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September 18, 2005:
I finally decided that I should tell you how to beat King Boo, and other regular 
ghosts. Also, I added the E. Gadd's Special Assignments Section.
October 16, 2005:
I added how to unlock boos, and added info on the gallery.
  There are some scary ghosts in this game, and I'll tell you about them. Here they 
  Normal Ghosts: They are the easiest to catch. Just shine you flashlight on them 
and suck them up. Their lives range from about 1-40. Scary Meter: 4 [not so 
  Boos: You better get off your seat and get these guys, because they captured 
Mario! They are found hiding inside objects in lit rooms, so you should use your 
Boo Radar to track them down. Be careful, though. Two of the bosses [the last two] 
are Boolossus and King Boo! To enter Boolossus' arena, you must first capture 20 
boos. To enter King Boo's arena, you must first capture 50 boos, in other words, 
all the boos! Also, a red radar doesn't always mean a boo. It could just be a 
stupid boo ball, or a dangerous bomb that could hurt you if you stay too close! 
Capture King Boo, and you not only beat the game, but you also rescue Mario! Their 
lives range from about... well, they can have 10, 300, 50, all different numbers! 
Scary Meter: 10 [as in, you don't want to meet any of them, especially Boolossus 
and King Boo!]
  Gallery Ghosts: They are the ones who were in Professor E. Gadd's paintings. All 
22 of them were freed by King Boo and his posse of 50 boos! King Boo only meant to 
free Boolossus, but when he saw all the other gallery ghosts, he figured he'd free 
them, too. Now, Luigi must find and capture 22 gallery ghosts, 50 boos, 4 bosses, 
gems, cash, 3 element medallions, get a new mansion, and most important: RESCUE 
MARIO!!!!! Their lives are mostly 100. Scary Meter: about 7, 8, or MAYBE 9 [as in, 
these guys are pretty scary.]
  Shy Guys With Pitchforks: You know, in the ballroom. Well, to beat them suck off 
their masks then shine the flashlight on them. They have 10 lives. Scary Meter: 1 
if you don't get hurt, because they hit you with their pitchforks and it is weird.
  I forgot to tell you how to unlock the boos! How could I do such a thing? You 
know the ballroom, right? Well, after you complete that, go to the right of the 
room. You should see a door, so (duh) go inside the room. There will be a mirror. 
Stand facing the wall opposite the mirror. There is a red button, and press A in 
front of it. The room will extend, and out of the floor, 51 boos will emerge, 
scrambling around, hiding in the mansion. King Boo is number 51, and he will order 
his boos to flee once he sees the the Poltergust 3000.
  When you turn the game on and hit START, after that you end up standing in front 
of E. Gadd. He will ask you where you want to go. The choices are:
The Mansion
The Training Room
or The Gallery. Select The Gallery and you will be sent there. You can look at 
paintings of Gallery Ghosts as you catch them. There are two doors at the end of 
the hallway. Enter either one and you will be inside a sparkly room. Up the stairs 
is where King Boo's throne was.
  E. Gadd's Special Assignments: Well, in the middle of Area 3, you are really far. 
All of a sudden E. Gadd calls you and says that there is an old ghost roaming in 
the mansion. The lights go out, because he likes dark rooms. So, all the rooms you 
cleared are dark and again filled with ghosts (boss rooms have regular ghosts). He 
likes rooms with mirrors. There are lots of rooms with mirrors. This one took me 
and my friend a while to figure out. We couldn't figure out where he was, until we 
decided that maybe he could be downstairs. So, we looked in the hallway where the 
first gallery ghosts were. He was in Lydia's room. In case you forget who Lydia 
was, she's the mother of Chauncey the spoiled baby and she stares at her MIRROR! 
Tah-dah! MIRROR! So, we got rid of the normal ghosts first, then, just like any 
other gallery ghost, we took his 100 lives. But there is still trouble. The lights 
are still out! So, go into the basement. You know that room with the table and the 
barrels and that weird machine? Well, go in there. Go to the weird machine and 
press A. It's the light switch! The lights are on! :)
Next Assignment: The end of Area 4. Almost. E. Gadd once again calls you with the 
news that there is an artist ghost in the mansion. He paints amazing pictures of 
ghosts. So what? SO WHAT?!?!?!? It's bad news! Anyway, you'll get a key for that 
room (I'm pretty sure) and you're in. First, there will be lines of paintings. One 
by one, the paintings come to life! The ghosts appear and you have to defeat them. 
