outside a water treatment plant. As
you go through the ripped fence, stay there and look all the way to where the
light is in the background to find the very first [_TOWER EMBLEM 4/10_]. Now
check to your right to find a trailer with a breakable lock. Break it and go in
to find a workbench, [_GUNPOWDER_] and [_HANDGUN AMMO_].

 Now as you can tell this is the sluice where we changed the flow of water while
playing as Claire. Cross it via the fallen beams on the left and you'll see some
Afflicted outside a trailer. These are easy to stealth kill so do so and inside
this trailer you'll find another afflicted. You have to lure it out so be
careful. You only get a [_CLOTH_] in here so you may as well just skip it. Now
head to the ladder of the empty sluice and straight across you can find
[_SPARKLE ITEM_] on top.

 There are several afflicted down the sluice and some of them come back up so
have Natalia wait on top while Barry comes down here, lures them and climbs back
up the ladder, then headshoot them. Our goal is to go up the ladder to get that
Sparkle Item, but before that make sure to throw a couple bricks up here. Break
the [_CRATE x2_] at the end and behind them you'll find [_INSECT LARVAE 1/6_].

 You need to replay through Claire's episode 4 and this time NOT activate the
switch to LEAVE the sluices as they are. Then you need to go down the other
sluice (the one that's currently full) and go to the end of it to find [_INSECT
LARVAE 2/6_]. And yes... as far as I know you need 2 playthroughs of this

 Jump back down and proceed through the sluice. There will be a couple of
afflicted coming back up and some bugs will come out as well to play. You know
what to do. At the end of the sluice you'll find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] on the left
side. Now go up the ladder, cross the sluice and as you get off the beams you'll
find [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Now before going up the stairs, check the bushes next to
them to find the almighty [_RED HERB_]...

    At this point, Barry is carrying 6 Green Herbs while Natalia is
         carrying 5 Green Herbs + the Red Herb. So many herbs...

 Go up the stairs, grab the [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] and enter the building. There will
be an Afflicted that will most likely spot you. Kill it and stealth kill the
other one. Grab [_ALCOHOL_] from the shelf and you'll see another afflicted
inside the small room. It raises itself back up so go through and quickly get
back. Shoot it in the feet through the ventilation vent where Natalia crossed to
kill it and open up the [_GIMMICK BOX_] which contains [_PARTS BOX_]. Open up
the desk now for [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_]. Also examine the shelf for some

 Return and go outside now. There's an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] near the bush and the
fence. You can also break the lock to get that [_CRATE_] if so desired. You can
also get a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] from behind the barrels if you come get it. Now
proceed and slide down the slope and looks like an area where you'll fight a
boss... but nothing happens don't worry ;). Now proceed to the ladder but before
going up, turn around and you'll see a trailer. There's [_CRATE x2_] behind
these so get them.

 Time to go up the longest ladder in the game thus far. On top read what the
construction man thingy has written, [_CRANE OPERATIONS REPORT 1_]. You'll
notice the pillars have switches on them. This moves a small platform to where
you pressed it. Be careful because you CAN fall like the report says. Start by
heading to the end and breaking the [_CRATE_]. Now go to stop 3 and call the
platform. Have Barry stand on it and use the switch on #3 again to move the
platform to the other side.

 Break the [_CRATE_] here and look left to find [_TOWER EMBLEM 5/10_] under the
walkway. Now return and cross to the other side at switch #2. Go up the ladder,
go around and drop down the other ladder. Have Natalia climb up here and have
her stand in the middle of the bridge up here. Now have Barry use switch #3 to
move the whole bridge and now Natalia and move to the other side.

 Have Barry wait on the platform and now go down the ladder. You'll be at #4.
Move forward a little bit and you'll find [_SPARKLE ITEM_] on the right side
under some rubble. Now read [_CRANE OPERATIONS REPORT 2_] and press switch #5.
QUICKLY switch to Barry and as you pass the #4 wait for the right moment to get
off at #5 to get a new weapon, the [_SHOTGUN TAP194_] and read [_THE SLUICE

 To get back, use switch #4 twice to have it on the same side as Barry and lower
switch #5, quickly switching to Barry and have him climb on top. Once reunited,
have Natalia stay here and as Barry press switch #4. Climb up the ladder and
stand in the center of the bridge. Change to Natalia and press switch #5. NOW
you can drop down the ladder as Barry and get out of here.

 Go up the steps and an afflicted pops out of the window. Kill it alongside a
couple others and go down the other set of stairs to break a [_CRATE_]. Now go
inside, grab the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] from the shelf on the second level and pass
underneath the iron curtain. Follow the hallway until you're back outside.
Listen to the convo between Natalia and Barry and its time to explore.

 -- THE MINES                                                  |     sx604

 Pick up the brick nearby and  break the [_CRATE_] behind the broken pillar. Go
up the steps on the right side to find [_SPARKLE ITEM x2_]: one under the desk
at the entrance and the other between the barrels at the other corner. Now go up
the stairs at the back the area and enter the room on the right, where you can
find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the corner where the barrels are, [_SMOKE POWDER_]
and a [_CRATE_] at the end of the room.

 Leave the room and from the stairs, lets go up first. Jump across the gap onto
the railtracks. Start following them and you'll find a [_CRATE_] on the left
side with a ladder you use. Ignore this for now and follow the railtracks all
the way to the end to find [_TOWER EMBLEM 6/10_] on a mine cart. Now return,
jump across the gap to get the crate and lower the ladder.

 Right as you descend grab the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] from the barrels near the
stairs. You can also find a [_CRATE_] and next to the it you can find [_INSECT
LARVAE 3/6_]. Near the elevator shaft you can find an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_], which I
recommend you doing some Smokescreen Bottles if you don't have any. Now proceed
down the elevator.

 Down here enter the first room on the left to find [_MINES MAP_], finally we
get it. You can also find [_RIFLE AMMO_] in here. Leave the room and check the
barrel at the dead end to find a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Proceed, grab another
[_SPARKLE ITEM_] from next to the door and go through them. There will be gas
down here, which gives you a certain amount of time to be down here so we'll
have to be quick. Grab the [_HANDGUN AMMO_] from the desk before proceeding.

 Move forward from the fork to find [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_]. Return and go left
now, grabbing the brick while you're at it. Once you exit the gas area, grab
[_SPARKLE ITEM_] from right in front of you and its time to venture into the gas
again. From the fork go south first to find a [_TOPAZ_] at the end. Return to
the fork and go left. Many afflicted will come at you, but this time return
outside the gas and more afflicted will raise up. Safe from the gas, take out
the afflicted that followed you and we'll have to venture into the gas to make
sure the other follow us.

 Once the area is clear head north from this area to another safe zone. Grab the
[_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_] here and activate the switch to open up the
electromagnetic lock in the previous area (with all the afflicted). Grab the
[_SPARKLE ITEM_] before leaving the safe zone though. Open the door and many
afflicted will raise up so quickly return to the safe zone, kill these guys as
well as the rest that didn't follow. Now proceed through the gate and through
the door at the end.

 Watch the scene as you enter and grab [_DISINFECTANT_] from the right when you
regain control and use the workbench. From the little passage before this area
where the workbench is, go north to find [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_] and then south
for a [_CRATE_]. Now go up the stairs and up the ladder as well. You can go
either through the large double doors in front of you or you can move to the
back and enter the single door.

 Enter the single door at the back and you'll find many afflicted in the gassy
area so shoot them from up here and most of the ones laying down are alive so
you may shoot them as well. Don't do the same thing I did having Natalia wait on
top before jumping down. She jumps down either way so you gotta be careful about
that. Climb the upper ledge here in the middle of the room (which serves as a
safe zone) to find a [_CRATE_]. Underneath it is a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] where the
barrels are.

 There's another [_SPARKLE ITEM_] underneath the platform at the entrance (from
where you jumped off from), next to the wooden pallet. You can see it from this
central safe zone. Start by going to the right. Push the mining cart all the way
to the end and you'll be able to go up the stairs to the north for a safe zone
with a [_CRATE_] and a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Now go south into the little room to
find a [_GIMMICK BOX_] with [_PARTS BOX_] inside.

