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Appendix 1: Intro & Info

Section 1.1: Intro
Section 1.2: Legal Info

Appendix 2: Standard Rifles

Section 2.1: Kar 98
Section 2.2 M1 Garand
Section 2.3 G43
Section 2.4 Springfield '03

Appendix 3: Small Arms

Section 3.1 Thompson
Section 3.2 Maschinepistole 40 (MP 40)
Section 3.3 C96 Mauser (Broomhandle Mauser)
Section 3.4 M1911 Colt .45

Appendix 4: High-Caliber Automatic Weapons

Section 4.1 M1918 BAR
Section 4.2 Sturmghewer 44 (STG 44)
Section 4.3 Maschineghewer 42 (MG 42)

Appendix 1

Section 1.1 Intro

This is a guide to the commonly available trigger weapons of MOH: Airborne. I 
will type up a Grenade Guide later on. If any info is missing or incorrect, 
contact me.

Section 1.2 Legal Info

All Information here comes from in-game and/or real-life experience with these 
weapons. Any comments by me on these weapons is purely my opinion. 

Do not download, copy, or take information from this guide without directly 
crediting me as the source.

Appendix 2

Section 2.1: Kar 98

This famous german rifle originated back in 1898, and was used in both World 
Wars. The Springfield '03 is partially based off of this rifle due to it's 

Used by the Italians in Operation Husky. This rifle is essentially a scope-less 
Springfield, due to it's damage rating. Great for new players, scope-less 
marksmen, and snipers in training.

Section 2.2: M1 Garand

The most effective non-sniping rifle in the allied arsenal, but it could be 
equipped with a scope if needed. The M1 Garand was fairly new to combat in WW2, 
seeing as it was concieved in the mid-1930s. However, the Garand quickly rose 
up in the stat books to become one of the all time greatest.

Used by allied soldiers all through the game. Excellent for scope-less 
marksmen, great for novice-expert players

Section 2.3: G43

The best semi-automatic sniping and non-sniping rifle in the German arsenal, 
could easily be equipped with a scope for snipers. Was also new to combat, and 
gave the Garand a run for it's money.

Used by Germans from Operation Avalanche through the end of the game. Great for 
novice-expert players, not so good at one shot kill sniping.

Section 2.4: Springfield '03

Undoubtedly the most famous sniper rifle known today. Racked up kills in both 
World Wars, became the worlds first pure sniper rifle by the time WW2 rolled 
around. Also served in Korean War.

Used by player only as a sniper rifle. Perfect for scoped marksmen, usless at 
close range. Scope can be used as makeshift binoculars.

Appendix 3

Section 3.1: Thompson SMG

Commonly called the "Tommy Gun", this SMG first saw action in mafia killings 
and drive-bys. Was used effectively as a close quarters weapon in WW2. Could be 
equipped with a 50-round drum magazine and a forward grip.

Used by allied troops all through the game. Effective at close quarters, but 
inhales a 20 round clip fast. Best fired in short bursts, great as a 
suppression weapon.

Secton 3.2 Maschinepistole 40 (MP 40)

The best SMG in the German arsenal. Was used throughout WW2. Used in the same 
fashion as the Thompson SMG, only with a slower fire rate and clip capacity. 
Had a fold out stock for greater accuracy.

Used by the Italians in Operation Husky and used by Germans until you hit 
Operation Varsity.

Section 3.3 C96 Mauser Pistol

The predecessor to the Luger, the Mauser was not that powerful, even at point-
blank range. Slow rate of reload and fire, but decent ammo capacity. 

Used solely by the player. Can be upgraded with a 20-round clip, rifle stock, 
and automatic fire capability. Only an effective pistol if automatic fire is 
available. Poor choice (if any) for a pistol.

Section 3.4 M1911 Colt .45

The most famous and longest serving sidearm in the US Arsenal. Was used from 
1911 until 1980, serving in the World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam. Still a 
commonly popular pistol. Has infinite ammo

The best choice (if any) of a sidearm. Can be upgraded with rapid semi-auto 
fire. Accurate, powerful, and quick to load. Good for low-ammo situations, as 
it's capacity is unlimited.

Appendix 4

Section 4.1 M1918 BAR

This famous gun was never utilized until WW2, in the fear that Germany would 
capture it and make an equivelant in WW1. Extremely heavy, eighing in at 20+ 
pounds when loaded. Can be used in single fire mode, but is more commonly used 
as a support weapon.

Used by allied troops all throughout the game. Can be upgraded with a recoil 
reducer, and reversable twin magazines. Good at a distance, fair at close 
range, and does great damage.

Section 4.2 Sturmghewer 44 (STG 44)

The worlds first assault rifle, it gave birth to the AK-47, AR-15/M-16, and the 
FN-FAL. Utilized late in WW2 for just that purpose. Can fire single shots, as 
well as full auto.

Used by germans starting with Operation Neptune (D-Day) up through the end of 
the game. Can be upgraded with twin magazines and a tactical scope. Excellent 
for suppression and tactical sniping. However, the scoped STG 44 doesn't 
utilize the "True Trigger" feature as with the Springfield.

Section 4.3 Maschineghewer 42 (MG 42)

The quickest firing machine gun of it's day at a whoppign 1200 rounds per 
minute. Nicknamed "Hitler's Buzz Saw", it mowed down allied infantryall through 
WW2. Ws belt fed, and could be mounted almost anywhere there was a ledge. It 
was usually operated by a three man crew, all of which carried extra ammo.

Used all throughout the game by both sides. In the final two levels, special 
soldiers even carried them as thier main weapon, mowing down anyone who came in 
sight. Has an infinite ammo capacity, with a 100 round belt for mounted 
versions. Sadly, it could not be carried by the player as one of his weapons.

As I mentioned earlier in the guide, I will be posting a Grenades & Rare 
Weapons guide later. For now, this is it.

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