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                    FAQ created by DragonCheater29: Rated E for Everyone

          (If you don't wanna read this, then skip ahead to the good part)
 The last time you played Banjo-Tooie for the N64, at the end of the game, Grunty 
Winkybutton(we found out about her last name) fell from her castle and lost her 
body. Now, the new and improved, good looking henchman, Klungo built her a 
mechanical body and fused her spirit within it. Now, the witch has kidnapped 
Kazooie and goes to the past and change the future for Banjo and Kazooie. This is 
the 2nd sequel for the BK series and made for the GBA. Banjo and Kazooie will have 
a hard time kicking butt until the fat, metal, hag sings.

1.The Manual
 a.The Characters
 b.The Ammunition
 c.The 14 Baddies & the Duo
 d.Controlling the duo
 f.The Novelties
 g.The moves on Banjo
 h.Time to go out and kick butt!

2.The Walkthrough
 a.The beginning
 b.Spiral Mt.
 c.Cliff Farm
 d.Takin' Care of Business Pt.1
 e.Breegul Beach
 f.Takin' Care of Business Pt.2
 g.Bad Magic Bayou

3. The End

Chapter 1. The Manual

1A. The Characters

Here you will meet characters from the past and the future

Banjo-The bear w/ all the moves is back and by himself?! Shortly in the beginning, 
Grunty's spirit is fused within a new mecha suit, HAG 2, and she captured Kazooie
to go to the past and separate Banjo from meeting Kazooie in the future and rule 
the Isle of Hags. Well at least he's got it under control, for now!

Kazooie-The breegull w/ a smartallic talk is back, too, but she's been captured by 
Grunty and She'll be there for a while until Banjo can save her.

Grunty-The witch is back from the rocks and this time, her magic spell fused her 
spirit w/ a mecha suit and is back for revenge and rule the Isle of Hags, again(The 
suit that Klungo made for her was a bad idea and she could be destroyed w/ a torch 

M.J.-The shaman's back w/ some new spells for Banjo & Kazooie(I wish the creators 
would have added the Dragon Transformation for Kazooie in this game since the last 
BK series).

Honey B.-(The bee must have had a cosmetic operation on her and looks beautiful in 
this game) will supply B&K w/ Xtra Energy on the go.

J.W.-The Jiggy wizard had his powers paralzed since Grunty came back from the past, 
and has moved to a new location in the past and will unlock worlds for B&K.

The Jinjo Oracle-The creators of B&K put in the game a talking statue?! This statue 
gives you Jiggies for every 5- same colored Jinjos you find and will give you 
secrets in worlds or give you hints.

Klungo-This guy had a new makeover and is making potions and crazy contraptions for 
destruction on B&K.

1B. The Ammunition

Kazooie brought some new tricks in the bag for the enemies this time.

Regular Eggs-The same o' eggs that you can shoot at enemies.

Electric Eggs- These eggs are for shocking enemies and opening switches that need 

Ice Eggs-These eggs freeze enemies and are used on switches that need ice.

Fire Eggs-These eggs set fire on enemies.

Mumbo Totems-Show Grunty who's king of the mountain w/ these Tokens that you can 
unlock spells at Mumbo's Pads.

Gold Feathers-You can smell the invincibility with feathetrs that have a attack on 

1C. The 14 Baddies & the Duo

These are badddies that you can encounter in the game

1.Gruntling-A big baddie.
2.Whiplash-A weed that whips things.
3.Chompa-The thing that eats things out of walls and scares B&K.
4.Gruntweed-A weed that was mutated by Klungo.
5.Yum Yum-A clam that attacks you and eats eggs.
6.Shrapnel-A water mine that follows you and trys to blow you up.
7.Spookos-The ghostly twins that the green is weak against fire, and the red is 
weak against the Wonderwing attack.
8.Germuloid-A slime baddie that sucks energy out of ya. you can shake him off by 
pushing Right and Left on the D-Pad repeatly.
9.Maggie-the blue bird that was once nice now attacks you in the sky.
10.Biggafoot-A beast that lives in the arctic.
11.TNT Box-A dynamite box that follows you and blows you up like Shrapnel, but on 
the land.
12.Stinglash-The twin of Whiplash, only it has a Scopion tail that stings you.
13.Bogfoot-The twin of Biggafoot, only lives in the bayou and other places.
14.Livewire-An electric cord that electricutes you.