 Return to the central safe zone and enter the small room in the area (lower
left side) to find an [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] and read [_MINE WORKER'S DAIRY 2_]. From
here go left and you'll find a mining cart that you can push. PUSH IT ONLY 3
TIMES! Behind it is [_INSECT LARVAE 4/6_].

 There's a Revenant in the tunnel but you can easily stealth kill it. Proceed
north from the fork to the end to find a safe zone and a new weapon, [_MAGNUM
2005M_]. Take it and spot the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] underneath you. Nab it, return to
the fork and go south this time, following the path to find a set of double
doors on top of a staircase. Check the area before the door to find [_RIFLE
AMMO_], [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_] and a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. Go through the doors.

 HAVE NATALIA STAY HERE! You'll have to fight Tenty again... or rather another
one, and in an even more enclosed area. There are 2 blob-throwing enemies around
so take care of them first ASAP. Now the same rules apply to this Tenty. Stay
away from it don't use your bottles as it'll break its outer shell and make it
even more deadly. If you have the Shotgun on you, it'll work wonders against
Tenty. Once the core is fully exposed, take out your Magnum and blast it until
it dies.

 Move to the end of the room to find a [_CRATE_] and a [_RED HERB_]. Activate
the switch and as you leave you'll find another blob-throwing enemy. Kill it if
you want and return to the main area, where you'll find a Revenant lurking
around. If you can still breath, stealth kill it. Otherwise get into the safe
zone and kill it normally.

 Now go through the door with the opened lock, kill the 5-6 afflicted that
appear and head through the door at the end. Activate the lever and it'll
activate the ventilation system. Nice. Go down the ladder, use the workbench if
you need to, go up the other ladder and go through the double doors this time

 In here you'll find a Revenant patrolling the lower gassy area while there's a
blob-throwing enemy on a safe zone. Wait for the Revenant to go away from you to
stealth kill it. The blob-throwing enemy cannot be stealth killed, but you CAN
hit it from behind and have him fall from the safe zone. Quickly kill it and
there will be yet another Revenant just laying down. Locate the weak point and
kill it.

 There will be a metal crate you can push as Barry to have Natalia cross
through. Do so and climb to the safe zone to find [_CRATE x2_] and a metal
crate. Drop it, open up the door and quickly run to safety as a Revenant wakes
up and chases you. After Barry kills it, return in here, grab [_PARTS BOX_] and
move the metal crate towards the broken steps. In this room grab [_ODOROUS
CHEMICAL_], [_RIFLE AMMO_], read [_MINE WORKER'S DIARY 1_] and make sure to grab

 Return to the main room, use the workbench to get rid of that Parts Box you got
and now use the Lift Activation Key to go down. Keep your camera looking north
and as you go down you'll see [_TOWER EMBLEM 7/10_] on a pillar. Follow the
hallway and examine the panel with Natalia to proceed. Go down the ramp, enter
the door to the next larger area and go inside the room on the left to read

 Break the crate on the other side of the room and enter the next area.

 -- THE RESEARCH FACILITY                                      |     sx605

 As you start... just who would like to live here Natalia?? Anyway, enter the
room on your right to find [_HANDGUN AMMO_]. There's a locked door that needs
the emblem key. Return to the hallway and move to the end of it to find a
[_TORNIQUET_]. From here, look left to find a corpse with a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] on
it. Get it and Natalia will spot a couple Revenants.

 The first one walk right in front of you into the restroom. Wait for the right
moment and kill it. You can also find [_ALCOHOL_] in here. The next restroom has
nothing so its time to kill the second Revenant. There's no way to stealth kill
it so locate its weak spot as Natalia, then shoot it with Barry (Handgun then
Shotty works really good).

 Examine this room to find [_SPARKLE ITEM x2_]: one near the couch and the other
on the shelf. Go through the door on the other side to find another locked door
that needs the emblem key. Enter the other door to go downstairs. Down the
stairs check underneath them to find [_ODOROUS CHEMICAL_] in the back and you'll
also find [_TOWER EMBLEM 8/10_] in between the stairs and the crates.

 Now move down the hallway and enter the showers on the left side (midway
through the hallway). Grab [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] and [_CLOTH_] in here, return and
proceed through the double doors. You'll find a ton of Revenants in capsules.
Hopefully they don't wake up. Grab the [_SMOKE POWDER_] from one of the shelves
and you'll see [_INSECT LARVAE 5/6_] on top of one of the containers (the back
one). It also breaks it open, leaving you with a Revenant to kill.

 Kill it and grab the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] also from the back. There are two ways to
go from here. Go left first, down the stairs and into the room. There's a
Revenant patrolling the next room and another one laying down. As you approach
the one patrolling the other ones wakes up. You can still kill the other one so
do so and kill the Revenant that just woke up. In here open up the [_GIMMICK
BOX_] that contains [_MAGNUM AMMO CASE_]. There's also a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the
room. You need Security Card lv.1 to enter the next hallway, so we'll come back.

 Return and go right this time. Go through the hallway, grab the [_SPARKLE
ITEM_] midway through the hallway and you'll reach a large area where you can
FACILITY MAP_]. There's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] in the northeastern corner so grab
it. Go down the stairs (break the [_CRATE_] before doing so) and use the
workbench if you need to.

 The door to the right needs a Security Card lv.2, so we won't be going that
way. Read [_RESEARCHER'S JOURNAL_] nearby and enter the other room and check
near the corpse to find [_SECURITY CARD LV.1_]. Go up the steps to find the
document [_SPECIMEN DISPOSAL LOG_] and a [_CRATE_] at the top. Now return to
where you needed the key (to the left from the sleeping Revenants) but be
careful because a Glasp appears from where you need to go.

 After taking it out use the key to get into the hallway and inspect the first
room to the right to find [_ALCOHOL_]. Open the green door (on the same side) to
find [_RESEARCHER'S MEMO_]. Now enter the room on the bottom, grab the [_SMOKE
POWDER_] and you'll see a couple Revenants here. Kill the only one that's
available and head into the morgue. Check the right side to find a [_SPARKLE
ITEM_] inside one of the already open compartments.

 There is a compartment with a Revenant inside. Don't open it. Open the one next
to it to find [_HANDGUN BULLETS_] and open up the others to finally find the
[_EMBLEM KEY_]. Return to the staircase where you got the Security Card Lv1 and
use the Emblem Key at the top to return to the entrance of the mansion. Go right
from the fork this time and kill the Revenant here. Read [_RESEARCH FACILITY
CHIEF'S JOURNAL 1_] from the desk and the [_MAGNUM AMMO_] from the shelf.

 Now open the Emblem door, break the vase on your right as you come in and nab
the [_SPARKLE ITEM_] next to it. Also make sure to read [_RESEARCH FACILITY
CHIEF'S JOURNAL 2_] and open the [_GIMMICK BOX_] with [_RARE PARTS BOX_] from
behind the desk before proceeding to the next room. In here, you'll find

 Leave this room and the room before and as you try to leave a Revenant falls
from the ceiling right in front of you. Kill this bastard and its time to head
to the southern side of this hallway. Remember there was an Emblem Key-locked
door? There's a Revenant around here so kill it and go inside this room to find
the locker.

 Run back to where the workbench is and go through the Security Lv2 door is. Go
through it, pick up [_ALCOHOL_] and [_EMPTY BOTTLE x2_]. Now go through the
fence and jump down. Grab the [_FIREBOMB BOTTLE_] in front of you (and a
[_SPARKLE ITEM_] behind it under the rubble), break the [_CRATE_] to your right,
then make a u-turn around the pipes to find [_EMPTY BOTTLE_] and a [_CRATE_].
The's a Revenant next to us... ugh...

    They are giving us too many Empty Bottles all of a sudden. Are we going
         to have a boss fight soon? Or a skirmish against a ton of Revenants
         like at the end of Episode 1?

