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Tips To Basic Playing

Name (at gamefaqs): Kedric11 
E-Mail: [email protected]
Game: Digimon World
Version: 1.0
Note: If you disagree with this stuff, to bad. This is what I think and if you 
strongly suggest anything or have a question you can E-mail me. Thank you.

If you would like to use this on your site just ask by E-Mailing me and don't 
take this illegally please. The only site with permission of this is gamefaqs. 

*One of the most strongly things I propose is getting the two meat farm 
upgrade digimon 
(Palmon then Vegimon) first. This is a reason because if your trying to raise 
an Ultimate 
when you begin he's going to need some food and you will probably run out in 
the first 
meal you feed him and wish that you would get more meat. Note: You can't get 
until you get Coelmon to make the bridge.

*I have two more comments on food is that when you digivolve a Rookie 
digivolves into 
a champion and it might be for an example a drimigimon is a big 
digimon and will eat a 
lot of food so like I said in the last one to get the meat 
farm digimon first. But some times 
it will still eat your food supplies even when you have 
Sirloin. So if your digimon 
digivolves into a digimon like that you have two options. 
One you can leave it alone, 
don't feed it, and save up on meat. Two you can feed 
it and hope it will be worth it in the 
end and be really low on food. You decide.

*The last thing on food is when you're growing an 
in-training digimon or any other 
slender digimon that don't use a lot of food to eat don't 
go off and give them a sirloin 
when they will get full on a digimushroom. Innless your 
digimon is a Rookie or higher 
and your training him and you use it to get rid of 
some of his tiredness.
*Another big thing to do is keep some cash in your pocket 
for items and other stuff. Do 
not go spending it on digimon cards unless its for the 
amazing rod to get merit points.

*You should also keep a supply of items for battles in 
case you were not expecting what 
you came for. Also make sure that you really stock up on 
items when your going to Mt. 
Infinity were there is loads of fighting going on. Also 
keep some of your items in the item 
bank that you wont use so if you lose in battle you wont 
lose those items and so you have 
more room for other items.

*When your raising a digimon remember to meet its needs 
or it might digivolve into a 
filth digimon and you don't want that unless you in toytown.

That is about it on probably what u need to Know to survive.

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