1D. Controlling the duo

these are the GBA controls that control Banjo & Kazooie.

 D Pad-Move Banjo
 R-Toggle modes/eggs

1E. Transformations

Since all of these years you've been the Washing Machine, the Dragon, and the 
Dynamite Box, M.J. has new spells to get around in the past of Spiral Mt.

Candle-When Banjo is the candle, he can Jump by pressing A and use his special 
Flame Wheel by pressing B. It's useful for black-inky caves.

Mouse-This cheese eater is useful for small holes and can jump with A. He can use 
Bite things by pressing B.

Octopus-This critter is a cutie, but is tough in poison waters and can cannonball 
Water Bombs with B.

Tank-The artillery of all, can shoot missles by pressing B.

(I still wish they would have added the Dragon Transformation for Kazooie.)

1F. The Novelties

While traveling, pick up these things for special surprises.

Jiggies-Colect these puzzle pieces required to enter the next world.

Music Notes-Collect a 100 of these in worlds and Spiral Mt. to have a record.

Jinjos-Collect 5 of these creatures in each world to get a Jiggy from the Oracle.

Types of Honeycombs

Honeycomb-Get these to boost 1 of your energy. 

Honeycomb #2-Get these w/ the #2 to boost 2 of your energy.

Hollow Honeycomb- get a requirement of these to trade Honey B. for Xtra Energy.

! Honeycomb- Get these and you'll have a time limit to fill up how much energy you 

? Honeycomb-Get these and you have to choose a random of energy in a amount of time.

1G. The moves on Banjo

You don't have Kazooie on your side so Banjo has his own bag of moves.

Jump-Press A to jump.

Conversation-Press A to talk.

Pack Whack-Press B to attack.

Duck-Press L to duck.

Dive-Press R to dive.

Swim-Press the D-Pad to swim in a direction.
Swim Up-Press A to swim up

Breathe-While underwater, press R to breathe the air.

1H. Time to kick butt!

  In the first game, Grunty turned Tooty (Banjo's sister) into a monster. The 
second game, she sucked the life out of living things to re-create her body. This 
time, she captured Kazooie and she isn't gonna get away trying to change the past.
Banjo and Kazooie are going to kick this final time.(or are they?!)

Chapter 2. The Walkthrough

2A. The Beginning

 The story starts with our heroes doing chores around the house. If you didn't have 
the second game, Grunty's body fell down from the castle and into the pit, again. 
Then Banjo & his different friends started playing kickball w/ Grunty's head.
Meanwhile in the third game, Klungo invents a Mecha Body, The Hag 2. Grunty then 
magically fuses her spirit within the Hag 2 and goes to Banjo's house. Mumbo finds 
out and trys to tell Banjo that Grunty is coming again before its too late.
Grunty then captures Kazooie and goes back to the past to change the future.
Mumbo then sends Banjo back into the past to stop Grunty.

2B. Spiral Mt.

Jinjos/5  Notes/100  Jiggies/10 (You need 1 Jiggy to open Cliff Farm)

 When you land, you will have a conversation w/ Bozzeye and he will tell you the 
way up the hill to learn the Pack Whack. Collect the musical notes, find the 
molehill, and he will teach you the Pack Whack. Then, whack the bushes of sticks 
and get the Jinjo. Next, go talk to the first Oracle and she will show you the way 
to the Jiggy wizard's palace. Get the notes and go to the palace. Whack the Jiggy 
Switch and the door will open. Get your first Jiggy, talk to the wizard and he will 
activate the portal. Get on the glowing switch and press A. Then the Cliff Farm 
door will open. Before you go in, whack the stick of bushes and you will get a 
Hollow Honeycomb.