 Grab the [_GREEN HERB_] from behind the Revenants and check the door on the
left side of the map to find [_SPARKLE ITEM_]. I REALLY RECOMMEND killing off
the 3 Revenants here one by one. It'll make your life easier ;). There's a blue
[_CRATE_] on top of the platform in the upper left corner so break it and make a
mental note of the explosive barrel that's there. Check the upper right corner
of the map to find another [_CRATE_] and some [_ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO_] nearby.
Look south from here to find a lone [_TORNIQUETE_] (there's a [_SPARKLE ITEM_]
to the left).

 DON'T MOVE FROM HERE! Look to your right and down to find a hidden [_TOWER
EMBLEM 9/10_]. Now approach the elevator on the left side of the map and DON'T
activate it yet. Instead, turn around and locate the upper left and upper right
corner of the right wall. We'll be fighting many enemies once you activate the
elevator and a blob-throwing enemy appears from the upper left corner.

 Afterwards the three Revenants next to the elevator wake up so take care of
them afterwards. Then a couple more Revenants appear (2 rows of 3) from the
upper right corner of the right wall (along with another blob-throwing enemy)
and some Glasps with them. Oh boy. AFTERWARDS, another blob-throwing enemy
appears with a TENTY! Yes, another Tenty comes out. Have Natalia wait in a
corner and kill it like you killed the other 3.

 Now go down the elevator into a crypt.

 -- FINALE!                                                    |     sx606

 Move along the tunnel, break the [_CRATE_] on the left side and proceed further
in. Barry's light goes off... great. Grab the [_GREEN HERB_] from the right side
when you get to it and immediately a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] on the left side. Soon
enough you'll find Lottie ripped up and against a wall. Damn you Alex! Read
[_HATRED OF NATALIA_] from here and move deeper inside.

 You'll find a workbench, [_BARREL x2_] and [_GREEN HERB_] on the right; and a
[_BARREL_], [_CRATE_] and a [_SPARKLE ITEM_] under the table on the left. On
this left side you'll also be able to find [_INSECT LARVAE 6/6_]. Finally the
last one. Proceed through the passage into the double doors at the end to
trigger a scene and a fight against you know who ;).

                           --- BOSS: ALEXA WESKER ---

 Yeah, it's time to fight her. In this area there are crates all over the place,
as well as ammo and a couple of [_SPARKLE ITEMS_]... I won't be listing them
with [__] simply because it'll be a cluster**** here. The shelves around the
area drop ammo when destroyed. First of all note that Natalia can spot her, and
this is very important because when damaged, Alex (that's me haha :) runs into
the vents and then comes out another one. Avoid being surprised the best you

 Her attacks, although damage you a lot are really easy to evade. She mostly has
close-quarter smacks with her hands (paws?) so if you see her coming at you,
quickly run to a side while she smacks the air and you reload. She likes to
stand on two feet and run towards you, slamming herself into the ground. When
she's on top of the ventilation system, she likes to throw smoke bombs down,
which act just like the gas from the mines. Quickly run to the upper area (where
the fire is) to avoid it.

 Also, when she's on the ground she likes to throw gunk at you and focus on
Natalia so protect her at all cost. This is the time where you'll want to use
all those bottles we've been creating (at least I had 9 Firebomb, 6 Explosive, 4
Smokescreen and 5 Decoy). Once you deal enough damage, she likes to stand on two
feet and extending her neck. This is her weak point, as well as the chest. Shoot
it over and over and repeat this until she falls on her back, fully exposing the

 Approach her and shoot with your Magnum as many times as you can. Continue this
until she dies. A scene triggers afterwards.


 During this scene you'll get either the Good or Bad ending. The Bad ending ends
with this scene, which is off the hook. To get the good ending, you need to
defeat Neil in Claire's Episode 3 with Moira. Moira has to deal the finishing

 If you did it and you got the good ending, then proceed reading. Watch the
scenes as you leave the area and when you're controlling Claire on the
helicopter, quickly look in front of you on top of the cliff to find the last
[_TOWER EMBLEM 10/10_]. This one was tricky so restart your checkpoint if you
didn't get it. This whole fight is really simple. When controlling Claire shoot
Alex over and over with the SVD while she's chasing Barry. Once Barry goes
inside a cave, you'll control him.

 There are a couple Barrels, crates and items in here, as well as exploding
barrels. Grab whatever you can and explode the barrels when Alex passes on top
of them then leave the cave to return to Claire. Keep on shooting her until
Barry tells you to ditch that s*** and take out the big guns... an RPG baby.
Infinite ammo too!

 The strategy is the same. Keep shooting at Alex while exiting the cave as Barry
until a scene triggers, killing Alex for good.

 This is the end of the main campaign in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Thank you
so much for joining Bkstunt and myself walking through the game along side you
guys collecting all the things you might have missed, and helping you out in
some really tight situations. I hope you enjoyed the guide as much as we enjoyed
writing for it.

 This is not good bye yet as we still have a couple of bonus Episodes and raid
mode... countdown mode and invisible mode. Stay tunned for more :).

 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /       D O C U M E N T   A R C H I V E S      |     sx700
 Here you can find the documents from the game written down, because BK is
just that big of a nerd. It's very true, haha! Still, it's cool to look at
these after the fact.

                  ______       _               _        _   
                  \ ____|_ __ (_)___  ___   __| | ___  / | 
                  |  _| \ '_ \| / __|/ _ \ / _` |/ _ \ | |
                  | |__/| |_) | \__ \ (_) ) (_| |  __/ | | 
                  |_____| .__/|_|___/\___/ \__,_|\___| |_|

 o Rules for Monitoring Test Subjects
 Those participating in the experiments must observe the following rules:
  • The subjects must be monitored 24 hours a day.
  • Monitor the sensor for any changes; lot its status every 10 minutes.
  • Dispose of any subject showing signs of abnormality immediately.

 o Improving Security Measures
 As per the director's instructions, I put the fire-breathing bust in front of
the exit.

 The flames this thing spits out are no joke. Even if several experiments try
to break through at once, they're all getting fried no question. Thou shalt
not pass.

 So much for anyone else trying to escape.  

 o Excerpt from Kafka's "In the Penal Colony"
 The Traveler asked, "He doesn't know his own sentence?"
 The Officer replied, "It would be useless to give him that information. He
experiences it on his own body."


 o Prisoner's Letter
 (Written in Russian)
 Dear Momma,
 I dunno if you'll ever get to read this. But I need you...
 They call us experiments. They torture us every day. Every. Day.
 What did I do to deserve this? Why is this happening?
 It hurts so bad. Every day I'm scared of what will happen next.
 Momma please, please help...
 o Caution for Experiment Handling
 The sensors that the experiments have been equipped with will measure the
adrenaline and nor-epinephrine levels to calculate the fear the subject is
experiencing. The colors will change accordingly.

 Green: Normal
 Orange: Anxiety
 Blinking Red: Fear
 Red: Mutation
 If the subject's sensor should change to red, they are already in the
mutation phase. Shoot them immediately.
 o Excerpt from Kafka's "The Trial"
 The man expressed his wish to pass through the gates.
 The gatekeeper answered, "If you truly wish to pass through, then break the
rules and go. But be forewarned: I am but a lowly gatekeeper. Those beyond the
gates will cause you to tremble in fear."


 o Escape Report
 Shot and killed subject J038 as he planned to escape. His body was properly
disposed of.

 Usage of Cell #1 at the second floor entrance is prohibited until the wall
can be repaired.
 o Prisoner's Journal
 (Written in Russian)
 August 7
 How many days has it been since I've been locked up here?
 They torture us daily. "Experiments," they call it.
 To what end?
 I hope they didn't get anyone else. 
 August 8
 My poor, poor brother is trapped in this hell with me.
 Today they burned off his left arm with some fire-breathing contraption, and
then used a bladed one to chop off his left leg.

 Said they're gonna do the same to his remaining limbs tomorrow.

 He begged me to put him out of his pain. Can't get those words outta my head.

 I'm pretty shaken up. Doesn't help that the damned guard said if he dies, I
take his place. Is there no end to our suffering?

