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Red Faction:
Capek's Inner Sanctum:

Ok, I know this boss is really hard seeing as how his nanotech shield is almost 
impenitrable, and his power goes right through your shield! Dont give up yet, it 
isnt impossible to beat him, you can do it! 

Here's a little hint of advice: When you enter the room and pluck away at the first 
burden of guards, Capek will reign down on the room and spit out some kind of mumbo 
jumbo, trying to scare the pants of of you and your female friend. Dont pay 
attention to shorty just pull out your precision rifle (make sure you have plenty of 
rounds) and just start shooting away at him. Strafing will drastically improve your 
chance of survival and it wouldn't hurt to hide behind something either. When you 
first enter the room, you will notice a big supporting beam just a tidge to the 
right of the entrance. When Capek comes down, simply go behind the beam. If you are 
centered behind the beam, his nanotech ball 'o' death can't hurt you. Once you are 
safely shielded, you can strafe-pop out of the sides of the beam and plug away at 
Capek. With this strategy and the help of Eos and her mighty pistol, you will be 
able to defeat the Father of Plague, Capek.

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