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Complete Guide to Tekken Advance

Game Title: Tekken Advance
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Rated T for Teen
1.	Introduction
2.	Contact Information
3.	Legal Info
4.	Updates
5.	Characters
6.	Cheats Hints and Tips
7.	V.S. Battles
8.	Extra Stuff

1.	Introduction

I have my Game Boy Advance right in front of me while I am typing up this guide on 
my laptop, so this guide is coming 100% right from the game just so you know.
The Tekken series has arrived on the Game Boy Advance, which can now also be played 
on the Game Boy Advance SP. Here’s is a brief history lesson on the Tekken legacy. 
(If I go wrong anywhere in here please e-mail me so I can fix it) Tekken first 
started on the Playstation game console, then a second game Tekken 2 came out also 
for Playstation and also hit arcades, and was a big hit. Next, Tekken 3 for 
Playstation came out, adding additional characters to the game. Following that, 
Tekken then made its debut on the Playstation 2 with Tekken Tag Tournament, (I also 
have written a guide for this game) a new style of fighting game is unveiled 
through Tekken Tag Tournament. This game enables you to fight as a tag team, 2 
against 2 the first person to die loses it for their team and each player may tag 
in and out of the fight as they need to. Then finally, Tekken went handheld with 
Tekken Advance for the GBA. (Again if I went wrong anywhere in there or someone has 
the exact release dates of the Tekken games, please e-mail me them at 
[email protected] Thank You.

2.	Contact Information

If you need to contact me for any reason please do not hesitate to e-mail me at 
[email protected], I check my e-mail about 3 times a day, so I will get back to 
you FAST. Please do not send me questions that have in fact been answered in this 
document, if you do ask a question that has been answered I will only tell you to 
re-read this document. 

3.	Legal Info

I have seen people take peoples guides and claim them as their own work, or post 
them on their websites. Please, do not do that. You may print out this guide for 
your own use. Please do not sell of mass-produce copies of this guide and give them 
to people. I put a lot of time and effort into anything I do, and I take pride in 
what I do so please don’t do that. Thank You.

4.	Updates

5/11/03 12:30PM- I purchased a Game Boy Advance from Babbages in my local mall and 
a copy of Tekken Advance with it.
5/13/03 10:09PM- Mastered the game between when I got it and now, and decided I 
have enough knowledge to write a guide to help others with this game. Typed up to 
this point in the guide.
5/15/03- Finished the guide and is ready for posting

5.	Characters

The list below is a list of the characters available in the game…

Heihachi- (Secret character, beat arcade mode with all other characters to get him.)

6.	Cheats Hints and Tips

-Unlock Heihachi- Beat arcade mode with all of the characters to unlock Heihachi.

-Unlock Team Battle Mode- Beat arcade mode with Heihachi to unlock this mode.

-Study each players command list so you know a combination of moves to use on your 

-	In Tag Matches try to keep your players as healthy as possible, tag often.

7.	V.S. Battles

To play a Versus Battle you must have the following items
-	2 Game Boy Advance’s or 2 Game Boy Advance SP’s (mix or match)
-	2 copies of Tekken Advance for Game Boy Advance
-	1 Game Boy Advance Link Cable

After you have those items go to the V.S. Battle Menu on the main screen, and the 2 
Game Boy Advance’s or the Game Boy Advance SP’s will link and be able to fight 
against each other.

8.	Extra Stuff

If you have any questions or you would like to see any certain games for me to 
write a guide for please e-mail me, or visit my website at All of the guides I have written can be seen from my 


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