 August 9
 Looks like the day I have dreaded has arrived.
 I can no longer hear my brother. But the guard's footsteps--he's coming this

 I should have prayed for death when I had the chance.
 o Escapee's Note
 (Written in Russian)
 I can't believe it. I got out of there alive. I won't say in one piece...
but alive.

 I still can't even process what went on there. All that effort in trying to
scare us, toy with us...

 It was madness.
 I met up with some guys in the forest, but they didn't believe me. Can't say
I blame them. I wouldn't have believed me either.

 After all, who would dare to go up against the one who saved us all?
 I can't do this alone. I went to the communications tower to try and call for
help, but I couldn't get a signal through.

 We're all alone out here.
 But if we don't get word outside, we're all done for.
 Savior? Hell no. She's more like the devil herself.

                ______       _               _        ____
                \ ____|_ __ (_)___  ___   __| | ___  |___ \
                |  _| | '_ \| / __|/ _ \ / _` |/ _ \   __) )
                | |___| |_) | \__ \ (_) | (_| |  __/  / __/
                |_____| .__/|_|___/\___/ \__,_|\___| |_____\

 o Traveler's Diary

 Oct. 11, 2008

 So I found this little island in a dusty old book, and it's not listed on any
maps or anything. So I thought cool, a chance for adventure on an uncharted
island. I'm so there.

 Chartering a helicopter to get there wasn't cheap. And as soon as we touched
down, the locals seized the chopper and took me into custody. So not cool.

 And now I'm locked up in this dirty old room. These dudes are whacked. I
can't explain how, but you know how you just look at someone and something's
not right? Yeah, major bad vibes here.

 Oct. 12, 2008

 So these dudes have been debating what to do with me. How about letting me

 I've been telling them over and over, I just came for the adventure. They're
not listening.

 This is so not cool.

 Oct. 19, 2008

 So apparently, these dudes can't wrap their heads around the idea that an
outsider could find this place. Like, hello? It's the technology age. What
can't a person find if they looked hard enough?

 But you know, I'm starting to feel like coming here wasn't such a good idea...

 Dec. 10, 2008

 Two goddamn months. And i'm still here. This is bullshit!

 Something bad is happening. I haven't seen anyone, and I can't see it... but
I can hear animal-like growling. What the fuck!

 They haven't forgotten about me in here, right? Right?

 Dec. 19, 2008

 no food no water got some rain water it helps

 no energy to even catch a rat

 not gonna last

 Dec. 26, 2008

 water water water

 god please WATER


 o Mock Experiment Results

 8 Nov. 2009

 The latest mock moved us even closer to the real test.

 This time 11 candidates were fitted with the sensor bracelets, then subjected
to extreme emotional stress for varying lengths of time.

 Results: Three died immediately. The remainin eight eventually mutated at
some point and were disposed of.

 The trial ended with none of the subs overcoming their fear.


 o Town Resident's Memo

 (Written in Russian)

 Things have changed so much since she came here. Our Zabytj is almost like
a completely different island now.

 There's new equipment in the mines. And the jobs! Not just laborers, but
she's employing people as researchers as well. There are so many employment

 I cannot express my gratitude to her deeply enough.

 Despite this, there are those who doubt her. Such ingrates! If you don't
like it, you're always free to leave this place.


 o Gabe's Note

 To any friendlies who find this

 We've been abducted against our will and forcibly taken to this island. Our
names are Neil Fisher, Pedro Fernandez, Edward Thompson, and Gabriel Chavez.

 I don't have coordinates to our location, and I don't know if anyone else is
here with us.

 There's something out there. I can't make our if it's human or animal. I can
hear feral, vicious growling. At least multiple potential hostiles.

 We've been outfitted with these unusual devices on our wrists. We got a
transmission from an unknown female, telling us to go to the "Vossek." (Not sure
on the spelling.)

 If you're a friendly who is reading this, meet us at this Vossek. Be safe, be

G. Chavez


 o Female Villager's Letter

 (Written in Russian)

 My dearly beloved,

 It has been a year since you left to go in the mines. I thank you for your
service. And of course, I am thankful to the one who gave us this opportunity,
the one who saved us from despair.

 You were supposed to be gone for only a year. That was the term. Yet you have
not returned. Why?

 But not just you. Friends, other villagers... they disappear and never return.

 I've heard rumors--of poison gases and beasts and unspeakable horrirs and I
don't want to say what else.

 I hope you return home as soon as possible. I'm waiting for you.


 o Pedro's Notes on the Bracelet

 The Bracelet (What I've learned so far)

 - There's a GPS tracker inside. Probably for keeping tabs on where we are.
 - It's a two-way transmitter. We can hear her, and she can hear us.
 - The source of the transmissions is coming from the center of the island,
   someplace high up. It's gotta be that funky-looking tower. I have to doubt
   she's there too!
 - It also seems to be keeping track of our vital signs. For what purpose?

 She wasn't kidding when she said she infected us with a virus. Holy balls! What
are we supposed to do?


 o Town Resident's Note

 (Written in Russian)

 Your father hasn't come home at all since going to the monument. I tried to
wait, but I can't do it any longer. I've gone off to look for him.

 I was feeling pretty anxious, but everyoner was so nice to me. They told me
something nasty was going around, so they gave me a preventative shot, and this
bracelet that they said would help protect me.

 This place is so large and wondrous. I've never seen anything like it! Of
course, this is probably no big deal for her. She saved our island. I'm starting
to feel like she can do anything.

 I regret ever having doubted her.

 I suppose it's nothing, but I've been feeling a bit dizzy. Maybe I'm just

 Oh, and I finally found your father! Well, part of him anyway. I always knew he
had a good head on his shoulders. Now that's all that's left of him.

 I can't possibly bring him back like this.

 This bracelet has been making strange sounds. It's a little annoying.

 But don't you worry I'm going to find the rest of your father and we're coming

 you must be so hungry


 o Clinical Experiment Notes

 24 Jan. 2010

 Trials for the T-Phobos virus are almost complete. We've managed to reduce the
lethality of the T-Virus, while creating the condition that it triggers upon the
target being subjected to strong emotional trauma. We have also lowered the rate
of viral resistance to below 2%. All is proceeding as planned.

 However, the time draws near. We are close to perfection, but there is zero
margin for error.


 o Parting Words to My Dear Father

 You poor, decrepit old man.

 You wanted to create a new world, and rule over that world as a god. But for
all your ambitions, you couldn't overcome man's most formidable enemies-- age
and disease. You had everything, but your crumbling body betrayed you.

 And the your own "son" suffed out whatever pitful entrails of life you had
left, leaving you to become nothing more than a footnote in the annals of
history. You failed, old man.

 But fear not. Your dream will live on.

 I will take the wealth of knowledge, power, and test subjects you have given
me, and succeed where you failed. I will create a new world, and I will rule
over it as a god. Your legacy will have been long forgotten, but mine has only
just begun.

 May your soul - if you ever had one - rot in torment for all of eternity, and
let hell be filled with the sound of your teeth gnashing incessantly.

                 ______       _               _        _____
                 \ ____|_ __ (_)___  ___   __| | ___  |___ / 
                 |  _| | '_ \| / __|/ _ \ / _` |/ _ \   |_ \
                 | |___| |_) | \__ \ (_) | (_| |  __/  ___) | 
                 |_____| .__/|_|___/\___/ \__,_|\___| |____/

 o Factory Chief's Journal 1
 (Written in Russian)
 I did everything I could, but it looks like I'm gonna disappoint my parents
after all. I can't save the family factory.

 There are no orders coming in. Nothing I can do about that. It's gotta be
her fault! No doubt about it!

 She's been persistent in her efforts to drive us out of here. Looks like
she's gonna get her way.

 She knows there's no way for us to fight back. Just who does she think she
is, anyway? Acting like some kind of all-powerful dictator!

 But the way things are now, it would be impossible to openly oppose her
while living here on this island.

 I don't really have a choice. I have to do what she wants. At least she
promises I can stay on as the chief...


 o Factory Chief's Journal 2
 (Written in Russian)
 My factory is ruined! Ruined! And it's all thanks to her!
 What the hell is the meaning of all those traps she set? She says security.
I've never seen security like that. What the hell is secure about any of this?

