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______________________________  HARVEST MOON  ______________________________________
______________________________A WONDERFUL LIFE______________________________________
This guide is by *link freak ;]*   NOTE:IS INCOMPLETE,I SHALL UPDATE
Baby Years
This is wen u can influence ur kid to do anything u want him to(5 i now,actually 6)

Farmer:Show him crops,befreind Vesta[she likes milk](buy ur son a toy car).

Athelete:Show him to Wally,Hugh,and Chris[funny name for a girl](they like milk).

Artist:Show him to Cody[lives in trailer and has a mohawk](give him only scratch 

Poet:Show him to Gustafa[T.P.-like house](I forget wat he likes...).

Planter:Show him plants and flowers[If ur son is from Celia,ur all set].

How To Get Him To Like YOU!
This REAL important to ur and ur sons future!

:Talk to him often:

:When he says carry me, pik him up with Y(heart is shown at this spot on screen):

:When piked up,push up on C stik to toss him up,Y to hug,X for lullaby,A to talk,and 
B to put him back down(For best results,push up,Y,up,X,A,B.).

:If he asks u qestions,anser nicely(Ex:If he asks if u like animals,say "ur cuter").

If you want to plagerize,I will send rabid Ocktoroks at you!!!(not really,but make 
up ur own stuff up please.)
If u want to complain about or complement this FAQ,send a message around 5:00 to 
8:00 PM to [email protected](its my parents business email...)

Thanks for reading this FAQ.I'll update on May 9,mon. 2005!!!

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