2C. Cliff Farm.

Jinjos/5  Notes/100  Jiggies/10 (You need 6 Jiggies to open Breegull Beach)

 When you enter, go to the molehill to get the first Cliff Farm move, you will need 
25 notes to learn Dive. Get the notes and talk to the Farm Oracle. She will give 
you a tip about Klungo's Gruntweeds. Get more Notes on the stacks of hay and the go 
to the waterfall and dive in.(when you see water bubbling, that is a entrance to 
dive underwater. You will find a Jiggy and some Notes. Then go to up the hill, get 
some more notes, and go to the molehill to learn climb. You will need 40 notes to 
learn it.

 When you see a ladder or vine, press Up or Down to go up or down, and A to jump 
off. Go up 2 ladders and you will find a Jinjo. Get it and go up the ladder to talk 
to a chicken. She will tell you that she lost her 12 eggs and is in the tunnel by 
her and if you get all the eggs, she you give you a Jiggy. Go in ti and be careful 
for the spikes on the slide, they will make you spin and lose some eggs. After 
that, get the Jiggy and jump across the hill to get Notes and go up to a pile of 
ladders. Beat the Whiplashes to get your Jiggy in The Cliff Farm. Jump in the pond 
after getting the Jiggy and dive in to get a Jinjo and some notes. Go down the 
sotny steps, get some notes and then grab the Jinjo on tob of the apple barrels. 
You should have 3 Jinjos, 4 Jiggies, 3 molehills, 1 hollow honey comb & 60 Notes in 
the Game Totals.

 Go down the hill, get the notes, and head for the corral of sheep guarded by a 
Gruntweed. Kill him and you get a Jiggy. Go down the haypile to get more notes and 
head to Cliff Farm's "Farm Heights". Follow the notes to find a chicken by the 
chicknehouse. This time, she lost five chicks. Get them all and she'll give you a 
Jiggy. First, get on top of the roof and find a pillar with a ladder holding a 
Hollow Hcomb at the top. You will see Mumbo's place on top of the pillar. But you 
will need 1 Mumbo Totem. Find a molehill and you will need 60 Notes to learn the 
Roll attack. Hit the switch and you'll find some notes. Go inside the barn, hit the 
switch, and go in the Grunty portal to fight w/ Klungo the first time.

 Klungo will throw potions at you. Hit him with the Pack Whack three times w/ the 
electric shield off and you will get a Jiggy and your first Mumbo Totem. Go to 
Mumbo's and transform into a Mouse. Go in the barn again and find a hole on the 
side of the wall. Go in it, get the notes, and find your fourth Jinjo. Only one 
more Jinjo to go. Find a mill and go inside it. Collect the notes and get the 
Hollow Hcomb. Find a hole and drop in it and go under the floors. You will end up 
on top of the large cogs. Bite the switch and you can get the Jiggy on top of the 
platform. Transform back to bear and go to the mill, again to find the last Jinjo 
and get a Jiggy from the Oracle.

 Get the Notes in the river but watch out for th Whiplashes. When you reach a fork 
in the middle, there will be a Jiggy on top to grab. Then go to another sheep corral
and you have to play a fishing game w/ the sheep. Get 12 of the sheep on the line 
and you get a Jiggy. Head for the Oracle for your last Jiggy and head to the 
palace. Then head for Breegull Beach.

2D. Takin' Care of Business Pt.1

 Head for the temple and unlock Breegull Beach. To unlock Bad Magic Bayou, you need 
14 Jiggies to open the portal. Then go to the first molehill you started at and go 
up the vine, cross the bridge, get the Notes, and head for Breegull Beach.