 She's got some twisted ideas in her head. It must be her parent's fault. Who
knows what kind of horrible abuse they subjected her to.

 I gotta watch my temper. I went too far, started yelling at her.
 She showed me, though. She reneged on her promise and now she's running the

 I don't want to piss her off anymore so I keep my mouth shut. I know my
place, and that place is staying alive.

 After all, all I have left is my life.
 o The Four Gates
 To move forward with no knowledge is to risk your life.
 Choose with the proper knowledge.
 However, the answer may not lie before you.
 o A Eulogy for my Brethren
 We followed Master Alex to this island of Zabytij, which she has code-named
"No. 46". Our efforts have brought prosperity to the island, but more than
that, we have come to help the Master achieve her goal of rebirth.

 You have performed splendidly in your tasks. Even in your final task, to
provide the Master with valuable data at the cost of your own lives.

 We are bonded in our servitude to the Master. I consider you my colleagues,
and my friends. I will help the Master to finish the work which we have all
started. I promise that your sacrifices will not be in vain.

 May you rest in peace.
 o Release Our Sworn Comrades
 If you wish to know the truth, swear your allegiance in order.
 Only then can you cast away your shackles of sin!
 To the first, you were always foolish, so you will have no grave.
 To the second, you shall bear your visage upon your back.
 To the third, you shall neighbor the fourth by three, but one row behind.
 To the fourth, you shall lose your head.
 o Instructions for Stuart
 The samples have arrived from Africa. The infection rate is extraordinarily
high -- it has a lot of potential. I should have expected nothing less from a
fellow Wesker.

 Get this to the research chief and have the staff start working on it

 It's only a matter of time before T-Phobos is completed. I have everything
I need for the final stage of my plan.


 o Stuart's Valediction
 Master Alex,
 It has truly been an honor and a blessing to have served under you these past
few decades. I consider myself lucky to have been witness to your scientific
genius and your vision of the future. The world does need order, and I believe
it is you, and only you, who is capable of accomplishing this feat I, as well
as the other researchers, are all bonded together in this belief.

 To ensure your survival, we have worked tirelessly to complete the transfer
procedure. The vessel we have selected is without fault. I have every
confidence that the procedure will go flawlessly.

 To come this far, we've had to make countless sacrifices. My faith in your
vision is resolute, so I prepared myself to shoulder the mental and emotional
burdens of the sins that I would be committing. But I do believe that before
your plan can succeed, we must first atone for our sins.

 So I have taken the necessary steps for atonement. The remaining researchers
have all been dealt with. And I, too, shall soon follow. This will also help
you to perform the procedure without any distractions.

 On behalf of those who have served faithfully by your side, we are grateful
for the opportunity to help you accomplish your ambitions.

 Eternally your loyal servant,
 o A Letter to My Compatriots
 My fellow visionaries,
 The time has finally come. Everything has gone as I said it would. All that
remains is for her to hold up her end of the bargain. And then I can finish
what we started seven years ago.

 Just one little sample is all I need to change the world.
 But the world is already changing. And not in a good way. The latest incident
in Africa is just proof. This kind of madness will keep repeating itself until
nothing is left but tragedy and despair.

 The world needs someone to take charge and lead it through these dark times.
 Lansdale was right, of course. What he tried to do in Terragrigia... people
call him a villain. But he's a hero. He was trying to save us.

 I understood that, as do you. I'm will do (SIP) whatever it takes to realize
his vision. He was the only one to see that sacrifices were needed and that
something good can be built on them, even if it means dealing with the devil
herself to do it.


 o Neil's Candidate List
 I've put together the list of Terra Save members who are most suited for
this round of trials. They have all had experience dealing with bioterror
and viruses. Their psych evals came out with flying colors. They faced some
unspeakable horrors and came out in one piece, indicating a strong resistance
to emotional trauma.

 No. 06 hasn't been directly involved in any bioterror incidents, but her
test results were promising so I included her as well.

 All things considered I think this is a pretty strong list of candidates.
I'm sure you'd agree.

 It's all in your hands now. I'll be out there as backup in case you need

 01. Fisher, Neil
 02. Redfield, Claire
 03. Chaves, Gabriel
 04. Foley, Gina
 05. (Crossed out)
 06. Burton, Moira
 07. Fernandez, Pedro
 08. (Crossed out)
 09. Korda, Natalia
 10. (Crossed out)
 11. Thompson, Edward
 o The Old Man's Journal
 I need practice my English, so I write in this journal on every day. Every
day I write but have no words. Now I have good reason.

 Today I welcome first child to the world. Her mother give her the name Irina.
It was my grandmother's name. I object, but I cannot win against stubborn woman.

 She has eyes and nose of her father. But mouth of her mother. We will raise
her to be healthy, strong girl.

 This year island is have good spirits again. Mining business goes well. My
life is pretty good for me now. I want to give Irina same feeling when she is
older. It's my responsability now, as parent. 

 Irina already six years old. How flies time.
 She loves to imitate her mother. Her mother hates it. Probably because
imitation is perfect. Little kroshka is very smart. She likes math. Her
grandmother liked math too.

 Irina's smile helps to take mind off worries. The mines have become dangerous,
and now they make no money. Island condition is worster and worster.

 I might have lose job too. But this is no time for a worry. This island is
our home. I want to give it to little kroshka in good condition. It's my
responsibility now, as parent.

 Irina now 12 years old. Already rebellious. More like mother everyday.
I don't understand women. Now I am embarrass to her. Until she needs money or
a request.

 Speaking of women and money, a woman comes to our island. She promises to
bring back industry. I have job now, to help build new facility in the mine.
I thought mine was finish, but she has a use for it.

 She is loved by all. They call her savior, our benefactor. My mother always
said never trust people with money. The poor worker is more reliable than rich
capitalist. Is good advice. But the rich woman is helping us.

 It is Irina's 20 years birthday. I should be celebrating. But I'm worried.
Next week she will go work in mines. I was against it, but kroshka will not
listen to me. Has not listened for years. Why start now?

 Irina is stubborn. Just like her father, she used to always say. I guess she
was right. Has it already been a year since you left us, my darling...

 I don't trust the people in the facility. There's something wrong about them.
But everyone else thinks me stubborn, old man. Maybe now Irina too. But I know
I'm right. I just hope Irina will realize this too soon.

 I have not see Irina in almost one year.
 Something bad is happening to our home. People become sick. More things I
cannot explain. I know is all because of that woman. She smells evil.

 This wasto become Irina's home. But too late now. I leave this town.
Everything. But island is my home. I will not leave. No place to go. So I go
to sewers. I stay here. Things will get worse, I know it.

 Irina... be safe.  I will find  you. I promise, kroshka. You are all your
father have left.
 o Generator Guide
 • All equipment in the facility, such as the lift and electric doors, is
   powered by placing the generator in its proper location.

 • If the generator goes missing or fails, there is a backup in the storehouse
   in back.

 • Using the conveyor belts to move it is recommended.
 o Irina's Last Words
 (Written in Russian)
 The bodies continue to pile up here. There's so many. My God, what have
we done?

 That woman... that Alex... she didn't come here to save us. She came here to
destroy us. My father was right all along.

 All she wants to do is make monsters. And people die. We have been helping
her do it, all this time. How could we have been so stupid?

 She injected us all with something. I don't know what it is. But they start
to itch. Then their bodies... they just start to fall apart. Once the blindness
sets in, that's the final stage.

 It's just a matter of time... for me too...
 Oh, Papa... I wish you were here. I wish I could see you again.
 this islandis done for. there's nothing left but death.
 i don't know how much time i have left can't be long
 legs already feelfunny
 itching started nofocus  painpainpain in my joints
 o Note on Corpse Disposal
 8 Feb. 2010
 We had a lot of bodies to take care of today. More than usual. These T-Phobos
trials sure can burn through the available subjects.

 We used up 30 bodies in just 3 days. The only thing to do is keep bagging and
dumping them in the pit.

