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This my guide to show you how to make money. First off, I'd like to thank 
samijami,because you inspired me. So, you go girl! Keep on rockin!

Here are my tips:
1. go fishing:
there are plenty of places to fish. basically a basic money maker. it gets you 
2. bug catching:
i don't suggest this because bugs don't bring in much mulla! if bug catching is 
your thing, i guess you could pull it off. it doesn't pay a bill.
3. orchard:
this brings in some serious cold hard CASH! of course,only if its foreign 
fruit. orchards will get you everywhere. it might be more than milk,but not 
quite a milkshake,but it still brings in money!
4.wait,theres a fourth! duh! turnips!
i get 16,000 bells off those babies! they might cost a bit but you know what 
they say,you have to spend money to get money!

(deep voice:)
This post is by Gametycoon39inc. and is not to be plagerized,stolen,or written 
without the concent of gametycoon39 himself as it is copywritted!

director:gametycoon39     writer:gametycoon39
typist:gametycoon39       advisor:gametycoon39
                  based on the comedy of gametycoon39
          special thanks to samijami for inspiration and our audience for 
taking the time to read this!

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