2E. Breegull Beach

 Before you enter, you should have 3 Hollow Hcombs, 133 Notes, 11 Jiggies, 6 
Jinjos, 1 Totem, and 4 Molehills. When you enter Breegull Beach, head South and you 
should find a Jinjo under a palm tree. Go down the hill and you should end up by 
the Oracle. Talk to him and then go on top of the cliff and pick up the blue 
seashell. Find five of these shells and take them to the shack by Mr. Ripovski to 
get a Jiggy. Then go by Mumbo's pad to grab your first set of Regular eggs. Watch 
out for the Yum Yums as you go by the beach to find notes. He'll attack you and eat 
your eggs. When you're by Mumbo's pad, you will see a breegull that is trying to 
fit in the hole. Transform into a Mouse, go in the hole to Quarry Heights, get the 
Notes, free the breegulls, talk to the breegull by the hole, and he will give you a 

 When you see the molehills in Breegull Beach, you'll need Kazooie to learn the 
moves. Speaking of that, go in the hole by the molehill and you'll end up at 
Grunty's Quarry. Get the notes, attack the Gruntlings, and find the Grunty portal. 
When you see it, you'll need a switch. Hit the red switch, enter the portal, and 
have your first encounter battle with Mecha Grunty.

 Grunty has to be hit 6 times w/out the shield on, like the first battle with 
Klungo. when you hit the first time, she will go faster, so dodge her attacks with 
Roll. Hit her again and she'll go faster. Hit her the third time and she'll use her 
jetpack mode and go ater everytime you hit her. After you hit her 6 times, she will 
leave and Kazooie will be free. This is the first time in a game where you will 
battle Grunty other times in the game so don't worry. Also get the Jiggy, too.

  Kazooie teaches yo how to do the Flip Flap. On top of the conveyor belt pillars 
is a Jiggy. When reaching for the Jiggy, watch out for the towers. They shoot 
electric balls so avoid them and grab it.

 With Kazooie on your side, go back to the molehill and Bozzeye will teach you how 
to use Kazooie as a gun. It will cost you 80 Notes Go no top of the skull and 
encouter with a ghost pirate. Shoot him in the head three times to get a Jiggy. 
Watch out for his cannonballs, they hurt. Then go in the water and fid the second 
molehill. Bozzeye will each you how to fly and get that Note and a Jiggy on the 
rock pillars. Before you go on top of the pillars, go inside the cave and 
play "Treaure Keep Away" with the Little Blubber's Pirate Club. To play it use the 
D-Pad to move, A to accel, & L & R to shoot cannonballs on the side. If you keep 
the treasure the longest, you get a Jiggy. Now go to ther rock pillars and get the 

 The second molehill will cost you 110 Notes for the rock pillar goods. When you 
get the goods, go out to sea to rescue a Jinjo. Then go out to the sea, collect 
notes, avoid Shrapnel, and talk to a dolphin. A Jiggy is blocking his home and you 
will have to dive under the water. Get all of the Notes, the Hollow Hcomb, and The 
Jiggy before you run out of air. You don't die underwater than the other two games.
When you get they Jiggy. go in the ship, get the Notes, and get a Jinjo.

 Go up the vine on the hill by Mumbo and there will be a path to Breegull Peak, 
then go to the molehill to learn the Talon Trot. It will cost you 140 Notes.

 Then go up the hill and talk to a breegull that will tell you about an ancient 
test. You have to collect 20 worms in orde to get a Jiggy, but more spikes on the 
silde like the one aty the Cliff Farm. Get the Jinjo before you go in and get the 
last Jiggy from to the Oracle and then go to the wizard's palace.