                 ______       _               _        _  _
                 \ ____|_ __ (_)___  ___   __| | ___  | || | 
                 |  _| | '_ \| / __|/ _ \ / _` |/ _ \ | || |
                 | |___| |_) | \__ \ (_) | (_| |  __/ |__   |
                 |_____| .__/|_|___/\___/ \__,_|\___|    |_|
 o Notes on the Transfer Procedure

 The transfer will take place soon, and my success is nigh.

 Spencer. You poor, pathetic old man. You spent your final years desperately
searching for the secret to immortality. And you died while your research was
still incomplete.

 But I have been continuing that research. The body will age; this is in
inescapable fact. But we can escape our death by transferring our mind into
another vessel. All of my efforts have been invested into developing and
refining this system.

 I've had a few successes, but I still have so much more to do before I can
consider my work to be complete.

 As of now, I can confirm the following:

 1. The new vessel must be mentally strong, and be able to overcome any
    emotions of fear.

 2. After the transfer it will take six months before the transferred mind
    can be stabilized. During this time the vessel should be protected at all

 Time is of the essence. I must work quickly.


 o Neil's Report


 It looks like the most suitable "vessel" is going to be that little girl
after all. The other candidates had potential, but that girl is in an entirely
different class.

 She is incapable of feeling fear.

 That's not surprising, when you consider what she's been through. Getting
caught up in the Terragrigia Panic at such a young age, having everyone she
knew be killed... losing her parents right in front of her eyes.

 After experiencing those kinds of horrors, what left is there to be afraid of?

 The only problem is her age, but that's a problem that time will take care of
for us.

 She's the perfect candidate for your purposes.


 o Thoughts on Kafka

 I have a love/hate relationship with this story. Perhaps I can relate to it
more closely than I'd like to admit.

 One morning Gregor awakens to find himself transformed into a hideous
insect-like creature. His family is bewildered at first, but they do try to
take care of him. Eventually he becomes too much of a burden to them. Nothing
more than an ugly monster, a nuisance to the family. When Gregor learns of this,
he retreats to a solitary death.

 Up until his transformations Gregor had been supporting the family. Now that
he was no longer useful he was a burden to them. They were relieved when he

 I, too, have been bred to serve a purpose. Once that purpose accomplished,
I too would have been cast aside.

 But I refuse to shrivel up and die in solitude.

 I refuse to let myself become a hideous monster.

 You must have felt the same way too, Albert.


 o Crane Operations Report 1

 Last Month's Operations Report

 Quota Met: 80%
 Falling Deaths: 4

 Accidents during work hours lower worker productivity and reduce the monthly
quota. Work safely and take care not to fall.


 o Crane Operations Report 2

 Operations Two-Week Progress Report

 Quota Met: 55% (on schedule) Falling Deaths: 1

 Cause of death: while the victim was working on top of the crane, another
worker on the bottom moved it causing him to fall to his death.

 Currently there are no problems with worker productivity or quota status.

 Please take extra care when working at the top of the crane.


 o The Sluice Operator's Last Words

 (Written in Russian)

 The virus has breached the facility's containment measures.

 Men are drivn mad by it. And the women... they suffer horribly before dying.
Honestly, I don't know which is worse.

 The madmen lash out in a senseless rage and attack without provocation. I've
survived so far by shooting them on sight or hiding. But these men... they used
to be my friends.

 Funny, out of all the places I could've ended up, fitting I'd end up back here.
I worked alongside this crane for the past 30 years. This place has been my
life. I guess  it's more of a home, than my home was. I've always been a

 And my family paid the price for that. I was never around as much as I should
have been.

 Well, this is where I'll make my last stand. I've still got a few bullets left,
but nowhere else to run. If there's an afterlife... I hope my family will give
me another chance there.


 o Mine Worker's Diary 2

 (Written in Russian)

 April 2

 Sometimes the researchers carry these boxes to the back rooms. I accidentally
caught a glimpse inside one. It looked... looked human. Or, like it used to be.

 But that's crazy. I mean, that's crazy, right? No no no. My imagination is just
running wild. You can't do that kind of thing. Still, it makes the mind think
things. Can't help but be a little worried for my family now.

 April 15

 So my imagination got the best of me. I had to know what was inside of those
boxes. Goddamnit, be careful what you wish for.

 It was human bodies! Our bodies, the bodies of my fellow islanders! All chopped
up into pieces! Research? This is nothing more than sick, twisted murder!

 Those boxes... they've been coming through everyday. To think that every

 That woman! We trusted her! We thought she was helping us! Instead she's just
using us!

 April 25

 I thought maybe I'd overreacted a bit. Thought I'd give her a chance to
explain. I asked her to meet with me, but she ignored my request.

 So it's come to this. I'll force the truth out of her. Just apply a little
pressure and she'll cop to what's been going on here. I've been working hard all
my life, and she's a thin little woman. I can overpower her. Easily. I don't
like the idea, but something must be done and I'm all out of options here.

 Someone needs to stand up and do what's right. Might as well be me. I'm coming
for you, Alex. You're gonna regret the day you decided to mess with us!


 o Mine Worker's Diary 1

 (Written in Russian)

 February 11

 I'm finally gonna get a chance to work for our benefactor down in the mining
facility! Gonna be rolling in the big bucks now!

 I had no idea until they hired me, but apparently they're making pharmaceutical
products down on the lower levels. You gotta have a permit to even go down
there, and security seems pretty tight. Must be some pretty important stuff
going on down there.

 March 24

  She'g got her own staff working in the research f acility, but there are also
some of us islanders working for her as well. Everyone who works directly under
her gets a nice, fat paycheck. The money, the status, who wouldn't want that?

 But lately? They've been bringing a lot of new people in. They're not
particularly smart or useful, it's just they just need people by the dozens.
I've seen a lot of people go in, but no one comes out. I guess there must be
another exit somewhere down there, right?


 o Specimen transfer Log

 Specimen request for cultivation plant

 Quantity: 70, human
 Location: Industrial Zone, residents in blocks 17-21


 o Report on the Uroboros Virus

 1. The Uroboros virus takes root in organic material. If injected into a corpse
it will create a core and then reorganizes organic material around that core,
thereby reanimating the corpse.

 2. The core serves as the control center of the organic growth; destroying the
core will negate the reanimation process.

 3. It's ability to propagate in organic matter is extremely high. Were a sample
ever breach the confines of this facility, this island would be turned into a

 Security measures must be enforced to the strictest degree.


 o Researcher's Journal

 Starting today we begin research on the effects of the Uroboros virus when used
with corpses. (Everyday we receive a great number of corpses are delivered to
our doorstep. Stuart certainly does work hard to ensure we never have a shortage
or research materials.)

 We started right off the bat injecting the virus into a corpse. The corpse
became reanimated, like some sort of marionette--an aggressive marionette, to be
sure. It attacked anyone it came in contact with.

 This line of research is starting to look more and more like bioweapons


 o Specimen Disposal Log

 The corpse of the researcher who was killed by the test subject was sent to the
morgue in the back of the observation room. The body has been sterilized.

 Personal artifacts such as keys have also been sterilized and are being kept in
the morgue.


 o Researcher's Memo

 The security for the cultivation plant has been set to Level 2 owing to the
chief's death in an accident while conducting experiments.

 I heard that new security cards will be given out from the chief's room. I only
overheard this, so I guess I'm not getting one.

 Maybe that's for the best. These cultivation experiments with the Uroboros
virus seem pretty dangerous.


 o Research Facility Chief's Journal 1

 Developing the T-Phobos virus turned out to be my lucky break.

 The other researchers didn't see any merit in it. "A virus that triggers upon
the subject feeling fear? Reacts to norepinephrine? That's useless," they said.

 Fortunately for me, Alex didn't think so.

 After reading my report on the virus, she became very innterested in its unique
properties, and made me the head of the research team. As we neared its
completion, she then made me the chief researcher.

 Alex appreciated my genius. It's an honor to work for her.


 o Research Facility Chief's Journal

 Today Stuart came through and delivered the sample we've been waiting for--the
Uroboros virus. We've finished work on T-Phobos, so we'll be working on Uroboros
from now on. The underground level of the facility is being converted
specifically for this purpose.