Some of the ghosts used in the paintings are: normal orange ghosts, shy guys with 
pitchforks, garbage can ghosts, pink ghosts. There are more. After each ghost is 
deafeated, the paintings turn blank. Then, once you conquered all the paintings, 
the Artist gets mad. You then suck up all his 100 lives.
Those were two of the weirdest ghosts, and for E. Gadd and Luigi, this wasn't 
  Bosses: After you clear the area, you have to battle a very ghostly boss ghost. 
Here they 
  Area 1: Chauncey, the Spoiled baby. Wait a minute... a BABY?!?!? Chauncey is no 
BABY. To wake him up, move his rocking horse. Then, when he wakes up, hit him with 
a ball. He'll shrink you, and make himself huge. Avoid his rocking horses and 
balls. Take the ball that stays in the stadium and aim it at Chauncey. His heart 
will show, and you suck him up! NOTE: Chauncey will try to jump on you at some 
point, so avoid him. When you beat him, if you lose some hearts, don't worry. Go to 
the northeastern part of the room, and there is a heart in the pink night stand. It 
contains 50 health. Get the key in the treasure chest to be sent to E. Gadd to turn 
captured ghosts into paintings. You will go to area 2. Lives: 100. Scary Meter:8 
[as in he isn't gonna make you scream!]
  Area 2: Bogmire. When you're in the Graveyard, go to the top stone. Bogmire will 
appear, and you'll end up in his stadium. To suck him up, you must suck up his 
black shadows, and aim at Bogmire. His heart will appear. Suck him up! NOTE: 
Lightning will strike, and you'll lose connection with Bogmire, so be patient. Once 
you beat him, in one of the Gravestones is a 50 health heart. Then, get the key in 
the treasure chest. You will be sent to E. Gadd to turn captured ghosts into 
paintings. You will go to area 3. Lives: 100. Scary Meter: 7 [as in, it ain't as 
scary as King Boo!]
  Area 3: Boolossus. A boo who is really overweight. You must capture 20 boos to 
enter. Once in, go to the left and you'll see the boos, huddled up together, and 
your radar will be be red. Boolossus will fall on you. Suck him up and use the 
unicorn horn to pop him into 38 tiny boos. Ice element will fly. Suck it up. Shoot 
it at the boos. They will freeze and you'll suck them up. Do this until you beat 
him. Sorry, I don't know where the 50 health heart is, so just explore. After you 
beat him, get a key in the treasure chest. You will be sent to E. Gadd to turn 
captured ghosts into paintings. You will go to area 4. Lives: 38, well, instead of 
lives, he has boos. Scary Meter: 9 or 10. What would you 
  Area 4: King Boo. You must be at the VERY end. Go in the basement. At the end of 
that hall, there will be the door with vines. If you are finished, the key should 
work for the door. In the room, go up to King Boo. He will talk for a long time, 
then everything turns upside-down and-gasp!-Mario's painting turns into bowser! 
Then, you end up on the roof. Wait until Bowser bowls spikey balls around the roof. 
Suck one up, and shoot it at Bowser. If aimed CORRECTLY AT HIS HEAD his head will 
come off. King Boo will come out of inside Bowser. Suck King Boo until Bowser grabs 
his head. Then King Boo will go back inside. Do this until King Boo is completely 
sucked up.  At the 
end, you'll be sent to turn captured ghosts into paintings. You also get to start 
the game over. But when you start it over, it is trickier, in some rooms there will 
be more ghosts than before. Lives: 500 Scary Meter: 10 [as in, I was really 
  I worked really hard on this, so please say you liked it. I'm sorry for any 
mistakes, but I corrected all the mistakes I could spot.
  So, I guess that's the end of my Guide to Ghosts. 

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