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First of all, much of what you do in CityVille revolves around how many neighbors
you have (friends who play the game). If you don't know too many people who play
the game, or who would be interested in playing the game, there are a few places
you can go to very easily find people to add who play the game. Your best bet
would be to go to the official CityVille forum (the link is found on www.
Cityville. Com), go to the "add new neighbors" forum, and add people who have
already posted, or post an "add me" post. Another good bet is to go to the
CityVille Facebook page and add people who have "liked" the game or commented. You
will find yourself with 2 to 3 digits worth of neighbors in no time if you do this. 

The layout you start off with in CityVille, is not really an ideal layout. There
is no reason for the red barn to be next to the street, as nothing at all happens
when it's next to the street. It's still just as useful when it's not next to the
street, unlike your businesses and your residences. So use the "move tool" to move
it away from the street, in order to make room for businesses and residences. 

You start off with various trees growing in empty areas of your city. They don't
add any payout bonuses to any of the businesses in your city, so there is no
reason to keep any of them around. DON'T CLICK THEM. You will have a task come up
where you have to chop down 3 trees in order to complete the task. Wait to chop
them down until this task comes up, or else you won't get credit for the trees
which you have already chopped down. If you absolutely must chop them for the
extra money and energy, leave at least 3 trees behind. 

Your decorations should be the centerpiece of your other buildings, because of the
effect that they have on how much money your businesses earn you, and how much of
an effect they have on how much rent you collect from each house. Try to
concentrate them next around your most profitable businesses. 

Or, even better, here's a little cheat to maximize your earnings from a business,
especially a high-dollar business like the coffee shop, or (later on in the game)
the pool hall, sunglass store, and wedding store. Once a store is ready to have
money collected, use the "move" tool to move it to a wide open space in your city.
Then, use the "move" tool to move all of your decorations to be within range of
the business, so that your payout bonus is massive. Next, collect your payout, and
watch the extra-large payout flood your account with money. It doesn't matter that
the customers weren't served near the decorations, only that the building is near
decorations when you collect the payout. Once you're done, move them back to their
normal locations and carry on with the game as normal. 

To start moving your franchises into your friends' cities, go to your neighbor's
city and find their empty lot. Click the empty lot and choose which business of
yours you want to place there. Once you choose, you have to wait for your friend
to accept your business. 

Once they accept your business, you get a pop up with two options. Choose the "new
headquarter available" option, and you can build your franchise's "headquarters"
in your city, where you can supply your franchises, as well as collect from them.
Build more branches of that same franchise in more friends' cities as well, and
your franchise headquarters building will grow taller and taller. 

To increase your citizens' happiness (as well as increase your population limit),
build community buildings. After you unlock one community building, you can build
multiples of the same building, and continue to increase both the happiness and
the population limit of your city. You don't need to wait to unlock more and more
types of buildings.

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