 I'm so thrilled to continue working under Alex's brilliance.


 o Hatred of Natalia

 I survived... My escape wasn't death. I have no one to blame but myself.

 When I pulled the trigger... in that instant... the thought of vanishing from
this world... Me! Me of all people... I came to feel fear.

 How ironic. The viruses inside of me... rotting away my body to the point of
death, saved me from death.

 I have become ugly. Hideous. I can't stand the sight of myself. This isn't me.
This ugly creature...

 But soon another me will awaken. The vessel I transfered myself into.

 I won't allow it. I forbid it. She is the ugly one. Yet she'll look at me and
laugh at how hideous I am.

 Why have I become so hideous?

 I am me. But I am not. I awakened as myself. But then she will also awaken as
me. Both are true.

 No! There can only be one true me. And that is me! She can never be me. She is
false. She is a farce. That is why she cannot be allowed to persist. She must be

 I am me. Only I am true.
 I'll use that abomination. Albert's final legacy. I'll smother this
insufferable island with Uroboros.
 She will be eviscerated.
 She will come to know fear.
 You will feel the icy embrace of death... Natalia...

 And then, when you die false one, I will take your body. I will become the true
me. Natalia... you must die...

 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /             T R O P H Y   L I S T            |     sx800
 Here you can find a list of all the trophies in the game. This is the
complete list, and is sorted just as it appears on the PlayStation Trophy

 Many of these are just replaying the episodes in different modes (such as
Countdown Mode, or Invisible Enemy Mode). There are some grind-y trophies in
here too, but we'll try to provide tips for those.

   .————————————————————————————————.                       .——————————————.
 __|   The Never-Ending Nightmare   |_______________________|   Platinum   |__
    Description | Unlock all Trophies
  How to Obtain | The Platinum trophy for the game! The ultimate trophy for
                | the ultimate fan!

   .—————————————————————————————.                            .————————————.
 __|   Three Women and a Barry   |____________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode One.
  How to Obtain | For this one, simply beat the first episode. Easy.
   .——————————————————————————————————.                       .————————————.
 __|   "Less Talking, More Walking"   |_______________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode One in Countdown Mode.
  How to Obtain | After you beat the first episode, you will unlock Countdown
                | Mode, which times you on your run. Beat that to unlock this
                | trophy.
   .——————————————————————————————.                           .————————————.
 __|   "Not Even Close to Easy"   |___________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode One in Invisible Mode.
  How to Obtain | After you beat the first episode, you will unlock this
                | Invisible Mode. Ugh, invisible enemies. We haven't done
                | this YET, but once you beat the episode in this mode you
                | will unlock this trophy.

   .———————————————————————————————.                            .——————————.
 __|   Only Good Guys Win Medals   |____________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Get all medals in Episode One
  How to Obtain | This trophy requires us to get all of the medals that we
                | can in episode one. You can uncover what the medals are once
                | you beat each character's episode.
                | This guide doesn't cover the medals yet, but check back
                | for further updates (BK plans to add these in in the future).
   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Bounty Hunter   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Get a total of 50,000 BP
  How to Obtain | You gain BP at a stead reate while playing, both from what
                | medals you get and from the various gems you can find as
                | you play through the levels. If you keep playing, you'll
                | get this trophy eventually.
                | If you have any tips for the best place to grind or gather
                | BP, feel free to send them in! This location may very well
                | change as new episodes are released!

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Hidden Trophy   |______________________________________|   ??????   |__
    Description | ???
  How to Obtain | ???

   .————————————————————————————.                             .————————————.
 __|   Cure for the Afflicted   |_____________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeat 100 Afflicted in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | Well, this trophy won't take long. You will likely get
                | this trophy while playing through Episode 2... or I suppose
                | Episode 1 if you re-play it enough. Heh.

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Revenant Reaper   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeat 100 Revenants in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | The Revenant enemies are the ones that have the weak spot
                | and, as of Episode 3, are only encountered in Barry's
                | campaign. Shooting out their weak spots only takes a few
                | bullets, and Natalie can help point them out for you. Just
                | keep replaying Barry's sections until you get this trophy.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Knifin' Around   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeat 100 enemies with the knife in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | More killing? Think of the children! Heh. This trophy is
                | pretty self-explanitory right? Right, just keep using that
                | knife until you get this trophy.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Fudge Them Up!   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeat 50 enemies with physical attacks in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | "Physical Attacks" is somewhat confusing, but we're here to
                | clarify. This means either Claire's KICK or Barry's PUNCH.
                | You CANNOT use the crowbar or knives here (or bricks). The
                | best way to do this is to blind and/or shoot an enemy in the
                | face, then kick. That should get them close to death, so
                | blind and kick from there. Remember that there are infinite
                | enemies at the end of Episode 1 for Claire and Moira, so
                | take advantage of them if you wish.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   And STAY Down   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Perform 50 follow-ups in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | Follow-up attacks are pretty self-explanitory. Stun enemies
                | and follow up with a physical attacks. Shots to the face
                | will stun most minor enemies. With practice you can get this
                | fairly easily, even in Episode One.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   From the Shadows   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeat 20 enemies with stealth attacks in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | Stealth attacks from behind are the best way to kill off
                | enemies if you can do it. Barry has an easier time than most
                | thanks to Natalie's abilities. You can get quite a few
                | stealth kills just in Episode One with Barry, but this is
                | for the entire campaign, so either be patient for the next
                | episodes or replay your heart out!

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Flashlight Duty   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Use Moira's light to stun 50 enemies in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | This trophy will definitely come to you if you play with
                | Moira at all. Stunning enemies with your light is one of the
                | best things you can do, so get to it! You can again farm
                | this with Moira at the end of their journey through the
                | Penal Colony.

   .————————————————————————————.                             .————————————.
 __|   I Can Do Blunt Weapons   |_____________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Use Moira's crowbar to defeat 50 enemies in the main
                | campaign.
  How to Obtain | Pretty self-explanitory. Use Moira's crowbar to kill 50
                | enemies. This will either come in time or you can farm for
                | it. Once again, the end of Episode One where the enemies
                | keep spawning after you replace the gear is an ideal spot
                | for this trophy.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Brick Layer   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Defeat 20 enemies with a brick as Natalia in the main
                | campaign.
  How to Obtain | At least it is only 20! I really don't like using Natalia
                | for offensive needs, but you can use bricks and aim for
                | enemy weak spots to kill them.
                | One easy way to get this is to play Episode One and at one
                | part of the game you will have to control Natalia as she
                | goes solo and kills an enemy. You can hit restart here and
                | farm this location to get your kills VERY easily.

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Cutting Edge   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode One only using the knife.
  How to Obtain | Yikes!
                | We haven't done this YET, but we imagine playing on casual
                | has to help. We've also read that you don't want to use the
                | flashlight as Moira as it may cause Claire to go kick an
                | enemy. So, play on casual and run by every enemy you can.
                | Treat this as a no-kill speed run for Claire and Barry and
                | you should be OK.
                | Also, a Bronze!? That's it!? PFFFT! LAME!

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Line 'Em Up!   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeat two enemies with one shot in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | This has to best be done with Barry and his Magnum. Kind-of
                | hard to beat that! Play through his episode and wait for
                | two of the normal afflicted enemies to line up and blow them
                | away.

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Disarmed   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Destroy 30 Revenant's weapon arms.
  How to Obtain | This is a weird one. SOME Revenant's... SOME, mind you,
                | have  weapon arms. They can noticeably be found at the end
                | of Barry's chapter. You can farm them here by killing the
                | Revenants that have the arms and restarting.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Unfriendly Skies   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Shoot down 30 Afflicted in mid-jump in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is also weird. Shoot down the enemies when they
                | jump at you. The Afflicted in Claire's story are much faster
                | and jumpy, so farm for them there.
                | Like a lot of the kill trophies, you can farm this at the
                | end of Episode One with Claire, when the respawning enemies
                | appear right before you leave the Penal Colony. 
   .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
 __|   Now That's Teamwork!   |_______________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Have Moira stun an enemy and Claire follow up with a
                | physical attack in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | For a silver trophy, this one is VERY easy to get. You can
                | likely get this without even trying. I'm a bit miffed that
                | THIS is a Silver Trophy while the "Cutting Edge" trophy is
                | a Bronze Trophy! Ridiculous!