2F. Takin Care of Business Pt.2

 Go to the palace and unlock Bad Magic Bayou. For the next portal, you'll need 24 
Jiggies. First, go to Honey B's place on Spiral Rise where Grunty's lair is built. 
Trade in the Hollow Hcombs you got and will give you 2 Xtra Energy units. Go out 
side, collect the Notes and explore Spiral Rise. The next time you visit her, you 
need 8 Hollow Hcombs. In the Game Totals, you should have 5 Hollow Hcombs, 233 
Notes, 21 Jiggies, 11 Jinjos, 1 Totem, and 8 molehills. There is 2 Jiggies on 
Spiral Rise. One is under the sticks and the other is a switch used by a timer. Get 
those Jiggies, collect Notes, and head to Bad Magic Bayou. Oops, i also forgot ther 
is a Jiggy at the top of the waterfall, a Hollow Hcomb on top of Honey B's Hive, 
and a Jinjo on top of the hill by Grunty's Lair. (Rebuilding) There is a Jiggy by 
the entrance by Bad Magic Bayou. Kill the Chompa and get it then enter Bad Magic 

2G. Bad Magic Bayou

 This is the last level for Pt.1 on this guide. You see the built wooden bridges. 
Go left, avoid the Chompas, get the Notes before heading to the top, Use the talon 
Trot and Flip Flap moves, and you'll be at the top. Before entering the Monster 
Manor, use the Flip Flap to get the Jiggy on top of the entrance, but watch out for 
the Chompa, get the Hollow Hcomb, and get the Bill Drill from the molehill. It cost 
170 Notes. Use it on cracks to get stuff. Use it by the tree to get a Jinjo. Then 
go inside.

 Go get the Notes by the entrance inside, then head for the right room To learn 
about Electric Eggs. This will cost you 260 Notes. There are three switches behind 
the molehill. Each switch has a number of how how many Electric Eggs you need to 
fire. Do it and you get a Hollow Hcomb. Leave the room and go to the left room. Get 
the Notes, attack the Gruntlings, and find a switch that needs 1 Electric egg. 
Shoot it and it wil activate the moving platform. Get on it and shoot the next 
switch that needs a Electric egg. When you get to the end, get The Jiggy and leave 
the room and go up the staircase.

 On a platform upstairs, there will be a Jinjo, Flip Flap it and get the Jinjo. 
Then go to the left room and get the goods. Keep following the notes until you find 
a room with a Grunty portal. Hit the switches with Electric eggs and have another 
showdown with Klungo. This time, he will be invisible. Hit him with thre Roll 
attack three times w/out the shield on and you get a Totem and a Jiggy.

 Get out of the manor and go to the right until you see a Jiggy in the vines. Find 
a crack and use the Bill Drill, but watch out for the Germuloids, they suck the 
life ouuta ya. So shake them off w/ Right and Left.  When you drill the crack three 
times, the Jiggy will come out and grab it. Collect all of the Notes on the tires 
and bridges. When you see a jinjo on a trunk, grab it before the Chompa gets you. 
Then go to the molehill to learn the Rat-A-Tat Rap attack. It willl cost you 210
Notes. Keep going South until you see a black Gruntling. He will send you to 
Grunty's camp and you have to kill all of the Gruntlings. When you do that, a jiggy 
will appear. Go Northwest untill you see a guy on the docks. There will be a 
fishing game to play. This time, get 12 red fish and avoid the crabs. They hurt, 
and when you got 12 fish, you get a Jiggy. Go west until you find the Jinjo Oracle.

 Then go North to Vapor Scrubs. There will be poison gases in this place and on top 
of a trunk is a Jiggy. Get it and go North befor the poison gases get ya. There 
will be a Jinjo on the docks in Vapor Scrubs. Get the Notes and avoid the metal 
door w/ a target on it. You will need the tank later. Go to Mumbo's pad and he will 
transform you into a candle. Go inside the cave and find the Jinjo, then go in the 
next room and there will be paintings w/ flames on it. It has a shape and when you 
find the white, right shape on the floor, light the candles and if you light the 
candles right, a Jiggy will appear, hten get the Jiggy from the Oracle, then leave 
Bad Magic Bayou.

 Well, that's it for Pt.1 on this guide. Come back later to read about Pt.2 Ciao!

                                The End

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