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The King of iron fist tournament 4:-
1.player's secrets about:-
 3.tekken force

Beginng of walkthrough:-
1.some players have some secrets like Kazuya
to unlock more players finish the story mode couple of times

1.Extra stages:-

a.Kazuya:The maximum no. of Stages is usually 8 but after beating heihachi you will 
battle Jin

b.Jin:after beating heihachi you will battle Kazuya

c.Violet:when you battle heihachi violet will be Lee(not lei)then you will battle 
Combot wich 
is violet's(Lee's) creation

2.1.Practice:you will choose your and your enemy's player and you can fight him 
without being

2.2.Training:you will choose your and your enemy's player and you will be notified 
with the best
moves for your player without being attacked

2.3.Tekken force:you will choose a player and fight in 4 stages with many weak 
troops and a boss
stage 1:Combot
stage 2:Kuma(with some troops if you attacked them they will attack you)
stage 3:Kazuya(with some troops that will always attack you)
stage 4:Heihachi(with tough troops surrounding him that will always attack you)

2.4.Survival:you will fight unlimited number of players until you lose

-Jin's name is (Jin Kazuya Heihachi)
-Play as Eddy gorgo:finish the game with cristine then highlight her then press the 
-Play as Miharu:finish the game with Ling Xiaoyu then highlight her then press Circle
-Play as Panda:highlight Kuma then press X
-Lee and lei are not the same,lee hasn't joined tekken3 but lei(long hair)joined 
tekken 3 & 4
-Paul's powerful move:<--+Triangle+Square
-King(my best player)has many moves:give your back to the enemy then press 
(or)Circle+Square,hold Up/-->+Triangle+Square for a charge attack.


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