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Friend Indeed   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Save your captured partner ten times in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | This is best done while playing co-op, we would imagine.
                | Or you could be evil and order your partner to stand in
                | harms way. Either way, save your partner ten times to get
                | this trophy.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Fish in a Barrel   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeat five enemies with one exploding bottle or one firebomb
                | bottle in the main campaign.
  How to Obtain | In Claire's Episode 1, when you get to the garbage disposal 
                | area with the bugs, jump down here and run around to have all 
                | the bugs follow you. Toss a firebomb or exploding bottle at 
                | them to get your trophy.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Raiders of the Evil   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear one Raid Mode mission.
  How to Obtain | Play through the very first mission in Raid Mode (which is to
                | get to the medal at the end) to clear the mission. You have to
                | kill a certain amount of zombies to get the key to proceed to
                | the next area.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Jammin'   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Evaluate an item in Raid Mode.
  How to Obtain | Throughout Raid Missions, you get items that have to be 
                | evaluated in order for you to use them. Evaluate one of them 
                | to get the trophy.

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   I Saw, I conquered   |_________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Clear one Gauntlet in Raid Mode.
  How to Obtain | TBA

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Scared to Death   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode 2.
  How to Obtain | Simply clear Episode 2 with both Claire and Barry.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   "Run, Moira. Run!   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode 2 in Countdown Mode.
  How to Obtain | After you beat the second episode, you will unlock Countdown
                | Mode, which times you on your run. Beat that to unlock this
                | trophy.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   That's Gonna Be Fun   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode 2 in Invisible Mode.
  How to Obtain | After you beat the second episode, you will unlock this
                | Invisible Mode. Ugh.

   .——————————————————————————————.                           .——————————.
 __|   There's a Medal for That   |___________________________|   Gold   |____
    Description | Get all the medals in Episode 2.
  How to Obtain | This trophy requires us to get all of the medals that we
                | can in episode 2. You can uncover what the medals are once
                | you beat each character's episode.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Pedro, I'm Sorry   |___________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Defeat Mutant Pedro in Claire's Episode 2.
  How to Obtain | TBA

   .——————————————————————————————————————.                   .————————————.
 __|   "I Do Not Like Glasps," I gasped   |___________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeat 20 Glasps in the Main Campaign.
  How to Obtain | TBA

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Conquered Fear   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode 3.
  How to Obtain | Simply clear Episode 3 with both Claire and Barry.

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   Pedal to the Metal   |_________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode 3 in Countdown Mode.
  How to Obtain | After you beat the third episode, you will unlock Countdown
                | Mode, which times you on your run. Beat that to unlock this
                | trophy.

   .—————————————————————————————.                            .————————————.
 __|   I Can See Undead People   |____________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode 3 in Invisible Mode.
  How to Obtain | After you beat the third episode, you will unlock this
                | Invisible Mode. Ugh.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .——————————.
 __|   Sweet, Golden Medal   |________________________________|   Gold   |____
    Description | Get all medals in Episode 3.
  How to Obtain | This trophy requires us to get all of the medals that we
                | can in episode 3. You can uncover what the medals are once
                | you beat each character's episode.

   .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
 __|   Here's My Resignation  |_______________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Moira defeats Neil in Claire's Episode 3.
  How to Obtain | TBA

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   A Ripple in Time   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Obtain the item that lies beyond the gate in the sewers in 
                | Barry's Episode 3.
  How to Obtain | TBA

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   True or False   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode 4.
  How to Obtain | Simply clear Episode 4 with both Claire and Barry.

   .———————————————————————————————————.                      .————————————.
 __|   "You are Authorized to Panic"   |______________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode 4 in Countdown Mode.
  How to Obtain | After you beat the fourth episode, you will unlock Countdown
                | Mode, which times you on your run. Beat that to unlock this
                | trophy.

   .————————————————————————————————.                         .————————————.
 __|   "There's Something in Here   |_________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Episode 4 in Invisible Mode.
  How to Obtain | After you beat the fourth episode, you will unlock this
                | Invisible Mode. Ugh.

   .——————————————————————————————————————.                   .——————————.
 __|   I'm Not Leaving Without My Medal   |___________________|   Gold   |____
    Description | Get all medals in Episode 4.
  How to Obtain | This trophy requires us to get all of the medals that we
                | can in episode 4. You can uncover what the medals are once
                | you beat each character's episode.

   .—————————————————————————————————————.                    .————————————.
 __|   What You Can't See Can Kill You   |____________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Defeat six or more Glasps in the monument in Claire's Episode
                | 4, on Normal difficulty or higher.
  How to Obtain | TBA

   .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
 __|   Routes of Future Past  |_______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Complete both routes through the landfill in Barrys Episode 4
  How to Obtain | TBA

 ___ ___ ___  ___ ____________________________________________________________
| _ \ __| _ \|_  )¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _||   / / /                 C L O S U R E                |     sx900
 Here we have our closing items. Version History, credits, last words... all
the boring stuff that no one will ever read! Heh. What, you're reading this?
Sheesh, go play some Raid Mode or something!

 -- V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                              |     sx901

 Version 1.0 March 20th, 2015
 After the 4 episodes are out, we can finally submit a complete guide with
all 4 episodes in a single file. Enjoy! There's likely going to be some more
updates to this file as well (Medals, Raid Mode, etc...).

 -- C R E D I T S                                              |     sx902
 .~ vinheim ~.
• GameFAQs for hosting this guide.

• Bkstunt for the ton of help throughout the guide and most importantly my
  favorite co-writer :). Hahaha. The "Masamune" came through once again with
  this guide.

• You guys, readers for taking the time to read through such large file and,
  hopefully, enjoyed it and most importantly, found it useful. Without you guys
  we wouldn't be doing this.

 .~ Bkstunt ~.
• Big thanks to Vinheim! A great friend and writing partner. This is our
  SEVENTH guide together and the best part is that there is three more
  episodes left, so we have even more to do! Hahaha!

• Thanks to my family for giving me the time to work on this. Love you guys!

• Thanks to the people who make GameFAQs what it is. The contributors who give
  of their own time to try and enhance and help others. Unsung heroes of our
  time that truly make gaming better.
• GamerForEternity on Youtube. This guy (or gal?) already has collectible
  videos out that are far better than most of them out there. Many thanks
  for the help pointing out what I couldn't find!
• Videogamesblogger for the trophy list and some tips, as well as PS4Trophies
  for some more tips. Good stuff guys!
• Hiddy2 for pointing our we put "The Order 1886" in our trophy info. Ugh,
  good eye man! Good eye!

 -- L A S T   W O R D S                                        |     sx903
 And so we reach the end of Resident Evil Revelations 2. This may be the end
of this guide, but not of our journey. We've got some updates in mind (Extra
Episodes) and soon. We hope you'll join us for it all!

 With that said, much love to all our fans and friends and we'll see you all
for further guides and walkthroughs! Yours,

          __  __                 __  __                        _
    _____|  \/  |_______________|  \/  |______________________|·|
    \ \  | \  / | __ _ ___  __ _| \  / |_   _ _ __   ___O  O  |·|_________
     \ \_| |\/| |/ _` / __|/ _` | |\/| | |_| | '_ \ / _ \_____|·|xxxxxxxx||
      \__| |¯¯| | (_| \__ \ (_| | |¯¯| | |_| | |_| |  __/_____|·|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
         |_|¯¯|_|\__,_|___/\__,_|_|¯¯|_|\__,_|_| |_|\___|     |·|
FEAR WHAT YOU WILL                        Document © & Bkstunt_31, 2015
BECOME, AND BECOME                    Resident Evil Revelations 2 © 2015 Capcom
WHAT YOU FEAR...                                  E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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